Confessions: Long affair with my aunt

I had a fairly long affair with my aunt (mother’s sister) – on and off for about 7 years. The whole thing ended more than ten years ago because I left my home- country and came to the U.S.

I come from an Asian society where sex as a whole is more of a taboo subject – and sexual freedom is a lot less compared to the west.

I grew up spending a lot of time with my relatives on my mom’s side. My first sexual experiences (not necessarily ones in which I took part) were all more or less related to peeping at women in the household – like taking baths, changing clothes, and occasionally (if I got lucky) sexual intercourse. During my high-school years – a combination of pornography (that was the only regular outlet for sexual tension) and the occasional peeping episodes had made me very horny in general. Around this time I got really hooked on this aunt of mine – who had all the right things in the right places to drive a teenager crazy.

I don’t think she ever considered me to be a grown-up and was quite careless about my getting to see parts of her sexy body.

If anything she probably enjoyed my desperation. To make a long story short – this gradually led to a situation where – quite often – especially at night – whenever there was the opportunity – she would slip into my bed – jerk me off – and depending on her mood – let me play with her absolutely stunning breasts. But for the longest time – she would never let me touch her down there I was very curious about that mysterious place which she kept out of bounds – primarily because it was so heavily covered with hair that I could hardly see anything at all even if she changed clothes right in front of my eyes. Eventually, in my 2nd year in college – things became a lot more adult. She let me ejaculate anywhere on her ass, or thighs or any other part of her body. She also let me masturbate her AFTER she was sure I wouldn’t get an erection again for a while. This went on for about 2 years.

I was quite happy with this routine – although I really felt like doing it all – at least once. That chance came much later – when I planned things in such a way that I would catch her off guards – close to the peak of her orgasm.

I just switched gears – stopped stimulating her clit – and got on top and pleaded desperately. And it worked! That was probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to me. For almost two days in a row – I was free to do whatever I wanted – whenever I wanted.

It was like a real-life workshop in executing all the fantasies one ever had! It has been a long time – and I haven’t seen her for years.

I thinks she is still filled with a lot of guilt. But I think she is also relieved that I am so far away – and we don’t have to meet socially in the presence of other family members.

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