Confessions: Let’s pretend they are asleep

When I was 11, my older brother and I (he was 13 at the time) started doing stuff whenever our parents would go out.

I don’t remember exactly why or how it started, but usually I would pretend I was modeling stuff for him and walk by him while he was sitting in my dad’s chair.

I would take off whatever I was wearing and as I walked past him he would touch me all over.

I remember the first time he slipped his finger between my little bare lips and how wet I was. After a while, we started doing this thing where one of us would pretend they were asleep and the other would kind of explore their body.

I had my first orgasm from him touching me like that.

I also learned that I had to get out of the way when he shot his sperm, or it would be all over me. By about the time I was 12, I had physically grown to the point where I wanted more. One day, my brother was lying on the sofa pretending to be asleep, so I went over and decided to try something new. After I had pulled down his shorts and admired his erect dick for a few minutes, I slipped my shorts and panties off completely and climbed onto the sofa with him, straddling his hips.

I was shaking with anticipation as I stared down at his throbbing erection, which was pointing right between my legs.

I leaned forward a little, lowering myself until I felt the tip press against my cunny lips.

I was slick from my excitement and I felt the tip slip right between them and the head pop into my hole.

I remember shivering as an orgasm shook me and looking down to see my brother staring at me wide eyed, like he couldn’t believe what I had done.

I pressed down on his dick and managed to lodge about half of it inside me before he started bucking his hips at me and shaking.

I knew he was going to shoot his cum but I couldn’t bring myself to pull him out… so I pressed as hard as I could down on his throbbing dick as it began jerking inside me, shooting his cum in me. To this day, I have never felt anything so wonderful.

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