Journey into Exhibitionism

She sat alone in her room in Halls, hands clasped together between her legs, slightly chewing on her bottom lip in trepidation at what had been arranged and wondering, deep in the pit of her stomach, whether it had been such a good idea after all.

She was dressed exactly as discussed with her boyfriend the night before; a loose fitting white blouse with a tight to mid-thigh black skirt over a red lacy bra and pantie set with sheer black hold ups and her favorite glossy, red, five inch heels. The panties were so lacy thin that she knew when he got here he would be able to see that she had waxed her tight little pussy until it was totally smooth.

Everything was set up and just waiting to be activated, she had played around with the webcam on her new laptop and had got it perfectly positioned so that it showed about half the bed and the space just in front, you could just make out the top of her armchair in the corner of the shot, she hoped if all went well that would be used later.

She jumped slightly as her laptop pinged and just for a minute she wondered what it was, finally it registered that the ping was the sign that somebody had activated her webcam broadcast. Her ‘guest’ had explained to her and her boyfriend how to set up the broadcast so it would be entirely private and only those people with the password would be able to view what happened.

Her boyfriend had been apprehensive about having other people viewing but he relented after she had explained how horny it made her just thinking about it and she agreed to limit the numbers to only a few; she had made arrangements with a married couple, 2 single men, one around her age and one in his early forties and a single young lady that she hoped she would get to meet one day; they were all people she had chatted with over the last few months and had built up quite a rapport with.

The first ping was quickly joined by four more in rapid succession and her heart begin to pound knowing that these people were now sat in their homes watching her on cam right at this minute, she began to feel the first stirrings of arousal deep in her pussy and a slight flush reached her cheeks as she sat up slightly straighter, her breasts swelling slightly to plump out the already deliberately tight blouse.

She caught the sound of footsteps approaching down the hall and caught her breath slightly, knowing if he was on time then this could be him. The steps stopped, yes they were definitely outside her door, then there was a light tap-tap, it seemed daft to her but they sounded firm and respectful without being overly harsh or rude and she hoped that was a good sign as, while she had selected the viewers, the meeting had been set up entirely by her boyfriend. She stood, straightened her skirt and after a glance in the direction of the cam she approached and opened the door.

A man in his early to mid-forties stood before her, he was dressed in smart black trousers, shoes and was wearing a neatly pressed shirt open at the collar. While no gym freak he was of average build with a slight middle aged spread showing and a short cropped haircut with a small neatly trimmed goatee. He looked presentable and had kind eyes so she wasn’t surprised at the flutter in her stomach as he reached for her hand, lifted it to his lips, and after kissing the top of her hand lightly said, ‘Good afternoon Cutie I believe you were expecting me?’

She blushed slightly at the obviously dated flirting but also found it very flattering and such a change.

‘Yes,’ she murmured, ‘Please come in and take a seat.’

She noticed that as he strode into her room he completely ignored the chair and went to sit on the end of the bed, he glanced around the room and scanned the location of the laptop and the positioning.

She closed and locked the door, after all she wouldn’t want one of her university friends to accidentally walk in on her now, and stepped into the room; her natural position in front of him meaning the viewers could now see them both perfectly framed in shot exactly as she had intended.

She met his eyes as he sat there, legs crossed, arms resting lightly on his knee; she thought he seemed to be leaning forward expectantly. He cleared his throat slightly and said, ‘I understand you only want to be addressed as Cutie is that correct?’

‘Yes,’ she said, feeling braver and staring intently into those grey flashed eyes.

Staring intently he asked, ‘You understand what we are here for and that this is entirely with your agreement and consent?’

Again, ‘Yes,’ slipped easily from her lips but she could still feel the butterflies in her stomach and the fingers of her hands, clasped in front of her, were flicking in nervous excitement; as she realized that was exactly what he was looking at she unclasped them and held them at her sides.

