Little Girls Are Smarter Than Men

Louise was only 12 and lived with her parents. She was an only child. Her father did most of the caring as her mom was too wrapped up in her business and the boyfriends she had on the side (which Louise knew about by listening in on her mom’s phone calls a few times).

Louise’s best friend was Carla, a 14-year-old next-door neighbor. There was a big age difference but Louise was a very intelligent 12 year old, mature beyond her years. Her body had also entered the process of puberty when she was only 10. She was already wearing a B-Cup bra and her pussy was covered in a nice thick thatch of dark brown hair.

One night when Carla was ‘“babysitting” Louise they got to talking and cuddling. Before she knew it, Carla snuck her hand into Louise’s panties and began to gently fondle her pussy. Louise did not object as she loved and trusted Carla and knew she would never hurt her.

Under the gentle loving of her 14-year-old friend Louise had the best possible sexual awakening. They had been having ‘boy kissing’ practice for a few months and Louise had always found this caused her tingles and pleasure in her pussy, so this progression to masturbation came naturally and was not traumatic. Carla taught Louise how to masturbate her too, although it did not take much learning.

Over the next few months young Louise and Carla couldn’t wait to lock themselves in one or the other’s bedrooms after school and pleasure each other. Their respective parents just assumed they were being naturally secretive like most girls their age having ‘“girl talk,” but in their case it was ‘“girl fuck.” Within a week of the first masturbation incident Carla had enticed Louise into oral sex and little Louise became a voracious pussy eater, to Carla’s delight. Of course all this awakened Louise’s overall sexual consciousness.

She had always loved her daddy, but one day she happened to see his cock in full erection as he went to the bathroom with a raging ‘morning glory’. He had not noticed her standing in the shadow at the end of the hallway, as she was about to go to the bathroom also. Daddy’s cock had slipped out of the fly of his loose fitting summer briefs and was on proud display.

Louise’s immediate response was one of admiration and sexual wanting. She was proud of her handsome father and now she was even prouder to see he had a massive manhood. She was more than proud. On that morning Louise retreated to her room, thought about daddy’s big cock and had the most amazing orgasm as she frigged her pussy imagining it was daddy’s cock rubbing against her. She told Carla about this as she and Carla confided everything to each other. It was their little secret.

Carla managed to borrow her mom’s big dildo, which was made of soft-hard rubber and looked like a real cock. Carla began to use it on little Louise, pretending she was Louise’s daddy. Carla would say things like ‘“Do you like daddy’s cock darling, do you like my big fat cock sliding along your pussy lips baby, do you?” Both Louise and Carla got off on this fantasy.

Eventually, one afternoon when Louise was particularly horny and no one was home, she got carried away and said to Carla ‘“Stick it in me Daddy, stick your cock in me.”

“Are you sure baby, do you want Carla to stick Daddy’s cock in you? It will hurt a bit.”

“Yes, oh yes please, I don’t care Carla, just stick my daddy’s cock in me.” Carla waited until Louise was just entering her orgasm, then she quickly thrust the well lubricated (by Carla’s own pussy juices) dildo firmly into Louise’s pussy, tearing her hymen. Louise winced and cried a bit, but the full pleasure of her orgasm was able to lessen the pain.

Over the next few weeks Carla thrust that ‘daddy-cock’ dildo into Louise with gently paced regularity. After 6 weeks Louise was able to take all of that fat 6? dildo. Things would almost certainly have stayed within the confines of that normal teenage explorative sex if two events hadn’t occurred.

Louise came home from school one afternoon and went into her father’s study. He was out somewhere but he had left his computer on and had forgotten to close the normally locked files he was working on. But he had not been working on files. He had been writing sex stories. Most of the stories were about father daughter sex and the daughters were always in the 12 -15 year age bracket.

Louise read a few of these stories and was both shocked and aroused. She realised that her father was fantasising about her. This pleased Louise immensely. She knew her mother would leave her father one day and she knew they were hardly ever having sex lately. Louise went into a little daydream about having ‘her daddy’ as her lover.

She excitedly told Carla of her find. Carla was incredibly turned on by the thought. They began to think up ideas of how they could get daddy to fuck Louise. They both thought that daddy was just fantasising and would likely never carry out his fantasy. They wondered how they could tempt him without getting either of them in trouble. Carla hit upon an idea.

