Kathy’s First Orgasm

My afternoon client had called to let me know that he was sick and would not be able to make our meeting. Disappointed, I went home early to catch up on a little paper work on the old home computer. I climbed the stairs and was walking past my oldest daughters room when a soft noise caught my interest.

The door was slightly ajar so I peeked in. There on her bed were my daughter and her boyfriend Steve. They were both nude, and she was on her back with her knees spread wide to allow him to kneel between them. He was rolling a condom onto his very stiff cock. The head of which was pointed straight at the waiting opening to my daughters love channel.

I knew I should yell or something but all I could do was watch in amazement as he slid his long love wand into her waiting pussy. Her window was open and the sun lighted the spot where he entered her, giving me an excellent view. As his cock slid deeper and deeper I realized that this was not the first time they had done this.

There was no blood, or evidence of pain, only a look of deep pleasure in Kathy’s eyes as he slid into her to the hilt. He began to pump in and out as they held each other close, flattening her budding breasts against his chest. Their mouths were locked together in a deep kiss, as his movements got faster and faster.

But something was wrong. The initial look of pleasure in Kathy’s eyes had been replaced by boredom. He was driving in and out so fast and hard that sometimes he almost pulled out completely.

Then Kathy started to show some interest, her hips moving up and down to help him drive deeper into her lovely body. Just as she started to respond to him, Steve gave out a growl and held her very tight, his cock buried to the hilt. Just small strokes deep in her pussy as he growled and groaned. Then he stopped moving. I knew that he had filled his rubber with his seed.

Thankful that the thin barrier of latex had been there to keep Kathy from getting pregnant, I was breathing pretty hard by now and knew that if I stood there for even a moment more, they would notice me, so I quietly continued to walk to my office in the back of the house.

Steve definitely needed some help with his technique, but as Kathy’s father I should have been chasing him out of the house with a shotgun, not giving him advice as to how to get my daughter off. I decided not to do anything about what I had just seen. I would not acknowledge that I now knew Kathy was sexually active.

Several days later on the weekend, I was walking past Kathy’s room again when she asked through the door if I had a minute to talk. I said sure and pushed the door open to step through. She was sitting on the bed dressed in her robe tied tight at the waist.

She’s a very pretty girl, and I’m not just saying so because I’m her father. She has long flowing blonde hair and a cute clear face. Her breasts are small but right for her slim frame. Her waist is so small that I could probably put my hands around it. She has flared hips to an ample behind. Something of an exaggerated hourglass figure.

“I have a personal problem she stated flatly. I can’t go to mom since she is such a prude, so I thought that I’d take a chance with you. You won’t like what I am about to tell you, but don’t forget that I am becoming a young woman.”

“Ok,” I said, “what is your problem. I promise not to get mad if you promise not to get mad at the advice I will give you.” We both agreed, and she began her story.

She explained that she and Steve had been active sexually for almost a year now. During that whole time she had never had an orgasm. In fact she had never had one in her life. Even when she masturbated herself, she would get close but never cross that line that others talked of with such joy. She was concerned that something was wrong with her and wondered if maybe I could make her a doctor’s appointment.

I agreed that I was not to happy to hear that she was sexually active, but would be more then willing to make the doctors appointment for her. Then I asked her what she and Steve knew about foreplay. Did they kiss and caress each other before they jumped in and did it? Of course I knew that they did not, but didn’t want to give my peeping away.

She said that they kissed some but that was about it. She wondered what it was that they should be doing. I explained that as her father I couldn’t really tell her much, but would be willing to try to help guide her in the right direction. With that I sat down next to her and slowly stroked her long hair. As I stroked her hair I told her that there was no rule that two people had to just jump right in and fuck. That maybe they might not have sex at all, but just touch each other with love. Just like now, how did it feel to have me stroking her hair. How did it affect the rest of her body.

