Grades Above Everything

“Professor there has to be something I can do?” I asked, practically begging.

“I am sorry James.” He said looking at my paperwork. “There is nothing I can do, these are the numbers I have, and I have to punch them in as they are.”

“You are the professor, you can adjust anything. I just need a few more points on my final grade.”

“It just wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the students.” Professor McGee said, closing the folder with all of my numbers.

“I need this grade, without it I could lose my scholarship and I can not pay for school with out. The only thing is this class, and this grade is two percentage points off the minimum I need. Please I will do anything.” I said.

“I am sorry, what is final is final.”

I knew that there was nothing I could really offer a published professor that is hired nationally to give speeches and seminars. I didn’t have money to offer, I didn’t have intelligence either. The only thing I had was my body, and it was the only card I had. I moved around the desk and dropped down to my knees, I was all in.

“Please professor McGee, I know that there is something that I can do for those points.” I started to shuffle to his side and he watched me as I inched closer.

“Don’t do this James.” He said, his voice shaking a little.

“Come on professor, let me gain a little extra credit for those points.” I pulled on his leg and he swirled around until I was between his legs. He was wearing khakis, a button down and a red skinny tie. He was around 50 years old but he was the older man that every girl craved and wanted. He worked out and had a small beard that made him look that much sexier.

“This is very inappropriate.” He said, stuttering and pulling at his collar.

“It doesn’t seem like you want me to stop.” I said staring at the bulge forming in his pants.

I was never one to sleep or mess around with professors just for a grade. I was bisexual so messing with guys and girls was not a new thing for me. I was extremely desperate and I knew that with out the grade its possible I drop out.

“Umm – ughh – “ Professor McGee moaned as I moved my hands up his thighs.

“Just let me take care of you professor, let me work my hardest to earn that grade.” I said, beginning to rub the shaft of his cock that was now almost completely outlined by his pants. It looked thick and I wanted nothing more then to please him to get the grade, whatever it took.

I unbuckled his black belt, unbuttoned his khaki pants and unzipped them. Professor McGee was running his hands through his hair, not knowing what to do with them.

I pulled at his pants and he shuffled in his chair until I managed to loosen them enough to pull them down to his ankles. To my delight he was wearing grey briefs and his cock was now clearly outlined for me to see. I ran my hands up his thighs. They were hairy, strong and warm. My touch seemed to send shivers all over his body and his breaths began to get shorter.

“Is this okay Professor?” I asked looking up at him. “You haven’t said a word since I started. Do you still want me to stop?” As I said those last words, by mouth was right over his cock, which was now straining to be set free from the constraints of those briefs and saw it flinch as my hot breathe hit it.

“You are such a naughty student.” He said to be, moaning under his breath.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.”

I reached for the waistband and tugged on them until they were off and at his ankles along with his khakis. His cock flung forward and it looked delicious. He was rock hard and leaking pre-cum from his un-cut 8-inch cock. His balls were shaved and it looked like most of his crack was as well.

“O my god,” He started, “ this is so wrong.”

“By the looks of it professor, it looks very right.”

With a grin across my face, I wrapped my right hand around the head of his cock and tugged down towards his balls and back up. With long strokes, up and down his cock, his pre cum began to ooze out and slick up his cock. The smell was intoxicating and delicious, I couldn’t resist anymore. I shuffled closer, still on my knees, and as I stroked down, exposing the pink head of his cock, I wrapped my lips around and sucked in the sweet and salty taste of his cock.

“Oo fuck – “ Professor McGee moaned out, throwing his head back and his eyes now staring at the ceiling.

I took this as a pass to continue and continue I did. I began to bob my head up and down his cock occasionally attempting to deep throat his 8-inch meat. As I gagged my spit began to flow down his cock and balls and I used that as lubrication to jerk his cock with ease and play with his balls. The squishing sound of the sloppy blowjob I was giving my Professor was turning me on my cock now rock hard under my sweats.

At one point he grabbed my head with his hands and started pushed my face down, faster and faster, loving my wet warm mouth, but out of nowhere he pulled my head back.