She knew Louise’s father fancied her as he often flirted with her. She often caught him looking at her and caught him looking up her dress on a number of occasions when she was either lying on the bed with Louise talking or they were lying on the lounge room floor watching TV.

Sometimes when she ‘babysat’ Louise late when her parents were out somewhere he would insist on walking her home, which was just next-door. He always gave her a little peck on the cheek at the front door and Carla had gotten the strong impression for some time now that he wouldn’t object if she offered her soft full lips to him.

Using that leverage she told Louise of her plan. Her plan was conditional on Louise sharing her father’s cock with her, after she Louise had had the first use of it of course. Louise agreed.

Their opportunity came that very night, as luck would have it. Louise’s mom was away on business interstate and Louise’s father wanted to see a particular movie in town. Carla and Louise had an especially torrid time that night, their sexual fervour being heightened by their plans for daddy. Louise’s father duly came home and after the 3 of them had chatted for 10 minutes he offered to ‘escort’ 14-year-old Carla home.

Carla had taken action to ensure that the automatic porch light to her home was switched off, so they arrived at her front door in the privacy of darkness. This time, when Louise’s father went to give her his customary soft kiss on the cheek Carla turned her face and met his lips with her full soft mouth. At the same time she grabbed him around the neck and waist and pulled him to her. As she fully expected Louise’s father offered no resistance.

Within seconds her tongue was in is mouth and his in hers. She felt his manhood rising and without hesitation grabbed his cock firmly through his loose trousers. He just groaned and carried on. For several minutes they stayed in the dark and privacy of the porch. She and Louise had planned ahead. She had made sure to wear a skirt and blouse.

His hands were already roving over her firm voluptuous 14-year-old body so she took one of his hands and led it up her skirt to her bulging wet pussy. Louise’s father was beside himself with lust by now and could not believe his good fortune.

If he couldn’t ravish his 12-year-old daughter, her 14- year-old friend was a lovely substitute. His fingers pressed between her panty covered pussy lips into her wet slit. She sighed. Carla unzipped him and found he had no briefs on. She at first encountered his massively thick thatch of pubic hair and then she found the object of her desire. His cock was fat and hard. She pulled it out between his fully open trouser fly, broke the kiss and looked down.

Although it was dark her eyes had achieved their night vision. What she had in her hand was the throbbing fat 8? cock of the father of her best friend. Not even Louise had touched this marvellous cock as yet. Louise’s father took this as license to be bolder. Her pushed Carla’s panties aside and slid his 3 middle fingers through her thick matted bush and then along her swollen wet pussy lips.

She responded by pressing into his invading fingers and thus his middle finger entered 3? into her welcoming cunt. Apart from herself and his daughter Louise, no other hands and fingers had been where he was now. She was so aroused that she felt herself cumming within 2 minutes of his probing finger strokes.

He recognised her orgasm and held her firm to prevent her weak legs from collapsing while cumming. Having had her pleasure she was back in full control of Louise’s father. Firmly but softly stroking his huge throbbing cock she felt his pre-cum oozing down over her fingers.

Louise’s father’s name was David. ‘“David” she whispered, ‘“I cannot let you fuck me, I’m way too young. But I can pull you off. Do you want that?”

He replied in a faltering gasp, ‘“Oh yes, oh, please,please pull me off, pull me off Carla.”

As she continued to stroke his thick shaft with her soft young hands she whispered, ‘“You’re lonely aren’t you David? I know Louise’s mom isn’t giving you any.” Carla didn’t wait for his response. ‘“There are 2 older girls in the high school who have the hots for you. I know they would love you to fuck them. Do you want me to arrange that?”

By now he was on the verge of spurting his seed. The thought of fucking 2 unknown high school girls set him off. ‘“Oh God yes!” he replied. ‘“Do it. Arrange it Carla. I will make it worth your while.”

Carla saw a bonus opportunity. ‘“That will cost you $2,000 David, that okay?”

“Oh God yes! Yes, do it, arrange it… ooohhh God, I’m cumming!!”

