Letters From The Ward

Letter found in the Trenton Asylum For Hysterical Peoples presumable left by a 22 year old patient named Blossom “Boots” Bailey who was a notorious nymphomaniac.

“Dear BlossomBoots,

Knobby dances naked, huge Victor rat traps snapped on his nipples, as Lia and I take turns swinging at his swinging balls and trembling buttocks. I am using a car ariel I broke off of the neighbor’s old Corvette, and it makes long red streaks on Knobby’s buttocks, and Lia, giggling, is slashing him on his other side with a cat O Nine-Tails.

It’s really too bad that I get such a kick out of helping Lia torture her husband. He’s such a good guy–he gives me money, he buys me Faberge eggs and suede jackets…and I’m a guy!

I swing the aerial again, and it snaps right into Knobby’s buttocks, just singeing his balls. Vibiana, Knobby’s daughter comes into the living room, laughing her ass off. “Making Daddy exercise, huh? This should be good cardio workout material.”

I grin at Vibiana, who I’m quite fond of. Vib and I have sex occasionally in the rec room, unbeknownst to her parents, and we’re really good pals. She also has become very good at torturing her poor Daddy!

Lia moves in a little closer, and Knobby is distracted by her cleavage in the plunging neckline of her halter. He winces with surprise as the cat swings onto his hard cock, two or three strands tangling around his balls, and pulling them painfully towards her.

“Come on, sissy faggot, can’t you dance just a little bit without being distracted by my whip?” Lia screams, laughing. She pulls the whip away and swings again, knocking the rat-traps off Knobby’s nipples, first one, and then the other, and he looks as if he may pass out.

But the whip curls again, all nine tails around Knobby’s butt, making him jump and dance, so he can’t fall down, just because of the pain from the nipple clamps. Lia won a whip swinging contest at the Dayton Domina Group three years in a row…she knows what she’s doing, though I think Knobby gives her no credit!

I work at the back, whacking and slashing his tender butt, and Vib, laughing, starts throwing darts from our old barroom dartboard at Knobby’s hips and thighs.

Knobby screams and howls, but he doesn’t utter his safe word. If he did, we’d all stop…but he loves this. It’s interesting when you observe the mind of a masochist.

Knobby and Vib don’t know it, but Lia is my secret slave as well. Just this morning, I woke up, needing to piss like a racehorse, and I pulled her out of bed by her hair and made her take my cock in her mouth, and I just let go until my bladder was empty.

Here’s Lia, a daughter of one of Ohio’s oldest families, (her millionaire father owned a chain of diaper services that he sold right before the nation began using Pampers)

She’s rich as Croesus, and her husband is a rich doctor as well…she has great manners, all that shit…but she wraps her full lips around my cock and lets me pee down her throat, and then, before I can pull out, she sucks hard until I cum…and then sucks me to yet another orgasm!

Knobby doesn’t know that, because he sleeps in the basement in a dog cage. Most of the time, anyway. How he can sit in that little-cramped space and then go to work, inspecting people’s skin is beyond me..

But at home, he’s in thrall to his wife and me, Master Aldous!

The first time I went over there, poor Knobby was kneeling naked on the floor when I went in. Lia was standing there with her short whip and I wasn’t used to women clients…but she was perfectly charming, made me a drink, and then told me that she wanted me to whip her husband and then fuck his face and asshole…and Knobby just knelt there, tears streaming down his face. But I could see that his erection was sticking straight out!

After I worked Knobby over, not really knowing what was up, Lia asked for my number and began calling regularly…and then she decided she wanted me around full time. I really feel like they’re such a great substitute for my own parents, you know? Knobby is a dermatologist, and Lia is 15 years younger…she and I are like brother and sister (that fuck). Last night we went to a BDSM toy show, and Lia, who is a full-lipped blonde, NOT wearing leather like all the other kinksters there, most of whom are fat. No, Lia was in a nice tasteful, but quite snug on her curves–black and white striped dress.

And she picked up one of the thick wooden paddles for sale and said “Come over here, Knobby…I want to see if this makes you cry…’course if I get blood on it, we buy it anyway.” Knobby was all “Now Lia, we can’t do this at a trade show, I’ll buy it and we’ll look at it at home.”

But then I snapped my fingers and gave Knobby a meaningful look, and, choking back tears, he trudged up to where Lia was sitting and bit his quivering lower lip as she undid his pants and pulled down his panties (yes, he wears hers, no boxers for the doctor) and finally yanked him over her knee.