He reached into his pocket and withdrew his keys, some loose change and his wallet, he took a clip of notes out of his wallet and reached back to place everything else on the pillow of her bed. Glancing up he uttered, ‘In this clip I have twenty five pounds in five pound notes and a further seventy five pounds, as arranged I will take a five pound note and place it on the bed beside me for every item of clothing you remove, do you agree Cutie?’

‘Yes,’ she breathed, amazed that at simply hearing the statement she had involuntarily stepped forward slightly and parted her legs, she couldn’t believe that there was already a slightly damp feeling in her panties.

A smile spread across his face as she stepped forward, ‘When you have stripped for me you will come forward and undress me, you will then perform oral sex for me before I will consent to making love to you as agreed. At any time during the proceedings should you wish things to stop then your safe word will be ‘CATHEDRAL’ you may begin whenever you are ready.’

She was nervous and had never done anything remotely like this before in her life but remembered that one time before leaving for university when she had stripped for her boyfriend, she mentally slid back to that moment. She closed her eyes and began to slowly gyrate her hips; she could feel the action slowly begin to raise the skirt up her hips, as she gyrated one way she slightly bent her hips causing the skirt to rise a little higher.

Risking a little peek she could see him watching her avidly, the clip of notes circling in his hand.

Feeling braver she kicked off her heels and opened her eyes fully realizing she was going to have to be able to see to do this. She sauntered towards him, stopping halfway to spin around; she bent over to place her shoes together and knew that this gave him a glance of her firm pert ass and the black stocking tops on her creamy white thighs. She turned back around and raised a leg, resting the foot on the side of the bed next to him, she slid her hand slowly, sensuously up her calves, tracing the curves, feeling the heat build in her pussy as her hands wandered up her thigh, she hooked her fingers inside the top of her stocking and slowly peeled it down over her leg, revealing her alabaster curves in all their glory.

Engrossed in her own performance she is surprised by the rustling sound, then realizes he has unfolded one of the fivers but hasn’t placed it on the bed. Smiling at him she carefully repeats the performance for him, her eyes never leaving his as she removes the other stocking.

‘Thank you,’ he says, and places the fiver on the bed.

Making a move to step back he stops her with a look and says, ‘Put the heels back on Cutie.’

She doesn’t mind this as she thinks her legs and ass look absolutely stunning when she is in heels so she slips them back on and moves to the center of the room. She is truly aroused now, she can feel her juices seeping out of her and soaking into her panties. She begins to sway and dance again in the room, spinning round on the spot, bending her knees now and then to give the viewers a good view, she reaches up and slowly begins to unbutton her blouse, her back to the camera but offset so he can see her from the side she slips her blouse over her shoulders and gives a little shimmy causing it to fall off her arms and hang down over her skirt.

Head shaking and with a disappointed, yet humorous, tone he says, ‘Tut-tut Cutie, you don’t get a fiver for that one, you’re still wearing it!’

She would take offense but she can hear the humor in his voice and knows he is messing with her slightly so she mutters, ‘2 for 1 kind Sir?’

Laughing he replies, ‘Yes, I think a 2 for 1 offer could do it.’

She backs towards him, ensuring the viewers on cam can see her gloriously smooth belly and perfectly framed breasts as she raises the blouse and glances over her shoulder at him.

Taking the hint he reaches forward with one hand and slowly unzips the back of her skirt.

Running through her mind is, ‘Oh my god, I am stripping and being undressed by a total stranger in my university room and there are people watching!’

She is staring into his eyes and knows he feels it as her body shudders slightly under his gentle touch as her first small orgasm causes her to moan against all her wishes, it sounds almost like the purr of a truly satisfied cat.

Smiling he pats her firmly on her shapely rump and gives her a little push back into the centre of the room.

She has almost completely forgotten now about the watchers, all she wants to do is satisfy this rising urge in her to do this, she understands that she has wanted something like this for so long and never realised, the surrender of control without all the perceived horrors she associated with domination.

She turns to face him and Him alone. ‘Did she just capitalize that in her mind?’ My god she did, and another tremble of excitement flashed through her body.