Carla felt his powerful thighs flex and his buttocks tighten and thrust forward. She slowed her hand motion down and placed her other hand over the head of his cock. ‘“Arrrggghhh” he grunted softly. The first thick spurt of his fertile spunk shot into the palm of her hand. It was wonderfully warm and felt like slippery cream and was every bit as beautiful as she had hoped a man’s spunk would feel like. Spurt after spurt came.

Carla took her other free hand from his pulsing shaft and cupped his balls. She squeezed them gently in unison with their throbbing, his balls throbbing as each thick spurt of cream shot into her cupped hand. Spunk had filled up her hand and was spilling between her fingers and over the edges of her cupped hand by the time he had emptied his huge load of sperm filled spunk.

She brought her hand to her mouth and emptied its creamy warm load into her mouth. She swallowed half and then pulled his mouth to her. Her cream covered tongue entered his mouth and he tasted his spunk for the first time in his life. He darted his tongue into her mouth and they spent the next few minute exchanging his sperm.

It was about the most erotic sexual experience he had ever had and he hadn’t even fucked her. God he wanted to but he accepted her view that she was too young, but he was eagerly looking forward to fucking a couple of 16 or 17 year old high school girls, if she could arrange it as she claimed.

The next day Louise could not wait to hear what had happened after her father had taken Carla home. ‘“It worked like a charm baby,” reported Carla when they caught up as they walked to school. Louise’s father worked from home so Carla called him up during the school lunch break.

“Louise doesn’t know anything about this, does she?” he asked.

“No David. It’s just between you and I and the 2 girls. I spoke to them this morning and they are so hot for it. Have you got the $2,000?”

“Sure,” he said, ‘“but when and where?”

“Okay,” said Carla, ‘“tonight my parents are going to be away overnight and they expect me to be sleeping over at your place in your spare bedroom. Will Louise’s mom be home David?”

“No,” he replied, ‘“she is still away and won’t get home till tomorrow night.”

“Good,” said Carla. ‘“These girls are shy abut getting into trouble and don’t want you to recognise them. I want you to come into the spare bedroom at your place about 20 minutes after Louise have gone to bed. I will let them in through the bedroom window so that Louise doesn’t see and I will go sleep in Louise’s room. They will have the lights out when you enter the room and will be wearing costume masks. They will then blindfold you, take you to the bed and the rest is up to you.”

David got a huge hard on just listening to Carla describe this clandestine process of fucking these two schoolgirls while his 12 year old daughter lay sleeping in her nearby bedroom. It was all set and Louise’s father could not wait for the carnal experience in a few hours time.

He was so aroused that he went to the laundry basket and picked out the panties Louise had thrown in there this morning. He then went into her bedroom. He took a clean pair of her knickers and wrapped them around his shaft. He then wrapped her used panties around the head of his cock and wanked himself off, wishing it would be his daughter that he was going to fuck tonight instead of these 16 or 17 year old unknown schoolgirls. He spurted what seemed like a cup of cum, completely soaking Louise’s panties.

Louise came home from school and mentioned to her father that Carla was sleeping over tonight as her parents were away. ‘“That’s okay darling,” he said, ‘“You know she is welcome here anytime.”

Louise knew what her daddy meant. He meant he wanted to fuck Carla (and her of course). She later found the still wet cum soaked panties in the laundry basket and smiled knowingly to herself. Carla came over soon after and Louise’s father made them all dinner. Her seemed particularly happy this night and full of energy and almost boyish mischief. Louise and Carla gave each other secret knowing smiles, knowing full well the reason for his high spirits.

Finally it came 9pm and Louise’s father said to Louise that it was time for bed as tomorrow was a school day. The girls went off to clean their teeth. He allowed them to chat in Louise’s bedroom for 20 minutes. He then heard Carla say ‘goodnight’ to Louise and she came out of the bedroom and joined him in the lounge room. His cock was stiff already and he had had a shower and was now in a silk Japanese bathrobe.

“Have you got the money?” she asked.

He produced $2,000 in $100 notes but held onto it and said, ‘“Can you do a little extra for me sweetie, it is a lot of money?” Carla responded by going up to him real close. She reached in between his robe a pulled out his big throbbing 8? cock.