“Since I just broke the wooden spatula on Knobby’s butt yesterday, this might be an inspired purchase,” Lia said, with one of her inscrutable smiles. Knobby was blushing beet red, as he didn’t know many of these people at the trade show, and now his butt had been bared! And then Lia began swinging the paddle. Knobby bit his lip, trying not to cry, but the paddle came down implacably hard, and eventually he began tearing up and then screaming in abject pain.

Everyone watched as Knobby’s butt went from pink to red to purple…and a lot of the guys were staring at Lia’s plunging neckline–what a cleavage!–as she bent over to put more energy in her swing.

Finally, she pushed Knobby off her lap, and then Lia tried a couple of horsewhips, bullwhips, floggers and scourges on Knobby’s pulsating ass. She also smiled at me and showed me a big hairbrush “For us, you know?”.

I am Knobby’s Male Master, it worked so well when Lia requested me from Beaujolais hustler service that she actually offered my dispatcher, Ballou Rastan, money to keep me…and Ballou winked and told me to go for it—I moved in, and then discovered that Lia had a submissive side as well!

Late at night, after Knobby had been locked up, either in the closet or in the basement cage, Lia approaches me.

Despite being about thirty-eight years old (fifteen years older than me) she is baby-faced and quite gorgeous. She dresses in a baby doll nightgown, wearing pink lipstick and pink nail polish, and carries a teddy bear. Her big boobs are kind of sexy even as she pretends to be a little girl.

“Daddy? I forgot to do my lessons. I hope you’re not mad at me, Sir.”

“Leolia, I am very disappointed in you. My dick is just swelling in my jeans as she tries to climb on my lap, and I stand up, looking kind of fierce. You are a lazy little girl, and I am going to have to punish you, so you will learn those multiplication tables” (Lia is a Certified Public Accountant)

Lia’s eyes brim with tears.

“P-please don’t whip me, Daddy. I’m trying to be a good girl.” But I give her a nasty smile.

“You’re not a very good student, Loelia. I am afraid it will h have to be fifty whacks this time. You’ll learn to come home from school on time and study your lessons instead of playing hopscotch on the street!”

And then, as she is arguing, I grab her by the ear and pull her over my knees. I flip up her nightie and pull down her panties, as I reach for the large wooden paddle that I used earlier to break welts on Knobby’s bottom. I don’t know what Lia went through with her real dad, but I suspect he probably should be in jail for child abuse. Still, we work out our demons where we can!

Lia’s full round buttocks are so beautiful, and I have just a joyful time whacking them hard with the thick wooden paddle, which I refer to as my “hairbrush” As I bring it down, Lia makes slight crying noises, but Lia is much tougher than her pathetic husband.

It’s fascinating and quite arousing as the wooden paddle bounces off her vanilla cheeks, and they’re jiggling, and then they start getting pink and then light red, and then heavy red…and then the purple blotches start, and I just whip harder and harder. I don’t have to worry about Knobby finding out about this, or seeing any scars, as Lia never lets him see her naked anyway.

Even when Knobby performs oral sex on Lia and Vibiana, they sit on his face and his eyes are blindfolded…I’m the only man in the house who gets a good look…and Lia’s butt gets almost roasted as I punish her over those times tables.

Then I take her off my lap and throw her across the armrest of the couch and wear out my arm using the strop, as she bites a pillow and then she begs me for forgiveness as her welted buttocks jiggling and I let her give Daddy a nice sloppy blowjob.

Sometimes I make her pull her nightgown up and jut her full breasts forth and I whip them with my Malacca cane a few times, and it’s gratifying to watch her roll around in acute pain. It’s great living with the Doc and his wife. I generally share the master bedroom and the big bed with Lia, and Knobby is in the closet much of the time. She gets sick of looking at him, and basically just consigns Knobby to lockdown much of the time that he’s home. Unless of course he’s doing housework, and then I generally supervise this with my short but deadly dog whip.

