Home School Sex Education

Prior to my early teens, I had never been exposed to any ‘overtly’ incestuous adventures, other than as a young boy, watching ‘uncle’ Harold wanking from a really good hiding spot. I must say when looking back that I really, really enjoyed it, and I watched him wank for years and it was our secret. I regularly give thanks for being so obviously blessed as to have been raised in a great and open family, thanks mostly to my amazing Mama.

A Mother whom I’ve seen naked as recently as the other day, for we dress and undress in front of each other still, as we did when I was a child. When I had surgery to repair a badly broken arm a couple of years ago (I was 33 years old at the time), my beloved Mother was there to look after me generally, and in particular wash me – cock and all.

During this time of ‘adult nurturing’, I must admit that at all times whilst she was washing me, my cock was as hard as a rock. When confronted with this ‘delicate’ situation, good old Mother wouldn’t miss a beat, she would just give me a wink and pull the shower curtain closed and I would wank it down. Then when I was finished cumming, she would wash my cock and towel me dry.

It never came up as to whether I needed any help with my wanking, since I could still use my other arm. However there was no secrecy regarding what I needed to do, as Mother was only on the other side of the clear shower curtain while I was wanking. She told me that since I wasn’t ‘getting any’ due to my condition, I had her ‘permission’ to indulge.

As a consequence of this ‘green-light’ Mother did get to see me cum though, as I had to face away from the shower’s spray and when I came she could see each rope of cum arc out and splash against the shower cubicle’s tiled black back wall. Cum that Mother would then clean up prior to washing me.

I really must confess that my orgasms during this ‘Mother watches while I wank period of convalescence’ were the most intense orgasms that I have ever had as an adult. I remember thinking to myself at the time as I was wanking in front of Mother that I had never had as big and as hard a cock as when Mother openly watched me wank!

She used to get this familiar cheeky grin on her face, when into the second month of my injury rehab, my cock after cumming stayed rock-hard. Again though Mother never missed a beat, and simply wiped my cum off the wall and washed my cock for me regardless of whether I was still hard or not.

On one such occasion, Mother washed my still hard cock too quickly after I’d just cum and I fell over in the shower as my still spasming cock bucked at her touch, causing me to slip and sending me crashing to the floor. This fall resulted in my cast being broken and adding another two months to my rehab. After that painful mistake, Mother would always watch my cock closely to see that my orgasm spasms were finished prior to washing it for me.

I can only try to adequately describe my beautiful Mother; Mother is a long honey blonde haired woman of 54 years of age, she possesses a slim and totally ‘pert’ figure, and has religiously shaved her delicious cunt bare since I was a baby… oh and she has the largest fucking clit that I have ever seen. To me she is magnificent and would be regardless of how she looked; she’s my Dear Mother; beyond judgment and criticism…simply perfect!!!

Since childhood we have had an open indoor nudity policy in our family. Indoors, as unfortunately no outside nudity can take place at home, since the back yard though completely screened and fenced, still isn’t private enough and the bloody neighbours are very nosy etc. Hence this means that all forms of naked cajoling and cavorting must take place inside the house behind closed doors.

It would be incorrect to surmise that I am comfortable with our mutual nudity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to be naked in front of Mama, however I’m seldom comfortable, in that when we are naked together, I am almost always sporting half a hard-on and leaking pre- cum over everything. I have to work constantly mentally on keeping my cock from getting rock-hard. This of course Mother finds tremendously funny, quite a bloody sense of humor my Mother.

To even up that score (and let me tell you, I do that regularly), take it from me – Mother has a HUGE clit. I can state unequivocally that Mother has a very, very, very pronounced clitoris and ipso facto clitty hood. It is so big that she cannot wear swimmers, because her clit can be clearly seen bulging under the fabric.

This I first noticed on Mama, when as a young boy at the tender age of three, whilst she and I were showering and as she was washing her long hair, I sensing an opportunity for mayhem (yeah I know – bloody shit of a kid) started to poke with my finger ‘Mommy’s button’, as she later informed me that it was called.

Well suffice to say, this surprised the hell out of her and as Mother opened her eyes to see what was going on, and began to sternly dissuade me from continuing in my present course of action, the shampoo suds flooded into her eyes. Now my poor dear Mama, whilst being in pain and temporarily blinded, could do nothing to stop me playing with this big button that kept getting bigger the more that I touched it, until it was as big as my toddler sized big toe (yep I know that is one fucking enormous clitoris).

Every time that I squeezed and pushed her cunt-button, Mama’s hips would buck up and forward, and her legs would shake with gusto! Finally she gave up trying to both push me away and wash the suds from her eyes, and braced herself by holding onto the showerhead stem. Mother then opened her legs wide, bent her knees and began cooing and moaning until I stopped playing with her scarlet and swollen clit.

The good thing about it from an infant’s point of view was that when Mother had finished washing the suds from her eyes, she (so I thought) had forgotten about what I had been doing to her button and didn’t reprimand me.

