Midnight Ride

Terrence felt weak and strong at the same time. He had never been this aroused, ever, had never been so turned on. He didn’t know what to do, but he knew he had to do something.

It had been just a few weeks since he first met Gemma, a fellow educator at the University of Auckland, where he was working as a visiting professor. Gemma was quite the stunner, with pale, creamy skin, lovely breasts, heart-shaped ass, and long, shiny brown hair. Terrence had been fantasizing about her ever since he met her, but he didn’t want to make the wrong move; the last thing he wanted was to jeopardize his position here by putting himself in an awkward situation. The last thing he wanted was for her to think of him as a typical sex-obsessed American.

The university had a unisex gym for professors, and Terrence occasionally saw Gemma heading in to exercise while he was heading out. They never had a chance to say anything more than hi, and Terrence wanted to say so much more. He thought about her constantly, to the point where he barely had time to prepare his lessons.

He had never been so taken by any woman he had worked with back in America. When he was offered this position, he had been told by friends about the beauty of Kiwi women, but he didn’t think that much of it. American women were the best, he insisted before leaving, and he would miss them during his year in Auckland; he was only going over because he wanted to see the country’s beauty.

Yet every time he saw Gemma, he became immediately aroused, his hardened black cock pressing aggressively against his slacks. She wasn’t married and didn’t seem to have a boyfriend; would she be interested in him? Some of the female students flirted with him, so he knew he was considered handsome by some Kiwi ladies. But what about Gemma?

Terrence just happened to be walking by the pool when he saw her; her breasts almost spilled out of her black bathing suit, her hair was now wet and flowing, and she swam quietly, calmly, not realizing that her aroused American colleague was looking at her.

Terrence found himself wandering to the side of the pool. Gemma turned around and was startled for a brief moment before she smiled and waved.

“Hi there!”

“Uh, hi.”

“Would you like to join me?”

“Well, uh – I don’t swim, actually.”

“What?” exclaimed Gemma. “You don’t swim? You don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I guess.”

Gemma swam over to him and smiled again.

“So you just use the treadmill, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

They both laughed.

“Today was a really long day, that’s why I’m here so late.”

“Yeah, it gets real busy this time of year.”


Gemma climbed out of the pool, grabbed her towel, and sat next to him. Suddenly, she began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Gemma pointed at his crotch, and Terrence felt a pang of shame.

“Now who caused that? Was it Samantha? I saw her around before I came in.”

“Uh – “ Samantha was another professor who worked with Gemma and Terrance; she was a spunky blonde with a nice ass, but Terrence didn’t think she was anywhere near as hot as Gemma.

“Mary then. I saw her too.” Mary was another visiting professor from America; a cute redhead, but one that didn’t really turn Terrance on.

“Oh, boy – “

Gemma’s eyes bulged.

“Wow – uh – I caused that?”

Terrance nodded.

Gemma’s mouth opened, curiosity and arousal on her lips.

“Oh, wow – “

“Gemma – “ Terrence whispered.


“Gemma – “ he whispered. “You’re one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy I came over here-you’re hotter than any woman back home. I don’t mean to – uh – I mean – I understand if you’re with someone – I mean, I haven’t-“

“No, no – I’m not. Work is my boyfriend,” she laughed.

Terrence smiled.

“Look, uh, I think I should go – “

“No, no, don’t go. Stay right here.”

Gemma leaned over and kissed him.

“I like your lips, you know that? You have really cute lips.”

“Thanks,” Terrence replied. “Never had a girl say that to me before.”

Gemma kissed him again. She then ran her finger down his chest and stomach, stopping at the cockhead that was jutting out under his pants.

“Do you mind?” she whispered, unzipping his pants.

“Right-right here?”

“Yes – right here. No one’s gonna notice or care.”

Gemma freed Terrance’s cock from his pants. “Never seen one this size before. You’re a big boy!”

“Thank you.”

Gemma kissed his dark cock head and began to lick and suck, causing Terrance to groan with unrestrained pleasure. Terrance could not believe how skilled this gorgeous Kiwi was; when she licked his balls, he gasped in raw delight. Gemma’s tongue was quite talented, and Terrance felt himself coming closer to orgasm with every lick. Her tongue wasn’t the only thing turning him on: the sight of her pale mouth enveloping his dark cock, the contrast of colors, sent him into a sexual frenzy.

It would be a matter of moments before Terrance’s cum flashed onto Gemma’s mouth and chest. Gemma licked his cum, smearing some of it onto her chin and cheeks. She scooped up a thick rope of cum that had landed on her breast, put it on her fingers and blew Terrance a kiss, sending some of his own cum back onto him.

Suddenly, she gently pushed Terrance down and mounted him. “Fuck me,” she gasped. “Fuck me with your big black cock. I know you want my white pussy. I know all about how much you black guys love white girls. Come on.”

Terrance smiled as she began to ride him. As they fucked, she continued to tease him. “Come on, brother. Fuck this white pussy. Fuck this white girl. You know you love white pussy. Come on! Fuck me harder! Come on! You like this pretty white pussy, don’t you!”

Terrance found her words a major turn-on; he was almost becoming dizzy with arousal. She was quite a vocal lover. “You like having your big black cock in my pale pussy, don’t you?”

“Yeah!” Terrance yelled. “Yeah, baby.”

They kept fucking for the next hour, finally ending with Terrance lustily fucking Gemma’s ass. After he blew his load in her asshole, she smiled as she felt his cum leak out onto her thigh. She embraced him and kissed him on the ear.

“Promise me something.”

“Anything, honey.”

“When your year’s done, and you head back to the States, tell some more brothers to come over.”

“Sure will,” Terrance replied, and they both laughed and kissed.