Confessions: I still see the younger one

I have only told 2 other people in the world about this, but now I’m telling you…

I married a woman in 1981 who had 2 daughters, 11 and 13 at the time.

About 6 months into the marriage, my wife had 2 operations on her cervix which made intercourse very painful… we stopped having sex… but I would take one or the other of the girls and show them my penis, finally teaching them to take it into their mouths and sucking on it until they made Daddy shoot his cream, always on their tongues and into their young mouths.

I loved them more than I ever loved their mother. Now, 15 years later, I still see the younger one and she still likes to have my penis in her mouth as we go to sleep.

I use her in motels every chance I get…I hope this positive experience is helpful to someone out there.

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