Can you imagine trying frantically to wash the burning shampoo from your eyes, whilst your infant son who is showering with you, decides that your clitty (or cock if you’re a papa) is the most interesting thing in the world at that moment, and proceeds to play with it and bring you off.

Don’t be too concerned about her ‘pain’ though, because Mother insisted that I continue to shower with her long after that.

Much of who and what I am today, I owe exclusively to my beloved Mama. This includes my preference for shaving… cunt and cock that is! In that again when I was an infant, and could easily identify the differences in things generally, and particularly things physical, Mother decided to shave her already spassly covered honey-blonde haired pussy, so that when we showered together, I wouldn’t bug her incessantly about why her pussy had hair on it and my willy didn’t.

The sting in the tail of Mama’s gambit here was that it exposed her huge clitty to me in all it’s larger than three lives glory, which of course made IT the first thing that I could see when I looked up etc. Poor mother as far as that plan went; it was all sting and no tail.

As we all know the shower is a wet place, and when I said that mother washed me during my injury rehab, you would guess right if you said that mother ended up soaking wet as well. It should be no surprise though, since we have always been an openly nudist family, that she was also naked when she washed me, and so it didn’t matter how ‘wet’ she got.

What you would also be right in assuming is that surely washing my cock and having it respond with a rock-hard erection must have been very exciting for Mother too. Then for Mother to observe me through the clear shower curtain as I wanked, and to follow that up by cleaning my cum off the tiles and to wash my still-erect cock again, must really have aroused her if she’s even remotely responsive?

I’m sure that I have not adequately described my gorgeous Mama’s fantastic cunt and in particular her fucking enormous clit. In order to effectively describe the size of Mama’s clitoris when ‘at rest’, the image that you need to visualize is one that is of a clit that is the same size as either one of her permanently erect nipples (these are a bee’s dick smaller than the circumference of a one cent piece – that’s the size of the nipple not the aureola), so even when she is ‘cold’ so to speak, Mama’s clit is still fucking ‘ENORMOUS AND PRONOUNCED.’

Bearing this in mind, it should no longer be a surprise to learn that Mama, whilst she was washing me during my ‘injury rehab’, would often shower as well after toweling me dry. It was obvious to me that yes Mother was very effected and excited by the feel of my rigid throbbing cock in her delicate hands, and by the sights, sounds and the smells of my wanking and spraying my hot and heavy loads of cum in front of her.

It should also be remembered that I was practically helpless with one arm trussed up and useless, and couldn’t have adequately participated in any resulting mother and son sexual expression session, whilst in that state.

Suffice to say though, that she had the same legs trembling and big toe sized Mommy’s button action happening, when she was both washing me, and then when washing herself after and always in front of me. Come to think of it, she really did wash her pussy thoroughly when it was her turn to shower, though you know what they say, cleanliness is next to godliness.

Quite often the simple reason that I stayed hard after wanking, was the fact that I could see Mama’s enormously engorged clitoris and silken pussy juices liberally smeared over and down her inner-thighs, and I could smell this deliciously musky ambrosia. I mean to say that with the heady amalgamation of aromas from both Mama’s cunt juice and my spunk fused within and by the closeness of that small hot and humid ensuite bathroom, who wouldn’t be ready and wanting to fuck up a storm, Mother and son or otherwise?

How did this masturbatory comfort and closeness develop? Well from this point you will need to travel back in time with me to discover just how indeed it began. One thing that I’m sure you may find surprising, is that not only did Mother arrange my very ‘first perfect-stranger fuck’ for me with a lovely courtesan on my eighteenth birthday (God bless her), what you won’t be surprised to learn was that Mother also encouraged and taught me the correct ways to masturbate, as a form of stress relief and sexual pleasure from the onset of my puberty.

You see it all started when…

Chapter 2

Mother introduced me to the joys of ‘Blueu Nuit Erotiques’ (as she calls them), as a way to set the mood etc. In fact it is an accepted form of behavior at home, to masturbate wherever, whenever and however you feel like it, as long as it’s indoors.

Believe you me, it is stunningly exciting and amazingly liberating, when whilst watching a really hard core bluey with your Mother, she overtly takes the initiative by very sexily, sensuously and noisily wanking her spectacularly and magnificently constructed pussy, whilst encouraging you, her son, to get your beautiful cock out and cum with Mommy.

How did Mother do it, well get your own cock or cunt out, get comfortable and wank along with me as I relate how indeed Mother brought about my magnificent sexual awakening.

Suffice to say that my delicious mother simply oozes carnality, however her greatest gift I believe, are her uncommon gifts for strategy and patience. So with a judicious application of her gifts for both, Mother designed a progressive introduction to the joys of masturbation, consisting of a series of tasks/methods for me to be taught and then to try, lasting for three months… initially.

Needless to say that even with such a young pre-teen son, who is calm and deliberate of nature, you can’t just say “get you dick out baby and mama will teach you to wank…OK.” Too many hormones racing as well as other random dynamics to calculate, which would make the implementation of such a strategy (the Hammer gambit) impossible to manage etc.

No, what you need to do is exactly what Mother did do, and that was to gradually build me up to the point where I would feel comfortable to masturbate in front of her without prompting. Off my own ‘bat’ if you like!

