Confessions: I was told never to tell anyone

My experience with my brother — he 14 or 15 — me 9 or 10 he was punishing me for something or another and dragged me into our bedroom and stuck a knife in the door so I could not get out. He took me to the bed and told me to get undressed as he undressed himself. He then forced me to have oral sex with him and then he fucked me using shaving cream as lube. (to this day I cannot shave with canned cream).

I remember when he came in my mouth I was freaked out – never seeing cum being – as it was referred to in my youth.

I had no idea what this stuff all over my face was. of course I was told never to tell anyone…which I have not until now.

It happened one more time a few years later – kind of fuzzy about the two times – but same thing. He was babysitting, he got angry and fucked little brother.

I don’t remember if he sucked my cock or not but, I think he did.

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