Kathy looked at me really strangely. I thought that she was going to scream “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING.” Instead she said softly that her nipples were tingling from the attention that I was giving her hair. She was really surprised that just stroking her hair was affecting her so. To prove it she moved back the robe on one side to show me her nipple standing at attention.
That was the point at which I probably stepped over the line. Without touching her nipple, I gently caressed her breast. Just rubbing little circles around the nipple, slowly widening the circle till I was crossing her chest to the other breast, which was still hidden by the robe. As my finger tips slowly circled their way toward the nipple of her other breast, she shrugged her shoulders such that the robe fell off that breast also. I now had access to her whole upper body.

I continued to trace ever-smaller circles around each breast till I would just touch the nipple. Then I would apply pressure to the whole breast with the flat of my hand before tracing widening circles to the base of her breast and then crossing her chest to the other one. Kathy was now laying on the bed, her head back and her eyes closed. Her lips were slightly parted and I could hear her just barely moaning.

Like I said, Kathy is a very pretty girl. Looking at her lovely body responding to my touch, was having an effect on my body. My cock was pushing against my zipper so hard that it hurt. Still I didn’t want to ruin the moment by adjusting it. From her breasts I moved upward to her shoulders and down her arms as far as the robe would let me go. Then back up to her shoulders and down her sides to her tummy where the robe was tied.

Pulling on the robe belt, I untied it. Kathy didn’t move to help me or stop me. Her hips started to move gently up and down, responding to my touch. My fingers traced small circles to ruffle the scant pubic hair peeking out the top of her bikini underpants. The movements of Kathy’s hips was no longer so gentle, and her moans were getting louder. I was sure glad that the rest of the family had gone to visit my wife’s father. If anyone had been in the house they would have discovered us by now for sure. I had already gone way further then I had ever intended. I was sure that what I was doing was illegal, but I simply could not stop.

My fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties and moved down between her legs. I could feel the little bump that is the beginning of her clit’s hood. Her pubic hair was sparse and very soft. As I pushed my hand further down, her panties went with it and soon her pussy was uncovered for my eyes to feast on. I slipped her panties down her thighs and off. She never stopped wiggling her bottom or moaning. Rather then trying to stop me, she lifted herself up a little so I could slip them off.

Without the thick thatch of hair that many older women have, I could see her pussy plainly. The hood of her clit, and her clit’s little head peeking out from under it. The outer lips of her pussy all swollen with blood, and the inner lips open like petals of a flower. I let my fingers roam around the soft inner lips. Her lubrication was gushing out from between them and my fingers slipped along their path easily. With each trip around her entrance to heaven, I would bump the hood of her clit, never actually touching the little head, which was begging for attention.

Kathy was gasping now, a steady stream of moans and cries coming from her mouth. I let my middle finger dip into her love channel and pushed it as far as it would go. Kathy literally screamed and smashed her pelvis hard against my hand. Then she started moving her bottom such that my finger was forced in and out of her at an ever- increasing pace. I lowered my mouth to her pussy and just touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, her rapid motion moving my tongue back and forth on the sensitive organ.

That was all it took. Kathy’s body went stone rigid. For several seconds she did not move or make a single sound. Then she wailed like I had just pushed a knife into her. I could feel strong contractions squeezing at my finger like her pussy was trying to milk something from it. Her orgasm went on for what seemed like forever. Her pussy milking at my finger as her body started to shake. Then it was over. Her pussy eased its vice like grip on my finger, and her body started to relax. Her arms around me, she held me close and started to quietly cry.

Nether one of us said anything. I lowered my lips to hers and we shared a long deep kiss. Then I left her there in her room. Her cum had been so violent that I had almost cum myself. Almost, but not quite, I had a really hard problem, and that problem was trying to push through my pants. My balls were aching like they used to after dates when I was a teenager. I headed to my bedroom to relieve the pressure.

On the way I Grabbed a bath towel from the clothes hamper, this load was going to be gallons.

When I got to my bedroom, I closed the door and removed my clothes. Didn’t want to get cum stains on them and I knew that this one was going to be a gusher to rival Old Faithful. Setting the towel next to me I caressed my own cock and balls. My balls ached slightly with the load of seed in them. I hoped that when I came I could keep from hollering my fool head off.