It was the first time she had seen it in full light. ‘“Surely two underage schoolgirls is enough for you David. Mmmmmm,” as she lightly fondled his sperm rod. ‘“You don’t want to empty your magazine now David, when you have two young ladies to fill up, mmmmmm?” She was enjoying teasing him and caressing his throbbing organ.

She dropped to her knees as she fondled him to look at his cock at close quarters. ‘It is fascinating to realise’ she thought to herself, ‘that Louise spurted out of this marvellous cock, just over 12 years ago.’

She lightly kissed the head of his cock and stood up. She held out her hand and he gave her the $2,000 and with that she turned quickly on her heel, she gave her short dress a quick flick and gave him a brief tantalising view of her light blue nylon panties before disappearing into the spare bedroom. She darted her head back out and whispered ‘“now don’t come in for 20 minutes, the girls will be here by then” and then she closed the door. David could hardly contain himself; his cock was so hard it was almost painful.

Carla closed the door and found that young Louise was already in the room, having climbed out her bedroom window and in through this bedroom window. They then both changed into school uniforms as David had specially requested. They had bought costume masks from the markets last weekend.

They spoke excitedly in soft whispers for about 15 minutes and then turned all the lights off and waited in expectant silence. Both Louise and Carla were ‘wet’ already as they sat on the bed gently rubbing each other’s pussies. Both had put on lipstick and makeup, even though the lights would be out (initially anyway). Meanwhile Louise’s father paced nervously around the house.

After 20 minutes he gently opened the door to Louise’s bedroom to make sure she was asleep. She usually went to sleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. The light from the hallway shone softly into Louise’s bedroom and he could make out the shape of his daughter under the doona sound asleep. ‘Good’ he thought ‘now off to slip this hard cock of mine into almost as young pussy’.

He quietly padded down the hall to the guests bedroom, lightly tapped on the door with his fingers and slowly opened it. No lights were on but he could just see into the room ever so faintly as the hall light did not shine into this bedroom as well as his daughters. Through the gloom and the light smell of perfume he could just make out two young schoolgirls in uniform sitting on the large king sized bed.

They were both wearing costume ball masks so he had no idea who these girls were, all he could tell was that they were from the same school as Louise and Carla. One of the girls motioned for him to close the door. With the door closed he still had some vision due to the moonlight and streetlights breaking through the curtains. One of the girls came up to him and tied a silk scarf around his eyes in a blindfold.

A little vision still remained but there was no way he could identify the young recipients of his forbidden lust. He was led to the bed and felt his robe being untied and slipped off his shoulders. Two sets of soft young hands gently pushed him onto the bed and shifted him into the middle. He felt breath on his face. He reached up and found the unmasked face of one of the girls.

She seemed quite petite and small for a 16 year old. The girls had obviously unmasked now that they had him blindfolded. Then he sensed light through his blindfold as one of the girls had turned on one of the small bedside lights to give them proper vision of their mature adult male prey. He was under strict prior instructions that no talking was to take place, to protect the girl’s identity and so not as to ‘wake Louise’.

His lips were met by young, soft, full luscious lips. Lips gently explored his. His mouth partly opened and he tasted a fresh wet tongue and fresh sweet young girls breath in his mouth. He almost ejaculated with the sensation of this and melted into her tantalising kiss. Meanwhile other soft hands were fondling his cock and balls. She was playing, stroking and squeezing but knew just enough not to let him blow his load.

He felt like he had died and gone to sex heaven. Then he felt soft lips half swallowing his cock, withdrawing and then swallowing again, all with enough subtlety to avoid him blowing in her mouth. He resisted the temptation to turn over, grab one of these young girls and thrust his hard cock into one of their soft wet pussies. Instead he just lay there and let them direct the action as he had been instructed. After all the deal was that he had all night until 5am in the morning, when they would have to sneak back to their homes before their parents found out (or so that is what David thought).

Louise had enjoyed her first sensuous kiss with her father, even though he thought it was someone else. Carla had enjoyed her second experience of sucking Louise’s father’s big yummy cock. They looked at each other and smiled, well satisfied at their cleverness in satiating their lust and getting $1,000 each as a nice bonus.

Carla crawled up and knelt astride Louise’s father head. Both Louise and Carla had kept their tartan school skirts on and their white blouses, but they were not wearing bras and they had their blouses unbuttoned and open, allowing hungry eyes and mouths full access to their taut young puffy tits.

