Confessions: He immediately withdrew his hand

I don’t remember how this all started but my brother and I have been experimenting with sex for a long time.

I’m now 27 and he’s 22.

I think we were watching sex on a cable channel that would have mild porno movies. One thing led to another and I was happily sucking on his 8 year old dick. He tried to lick my pussy after much encouragement from me, but he was turned off by the taste.

A few years later when he was 12 and I 17 or so we were bathing at the beach and playing with ourselves underwater. We got so hot we decided to go upstairs into the house and I sucked his dick again. He, for some reason, would stop just short of cumming. A year later, I was visiting him where he stayed with our Grandma and we had to share a sofa bed.

I was half- asleep when I suddenly felt his hand on my breast through the sheer cotton nightie I wore. Feigning sleep, he got bolder and started to move his hand ever-so-slowly down my body.

I was so wet! He finally got to my pussy and was playing with it… touching it lightly through my panties.

I couldn’t keep pretending not to hear his fast breath and could hardly keep still.

I opened my eyes and asked him what he was doing. He immediately withdrew his hand.

I told him not to stop and I started to rub him off.

I started to suck on his dick and we decided to fuck. We did and enjoyed it immensely. We’ve fucked each other on and off since then whenever we had the chance (not often enough!). We stopped almost 3 years ago because we live so far away from each other.

I ask him repeatedly if he ever regrets anything and he says no. The last time we had sex I told him we had to stop. (I was racked with guilt).

I still fantasize about him and hope that we can fuck again.

I’ve had the best orgasms with him!

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