Girlfriend’s First Time – Then Things Really Get Wild

This happened to me way back in the 70’s. The 70’s was a very wild time. I had turned 20 and my new girlfriend Laurie, was 17 and would be turning 18 in a couple of weeks. Laurie was known as a “good girl and a virgin” in her circle of friends. My plans were to pop her cherry on her birthday.

I had started trying to feel her up trying to get her ready for the big night on her birthday. I had gotten in trouble at my house so Laurie’s dad let me stay in their basement. Right before her birthday, her dad told me he and his wife were going out to his great Aunt’s house in the country for the weekend. I thought, hell I’ll just wait until they are gone, I’ll will be free to pop Laurie’s cherry and indoctrinate her into some real hard fucking all weekend.

It was a Friday afternoon the time came and her parents left. Laurie was going to be sleeping in her parent’s bedroom. She thought I would be joining her for some heavy kissing and petting, it never went further than that, but I had different plans, I was going to pop that cherry, and literally teach her how to be my fucking little slut.

I entered her parent’s bedroom and as usual laid down beside her fully clothed. I started French kissing her, she loved to French kiss. We were both covered and she was wearing a powder blue short nightie. As I kissed her hot and heavy, I moved my hand to her thighs and rubbed them, occasionally touching her panty crotch at first making look like an accident. As I was kissing her, I suddenly opened her nightie top and went for her naked breast and started sucking on her nipple, this was all new to her and she quickly started going ballistic. I quickly took advantage of her weakness and uncovered her other breast and started alternating sucking on both of her tits. I kept on going rather aggressively kissing her breasts, her neck and French kissing, she was getting so fucking hot.

I finally got the nerve to really touch her panty crotch in a very meaningful way that indicated to her that it was no accident. When I rubbed Laurie’s pussy through her panty crotch, her panty crotch was soaking wet, I knew right then that her pussy was going to mine in a couple of minutes. I kept French kissing very deep as I inserted my index finger in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet, she moaned as I inserted my finger deep in her pussy, I quickly went to two fingers, not giving her a chance to think of nothing else, but loving the sexual feeling she was experiencing. I had Laurie moaning over and over as I worked my fingers very fast like a piston in and out of her very wet pussy. This was a total new experience with her, no one had ever gotten this far, including me and believe when I say, I tried.

As I fingered her pussy, she started moving her head from side to side as she moaned, she started rolling her eyes backward as she moaned. With my other hand I unzipped myself and popped my full 9-inch hard erection. I took one of her hands and put it around my very hard dick and started moving her hand up and down on my erection. I was fingering her very wet pussy fiercely as I French kissed her and also sucked on her tits, she got was so hot she was now jacking me very hard off without my help. She said in a very trembling voice, this feels so good, but we can’t. I thought too late, before she could say anything else, I quickly went to down to her very wet pussy, I moved her panty crotch to one side and started tongue fucking it, she started going bananas.

She started bucking her pussy hard against my mouth, I thought to myself, that’s it, little bitch, I’m going to turn you into my little slut. She was so hot she didn’t notice me flip around into a sixty-nine position as I fiercely ate her pussy hard. She started jacking me off as I ate her drenched pussy. As she bucked her hot pussy against my mouth real hard, I told her to put my dick in her mouth and do the same thing she had been doing with her hands. She was quickly learning how to move her mouth up and down my hard very hard dick. I heard her moaning as she was quickly moving up and down my hard, while I thought to myself, I’ve got this little bitch now, I’m going to drill all my 9-inch dick deep into this little slut’s hot pussy. I unhooked my pants and pulled them down freeing up the rest of my package.

Without giving her time to think, I quickly went back to alternating between French kissing and kissing her body, neck and tits. I had her so fucking hot, she was thrashing her body, moving her head from side, as she repeatedly moaned. Laurie was so fucking hot she didn’t even take notice as I positioned my dick by her pussy getting ready to penetrate her cherry pussy. I slowly lowered my dick into her pussy, until the head of my dick was in her hot little cunt. She then began to slowly thrust her hips up bucking her pussy on the head my dick. I knew it was time to drive in more cock into that little hot cunt and I did. As I drilled her hot cunt, she started bucking up her hips more to meet my dick. I said to myself, fuck it, here goes, and I drove all my dick deep into her very hot wet pussy. I thought to myself, OH YEAH, THIS PUSSY’S MINE NOW, I’M GOING TO BE FUCKING IT ALL THE TIME. Once I was in, I started to thrust back and forth slowly, about 10 minutes later, I was fully fucking her in all earnest.

After that first time I popped my girlfriend’s cherry, I fucked her all night several times, I don’t remember how many times I fucked Laurie the rest of the weekend. As I recall, we ate and fucked until her parents came home on Monday evening. That weekend Laurie discovered her new ability to fuck and suck lots of cock, she couldn’t get enough.

Laurie started being more adventurous, one time, as I got out of the shower, she walked in naked into the bathroom upstairs while her parents were watching T.V. downstairs. Watching her sexy hard body and tits, I quickly got a huge erection, she wasted no time, she got on her knees and started sucking my hard erection real hard, making slobbering and moaning noises as she sucked my cock. When she previously had sucked my dick, she got me hard so I could fuck her. This time she was sucking me so hard, that I without warning I started dumping all my what seemed to be never ending wads of cum in her mouth. I had never done this, and was amazing to see her swallow all my spunk, she didn’t say anything, instead she acted like she was out of control, sucking my dick hard and taking it deep down her throat. She got wilder out of control with every drop of spunk I dumped in her mouth. This is when I realized she was not that “innocent girl” that I had met, this new girl loved to suck cock and loved to have her hot pussy drilled deep and often.

In another little adventure, we were watching late T.V., her parents turned in went upstairs to their bedroom. It didn’t take long, without any help, she unzipped me and had my dick in her mouth going up and down, quickly getting my dick fully hard and erect. As she frantically sucked my dick, she started moaning and making slobbering noises. This time she was fully taking my dick down her throat every time she came down on my dick, she really loved to suck dick. She released my dick and started jacking me off hard and said, in a whisper, come in my mouth, I want to eat your cum, then I want you to fuck me. I really didn’t have much to say, she frantically actually started taking my entire dick down her throat, until I started releasing heave loads of wad down her throat, she swallowed it all, until I was dry. I was young guy then, so all it took was another five minutes of her sucking me and she got me real hard again, then she took off jeans and panties, spread her legs showing me all her drenched pussy, she said, come on, do it to me, do me real hard. I fucked Laurie, I think three times in about two hours, she had turned into an insatiable little nympho.

Laurie’s dad, I’ll call him Dan, was a truck driver for a big trucking company and was often out of town, her dad’s truck driving position paid him quite well and enabled her mother to be a stay home mom for Laurie’s younger brothers. I never knew her mother’s age, but Eva was what was called “quite a looker” back in the 70s, in today’s terms, a hot MILF. Eva’s drink of choice were Harvey Wall bangers. Dan was gone often because of his driving job, so when Dan was gone Eva would drink one too many and she would turn in early. As soon as we made sure she was asleep, Laurie wanted to fuck, and I was no angel, I fucked the shit out her in her bedroom for hours. I thought, man for a girl that was known around her circle of friends as a “nice girl” and never would anything “like that”, had turned into my little personal slut to fuck as often as I wanted or when she wanted to fuck.

I thought to myself, WOW, I never planned for Laurie to become an insatiable nympho, but all the fucking was great, but little did I know this was the beginning of a part of my life, that at 20 years old, I was not prepared for.

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