Louise had her pert little B-Cup tits, but her areolas were raised and puffy and her nipples were as large as those of a woman breastfeeding. Carla loved suckling on Louie’s breasts and nipples. Carla’s breasts were already a full D-Cup even though she was only 14 years old. She was curvy and voluptuous and young Louise never seemed to tire of feasting upon the lips, breasts and pussy of her older friend.

Now they were feasting upon a real man, a forbidden man, an extremely fertile man, Louise’s dad. This fact was just now truly sinking in as they took pleasure from him any way they desired. Carla lowered herself and Louise’s father’s head disappeared under her skirt. She felt his breath on her pussy and sighed. He smelt pussy and knew exactly what was happening.

He opened his mouth in eager anticipation of those wet young cunt lips that were about to meet the lips of his mouth in a kiss. Her wetness enveloped his mouth and his tongue explored as far into her young love canal as possible. She tasted divine. She then slowly face fucked him as he lapped, sucked and kissed her cunts lips and swollen clit.

Down below Louise was trembling with joy as she looked upon her father’s throbbing cock. For the first time she was seeing, fondling and tasting her father’s magnificent big cock. She gently kissed his pre-cum oozing cock head and then squeezed his thick shaft to see more thick clear pre-cum oozing out of the opened eye of his cock.

She kissed it again in adoration and thanks. This was the source of her life. This cock had spurted her out just over 12 years ago and now she was going to reward it for giving her life. David could tell that the seemingly younger, certainly smaller girl now ministering to his cock in the most erotic act of sexual adoration he had ever experience.

Her mouth was smaller than the other girls and only just managed to swallow the huge helmet head of his cock. There was something about the touch of her fingers on his cock and balls and the gentle soft caress of her lips on his manhood that communicated lust and adoration.

Meanwhile, Carla could not stop herself, her orgasm was on its way and unstoppable. Momentarily Louise stopped sucking her father’s cock and crept up to lift Carla’s school skirt so that she could watch. Louise knew that look of Carla’s well, her look of ecstasy as she approached orgasm. Louise looked down and watched as her father gently but smoothly and rhythmically sucked and lapped Carla’s swollen clit.

Louise watched as Carla’s swollen labia parted and her love canal opened to show inside as her cunt experienced it’s first orgasmic contraction. Louise watched, fondling her pussy, as the first jet of Carla’s female cum shot into her father’s open mouth.

He swallowed and sighed, opening his mouth for the next spurt of young girl nectar. It was so erotic Louise thought as she lent forward as gave Carla a big wet open-mouthed kiss to thank her for feeding her daddy. Finally Carla was spent and retracted her cunt lips (for the time being anyway) from his hungry attention.

Carla moved back down the bed and grabbed that big fat pre-cum oozing cock. Time to let that sperm hose release its load. Louise moved to lie on her back in the middle of the bed as Carla coaxed Louise’s father to move over. Carla whispered softly in his ear. ‘“Time to slip that nice big cock into something warm and wet. Go for it big boy.”

Louise’s father felt his way and eased himself between the spread legs of his daughter. Not that he knew that as all he had heard were gasps, sighs, wet sounds and an unrecognisable whisper just now from the bigger girl. Louise had pulled her skirt up to waist.

Her blouse was fully open. She reached up and pulled her father’s mouth to one of her large erect puffy nipples and sighed contentedly as her father sucked with lust upon her tit. Carla still had a firm hold of this stallions cock. She pulled on it guiding its huge pre-cum oozing head to the wet slit of his daughter. Cock head kissed daughter’s wet slit.

Carla guided that massive cock in an up and down massage of the wet swollen slit of his 12-year-old daughter, Louise. Louise again groaned and sighed as she had her first feeling of her father’s mighty cock caressing her slit and gently rubbing over her clit hood. Carla then let go of his cock and watched as father and daughter began their forbidden incestuous coupling. Carla thought it would probably be the most erotic sex she would ever witness in her life.

Fascinated, Carla watched as Louise’s dad ploughed his huge manhood up and down her slit. He realised this girl was small and young and although he assumed she was not a virgin, he did not want to hurt her, as much as he just wanted to thrust into that little pussy and fuck her hard and fast.