“I am going to make you earn this grade.” He said, moving close to my face and giving me a long kiss, with the mix of precum and spit covering my lips and chin.

“Stand up.” He commanded.

He ripped off his shirt and tie, exposing his toned body, which even with wrinkles formed, still looked sexy. Like the dad you see on pornos. In addition he took off his shoes and the pants wrapped around his ankles. Once he was naked, he moved to me and started kissing me again, with more lust and passion, as if it was something he desired as much as I did. He tore my t-shirt off and immediately went to sucking and pinching my nipples.

“Turn around and bend over the desk.” He said to be, spinning me around.

Before I could even fully bend over, I feel his fingers go into my waistband and my sweats and underwear drop to the ground exposing my ass to the fresh air and more importantly to my professor.

“Is this what you want?” I said, shaking my ass and teasing him.

He said nothing, I couldn’t see behind me, but I felt his hand give my ass a hard slap. It wasn’t a violent one, but more of one sending a message that this as was going to be his.

I then felt my cheeks spread and my hole exposed. I was happy that I usually used a plug and various tools to keep my asshole clean for whatever guy or girls wants to venture down there.

“You have such a nice, clean shaved, smooth hole.” Professor McGee said, immediately after, I felt the rough, wet and warm touch of his tongue travel from my balls to the top of my ass crack. It was a rush I was not expecting when I woke up this morning.

He gave my ass another slap before spread of ass cheeks again and this time he slides his tongue into my hole. I let out a moan and bite my lip. He began to eat my ass with such hunger and desire; it sent chills up my spine and made my cock twitch. Soon enough he started to slide fingers into my ass.

First, it was one, which my ass took with ease and felt amazing. Then a second, which he would spread apart to stretch out my hole. He slid his fingers in and out until he added a third and started fucking my ass and spiting on my hole to keep it wet.

He stopped and before I can wonder what was next, he was back in front of me.

“Suck my cock some more, you want to be a good student, get this cock ready.” He said. The lust was getting to him and pure passion was now controlling his movements. I opened my mouth and he bean to fuck my face and throat until there was spit all over his desk and cock.

He moved back behind me, spat on my hole one last time, spread my cheeks and inserted the head of his cock first. I used my shirt to bite down on so that I didn’t scream. His cock was stretching me out, but the pain was gone immediately and it was pure pleasure. Before I knew it he was fucking my ass raw, spreading my cheeks and spitting on his cock from time to time.

I heard my ass clapping against his body, and his balls slapping against mine. The spit was making the fucking so smooth, and the squishing sound and clapping sound was so erotic and sexy.

Moans were leaving both his mouth as well as my own.

“Mmm – Keep fucking me professor – “ I finally said. “Take my ass.”

“Damn James,” He said before grunting, “You really want this grade.”

“Yes, sir.” I moaned.

“Take this dick for that grade.”

After a few more pumps he pulled out and flipped my over. This time, I was lying down on his desk. He picked up my legs so that they were straight up on his chest and he pulled me closer to him so my ass was hanging off the edge. He lined up his cock and slid it in again, my hole now used to his cock, accepted it with ease.

My legs now up in the air, Professor McGee, grabbed my hips and started thrusting harder and harder. My hands now free, I started to jerk on my cock. What I didn’t realize was that my precum had completely drenched my cock, it was slick and sliding in my palm as I jerked it. I was moaning out loud the mix of my slick cock in my hand, and Professor McGee’s slick cock in my ass.

To my surprise, Professor McGee shoved my hand out of the way and started jerking my cock off for me. He was pumping fast on both ends, both with jerking my cock and pounding my ass. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m going to cum.” I moaned out loud.

He started to jerk me off faster and faster, and I erupted. Stream after stream of cum flew from my cock and covered my chest and stomach.

“Ooo, fuck – “ Professor McGee said. He started to shake and I felt his cock twitch, and immediately felt warm ropes of cum shoot into my ass.

We moaned and struggled to catch out breath. He pulled out and I felt the oozing cum leak out of my hole.

“How did I do Professor?” I asked, breathing heavily.

“I think you earned those points fair and square James.” He said slumping back in his chair.