Hooking her hands into the top of her skirt she pushes it down over her hips; the blouse, no longer encumbered, slips to the floor and she watches Him place another fiver on the bed. Her skirt glides over her hips and she lets it go, it pools around her high heeled feet and she steps out of it. Raising her arms above her head she gyrates for Him and circles to give him a full uncluttered view of her lithe sexy body now only clad in its thin red bra, panties and her glossy red heels.

She doesn’t even care anymore that her panties are soaked through and the full denuded expanse of her pussy can be seen pressing through. She desperately wants to please Him now, she reaches up and unclasps the bra, as she slides it off her shoulders she turns around to give him the first view of her small, firm breasts, sitting high on her chest.

She is pleased that as he places a fiver on the bed he can’t take his eyes off her, her nipples are firm and hard, pointing clean up in the air, they almost ache and she has never felt them this hard without having a mouth or hand firmly clamped around them.

Finally she slides her hands over her naked body, up and down her arms, over her breasts, feeling the sensitivity of those firm red buds under her fingers, down over her smooth stomach she slips a finger into the top of her panties and runs it carefully along the top, feeling her thighs tense and part slightly in anticipation she notices his tongue glide along His lips as she does this and it drives her wild.

She gives in entirely to her impulses now and doesn’t just strip off her panties but yanks them down her legs and throws them into the corner, she looks straight at Him and runs two fingers up the soaking engorged and throbbing labia of her aching sex and thoroughly enjoys the satisfaction of seeing him place the last fiver on the pile, knowing she has finally pleased Him.

She stands there totally naked, her nipples erect in the cool sexually charged air and her juices seeping steadily from her smooth wet sex.

He rises from the bed and approaches her, ‘You know what is required now?’ is all the response she gets.

She reaches up and slowly begins to unbutton his shirt, as she reaches the final button she decides to undo the belt next and slowly, carefully, strips it from his trousers; then she pulls loose the shirt and slips it off him, throwing it on to the bed.

Squatting before him, her knees spread wide as he steps between them, she can almost hear the patter of her cum on the floor as she reaches to undo His shoes and slip them off his feet, she removes his socks too and not even realizing what she is doing she rolls them up and tucks them inside the shoes.

Then, still squatting before Him she reaches up to unbutton his trousers, she ensures her hands glide over his crotch and she can feel his hardness through the material, firm and wide. She unbuttons the trouser and slowly sliding the zip down she lets out an involuntary giggle of excitement as she realizes he is not wearing underwear, his cock pops out as she lets the trousers drop to the floor.

She is mesmerized by the sight of this cock like she has never been before, it is not that it is particularly large or wide it is just that it is His. Its circumcised head is a deep purple and there is a slight drop of pre-cum on the tip.

A hand rests on her head, ‘Slip a finger into your pussy Cutie and open your mouth.’

She does as he says, tilting her head back slightly.

Her body quivers as she traces the contours of her lips and pushes a finger deep inside her aching cunt; He knows she has done it because that little purr escapes her again and just as it does she feels the tip of that glory pressed against her lips, resting on her tongue, she can’t understand what he is waiting for but doesn’t want to spoil the moment.

Then as she feels her body respond to her own questing fingers she feels him press his hips forward and her mouth closes around and glides over his cock. She knows she is good at this, her boyfriend regularly tells her so, but this is an experienced older man now and she desperately wants to please Him. He holds his cock about half way down, she can feel the ridges along its length, the curve of its bulbous tip deep in her throat, just as her gag reflex is kicking in he slides out and allows her a breath before pressing back in.

She groans in pleasure, juices streaming out over her hand as she fucks her pussy for Him, thinking it is so wrong but so, so sexy she doesn’t want it to stop.

She feels Him remove himself from her mouth and emits a deep groan of disappointment; she looks up at him and he grins wickedly, ‘Don’t stop that hand until I tell you to Cutie I need to move something.’

As she squat there, legs trembling, she continues to finger herself, catching her clit and feeling her thighs and calves soaking with her juices she can hear something being dragged across the floor into the centre of the room. She realizes it is the chair and pushes a little deeper in anticipation and hope of what is to come next.