Sometimes I get adventurous and I make him vacuum with a lit candle sticking out of his ass…Between candles, cucumbers, my big dick and Lia’s strap-ons, Knobby is very loose down there. I also try to improve his posture by attaching lead weights to his nipples and balls and then making him stretch extra hard to keep his back straight…and I make him wear books on his head

It’s heartbreaking for Knobby when I am on the job because I hit harder then Lia and Vibiana, Knobby is so in love with Lia, and it breaks his heart when he doesn’t get to get face time with her–even if it’s when she’s whipping and torturing him! He is completely hetero, and so he doesn’t really get excited, just terrified and tortured, when I am whipping and kicking him about. Knobby really has a hard time with me…

I know what hurts, and when I see he’s left the baseboards dusty, I kick him HARD in the nutsack, or I thrash him viciously with a piece of thick black foot long, five inches wide rubber that I found in the back alley one day…and it seems to have a good effect on him!

Knobby’s daughter Vibiana, became very interested in Lia’s whipping and torturing of her Daddy…Vib was eighteen when the two were married, and by the time they’d been married for a year, Vib was helping Lia train poor Knobby…and of course he loved it, though it was shameful to be so attracted to your own daughter. Even though Vib was a strawberry blonde, with curly tresses and bouncy boobs!

Last week Vib was in her Daisy Duke shorts and a tube top, and she had Knobby bound and naked on the floor, and she was sitting in his LaZ-Boy and running her sandaled feet all over Knobby’s stiff rod. I could see the precum surging down his cock, and he looked absolutely in heaven. yet miserable.

“Papa’s incredible isn’t he Aldous?” Viviana asked cheerily.”He’s so hot to cum, but if I rub my sandals just carefully enough, he won’t. Watch what happens when I take one sandal off and rub him with skin from one foot and sandal from the other!”

Knobby was eyeing Vibiana’s long pink legs and her delicate toesies as they tickled his suffering cock. The poor man was looking as if he might have some sort of apoplectic fit right there on the living room floor.

Knobby’s knob seemed to be growing like a pumpkin. He was gagged, and so we couldn’t hear his opinion of this sort of thing, but certainly, the moans behind the gag were genuine!

Finally, Vib took her other sandal off and rubbed her bare feet up and down Knobby’s cock as she laughed at him. “You’d better pay my Visa bill on time this month old man” she said. “I would hate to think what the Child Welfare authorities would make of you getting off on my little footies.”

Knobby looked appalled behind his gag, though Vibiana is twenty years old. She can do whatever she likes, and so can he. But Knobby is such a staid old man. As soon as Vib got him to the point of orgasm with one foot, then she stomped his balls with the other.

Sometimes Lia also ties Knobby down and then drives her spike heels in his glans. This excites him like nothing I’ve ever seen! The extended periods between orgasms make Knobby’s somewhat small dick much more elongated, Sometimes I see evidence of precum stains on his pants, he’s so damn horny.

Knobby, like many of the people in your letters, wears a chastity belt out to work, but he’s fairly trustworthy when we get him home, as long as we’re you know, in the same room.

I was aware that at that time, Knobby had not had an orgasm for 106 days (Every four months, Lia lets him jerk off into a condom and drink it) and so he was quite horny and thrilled, yet ashamed of the teasing that his daughter was putting him through it¦.Yes, Vib is quite the troublemaker!

Knobby’s son, Therriault Evander Knoblauch the Third or Fourth (I dunno, there were a lot of them going back) had no interest in what his father and stepmother were doing. Terry, as he was called, took one look at the whips and chains and signed up for a year-round wilderness boarding school.

But Knobby’s nephew, Forbes apparently ran into Knobby at some bondage event when he was a junior at the University of Dayton, and when he got the story, he moved right in with Aunt Lia and Uncle Knobby.

Forbes is very much in love with his Aunt Lia and knows she has his best interests at heart when she ties him to the dining room table, whips his ass with a straightened clothes hanger, and then playfully runs his asshole through with a cucumber she bought from the store. Lia went over Forbes’s grades when he moved in and decided that being a C minus pothead wasn’t the way to go.

Forbes’s parents thought he had “learning disabilities”, but the truth was, he was a daily drug user from sixth grade on, cutting classes and cutting up. Lia used the razor strop to deal with grades below B, and when Forbes came home with B’s, she’d tie him naked to the bed and stroke his cock, showing plenty of cleavages. “Forbes, baby…if you can get an A, Aunt Lia will let you kiss her honey, maybe…and if you get an A for the semester in every course…Aunt Lia will let you suck her honey, AND whack your Willy to a squirt!”

Vibiana was helpful as well–she was also at school with Forbes, and when she saw him wandering off with the stoners, she’d grab Forbes by the arm, and drag him into a pay Unisex toilet, and take him over her knee, dragging his pants down and whipping him with her high heel.

