Confessions: I often tried to have some

Starting when I was about 10 I spent several weekends over the course of several summers with my cousins who lived about 20 miles away in a small town. My male cousin, Warren, who was about half a year younger, showed me how to masturbate, (which I kind of already had figured out,) and we would do it to each other every chance we got. My older cousin, John, who was about three years older, joined us occasionally, and would sometimes suck our dicks.

I was fascinated by their uncircumcised dicks and by the end of the summer we were all sucking each other every night I was there. Sometimes we took turns and other times we would figure out ways to get in different positions to suck each other all at the same time. John ejaculated semen, which was scant and I didn’t mind swallowing. Warren’s orgasms were dry, as were mine, at least the first summer and, I think, most of the second. John fucked Warren in the ass a couple of times while I was present. John would sometimes allow Warren to reciprocate in his asshole, but would usually suck him instead, and sometimes would give him money afterward.

I remember that they called anal sex cornholing. Warren let me cornhole him once in a while, which he seemed to enjoy.

I would not let either of them do that to me, although John never quit asking for it and would put his fingers up my butt while he was sucking me, which I didn’t mind.

I wish, now, that I would have let them do it, at least once, so I would know what it felt like. Their older sister, Eva, who was about 16 at that time, knew about our activities and would find opportunities to let us get glimpses of her naked body, ie, in the bathroom or when changing clothes in her bedroom. She had nice titties and a hairy pussy.

I suspect that John and Eva were having sex, but was never able to prove my suspicions.

I often tried to have some kind of sex with Eva, but the closest I ever came was one night in the car on the way home from somewhere I stuck my hand under her skirt and played with her pussy in the dark. She pretended to be asleep. Even though I didn’t know what I was doing, exactly, I got my finger inside her vagina and got her wet. That same year, when we were taking a bath together, I showed my younger brother, who was seven, how to masturbate and, later, I sucked his dick. With a little encouragement he would suck mine, but he would tend to lose attention after a short time until I figured out how to mutually suck each other in the 69 position. That way he came to realize that if he quit sucking mine, I would quit sucking his. Often, my brother would initiate sex by asking me if I was hungry which led to us sneaking off together to one of several isolated spots we used to have sex. Sex with my cousins was an occasional thing after a few summers, but I continued to have sex with my brother regularly for several years after that.

I had him fuck me in the ass a couple of times, but he said he preferred having me suck him. He would never let me fuck his ass, and I didn’t press the issue. He would let me put fingers up his ass while I sucked him, like my cousin had done to me. The reason we finally quit was because my parents found out and we got the big lecture from them and our church Pastor. After that we had to sleep in separate bedrooms and were watched all the time when we were together so it was pretty hard to get together for sex, although we managed to do so once in a while. Today, my brother and I are practicing heterosexuals and neither of us, to my knowledge, have had sex with any other males outside the family.

I did run into Warren when I was in College. We took a couple six-packs back to his apartment. After a few beers, he wanted to have sex, so we got naked and had mutual oral sex.

I was kind of put off by his hairy body and his cock was, of course, adult sized and I had trouble fitting it in my mouth. When he came in my mouth I almost gagged. Afterwards, he wanted me to fuck him in the asshole, but I was too grossed out and couldn’t get another hard-on.

I wouldn’t even consider letting him cornhole me. He was pretty disappointed, and he’s never contacted me since then. As an aside, I find the pictures of naked young boys on the newsgroups to be sexually exciting, but grown men don’t do anything for me.

I would probably be open to a sexual experience with a young teen boy, but the risk of getting in deep trouble with the law make it not even worth considering.

I consider my sexual experiences with my family members to have been a positive thing.

I learned a lot and have a tolerance for gays and lesbians that a lot of people I’ve met don’t have.

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