She senses him behind her and jumps a little as he whispers in her ear, ‘Keep that finger buried deep in your cunt Cutie!’ and then feels him lift her under the arms.

Her hand still buried deep in her pussy he leads her towards the chair, suddenly she remembers that she is on cam and that those people have seen her behaving like a good little slut but she doesn’t care; she knows he has placed the chair so they will be able to see but can’t figure out in her mind how.

Then he positions her behind the chair, lifting her slightly so she is on tiptoe he pushes her over the back and she realizes they will have a perfect close up of her face for whatever happens next.

Once again she senses him behind her, and her fingers stop slipping in and out of herself but she won’t withdraw them until He tells her to.

Then to her deep inner joy she feels his hands on her thighs, spreading them slightly, running a finger along the crack of her soaked cunt he parts her lips and she feels the tip of His member lodged against her. She can touch it with her finger if she slides it into her pussy; she does and feels it twitch.

His voice sounds gruff from over her shoulder, deeper with the arousal he is obviously feeling in anticipation of this tight pussy, ‘Tell the people on camera what you want me to do Cutie.’ he says.

She stares straight into the webcam, knowing her boyfriend is out there and hoping that young lady is masturbating herself rigid at the show, she no longer cares what they think she only wants one thing now, ‘Fuck me please, oh god, fuck me hard please, now!’

She can’t see him or his reaction but hopes He is happy and then she feels him thrust his hips forward and his whole length slides deep into her wide aching sex, she cums instantly, quivering and moaning as her fingers involuntarily twitch at the mouth of her cunt, her cum squirting over the length of his cock buried to the hilt inside her.

Involuntarily she hears herself almost scream, ‘Oh god yes, yes fuck me, fuck me, please!’

He pulls out almost to the tip and rams into her hard, his balls slap against the soaking probing fingers of her hand, she can hardly control herself, the force lifts her slightly and she is right on her tiptoes, suddenly he is driving into her repeatedly, his hands clasping her slender hips, holding her steady but allowing her body to bounce up and down.

Her eyes are closed tightly and she can feel her tits bouncing and swaying as he rams his firm cock into her again and again; the pleasure is intense and she must have orgasmed four or five more times already, her body is trembling and her thighs ache at the punishment but she wouldn’t give this up now for anything.

She feels him tensing behind and next time he slides his girth deep into her she clamps her pussy muscles tightly around Him, sheathing Him in her tight wet aching sex, she guesses he is close to cumming himself and shudders in one final wrenching climax soaking his manhood as he withdraws from her completely, and glancing back she watches him give his slick twitching cock a couple of quick hard tugs and sees His floods of warm, creamy spunk squirt over her bucking trembling ass and back.

‘Stay exactly as you are Cutie,’ he says as he turns away from her leaving her totally exposed but sated, bent over her favourite chair, covered in spunk and panting like an asthmatic at the height of hay-fever season.

He quickly wipes a little cum from his cock and presses it to her mouth as she licks his finger clean he tells her to get up and turn off the camera. She does this quickly, strangely wanting to please Him again. She gives the camera a little smile and blows a kiss as she turns it off and then turns to face Him.

He is quickly getting dressed and looks at her carefully, ‘Hopefully that was fully what you were expecting Cutie and that you enjoyed it as much as I did?’

All she can do between small gasps is whisper, ‘Yes, thank you, it was exactly what I needed.’

He takes her by the hand and tilts her head up to receive a deep hard kiss from His lips and she leans into Him, knowing intimately that she would now willingly exhibit herself for both His and her own pleasure.

‘You did well and I expect to hear from you again Cutie when you want to play out your next fantasy.’ And, with that short statement he moves to the door, unlocks it and steps out into the corridor closing it firmly behind himself.

She moves to the door to lock it as she needs to recover and before she has even got back into the room her mobile phone is ringing, she glances at the screen and notes it is her boyfriend’s number, pressing accept she says, ‘Well, did you enjoy the show?’