Hills Of Peach

It was a typical Midsummer day as I watered the plants hanging off the front porch of our mobile home. My daughter was lounging around in her bedroom with their headset on.

“God! I wish we could get enough money to move out of this shit hole. The neighbors are so loud we can’t get any sleep, none of the people I know want to come around here. This is the worst fucking place in the world. Hmmm, my husband should be home around now,” I thought to myself.

Just then I saw a car whip into the driveway and slam on its breaks, stirring up a cloud of dust. My husband jumped out of the driver’s seat and rushed up to the porch with a big grin on his face.

He bounded up the steel steps of the porch. Wrapped his big arms around me and picked me up and swung me around.

“Oh hunny, oh baby. I’ve got the greatest news. That promotion I was supposed to get last year. Finally, it happened. It was supposed to happen last year. My boss told me there was some kind of mix up in the corporate and I never received it but, I got it now and he gave me a years worth of retro pay to make up for it. Here is the best part. That gated community a few miles away, Peach Hills. There was an opening in it and I put a down payment on a house there. The real estate agent says we can move in right away. I know I should have waited to make this decision together but, I was so excited. Where’s Samantha? I got to tell her the good news.”

“Oh, she’s where she usually is doing what she usually does. Let’s go tell her together and will have to tell mom too,” my mother was living with us at the time, I said excitedly.

We told Samantha the good news and she was as happy as I have ever seen an 18-year-old girl be. Jumping up and down and forgetting all about what she was listening to. Mom was just as happy to hear the good news also.

The next day we packed up all our belongings and headed the 5 miles over to Peach Hills. We didn’t have very much to pack as we didn’t really plan on staying that long, even though it was over a year.

As we pulled into the driveway of a cute little white aluminium sided home, my jaw dropped open. It had flower boxes, shrubs planted all around it, and a neatly mowed yard. Samantha jumped out and ran up to the door and started tugging on it.

“Hey, wait a minute. It’s locked. I need to unlock it first,” my husband shouted.

When he opened the door, she screamed out. “This is rad! Where’s my room?”

My husband said to me, “I told you hunny, didn’t I? It comes already furnished. Oh, and baby girl – your room is the last one down the hall.”

Samantha, excitedly, ran down the hall to her new bedroom and flopped right on the bed. Me and my husband started carrying in the boxes with our belongings in them.

After we moved in all the boxes and put their contents away I said, “I’m too tired to cook. Can we order some pizza?”

“Sure we can,” my husband said, kissing me on the cheek.

“Mmmmm, mmmmm, this is so good. Why can’t we do this more often?” My daughter mumbled out, mouth full of pizza.

As we finished the last bit of pizza the doorbell rang, startling us all. “Hunny could you get that,” my husband asked?

I open the door and there stood three women. Two were my age and an elderly woman about my mother’s age.

“Hi, we’re your neighbors. I’m Crystal and this is my mother Marge. We live next door. And this is Murial she lives on the other side of you. We would like to welcome you to the neighborhood. Oh, is this a bad time? We can come back.”

“No, no, it fine,” I assured them.

“Well, if it’s okay. I’d like to tell you that the woman that used to live here, Murial, and Sue from across the street, all used to come over to my house for tea and cookies. If it’s okay with you I would like you to take her place. You can come over tomorrow and bring your mother and daughter with you too. Your daughter and mine are about the same age. I’m sure they’ll get along fine.”

All of them seemed very nice and friendly. I thought it was a great way to meet the neighbors. Besides that, Samantha needs to get out and meet some people. If I don’t watch out. She’ll just end up like she was in the other place, laying around listening to music all day.

The next day after “Mark” my husband went to work, Samantha, my mother and I went next door for some tea and cookies. When we got there the house was filled with the aroma of fresh baked almond cookies.

Joyfully Crystal welcomed us in. “I’m so glad you could come. This here is Sue and you already know Murial and my mother. In this here is my daughter Becky,” Crystal said with a big grin. “You’re just in time. I just took a fresh batch of cookies out of the oven.”

“I’ve seen you at school,” Becky said to Samantha. Samantha nodded back at her. I was pretty sure these two were going to hit it off right away.

“Let’s all sit over here,” Crystal motioned toward the dining room.

We all sat around and oval-shaped table. Crystal came carrying a platter with a teapot and cups. Murial came carrying a platter with a plate full of cookies. “Dig in. Don’t everybody be modest,” our host said loudly.

