Confessions: I remember getting a massive hard-on

10 years ago my sister and I were 12 and 11 respectively. One day we found a XXXX magazine in the garbage and took it up into our tree house to look at. We both at the time knew nothing about sex and we were amazed at what we saw. We knew nothing about incest or who should have sex with who.

I remember getting a massive hard-on and my sis could see it pointing thru my shorts. We were both turned on, so we thought older people did this so we decided to get a head start. We first took our clothes off and my sis began by giving me my first blow job.

I got so hot, I came in about 30 seconds. We did not know what that all meant, but my penis still stayed hard so we continued.

I then went down on my sis’s fresh pink lips which was almost hair free. When we had enough of that, we then went on to intercourse.

At first, I had trouble trying to hit the entry point, but once I found where I should enter, I slowly worked my way pencil thin prick in because she was as tight as you could be for 12. While I was getting in, I came again because of the feeling I was having. My dick was burning but I wanted to go on and this time I was able to last a few minutes longer. We continued on with our sex for a few months every day after school until my sister took sex education in school and found out what we were doing was taboo. We stopped right away and I soon took up masturbating. After a few years my sis developed a perfect body and I was dying to see it and I asked her if she was getting tempted to do it again and she agreed. Her breasts were firm and round and her pussy was prettier than before.

I myself had grown a few inches longer and wider and she enjoyed that too. We had sex only a few times after that time, but she would have given me the occasional blow job if she knew I was masturbating or if I asked her politely because I never found anybody who did it better that her.

It’s been a few years since she last gave me head and we both know it will never happen again and just look at it as two kids who knew nothing at the time and were just having a little fun.

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