It started with her seeing that I had grown sufficient pubic hair (a grand total of twelve golden hairs, which she kept for my baby book!) to officially begin to produce cum. My age at this critical stage was twelve. At this point I under mother’s direction, shaved off my newly sprouted pubic hair.

During this time, Mother also noticed that I was ‘suffering’ from many more hard-ons than I had done prior to puberty. I during this time didn’t even think about touching myself in a sexual way, after all what form of reference did I have to draw upon anyway? The only dicks (even my ‘uncle’ Harold’s cumming from my hidey-hole) that I had ever seen were covered in thick hair and were attached to ‘old’ men, and I at twelve was certainly not one of those.

Previously as a child, I had naively believed to the immense enjoyment of my Mother (there’s that bloody sense of humor of hers again) that when I got hard, it meant that I had to pee. As a consequence of this I would stand at the toilet bowl, with my hard willy in my hand for up to half an hour before I would give up, and say to Mother that I needed a new willy because mine didn’t seem to work any more.

So by the time that I was about seven years old and each time that I got a hard-on, I would still go to the toilet, however I would only stand there for a maximum of two minutes, before going about whatever I was doing before I was so rudely interrupted by a ‘wrong number’ as Mother would ‘refer’ to them.

Mother sensing an opportunity to implement her slowly, slowly strategy, asked if I was having a bladder problem? I replied that I wasn’t, I just seemed to be experiencing a lot of ‘wrong numbers’ lately. She asked me to tell her what was happening with my plumbing, and I told her that I must have drunk about six drinks of water today, and I had only peed four times, yet I had eight ‘wrong numbers’ without having to pee at all.

Confounded by the recurrence of the childhood plumbing problems, I suggested that she make me an appointment with a doctor, in order to get to the bottom of the ‘wrong numbers’. Mother said that the next time I got hard, I was to tell her and she would check my plumbing for me, to see if she could find anything wrong with it first. Sure enough less than an hour later, I got hard and called Mother to take a look. In she came and in a wonderful combination of matter-of-factness and thoroughness, Mother inspected every inch of my cock. Mother suggested that we go to the bathroom, where she could press on my bladder and check to feel if it was full, which we did.

As Mother pressed on my bladder, she pointed my skyward gazing pecker down into the bowl, however even as she pushed nothing happened. She then let her other hand slip from the small of my back to touch my newly ‘arrived’ balls from behind… immediately my cock jumped. Mother repeated this action, and at the same time lightly stroked my sphincter with her long thumb- nail… my cock bucked and jumped again… I didn’t know what was wrong.

“All right” Mother said, “I think that I know what the problem is my young man, let’s go back into your bedroom OK.” There we sat on the bed naked (remember that we were always naked indoors) and Mother hinted to me why the ‘wrong numbers’ were increasing, and how we must learn to accommodate them.

The blank look upon my face convinced her that the implementation of the first educational tool was required. Mother went to her room and brought back some ‘stick books’, which clearly depicted men in various stages of arousal. She then told me to look at the books for a while, and she would be back when she’d fixed us some lunch.

One of the books showed men progressively wanking themselves and culminating in cum shots. It was this book that I was reading when Mother came back into my room with our lunch, and as she sat on the bed, Mother commented on how much I was obviously enjoying those books if my big hard ‘willy’ was anything to go by, adding to this observation by gently squeezing its head. This seemed to supercharge the swelling reaction of my pecker, as it grew noticeably harder and began to throb and bounce.

There we sat, Mother and me naked eating our lunch sitting on my bed, with me sporting a steel hard pecker the whole time. Mother suggested to me that if I played with my ‘cock’ (that was the first time that Mother used that terminology with me) like the men in the books were doing, that I could get some relief from these ‘wrong numbers’ that I had been experiencing.

It was at this point that the penny dropped for me, which considering the context of the interaction and excluding the history of bath-time mischief between the two people involved, explains why it may have taken me longer than it should have to get up to speed. So finally sensing an opportunity for mayhem (yet again), I asked Mother what she meant, as I couldn’t tell what they were doing from a couple of pictures. Mother told me that I should continue looking at the books for a while, and tomorrow she would help me to understand the images a little better.

True to her word Mother at lunchtime the following day fixed us some lunch and called me into the lounge to join her. We sat together naked in front of the television, and she told me that she had picked up a video that would help me to understand what was happening with my ‘plumbing’.

The images that appeared on the TV were amazing! The tape consisted of men and women of all ages, masturbating in every possible way that you could imagine. Mother told me that I should sit and watch the whole tape and write down the parts that I really liked, so that we could deal with that firstly. Mother was operating the video and she kept forwarding and rewinding the tape to parts that she thought would be of interest to me… and my cock.

When the tape had ended, we went through the list that I had made of the images that I had seen and liked. As I have said earlier I from a very young age used to spy on ‘uncle’ Harold wanking, so when Mother noticed that I had written down a lot of the images of the men wanking and cumming, she asked if I liked those better than the women masturbating? I said no I like them both, but I have seen a man wanking before, and since I hadn’t seen any women doing it, I could relate to the men better.

