Confessions: It started in my teens

It started in my teens. My mother initiated the exploration when she believed I was asleep.

It is common for adolescents to have an erection when sleeping. My mother first explored me by looking at my erection, later by touching it with her hand and finally by oral contact. This occurred at intervals during my teens and I had learned to feign sleeping if I was awakened during the contact.

It stopped when I went away to college. Some years later, when I was in my mid twenties and my mother in her mid forties, after a party celebrating my mother’s birthday, we were cleaning up. The good humor and alcohol relaxed us and, more from curiosity and a sense of trust, the subject was broached.

It probably was awkward at first but then we both found that bit of past both complimentary and exciting. Perhaps the wine contributed to the decision but our discussion had proceeded into some very intimate and arousing subjects and we decided to do a bit more exploring. With mutual physical contact and stimulation, we were both excited to the point that full intercourse occurred.

I found it to be a fantastic experience and my mother agreed that she found it similarly rewarding. Since then, we frequently have very satisfying intercourse. Perhaps the taboo nature of our relationship adds to the excitement but we are also careful, society judgments being what they are, and intend to continue our secret affair indefinitely. As I stated, I am curious if others have had similar experiences and are dealing with it comfortably.

I would be interested in any information you have and would appreciate your response.

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