We all poured our own tea. Each of us grabbed a cookie. “Oh, this tea is just heavenly and these cookies are so good. You’ll have to give me the recipe,” I told Crystal.


After we had finished the tea and the cookies all disappeared. Crystal announced, “well enough chitchat, let’s go downstairs and get down to business.”

“Yeah, I’m going to need this badly,” Sue exclaimed rubbing her crotch.

Sue and Murial practically ran for the basement door with Marge not far behind. Crystal urged me and my mother to follow them.

“Come on, this is going to be fun, believe me,” Becky told Samantha.

When we got downstairs. There were beds lined up against the walls. Against another wall was a bath tub. In the center of the room, was a barber’s chair.

“I suppose you’re wondering what this is all about. Well, you see this though little group is more than just a few neighbors getting together for some tea and cookies. It’s more like a club. Everyone in the club where’s the same uniform. Let’s show them ours, girls,” Crystal said ripping off her pants.

To my astonishment, Crystal, her daughter, Murial, and Sue all were completely shaved. They had the nicest looking pussys, too. I bet, each one of them could hold a pencil in their pussy’s and write with it.

“See! Mom, I told you,” Samantha said excitedly, “everybody’s doing it!”

Well, I had to agree with my daughter there, at least in this group, anyway.

“I need a trim up, Murial,” Sue announced.

“Murial here, is the Barber,” Crystal said. “I’ll draw you a bath and you soak in it, while Murial is cleaning up Sue.”

She led me over to the tub and started running the water. After the water was a foot or so deep, I climbed in. “Oh wow, the water was just so heavenly,” I could hear myself thinking.

Meanwhile, I glanced over the Barber’s chair and saw, Murial sharpening a straight razor on the side of the chair. After she was through she pressed a button on a lather dispenser standing by the chair. She began to rub the lather all over Sue’s love box.

“Oh! That lather feels so warm and wonderful,” Sue exclaimed, as he had rubbed the lather all over her pussy.

I didn’t say anything but, I think I saw one of Murial’s fingers disappearing inside of Sue.

“I don’t know why you guys don’t get with the times and use one of these,” Becky said, holding up something that looked like a ray gun.

“Wow! You use one too?” Samantha asked.

“I sure do. It lasts and lasts for weeks before I have to do it again,” Becky answered,”and what grows in it’s just like peach fuzz, only not as thick. It keeps getting less thick every time I do it. Eventually, I don’t think I’ll ever have to do it again.”

“Oh yeah, that’s what I’m hoping,” Samantha agreed, “it’s been a while for me. Will you do mine?”

Sure thing,” Becky excitedly said, “and you can do mine, when it grows out enough.”

My daughter quickly exposed her beautiful mound. Becky dropped to her knees and started plastering my daughter’s nether region with beams of light.

“You two, are going to burn your pussy right off,” Crystal blurted out, don’t your little nanas ever get sore after using that thing?”

“Sure,” Samantha informed her, “if you don’t put lotion on and cream afterwords, like you guys do.”

Murial was just finishing up Sue, when I stepped out of the tub. I started to rub the towel all over my body. When I got to my pussy Crystal let out a screech.

“Nooooo! Pat that kitty dry, you’ve got to be nice to it don’t irritate it in any kind of way,” Crystal informed me.

I was patting it dry, as Murial finish up with Sue. She gave her a little kiss on it, afterwords.

I stepped into the chair. Murial said, “I see I have quite a bit of work to do. Haven’t you ever shaved that thing before?” Murial asked me.

“Well, yeah once. Years ago, when I was a teenager,” I answered.

While Murial got scissors out and whacked away at my immense bush Crystal said, “it’s time for you to get in the tub grandma.”

“Oh no! That’s for young girls,” my mother screeched out.

“I see there’s going to be a problem. Come over here and help me, Sue,” Crystal asked.

Sue walked over and they both urged my mother over to the tub with her struggling every step of the way. As they reached the tub Crystal maneuvered behind my mother, wrapping her arms around my mother, holding both her arms to her sides. Sue got in front of the fighting woman and jerked her pants off. The underwear came next. Crystal, being a strong woman, picked my mother up and placed her in the tub.

Sue and her both were trying to hold her still, in the water. While she protested, “woman my age don’t do this.”

Then Crystal said, “Mom, take off your pants and show her yours.”

Marge started to completely disrobe. She first took off her shirt exposing a huge white bra. Off it came and out popped two of the largest natural tits I have ever seen in my life. Then her pants came off displaying the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen an elderly woman. I swear, that from the waist down she didn’t look to be even 30 years old.