Forbes adored his cousin Vib as much as Lia, and although she could hit, the attention was always welcome. Vib would also sneak behind Forbes in the library stacks and unzip his pants, and pull out his penis, and stroke it while rubbing up against Forbes in her snug Angora sweater and miniskirt…encouraging him to achieve!

Knobby always seems to resent me as his Master, but Forbes may be a bit bisexual as well. He is quite compelled by me, and when Lia orders Forbes to take a whipping by Master Aldous, Forbes immediately strips down and bends across the sawhorse in the basement.

He also offers his cock and balls for me to use as an ashtray! Think of it, an ashtray to put my cigars out on, on his genitals. How flattering. It’s quite a great deal. Knobby is not as happy about my joining in his training–or that I fuck his wife! Lia, though, can put Knobby through ANYTHING. But he’s such a wuss. And he is small minded.

Although Forbes is a good submissive, and very generous to Lia and myself, I think Knobby looks down on him, because Forbes is the son of Knobby’s cousin, Stokes Stokely, a minor Ohio rock musician, and although it wasn’t really Forbes’s fault that he came to cocaine and prostitutes, thanks to his dad’s associations, the fact that Forbes Stokely is the man he is today, is mostly due to good strong BDSM discipline! I mean, let’s face it. Stokes is an addict and a womanizer, and his son Stokes Jr. was killed driving drunk five years ago. Forbes’s younger twin sisters, Saunders and Sibley, are in the anorexic ward at Dayton General The whole Stokely family is mentally fucked on that side.

But since Lia took over Forbes’s life, he has completely changed. No drinking or drugs in three years, and he is now almost an MBA…and he will be a rich accountant. just because we beat the shit out of him when he goes off task! And Forbes just adores Lia.

She comes in at night from working with the Dayton Garden Club, and Forbes meets her at the door, he’s stark naked, and he begins bathing her cramped toes in his sweaty little mouth! When Lia is in a bitchy mood, she canes Forbes’s cock and balls until he cries very quietly, still looking at her worship-fully through teary eyes…and then he fetches the plug-in iron so Lia can amuse herself by scorching his behind, after of course she’s plucked off all his butt hairs.

“Learning to take pain is so essential Forbes.” Lia said recently as she was tugging a chain that had clips attached to Forbes’s nipples. “You must learn to be stoic.”

Forbes kept biting his lip and looking terrified. His hands were manacled behind his back and he just stood there and tried not to cry or make a scene as Lia put it. I stood menacingly behind Forbes, threatening to rip him a new asshole if he made any noise.

We don’t like wimps in this family. When I’m in a tired mood Forbes will suck and lick my balls while Vib sucks my cock, and by the time I’ve cum, my entire attitude has been reversed! I am still Aldous the Call Boy, though…despite the generous salary I get from Knobby, I still go out with male clients now and then…and sometimes I dress Forbes and Knobby in tranny skirts and heavy makeup and I have them come out to service large client groups, and of course I take their share of the proceeds!

Knobby has learned to be a good cocksucker though…he licks the underside of various penises, and also rims the men’s assholes if he’s asked, praying of course that no one has diarrhea or dingle berries. Knobby hates having to suck strange men’s cocks…he is very into the fact that he’s a dermatologist and a big member of the community.

He is after all a member of the Dayton Golf and Tennis Club, though Lia rarely lets him play…he’s too busy doing housework on the weekends!

Knobby is much better at cleaning then he once was. One thing that has helped is…if he tells me the toilet is clean and I don’t think so, I test him by pouring a gallon of mushroom soup into the commode and then I command Knobby to lick it out. “It’s just not um, hygienic to do that, Master Aldous” Knobby usually says, while cowering, and looking at his pathetic, naked body in the shine of my military boots.

“You don’t understand, I can’t lick there…Master.” That’s right, Knobby, suck up to me. If Knobby thinks that this would give him salmonella, then obviously he has not cleaned the toilet, right? So then I whip his skinny little ass with a carpet sweeper, and then MAKE him eat out the soup before cleaning the commode again. It’s a miracle, but he has become quite a successful little hausfrau! So this wraps up the story! I think it’s amazing that a male prostitute like me can live in such a nuclear family, and even improve it, right? Best, Aldous the Call Boy

Dear Aldous, Sounds like you’ve got the nomination for Father Knows Best!

Best, BlossomBoots