Mother didn’t get concerned with my inaccurate revelation, even though she would later tell me that when she was ‘washing’ her pussy, she was in fact actually tossing her cunt-button in front of me every night when we showered, however she just asked whom I had seen tossing? I didn’t tell her everything though, I only told her whom I had seen, how often I had watched him, and how long we had been doing it. Mother asked me if I liked what I saw, and I told her yes very, very much.

She laughed warmly and said that it was fine to feel that way, and that it was important for her to know these things, if she was going to help me properly with my ‘plumbing problems’. “That’s all for today my beautiful boy,” mother told me, “tomorrow we’ll watch something that’s a little different. OK baby?”

Sure enough lunchtime the next day, Mother loaded the video and sat back down beside me on the lounge. The video depicted men and women having sex, “Watch this movie carefully darling and write down what you like in it this time,” she said.

Whilst I was sitting watching the movie, Mother sat down beside me and as the movie action started to hot up with the woman sucking the man’s cock, Mother as I sat transfixed by the images, with her index finger softly wiped the eye of my own hard cock, and placed it sensuously into her mouth cumming excitedly.

When I looked quizzically at her, she simply repeated the action and this time placed her finger in my mouth. Mother laughed vivaciously at my expression and exclaimed, “It’s delicious isn’t it baby, you taste just like cinnamon!” Mother was right, the taste was delicious and just like cinnamon, with a texture that was as smooth as silk.

So there we sat naked on the lounge watching the movie, taking turns ‘eating’ my pre-cum (as Mother told me it was called) that Mother lovingly wiped from the eye of my throbbing cock with her finger.

There was a Method to this that at the time I had no idea of, until as mother was wiping another trickle of pre-cum from my cock’s eye, she grabbed it in her hand and placed her thumb against the glands of my cock head and gave them a couple of quick rolls, and then I was cumming… buckets!

Jet after jet of cum surging up, and fountained out of the eye of my throbbing cock, the whole time with Mother rhythmically rubbing my cock and balls, and in a husky velvet voice saying, “That’s my baby, cum for mama. Cum for mama baby, doesn’t that feel so good?”

Mother had seen to everything, even the clear plastic sheet on the carpet that was acting as a catch-all for my first, and as Mother told me; MEGA-LOAD of cum.

“Now baby, not one drop of this beautiful cock-nectar is going to go to waste,” mother said, “you need to get a taste for this stuff my gorgeous young man, as there is nothing better for a woman than to have a man lick her cunt clean of his hot cum after he has pumped a load up it. This should be really easy for you baby, because this cum of yours tastes sweetish like peanut brittle and spicy like cinnamon, I have never tasted cum that is this delicious my beautiful boy.”

So then following Mama’s lead, I got down onto my hands and knees and we licked and sucked up every single vestige of my first cum off the plastic sheet. The upshot of this, if one was needed, was that I was cured. Bravo Mama!

Chapter 3

The next day Mother said to me, “you and I my gorgeous young man are going to practice every single way that there is to masturbate, with the exception of using a woman’s breasts,” and then tweaking her perpetually hard nipples between her thumbs and index fingers so that she could pull them suggestively outward as she said laughingly, “since these Jennifer Garner titties of mine are little more than high-voltage nipples baby, I’m sorry to say.”

I sensing another opportunity (responding to Mama’s subtle button pushing was more likely) suggested that even so they were certainly big enough to cum on… if that was all right with her? Mother giggled like a schoolgirl at this, and she said, “We will definitely be doing lots of that my gorgeous young man… lots of it indeed.”

“Should we make a start on today’s lesson baby?” Mother asked me, and again we adjourned to the couch. “Now today sweetheart we will begin by watching a different type of movie, it’s one in which men and women have sex with each other all together, it’s one that I think you may find very interesting if my hunch about you is correct gorgeous!”

“Now when I think that your cock is hard enough, I’m going to start masturbating you with this pair of my panties ok. What I want you to do is, to just sit there and watch the movie and enjoy the feeling of your Mommy tossing your beautiful cock for you OK.”

“Then when you begin to feel the same feelings in your cock and balls that you felt just before you came for mama yesterday baby, I want you to start taking big deep breaths and say wank my cock mama, wank my cock and make me shoot my cum all over your beautiful tits!”

“That way I’ll know to move in front of you, so that you can spray your second hot load of cock cream over my titties Ok baby! Make sure that you only cum on my titties though, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to cum on mama’s face sweetheart, but I promise that I won’t make you wait too long OK baby?”

So there I was watching one guy suck a guys cock, whilst he was chock-a-block up the woman’s pussy, while my Mother is wanking my cock for me with a pair of her pink silk panties, with orders no less than to cum when ready all over my gorgeous Mother’s delicious pert titties (‘Jesus glory be the savior Christius’ my balls are bursting just remembering it), not a bad gig huh! Couldn’t possibly get any better than that, in fact not a snowball’s chance in Hades right… wrong now pay attention.