That sort of amazed my mother. She didn’t put up any more struggle. She just sat there staring at the older woman’s beautiful pussy, I know, hoping hers would look this good.

Crystal said to me, “as you can see, none of us wear any underwear.”

“Hunny, this is going to feel so good too and your husband is just going to love it,” Marge said calmly.

“Oh, my Herbert passed away at work years ago,” my mother informed her, “told me at the hospital it was a heart attack. Probably got it from screwing some young girls, he used to do that, you know.”

While Murial was getting the hair off me, she said, “oh darling, this is going to feel so sensitive to you. You are going to want to stroke it and pet it all day long. I know, I do mine.”

After she was through and I was just getting out of the chair my mother shoved me aside and couldn’t get in the chair fast enough. “Okay there, give me a baldy,” she blurted out.

Murial said, “well, I see here that you and your daughter take after each other in one department but, there isn’t going to be as much work and you as there was on her. Mother nature has taken care of most of my work for me.”

“Yes sir re-, that’s another good things about menopause. That and you can get fucked as much as you want and not get pregnant,” Marge announced. “Mine was coming in all scraggly, and looked like the hair on a mangy dog, that’s why I decided to get rid of it all.”

Murial was a right. It sure didn’t take long. Within a few minutes my mother was beginning to show lots of bearskin. And in just a couple more she was done. “Oh what a beautiful pussy my mother had. Why on earth did she ever grow hair on it and cover it up? “I know, if my pussy looks that good when I get her age I am never going to quit shaving it!” I thought to myself.

Before you knew it, my mother was completely bald in the crotch.

“Oh grandma, you have the prettiest pussy,” Samantha announced, as my mother pushed past her on her way to Marge.

When my mother reached Marge. She took her by the hand and led her over to the bed. Both of them instinctively knew what each other wanted. They locked their legs together in a scissoring position and went at it.

“I think we should follow their lead,” Crystal spoke up, “grab yourself a partner and get down to it.”

I grabbed Crystal and our daughters naturally grabbed each other.

Crystal and I laid on a bed to ourselves as Samantha and Becky laid down next to their grandmothers. That left Murial and Sue with a bed to themselves.

There was a lot of groaning go on and a lot of feminine fluids being discharged. Orgasm after orgasm each one of us would have. I don’t quite know how many I did have but, after the last one which knocked me right out I was awoken by the familiar sound of a man belting out, “Aaurgh! I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming. Oh, mother fuck it did that ever feel good.”

There, at the bottom of the stairs stood Crystal’s father. With a big stream of jizz dripping from the end of his cock. And by the stains and the floor by him it looked like he had done this thing several times before.

“Dad, I told you that if you ever saw us down here doing this, to go and hide if you’re going to do that. These woman would like some privacy,” Crystal said.

“I know, I know, he said apologetically, “but I just couldn’t help it once I got started I sure didn’t want to stop and find a place to hide.”

“This here is my father,” Crystal told us.

We all went up to shake his hand.

“Oh, I don’t want you to take my hand. I want you to shake something else,” he said holding up his limp cock.

I grabbed a hold of it nice and firmly. I gave it a nice firm shake up and down. My daughter was next. She grabbed a hold of it and I think it was the first penis she had ever put her hands on. At least I think it was, I don’t think she has ever jerked a boy off at school. “O000, this is warm,” she exclaimed.

Last came my mother. She reached out her hand and lovingly grabbed his penis and started to stroke it not shake it. She looked him right in the eye and said to him “Hmmm I think something is getting firmer.”

“It might be ready, Hunny, but I’m sure not. It will take me a couple of hours, at least,” he told her.

“Dad, what about Mom?” Crystal asked.

“Oh that’s all right, he’s always wanting me to do that,” Marge spoke out, “my forearm is getting a little cramped. Let someone else do it to him once in a while.”

We all cleaned up and the three of us headed home, thanking Crystal for the wonderful time. The next afternoon all three of us were back at her house for some more tea and cookies. Murial, Sue, and I all I asked Crystal if it was okay to invite some other people in the community to our tea parties.

“Sure, the more the merrier,” she said.

By the summers end our little tea party has grown from just us eight to almost 30. Within five years our little tea parties have grown so big that no woman in the whole community has any hair downstairs. We are now thinking of making it an ordinance. “Oh what, goes on in suburbia.”