Confessions: I use to sneak peeks

I fucked my mother and a female first cousin several times.

It was the most thrilling form of sex I ever experienced due to the forbidden nature of it.

I also tried to get my younger sister to try incest with me but she never did, although once she almost did after a few beers. she let me fondle her tits and ass through her clothes but when it came down to actually getting naked and fucking she chickened out.

I use to sneak peeks at her as we grew up while she changed clothes or showered by looking in the windows of either here bedroom or the bathroom.

I jerked off many times while peeping on her or our mother. my experiences with my mother and first cousin though were both consensual and thrilling.

I fucked my mother at the age of 35, she 59 and my cousin when I was 23 and she was 21. so there you have it.

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