Confessions: I come from a pretty average family

I come from a pretty average family, with two girls and two boys.

I have two older brothers and a younger sister. The brother I’m going to tell about is Nathan, the oldest. Being a middle child, I never felt I got enough attention, either good or bad, so I was always glad when Nate would pay attention to me, and we did a lot of things together. Not to mention that since he was a senior in high school, he was living the glamorous life and seemed so much older and wiser than I did, being only eleven and in sixth grade yet. One day we were goofing off, rolling around and wrestling, and he let me pin him down. When I was sitting on him, I felt something moving between his legs, getting hard against my crotch. He didn’t seem to notice that anything was going on, but that was the first time I’d thought about that area on boys, and I felt some curiosity. Nothing happened that time, but the idea was in my head. As the weeks went by, I started to notice that Nate was touching me a lot, even when he didn’t have to. One thing I always noticed was when he’d brush against my breasts. They’d just begun to grow, and the nipples were very sensitive, so it really grabbed my attention when he’d bump into them. Then came another occasion when we were wrestling around, only this time he pinned me.

I could feel his crotch against mine, and I started to hump against him, it seemed so natural. That was when I learned that he’d noticed me noticing his cock the last time it had happened. He kind of half- closed his eyes and told me that it felt really good when I did that.

It felt pretty good to me too, and when he put his hand between my legs and rubbed my pussy, that felt even better. That evening he snuck into my room and ate my pussy for the first time.

I didn’t even know what an orgasm was, and it took me completely by surprise.

A good feeling in my crotch that just got better and better until it exploded. Who would have guessed? Nate wanted to go farther than that, but I wasn’t sure, so I made him stop.

I’m pretty sure he went back to his room and masturbated. Over the next couple evenings, Nate kept sneaking in and giving me orgasms with his mouth, and even though I was afraid our parents would catch us, I loved it. Eventually, Nate got me so hot and bothered that I agreed to let him take off his underwear and lie on top of me. He rubbed his hard penis up and down on my crotch, and surprised the hell out of me by ejaculating on my belly. We continued our fun for the next couple years, and even though we couldn’t have sex as often once he moved out to college, we still got together when he was home.

I had boyfriends in high school, but I never did anything sexual with them. Then a couple weeks after I turned sixteen, I let Nathan go all the way, and he took my virginity. He had a great time, until he realized that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as he was.

I hurt a lot and there was a lot of blood. Nathan was very sorry, and couldn’t stop apologizing to me.

I forgave him, but the next time he was home, I wasn’t as eager to have sex with him. We had sex a couple times over the following years, but it wasn’t really the same.

I knew that it was irrational, but I kept remembering the pain of his first penetration, and I couldn’t get into it as much.

I still liked sex, but I was going farther with my boyfriend, letting him take Nathan’s place I guess. Then Nate got a job on the west coast, and we started seeing him very infrequently.

I still love my brother just as much as my other siblings, and I have good memories of our early years of sex.

I don’t think my relationship with him hurt me as far as affecting my ability to have relationships with men.

It was just a chapter in my life that is ended now.

I’m still aroused by the idea of incest, which is why I browse the newsgroups, and that’s why it’s kind of hard to understand what happened between us. Anyway, that’s my incest experience.

I’m honestly not sure what I’d do if Nathan wanted to have sex again, or if my other brother suggested it.

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