Right on cue both guys grab each others cock, and the woman lays down on the bed between them, encouraging them to spray their loads on her tits, Mother then takes a large metal salad tossing spoon, and places its cold underside up under my full and boiling ball bag, which sends me right over the top. Following the script word for word, I tell Mother that I’m going to cum, and I begin to take big deep breaths, whilst saying to mother wank my cock mama, wank my cock and make me shoot my cum all over your beautiful tits!

Then the dam broke, again as with the day before, only this time even more forcefully and copiously, I grunting loudly came in thick heavy boiling hot spurts of cock cream over my gorgeous Mama’s delicious titties, completely glazing every inch of her chest with my ‘new’ seed.

Poor Mother should have been wearing a bullet-proof vest for her own protection, because in a similar though this time much more throaty brushed velvet voice, she whilst telling me to cover her fucking titties with my delicious hot cock nectar said, “Oh my god baby, each spurt is like being hit by a bullet.”

I leaned forward to rest my hands on Mama’s shoulders as she pumped the last vestiges of cum out of my cock with one hand, and with the other was gently squeezing and churning my balls. At this point she leant forward and sucked the last dewdrops of cum straight from my cock.

Catching me as I began to fall, Mother laid down on her back beside me and said, “Come on baby, it’s time for you to lick up all of your cum off mama’s chest, and make sure that you pay particular attention to mama’s steel-like cum-glazed nipples, and whilst you do that I’ll wank my cunt for you!!”

As I was moving to obey her, Mother said, “when I begin cumming baby, you have to lick mama’s hot and sticky cunt clean as well OK!” I grinned wildly and as I started to lick my cum off my amazing mother’s delicious cum covered titties, she chided me by saying, “Hey don’t hog all of that cum baby, mama wants her share to. You slurp it up and feed it to mama for me, while I flog my cunt OK baby.”

As mother lay there, I remembered as a child reaching up and playing with her huge cunt-button whilst we showered. So while I slurped up and fed my cum into mother’s hungry mouth, I reached down to her hot sticky cunt, and whilst she fucked her bunched fingers in and out of her hot fuck tunnel, I rubbed and pinched her fat cunt-button until she began to groan loudly and started to buck her cunt wildly at our busy hands.

Taking my cue from her spare hand that was behind my head roughly pushing it down to her cunt, I quickly moved to face her boiling hot fuck tunnel and as Mother finally came, I proceeded to press my open mouth hard against the bubbling sopping wet opening, driving my tongue deep up into her slimy cunt.

Noisily I sucked her cunt clean of the slimy fuck juice flooding out of her cock tunnel. I was amazed to discover that Mama’s cunt nectar tasted exactly like smoky-bacon flavored potato crisps, so I licked and slurped at her cunt and clit until she pushed me away telling me not to kill her this early into our lessons.

We lay there for a time whilst she was recovering when Mother said, “Well baby, what do you think of that huh? Did you like mama tossing your hot cock until you came on my pert titties, and our little game of eating mama’s cunt huh? Yes I bet you did. So much so I think my beautiful boy, that we are going to do that and nothing else for the next two weeks OK baby. We will watch these two videos and copy everything that they do on them ourselves, firstly with me helping you to do them, then with you doing them, and then to each other OK!”

So there we met every day for the next two weeks, until we recreated every single scene inspired masturbation method that I would have thought possible. No longer was I suffering from ‘wrong numbers’ in the plumbing department, Mother told me that my cock had begun to lengthen and thicken noticeably (it would eventually measure seven inches long by two and a half inches wide, as I said Mr. Average), and I could never have imagined that it could get any better… again I was wrong.

Chapter 4

“Today baby we are going to do something very different OK. Today when you are ready to cum I want you to cum on Mommy’s face. I’ll have to close my eyes when you do though, because cum burns my eyes worse than shampoo does.” This time Mother and I watched a video showing men sucking other men’s cocks and mutual masturbation, I suppose you would call it a standard ‘gay’ film, which made up the big three that I had watched with Mother so far, the other two being hetero and Bi-sexual films.

So again there I sat on the lounge rhythmically pumping my hand up and down my cock as my mother had taught me to do, whilst Mother naked as always sat beside me, gently fondling my balls and cooing in my ear, “Wank your beautiful cock for mama. Look at that man sucking that other man’s cock for him, ummm doesn’t that look yummy baby? Mommy loves cock baby, don’t you?”

It didn’t take very long before the combination of the males sucking cock on the screen in front of me, and mother’s ministrations had me ready to cum. Again I followed the script, telling Mother that I was going to cum soon.

Then as Mother moved to kneel in front of me yet again as she had done for the past fourteen days, ready to receive her next cum bath from none other than her son, as I drew my final big deep breath and began to cum, she said, “Mommy’s got a delicious surprise for you baby, today you get to cum in mama’s mouth,” and then without any warning, Mother inhaled my cock into her soft warm mouth and pushed her index finger up my ass in order to torment my now fully functional and ‘peach- sized’ prostate gland.

