Confessions: I let him touch my breasts

I have had sex with my nephew, my brother’s son, almost every day in the two weeks that he stayed with me in the summer. He was thirteen years old at the time and very curious about sex and stuff.

I noticed that he watched me when I took a shower and I confronted him with that. My husband was away for a month and I was already quite horny, so it was definitely me who wooed him.

I said that if he wanted to see me naked he should just say so and dropped my towel.

I let him touch my breasts and then asked him to undress.

I sucked his cock until he came and then made him lie down on his back.

I fucked him until we both came.

After the first time, this happened every day until he had to go home.

I would start with kissing his dick and let him come once, to make sure that it would take him some time to come a second time, inside of me. When he was back home again my brother called me to say thanks and said that David, my nephew, was a different person since he had stayed with me.

I told my husband what had happened and he did not mind. He said he wished he had had such an aunt when he was thirteen years old! Last summer my niece stayed with us, after David having had such a nice time the year before, my brother and his wife decided to let little Rachel stay with us.

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