Movie night

I can’t believe I was so stupid, I really thought Bob loved me. I was 16 and he was 21. He had been my boyfriend for about a month, against the wishes of my over baring mother. He was cute, 6 foot tall, curly brown hair, light blue eyes and a lovely smile. I am a rather plain small breasted, girl topping the scales at 79 pounds and short at 5 foot 5. I have long blond hair that goes all the way down to the small of my back. Bob was in college and I felt really special that he had chosen me as his girlfriend.
Well to get back on track; I was really taken with Bob and loved the attention he gave me around his friends. One evening we went over to his friends apartment to watch a movie. I wore the tan skirt that he and his friends really liked a lot. There was 2 other guys and one other girl there. We had pizza, wine coolers and then settled in for the movie.
I can’t remember the name of the movie, it stunk, but it had a few steamy parts. We had dimmed the lights to better enjoy the film. This gave Bob and I a chance to do some cuddling under a blanket on the couch. I was in Bob’s lap. Andy was sitting on the floor near our feet. The others were lounging in a love seat across the room.
I was enjoying being in Bob’s arms. He smelled great. I liked that if I wiggled a little he would kiss the back of my neck. I could feel his dick get hard and pushing against my butt. I shifted a little thinking it would be fun to rub his leg with my hand. I slowly ran my fingers up from his knee, to his upper calf and back down again. Each time I would get a little nearer to the budge in his paints.
It was exciting, knowing that the others had know idea what was going on under the blanket. I got really excited when he stated to rub my leg in return. His hand was so warm on my bare leg. As he worked his hand up my leg and under the hem of my skirt I got a tingly feeling in the pit of my stomach it was such a rush.
He did not stop there though and after a few strokes up my thigh, he started to touch my pussy gently through my panties. Even though his touch was so soft and light I still shuttered and choked back a small moan. Fortunately I was able to cover the sound with a cough. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. I returned the favor by slowly unzipping his paints and I touched him softly threw his underwear. I had never done this before in my life and it was a real thrill.
He moved his other arm around to encircle my stomach. Bob slowly undid a button and slid his hand into my blouse. His hand was warm and firm. I was in heaven, He was so into me. He squeezed my breast gently and rubbed my nipples. I have small breast and so I was not wearing a bra. He could cupped my whole breast in one hand. After a while his other hand stopped rubbing my pussy and he started to pull my panties down a little at a time.
I got kind of nervous but everyone was watching the movie, it was loud and no one the wiser. He slid a finger between my pussy lips and moved it up and down. I could feel myself getting wet. I lifted my butt a little and he pulled my panties so far down that they slid just past my knees. I did not care, I was now able to spread my legs wider. I laid back in his arms and shut my eyes.
His warm fingers play in my pussy hair. It was great, I had never had sex and had wanted to wait, but it he asked right then I would not have been able to say “no”.
He gently but firmly slid a finger into my pussy, it hurt but it was such a turn on. I could feel my pussy tighten and swelling against his finger. He slowly began to go in and out. Then he went faster and I was really squirming now. I had to be careful not to make any noise. It was wonderful. I was so into it that I did not even realized Bob had stopped feeling my breast. I just laid there with my eyes shut in total bliss.
Then I felt the blanket slid up a little bit, and then a little more, the cool draft on my legs made me open my eyes. I was shocked to fine that everyone was looking at us. Worse Bob had pulled the blanket up just enough that Andy, who was still sitting on the floor near our feet could see everything. Andy was using his phone to record us.
I wanted to run from the room but my panties had slid all the way down around my ankles. I pulled the blanket down instead. Bob tightened his arm around me. Telling to Andy that I was really wet. I was so embarrassed.
Andy said he had it all on video and teased that he should show every one I was a slut by putting it on face book. I cried and bugged him not to. I knew if he did my life would be ruined.
Andy pulled the blanket down to the floor and asked Bob if he could have a taste. Before I could even realize what he meant Andy forced his face between my thighs. His tongue was all over my pussy lips. His drool ran down between my butt cheeks as his tongue licked and darting in and out of my pussy. Everyone in the room was laughing and cheering him on. I tried to struggle but Bob was holding me tight. Hugging my arms to my sides he undid my blouse and squeezed my breast with both hands, declaring “she likes it her nipples are hard. I begged Bob to let me go home. He just laughed and said not yet. Finally Andy stopped and informed everyone that My pussy was supper sweet.
I cried and struggled in Bob’s lap pleading again to let me go home. “Not yet” he said “I want you to finish what you started” and with that he stood up sliding me to the floor. He stood over me and let his paints drop. I started to crawl away but Andy reminded me that he had video and everyone would know I had asking for it. Bob pulled his boxers down enough for his dick to stick out. I was the first I had seen up close and It seemed huge. Bob took a hand full of my hair and guided my face toward it. I tried to turn away but he just held tight. He said I had to give him a blow job. I had never done this so I blew on it and everyone laughed again.
Jill, the other girl in the room said I needed to suck on it.
Bob pushed it into my mouth and it hurt my jaw. With Bob’s hand wrapped tightly in my hair, He began to pump his hips forward and back so his dick was sliding in and out of my mouth. I gagged as it banged the back of my throat. This made everyone cheer and laugh even more. By now one of the other guy had started to make out with Jill too.
Suddenly Bob moaned and cum shot in my mouth. I tired to pull away but he forced my head back towards his dick and put it back in my mouth. His cum was really salty and gross. I though good this over, but then Andy stood up he dropped his drawers too. Bob knelt on the floor behind me and started grouping my breast some more. He was rougher this time and it hurt. Andy told Bob he wanted me to blow him. I though Bob would say no because we were dating but instead he said sure.
Andy had a small dick and I only had to suck it for a moment before he was squirting all over the front of me. He might have been small but his dick was full of thick cum. He drenched my breast and even got some in my hair. I thought Andy would never stop cumming. When he finally did he flopped down and the couch exhausted and said it had been great.
Bob was still on the floor groping me from behind. He pushed my shoulders down so my butt was in the air and shoved his dick roughly into my pussy. He thrust in and out so much I thought I would be split in two. I tried to crawl away but he just kept pushing me down until He was done. I looked over and saw Jill giving this guy I didn’t even know a hand job. They both seemed to be enjoying the show.
I cried and said I wanted to leave. Andy said sure but if I told anyone they would show the video proving I was a slut. Bob said this was not the first time they had done this and would keep it a secret if I did.
I pulled up my panties and ran outside outside as fast as I could. I was almost all the way home before I realized i was a mess. So instead I went to my friend Amy’s house she helped clean up. She said it was no big deal that all boys just do that sort of thing and just get over it.

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