It son became evident that neither Louise nor her father could hold on much longer. Carla whispered in his ear once more. ‘“Go inside, go inside, she wants you now.”

He thrust powerfully as Louise lifted up to meet her father’s penetrating manhood. ‘“At last, at last I have him in me, I have my daddy inside me where he belongs” she thought. She looked up and could see the ecstasy on his face despite the blindfold covering part of his face. Father and daughter then fucked each other slowly and sensuously for several minutes.

His 8? love lance penetrated to the full depth of his pre-teenage daughter and she thrust up strongly in hunger, loving every pleasurable sensation as her father’s thick spunk shaft plunged in and out of her love canal. It was coming. It was coming soon for both of them. Despite his agreement not to speak he was unable to stop himself whispering, ‘“I’ve got to pull out, I’ve got to pull I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

Louise grabbed her father’s smooth powerful buttocks and held him in as Carla whispered, ‘“Would you like to blow your load in her? Would you like to blow in this young girl?”

He groaned, ‘“Oh yes, oh yes, yes I would… but is she on the pill?”

“No she’s not, but she wants your fertile cream anyway. She wants you to pump your fertile sperm into her fertile cunt. Do you want to do that?” Carla softly asked.

“Oh my God, oh my God, yes yes I do.” He continued to thrust and little Louise held on to her daddy’s powerful thrusting buttocks, just to make sure he did not pull out. His orgasm was seconds away.

Carla now spoke softly but no longer in a whisper; ‘“And would you like to see this little school girl that you’re fucking and about to impregnate with your fertile seed?”

“Oh yes I want to see her,” he said as he gave one final thrust before his manhood gushed its hot creamy load.

With that Carla whipped off his blindfold as Louise’s father thrust again before releasing his incestuous seed. ‘“Oh baby baby, Louise my baby. Oh no, oh no. I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry.”

“Give it to me daddy, give it to me! I want you to fuck me hard daddy. Harder, give it to me harder. Cum in me. Cum in me. Give me your seed!”

“Oh sweetie, oh sweetie. Daddy may be giving you a baby. I might be giving you a baby.”

“Give it to me daddy. Give me a baby. Put your seed in me and I’ll make us a baby.”

“Ooohhhh fuckkk! Fuckkkk! Oh, ohhhh, here it is!!” And with that the first thick wad of potent incestuous sperm laden cum spurted deep into his 12 year old daughter’s welcoming cunt.

“YES daddy! That’s it daddy! Fill me up! Fill me up! Ooh, I can feel it daddy! I can feel your spurts, so wet and warm. Fill me, fill me… that’s a good daddy.”

Father and daughter were locked together in a passionate embrace for a long time. They looked at each other with wide open eyes in a frenzy of love, lust as cock and cunt orgasmed together, his cock spurting wad after wad of white cream while her cunt spasmed and sucked his cock into her as far as it could. ‘“Fuck me harder daddy! Fuck me harder, fuck me for the rest of my life daddy. Let’s make lots of babies.”

“Oh yes Louise yes, my cock is only for you!”

“And me!” interrupted Carla.

“And Carla! I-is that okay sweetie?”

“Yes daddy, I want you to give it to Carla too, but not to mommy anymore.”

“Sure baby, mommy isn’t getting it anymore. It is only for you two little girls from now on.”

“Oh thank you daddy, now keep filling me up.” And that is what David did for the next 7 hours. His massive balls and oversized seminal vesicle allowed him to cum 5 more times that night. Each girl got 3 huge fertile loads.

Two months later David split with his wife. Louise elected to stay with her father and they moved interstate. Carla had a big fight with her parents who had been abusing her for years. She also found out she was adopted, which explained why her parents had been so detached from her most of her life.

Carla joined Louise and David a thousand miles away where no one knew them. Everyone thought they were much older due to their precocious physical development and so no undue suspicions were aroused when both Louise and Carla gave birth to fine healthy babies 9 months later.

Louise had a girl and Carla had a boy. Carla would regularly breast feed Louise’s daughter and Louise would regularly breast feed Carla’s son. Several more very healthy normal children followed over the next 10 years. It was the perfect marriage, a marriage of three devoted souls.