Confessions: I first spied on my mom and dad

I first spied on my mom and dad by accident.

I was about ten I guess, just old enough to know of fucking but not old enough to know much about it. Still, I was aware that I was very horny, a kind of free floating sexual arousal and with no way to deal with it.

I’d climbed a tree in front of our house with, as I recall it, no intention of spying of my parents. A large and comfortable limb placed me just outside a second story window, my parents’ bedroom, on a weekend afternoon as they were making love.

Actually, what I saw was them fucking.

I’m more surprised now, as most children are by their parents, at their versatility. My mom sucked my dad’s cock, and he her pussy. He fucked her from the front and from the back. Most erotic, he fucked her ass after she’d presented herself on all fours, reaching around to pull her ass cheeks apart in invitation. Later, she lay back, legs spread, and as they were talking, she idly masturbated, initially slowly and then with increasing need and vigor. That started it for me.

I was driven by bottomless erotic urges and my mom, bless her soul, was driven by her own gad flies, for my father as a merchant seaman and gone most of the time.

I became aware of my mother’s increasing and at times, blatant sexuality.

I used every opportunity to watch her, to spy on her.

I watched her dress and undress, sometimes with me there (pretending I wasn’t paying attention!), and I watched her pee, sometimes in the toilet but more often in the kitchen sink, for it was more convenient.

I contrived to hug her and feel her breasts. To lie on the floor when she was reading, for her legs would often drift apart and I’d have an excellent view between her thighs.

It seemed the only time she wore underpants was when she was menstruating. Had it not been for an untimely death at a young age, I suspect we would have drifted into an incestuous affair, for she was becoming increasingly provocative with me.

I’ve never forgotten those memories and often use them to masturbate by.

It remains hot.

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