That was it poor mother nearly drowned, because all the fluids in my body immediately turned into cum, and proceeded to pour from out of the end of my spasming cock that was buried to the hilt, down my gorgeous Mama’s throat.

Spasm after spasm, sent wad after wad of my hot cock cream down mother’s throat, with mother’s smiling and glee- filled eyes looking up at me as she skillfully milked me with her throat muscles, ensuring that I emptied my mega-load into her tummy, and all the while I was grunting and groaning loudly begging Mother to keep sucking my cock for me.

Then Mother started to quickly pump my shaft and lick and suck the head of my cock, until again impossibly, I was cumming into her mouth again, and seemingly discharging as copious a load of cum, as the first orgasm had only seconds before.

As I lay there exhausted from my two unbelievable sequential orgasms facilitated by my mother’s delicious cock-sucking mouth, mother asked me, “Would you like to have a man suck your cock as I just did baby, and or would you like to suck a cock yourself?”

In my after cumming glow, I gave up more than I would have normally, and I told her that I had already sucked some cocks, and that some guys had also sucked mine. At this revelation Mother was truly shocked, and exclaimed, “But I thought that I was the first one to suck your cock baby?”

I told her not to worry because she was the first to suck my cock as a boy who could cum, and that these previous cock-sucking experiences of mine, were with four other boys the same age as me; I was almost nine and a half years old at the time. Oh yeah and ‘uncle’ Harold.

I told her how the four of us boys used to go down to the creek, and while we were fishing and exploring, we found a cubby-house, in which we found some old ‘stick books’.

In these books were pictures of men sucking other men’s cocks for them, and so we decided to try out what these men in the books were doing. It was simple we had to suck each others cock, and all that happened was that our cocks got hard from the sucking and one of the boys whose cocks I sucked, pissed in my mouth, but no body was able to cum as we were too young.

Mother fixed me with her ‘tell me more’ stare, and I knew that it was time to share ‘uncle’ Harold’s and my secret with her. You see mother I said, one day after sneaking into my hidey-hole to watch ‘uncle’ Harold (our long time neighbour, not a blood relative) have his daily wank, I arrived a little late and he was already in there.

I should have left and got there earlier the next day, but I didn’t, so when I sat down to watch the show, I made a noise as he was working towards cumming. Of course he heard me, stopped wanking and quickly found me in my hidey-hole.

“What are you doing here?” he asked as he grabbed me, and whilst I proceeded to spill the beans about watching him every day for years, I couldn’t take my eyes off his big fat cock that was swinging back and forth in front of my face as he held me.

“Where is your mother?” he asked, and I told him that she – you were taking a nap. He noticed that I was mesmerised by his big fat cock and drew me closer to him, so that as he was talking to me about what we should do about my naughty behaviour, the big mushroom shaped head of his cock was brushing against my face and mouth. It tickled my lips and the clear liquid oozing from out of the eye was making my face sticky, so I licked some off my lips, at this his big fat cock jumped and his eyes lit up wickedly.

‘Uncle’ Harold said, “do you want me to give you a present or would you like me to punish you for spying on me?” A present please ‘uncle’ Harold a present, I pleaded. “It’s alright,” he said, “relax my boy a present it is!”

‘Uncle’ Harold had a present for me that he knew I would like after seeing him ‘playing’ in his shed all this time. He told me that he wouldn’t tell mother what I had been doing if I would do him a favour. Sensing yet another opportunity for mayhem, and knowing that mother would simply tell me to be more discreet, I agreed ‘pleading’ with ‘uncle’ Harold not to tell mother – you.

First he asked if I would like to see my ‘present’, “it’s a home-movie film that ‘aunty’ Rita and I made,” to this I of course replied yes. On the film he was fucking ‘aunty’ Rita, who is a very big busted red head with an hour glass figure. ‘Uncle’ Harold was fucking her up the ass over the kitchen table and when he was about to cum, he pulled out of her ass and made her suck his cock.

I turned to face him and he was sitting on the chair slowly fisting his big fat hairy cock. He told me that it was time for me to do him that favour, which was to suck his cock for him just as ‘aunty’ Rita, had done in the movie. So I sat down in front of his cock and with no further ado, I proceeded as directed to suck his cock.

He greased up my index finger and said “when I sit back and shift my bum to the front edge of the chair, watch me boy like this, you have to push your finger up my bum and gently tickle-scratch the ‘egg’ inside, keep sucking my cock too just like ‘aunty’ Rita is in the movie.”

He sat back in the chair, which allowed me to stick my finger up his ass, and stimulate his prostate (so Mother told me). Almost immediately ‘uncle’ Harold was dumping a gallon of thick hot and slightly bitter tasting cum down my throat, which I though surprised by the thick sticky stuff pouring into my mouth, greedily swallowed down to make way for more. The whole time with ‘uncle’ Harold telling saying, “Swallow all of it my boy. Oooh, ooh, oooh yeah, that’s a good little cum-drinker. You’re much better than ‘aunty’ Rita is.”

Knowing that ‘uncle’ Harold was no longer mad at me and wanting to keep it that way, I continued to suck his cock as he said that I must, until first it went limp and then got hard again, and then again he was dumping another load of cum down my throat.

