Confessions: Letters from the family crypt

Here’s a story you may or may not be interested in since it contains no actual incest but merely tries to define why I’m so obsessed with it. Up to the time I was twenty I never had a girlfriend so I quite frequently bought pornography for the obvious reasons.

I found that I was buying Penthouse more for the stories than for the models inside. One day I stumbled across a story about two sisters who spend the night in the same bed and become lovers. This was fascinating and unreal, but of course at my age I wanted to believe all those letters were for real.

I switched to reading those little digests with a few incest stories until I found a place that sold Family Letters (a gas station?!) and I was hooked.

I now have about four tons of these things as well as other magazines and now I’m seeking it out on the net. One of my girlfriends found out about my obsession and she was cool with it at first and she played along and called me daddy during sex but that became old for her and that was probably one of the reasons that we broke up along with fact that I told her that I shouldn’t have children.

I’ve gotten my current girlfriend to do the same act and she enjoys it and probably harbors a fantasy or two about her dad. This maybe goes back to my childhood when I was about 11 or so my mother came into my room in her robe and pinned me to the bed and began kissing me on the mouth.

I struggled because she was on top of me and at the time was rather heavy. As soon as I worked myself free she grabbed me back down and slapped me in the face. My Mom had NEVER done that before. She started apologizing and crying and saying that it wouldn’t happen again.

I just sat there confused until she left.

I’d still like to know for sure but in my mind that’s when it began. That and the idea that my family were always fighting when it seemed that the families who were having sex seemed to get along well together.

I know that this is distorted and a lot of people have negative experiences but I’d like to believe some enjoy it.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had gone farther with my mother that day.

I have no bad feelings toward her she is still a great mother, but we’ve never mentioned what happened that day. Well there it is, it may be too long for your digest but I enjoyed telling you anyway.

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