Then I started to jack my cock, enjoying the sensation of being touched even if it was by my own hand. The head of my cock tingled and the shaft was harder then I ever remembered it to be as I imagined making love to that perfect body down the hall.

Just then the door opened and Kathy stepped into the room. She was still wearing the robe but it was open, framing all her feminine charms. As she stood there I noticed that her breasts were larger then I had thought. Those lovely breasts and the light blonde pubic hair that framed her love channel accented her lovely hourglass figure. As she walked toward me the gentle sway of her hips was like soft music in motion.

“Poor daddy,” she said. “I was so busy enjoying my first orgasm that I didn’t think about what all that must be doing to you.” As she sat down on the bed next to me, her small hand reached out to stroke my ridged cock. “If you will let me, I think that I can give you a little help with this hard problem that you seem to have,” she smiled.

With that, still holding my cock, she rolled over on me, trapping my cock between us. With my cock trapped between our two tummies she started to wiggle around. The feeling was exquisite, but our skin was two dry and it started to be uncomfortable after a few seconds.

Then I noticed that while she had been wiggling she had been moving up such that the head of my cock was resting in the hollow of her pussy lips. because of the angle there was no danger of penetrating her, but my cock was right at the entrance of my daughters pussy. Her pussy was dripping juice and it was coating my cock from the head to the balls. Each time she wiggled back, the head of my cock would touch her clit. Her eyes had glassed over and it was plain that I wasn’t the only one enjoying our forbidden play.

I lay back so I could look straight at her clit as it rode up and down the length of my cock. Then taking my fingers I started to massage the little hood it peeked out of. Kathy started to go crazy again. Moaning and tossing her head about. I knew that if I kept it up, she would cum again, and soon. The only trouble was that I was going to cum also, and with the eye of my cock pointed straight at my face, I was going to get a cum facial from my own cock. Still, that was better then getting my little girl pregnant, and what she was doing sure felt great.

Kathy moaned “I’m going to cum again” and with that she laid her chest against mine, pushing her firm breasts into me. Our lips met, and we were no longer father and daughter, but two lovers driving each other to heaven. She lifted her bottom ever so slightly, my cock sprang up and found the entrance to her body. Sliding back she started to take my cock. Even though her pussy was literally gushing juice, she was so tight that all that entered her was just the head.
“Kathy!” I cried, “We can’t do this. If I cum inside you, you’ll get pregnant for sure.” I tried to push her back and pull out of her, but she held me tight.

“I’m going to cum…” she moaned, “and when I do, I want you all the way inside me.”
After another deep kiss, she sat up to use her weight to force my nail into her body. Each time she pressed down, another half inch would drive into her. Now not only her own lubrication was helping me push into her, but I had started to shoot little spurts of pre-cum.

I could feel the minor contractions in my own body forcing it into her.

Finally her pussy lips rested at the base of my throbbing pole. She bent forward to give me another kiss but before she could her orgasm hit her. Kathy again went totally ridged in my arms, her pussy tightening around my cock. She buried her face in my neck stifling her wail of joy.

I knew it was wrong, knew the danger, but her pussy was milking at my cock just as it had my finger only minutes ago. It was milking me for my thick cream, the cream that would probably plant a baby in my own daughter’s body. And I gave it. My daughter was taking me, I couldn’t help myself, she was just too sexy for me to stop.

As sweet Kathy shivered in orgasm on top of me, I shot my heavy load of sperm deep within her, as I did this I looked into her eyes… eyes that flew open with surprise, as she felt my jets of hot come fill her.

As I pumped my last intense stream of sperm into my little girl, she collapsed on top of my panting. My heart was pounding with the exertion, but my mind was numb… how could I do this, how could I have gotten this carried away with my own little girl.

Kathy raised up to look into my eyes and said, “thank you daddy, I love you even more than ever. You’ve given me two orgasms in an hour, and I never thought I’d have one.”

We disengaged and went to separate bathrooms to shower and straighten up. I told Kathy when she asked later that day, that this wouldn’t happen again, and that we had to keep the event to ourselves. She agreed, but believe this — she never let her boyfriend just fuck her, he had to earn the pleasure from that day forward.

THE END… or is it just the beginning?