Confessions: I would like to be able to talk

I have been sexually intimate with my father since I was 14 (now 19). While I have never had any real head trips from it, I think it is frequently difficult for my dad to deal with. He has repeatedly tried to endit, but never for more than a couple of weeks. He also has real hang-ups about having certain types of sex with me, even though he knows I personally enjoy them.

I would like to be able to talk with him more about his feelings, but it is hard for him to talk to me about it.

I think he feels that he is sick, or something, and I think that the fact that he can’t actually control his desires is also upsetting to him.

I have always told him that I don’t think you can make black and white judgments about it. This kind of a relationship is different for different people, and for some people it can be very positive, and very right. About my mother: I have one, but we have never been close, and she and my father divorced about 4 to 3 years ago. She had no involvement, but she was the cause of it. She was/is a complete alcoholic who was drunk by 10 am, and passed out by about 3 in the afternoon every day, and was really nothing but a vegetable in our home.

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