Confessions: I’ve never talk about this

My old girlfriend Jackie had this experience. She only talked about it once so some of the details are missing. She was 10 ft up a ladder leaning on a 6 ft fence trimming a tree. She fell and broke both wrists and wrenched a kneecap. She was a single mother with a son about ten years old at the time.

After an over-night stay in the hospital, she came home. She could hop around on one leg and hold small objects in her fingers but that was about all. The county home health nurse showed up some but her son took care of her.

I came around when I wasn’t traveling. After a while, she wanted to take a bath so she had her son tape plastic bags over both hands and over the leg cast. She was able to soak in the tub like this. Drying herself was harder, so she had her son dry her with a towel, reaching under the short-sleeved robe.

Apparently this happened a couple of times without incident. She wanted to wash her hair so she filled the tub with bubble bath. Now hidden, her son come in to shampoo her hair. Something in the shampoo broke down the bubble bath, leaving her exposed naked. She decided to have her son finish washing her hair. He was embarrassed but did it. She went back to her old routine of soaking but later her son offered to wash her hair again.

I don’t think she bothered with bubble bath this time.

After washing her hair, she had him wash her back with a wash cloth. She said it felt so good, that she had him wash all of her.

In the process he rubbed her pussy as well as breasts. She said he was not aware of what he was doing. When I visited her, her son had a very different attitude toward me. Confused, I asked her what had happened. She broke down in shame and embarrassment and told me.

I suspect he did more than just feel her. A few weeks later she stopped dating me and I eventually moved to a different state.

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