He told me that I had to do this every day that ‘aunty’ Rita was at work from now on and that I wasn’t to tell anyone about our ‘special’ secret, or he would have to tell mother what I had done. I told him that wouldn’t be necessary, as I would love to suck his wee for him whenever he wanted. And so three times a week I would go over to ‘uncle’ Harold’s place and would suck his cock, whilst ‘aunty’ Rita was out.

It’s worth a present day mention here that, in those early days it was quite a stretch for my young boy’s mouth, as ‘uncle’ Harold’s lovely big fat cock is uncut, nine inches long by two and a half inches wide, with a big purple mushroom head. His cum though is very bitter, however it is still delicious and a distinct contrast to my own.

Mama, naked, sat there transfixed with a wonderfully wicked and mischievous look on her face, as I recounted my ‘no longer secret’ times with ‘uncle’ Harold. Mother then asked me, “Do you like the feel of a hot hard cock in your mouth as much as you liked eating mama’s cunt?”

I told her that I liked them equally considering how little cunt I had tasted, however I loved eating her cunt the best of all. With that my sexy mother playfully grabbed my head and said “my cunt sure could use some more ‘eating'”, as she pushed my head to her giant clit and sopping wet fuck tunnel.

So there I stayed for the next two hours, licking, sucking and eating mother’s cunt exactly as she taught me to do, as well as developing my own ‘cunt-lapping’ techniques.

On the final day of my instructional introduction to the joys of masturbation, mother baked me a cake to celebrate not only my graduation, but also my becoming a certified cum shooting ‘family man’. I thought to myself that this is rather an anti-climax compared to the course to date; however Mother as usual had placed a different spin on the celebrations.

Off came the bathrobe that she was wearing, and Mother took the slice of cake that she had cut for herself and proceeded to suck my cock, until I started to cum, then she lifted the plateful of cake up to my cock telling me to put my ‘icing’ on her piece of cake.

Mother then placed her piece of cake with my cum-flavored icing, on the floor and took my piece of cake and proceeded to stuff it up her cunt. “Now baby,” she said, “you eat your cake from mama’s yummy cunt, and I’ll eat my piece that you’ve iced with your delicious load of spunk OK! Happy graduation my gorgeous young stud, now eat mama’s cunt!”

From that night forward Mother insisted that I must now wank into the desert, gravy or mashed potato at dinner each night with or instead of father. It was a tradition that he had begun and had continued almost every night since they had married.

Now just try to imagine father and me standing naked in front of mother, who is kneeling between us alternately wanking and sucking our cocks until we both cum onto the ingredients of the family’s evening meal. Or even mother squatting over the ingredients, after father had emptied a load of spunk up her cunt or ass, drained into our food. You can’t? Well let me tell you about the Mama, Dad and me story.

Chapter 5

Again it all started simply enough the night of my ‘graduation’ after mother made me hide in her closet so that I could watch her and father fucking. Mother told me “watching your father and me fucking this way to start with baby will be fine, since your father would do absolutely anything prior to cumming, and would try most things even after shooting his load. Just stay in there until I give you the signal and then do exactly as I showed you OK!”

Mother told that she had already accustomed father to my beginning tossing, by saying that she had caught me doing it one day in the bathroom (she later told him what really happened), and had told me that it was good normal behaviour and had suggested that I do it at bedtime in my room instead. Mother even said that she had encouraged father to spy with her on my bedtime wank sessions. She said that she would take his cock out and slowly wank it for him, whilst they spied on me wanking at the same time.

Mother told me that whilst she was tossing father as they spied on me, she would whisper to him that he would love me to toss his cock for him, and when I came into a glass and then drank my cum as directed by mother to do so, when father then came as result of watching me, mother would suggest that I should suck his cock and drink all of papa’s cum down for him too. When she said this to father, Mother said that he would cum much more than even when he fucked her ass.

We went through Mama’s plan one last time before father arrived. I was to watch them fucking until mother rolled Dad onto his back and they got into a ’69er’. Then with father’s feet facing the closet, on mother’s signal I was to come out of the closet, creep up to the foot of the bed, and she would move her mouth off father’s thick hard cock and I would slip between his legs and suck his cock until he came. Mother would stay on top of father so that she could still have her cunt licked, and that way father wouldn’t know that I was sucking his cock until after he had blown his load down my throat.

Dad pulled into the drive and mother quickly ushered me into their closet, telling me she was going to fuck Dad the moment he walked in the door. “Stay here baby and enjoy the show, watch how mama and papa fuck up a storm… oh and don’t cum until I tell you to OK baby, I’ve got something special planned for your load. When we pull this one off honey, there’s nothing that we won’t be able to get Dad to do for us – especially sexually, Now quick hide!”

No sooner had father placed his case on the table and mother had his cock out and was noisily sucking it to an erection. “Jesus woman what if number one son walks in?”

“Don’t worry about him darling,” mother said. “He is at a friend’s place for the night, so get your ass into the bedroom and fuck the cunt off me – NOW!”

