Confessions: I really started to notice his body

I wonder how many of these stories are genuine. Mine is.

I am a married woman, now 41, with a son 15.

I am Caucasian of German and Italian heritage, 5 foot 5 120 pounds and most people consider me pretty attractive. My son and I have been involved since he was 13.

It is hard to say who seduced who since we are a family that openly displays affection with lots of normal hugging, kissing etc. Plus we are not ashamed of our bodies, although open nakedness is not the rule and we do have some modesty. However, since my son and obviously he grew up with me taking care of him he is not too shy around me, although as he has grown up he is a little more so. Basically, I guess I really started to notice his body more as he entered puberty and began developing and thought he was very beautiful (I guess most mothers would think that about their sons). Since he was always very comfortable around me there was never any big issue about his nakedness or me seeing him that way. Looking back on it I realize it was his way of apparently trying to interest me in him in other than a motherly way. At first I thought I had seduced him but I realized after a little while that he had been taking every chance to peek at me in the shower and when I dressed and always seemed to be walking in on me in my bedroom, etc. and then I realized that he had an interest in me for awhile. His freedom and comfort in his nakedness around me I think was also sort of a display for him to interest me in him (and it worked!). We have very loving sex about three times a week and it is very fulfilling for both of us, and very loving. Sexually it is very complete for both of us, and I never fail to reach an orgasm when with him. He of course, at his young age, can enjoy multiple ejaculations with the briefest of rests between times. When his father goes out of town on business Chris sleeps with me and it is truly wonderful for both of us. His father (my husband) knows nothing of this and I’m sure would go bull shit if he ever found out, so it is a secret.

I would be interested in hearing from other women who share my feelings.

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