Mother of course was already naked, however in the blink of an eye so was father. “Woman I’m going to fuck your face, your cunt and your ass before I dump this man sized load of cock snot boiling away in my sack down your talented throat, now get over here and start sucking my cock!”

What a show they put on for me, father fucked mother in every position that I had ever seen at that stage of my sexual awakening. It was almost too much for me to keep from spraying my load of boy/man cum over the insides of the closet. “Whoa girl” father said, “if you want this load of mine down your gullet darlin, we had better 69 it and pronto… I’m about to burst!”

Mother was sitting up facing me with her back to father as she rode him like a bronco-buster with his cock buried to the hilt up her ass, the whole time making sexy faces to me that father couldn’t see, and talking slutty- talk whilst she flogged her huge fat clit to orgasm after orgasm.

As father slapped her ass to hurry the change of position, Mother slowly leaned back and raised her hips so that I could bathe in the vision before me as father’s cock was slowly pulling free of mother’s boiling hot and sopping wet number two fuck tunnel, it made a loud slurping – almost a farting sound as mother’s ass released its hold.

Mother fell forward onto her elbows and shoved her gaping cunt back into father’s face, whilst she hungrily licked her musky bowel nectar off father’s purple steel-like six and a half inch long cock. At this point mother motioned for me to come to the bed and get into the position that we had rehearsed earlier that day. She proceeded to ease her index finger up father’s ass, until it made contact with his prostate and his hips bucked, driving his cock further down mother’s throat.

Now it was my turn, I first had to lube my own index finger and bury it up father’s ass and tickle his prostate, when mother next removed hers. Done and there now, I’m tickling his ‘egg’.

Then when Mother lifted her head slightly to lick the side of father’s cock, as she was about to put it back into her mouth, I was to take her place here, and begin sucking father’s cock without missing a beat. There that’s done too, fucking hell I can taste mother’s cunt and c’ass (c’ass is mother’s pet name for her ass and its ‘juice’) on it, wow it feels so fucking good in my mouth, it’s the perfect size and I can get it all the way in. Please father cum quickly, please!

Mama’s watching me intently and motions that Dad’s ready to cum, right on cue father says, “Hold on baby…that’s it suck it just like that, that’s it I’m fucking cumming. Holy fuck girl that’s it… vacuum it all down into your gullet, oh fuck that’s it… shit here comes some more?”

There goes mother as father starts to cum, she rolls off him and sits up beside him looking into his closed eyes, as she says, “I told you he would do it for you papa didn’t I, number one son’s drinking his sexy papa’s delicious mega-load of cum… ummm you’re my deliciously naughty boys.”

At this stage Dad’s too far-gone to say or do anything, except to tell me, “Keep on sucking papa’s cock for me that’s a good boy.” There Dad and I lay on the bed, whilst I continued to suck his cock long after it had spent its load of snot deep into my throat, father tousled my hair.

Mother left us there and went to the kitchen to get dinner ready and surprised me by walking into the bedroom carrying a tray with the dinner ingredients arranged upon it. As mother sat down on the bed and fondled my cock, she said, “come on father, it’s time to share our dinner preparation tradition with our son, now that he’s a certified cum shooting and drinking man!”

Dad sat up and with a ‘why not we can’t turn back now’ look mixed with pride, he proceeded to tell me to stand by the bed and as he replaced mother’s hand with his, he began gently and languidly wanking my, his own son’s cock for me. “Move the food tray over here sexy,” he said to mother, and then he informed me of the tradition that he and mother had started when they married.

“Jesus you’ve got a lovely and smooth cock on you my boy,” he said. “Every night at dinner time when I go to shower, your mother wanks my cock into that nights dinner ingredients. So you see that you, me and your mother have been eating my cum since you were born. Of course you now know that my cum tastes fucking delicious straight out of the source, and so since you as my son are now of cumming age, both you and me will cum into the dinner every night henceforth.”

“Though tonight my boy it’s your show because tonight, only you will spray your cock snot over our dinner. Now spread your legs a bit wider and let me stick my finger up your ass to tickle your ‘egg’ and I’ll proudly wank you to orgasm into our dinner, come on matey cum for papa, don’t you just love papa finger-fucking your ass, whilst I wank your big man’s cock, cum that’s my boy. Get over here woman and let our boy suck your cunt clean, while I milk his bat.”

The way that it felt as father wanked me, as I sucked Mama’s cunt in front of him and the ‘dinner-tradition’ revelation, soon had my sphincter violently clamping down hard on father’s thick finger, and another mega-load of cock cream erupting from of my cock.

“Holy fucking hell woman will you look at those ropes of cock snot our boy is hosing into our dinner, hey buddy I want that finger back you know”, father bellowed. Then he nimbly spun me around to face him, whilst keeping his finger buried up my dot and said, “Yep, that’s enough for the pot I think, my boy, you can finish this one in papa’s mouth. Jesus fucking Christ woman our boy’s spunk tastes like cinnamon flavored peanut brittle, it’s delicious.”

With that I collapsed onto father’s shoulders as he drained the last of my man seed from my cock.