Fetish Rape Poker

The house was clean and ready. Dinner was prepared, and just needed to be put in the oven. Everything was as it should be, but only just in time. Dora and Peter sat down in the sofa and relaxed for a few minutes.

The poker club meets the first Saturday every month, the three couples would take turns hosting it and making dinner. The dinner was not supposed to be fancy, it was more important that it could cook itself while they played. The format was always the same: A No-limit Texas Hold-em tournament with 100$ buy-in, and blinds of 1 and 2 dollars. The winner would get 300$, number two would get 200, and the last 100 dollars went to the hosting couple as a contribution towards the dinner.

The doorbell rang, and Peter opened for Sara and Mitch. A moment later Wanda and Phil arrived, and they began to set up the poker table. It was a hot afternoon, one of those days where you would welcome a thunderstorm that just never comes. Wanda commented on the humid heat.

“You shouldn’t complain,” Dora said, “Peter and I have been running around cleaning the house. We were soaked in sweat, and had to take an extra shower. I really feel I ought to play in my bikini!”

“Or we could play strip poker,” Phil said.

“We did that last year,” Sara protested. “That was pathetic!”

“Pathetic!?” Phil tried to sound outraged. “You got to see my willy. You call that pathetic?”

“And my tits,” Dora added. “But Sara is right, it was kind of tame. Strip poker is for teenagers, it is kind of boring if you know how the opposite sex looks between the legs. Let’s play some real poker!”


“Or, …” Wanda seemed to hesitate. “Or we could have a friendly game of Rape Poker.”

“RAPE poker??” They all looked at her.

“Well, just an idea.” She smiled mischievously.

“And how is that supposed to work?” Peter asked.

“Dora and Peter, do you have some kind of game pieces in two colors?”

Dora fetched a game of checkers. “Will these do?”

“Fine.” Wanda took a white and a black checker piece, and held them up for dramatic effect. “You all get poker chips, of course, but only 75 to get the action going a bit faster. In addition, you have a white and a black marker. And the clothes, of course.

“We play as usual, but if you run out of chips you must first sell the clothes. That gives you an additional 25 chips. Unlike strip poker, you have to sell the clothes before you bet the chips. And …” she smiled wickedly, “and you don’t sell your own clothes, you sell your spouse’s clothes.”

“What?” Dora protested. “So if Peter plays badly, I have to get naked?”

“That is not going to happen,” Peter said. They all knew he was the best poker player of them all.

“Ok, please continue, Wanda.”

“Now the markers, they are special. The white marker is your wife or husband’s virtue. It counts as 25 dollar,”

“We are pretty cheap, all of us!” Mitch interrupted.

“It counts as 25 dollars,” Wanda continued, “and if you win the hand, you just take it back. But if you lose, the winner chooses. He can get the 25 dollars, and nothing more happens. Or he can give you the 25 dollars, but then he or she gets to fuck your wife or husband any way he pleases!

“Dora, do you have a strap-on dildo?” she asked.

Dora blushed, and everybody laughed. Since there was no use denying it, she went to the bedroom and came back with her strap-on.

“The guys only have one hole, so if one of us girls win we can fuck him from behind with this one.”

“Wait a moment!” Now it was Peter’s turn to protest. If I win over one of you girls, I have to fuck Mitch or Phil in the ass? I am not sticking my beloved dick into such a dirty place!”

“Well, then you can have him give you a blow-job. But if your wife loses, one of us is going to rape your ass, that cannot be avoided.”

“Oh, that is OK. I don’t care about my ass, as long as I don’t have to soil my beloved dick.”

Mitch and Phil looked at each other. They didn’t say anything, but it was obvious they though Peter had strange priorities.

“That was the white marker. When you have sold your partner’s clothes and virtue, you can play the black marker. It is optional, you can go all-in without playing it. But if you play it, you gamble your own dignity. It is worth the same as your partner’s virtue, 25 dollars.

“Again, if you win the hand nothing happens. But if you lose, the tournament ends. You have to strip naked, and for one hour the remaining five get to fuck you any way we want.”

“That’s a tough version of poker,” Peter said.


They stood a while in silence, looking at each other. Dora was the first to speak. “This is madness.” Then she smiled, “I’m game.”

“Me too,” Sara and Mitch said simultaneously.

Wanda looked at Peter and Phil. They both nodded. “Let’s play, then!”

They were seated so men and women sat alternately, and husband and wife on opposite sites of the table. The first few hands were uneventful. Everybody played even more tight than usual, all hands were folded before the turn, and only a little money changed hands. Then Dora got ace and king of spades, and decided it was time for some action. Peter was the big blind, and Sara and Phil had folded, so she raised. Mitch and Wanda folded, but Peter re-raised. She called. The flop came down. Ace, four and seven, only a single spade. Peter raised, and Dora called with a pair of aces.

The turn came down, it was the jack of spades. Peter checked. Dora hesitated. She knew she should raise with a pair of aces, and a draw for a flush. But with these rules, winning her husband’s stack was not necessarily a good idea. In the end, she could not ignore that the correct play was to raise, so she raised a rather large amount, expecting Peter to fold. He called. The river card came, the four of diamonds. Both checked, and showed their cards. Peter had a pocket pair of kings, but Dora had the aces, and won the hand.

“First blood” she stated with confidence, but her husband’s stack had shrunk dangerously.

Now they all began to bet a bit more freely, nevertheless nothing dramatic happened for the next 15 minutes. Dora lost a bit, Peter won a bit from Wanda. Then Sara was big blind again. Phil, Dora and Mitch folded, but Wanda at the button raised. Peter called, Sara folded. The flop came down, three and eight of hearts, ten of diamonds. Peter raised. Wanda called. Dora looked with worry at the very small stack of chips remaining in front of her husband.

The turn card came, four of spades. They both checked. Then the river, the nine of hearts. Peter looked reassuringly at Dora, then he pushed the remaining chips onto the table. She was sure he did not to this without reason, he probably had a flush, but still she held her breath. Wanda smiled wickedly as she called. Peter showed the king and jack of hearts, he indeed had a flush. Wanda still smiled, then showed the ace and two of hearts. A better flush.

“Well, Peter. Next time you you are the big blind, you will have to sell Dora’s clothes. Might as well do it right away,” Wanda said with a big grin.

Peter looked miserably at his wife. Dora tried to smile at him. “You played correctly. I would have done the same. FUCK YOU!”

“Not yet,” Sara stage-whispered to Phil. Everybody but Dora laughed. Then she smiled, this time more relaxed. She stood up, walked a few feet away, and faced the table. Then she removed her socks, slowly and with exaggerated drama. Then her blouse and pant, and stood only in panties and bra. Five pairs of eyes were glued to her breasts, as she slowly removed the B-cup bra, revealing her well-shaped breasts. Both nipples were protruding, revealing how she felt about stripping in front of her friends. She quickly removed her panties, fearing that a wet spot would appear, and then she turned around slowly, giving them all a good view of her body, before returning to her seat.

The game moved on. Peter had only the chips he got for Dora’s clothes, and had trouble growing his stack. Dora slowly lost more and more; and so did Phil and Sara. Most of the money was piling up in front of Mitch, but Wanda had a good stack, too. Unfortunately for them, first Sara ran out of chips, and had to sell Mitch’s clothes; and soon after Wanda was naked too.

Dora was the first to play a white marker. She had three jacks, but Wanda had raised 12 chip and she only had 10. She looked at Peter, he quietly nodded. Then she pushed the white marker onto the table. They were all silent as the last card came down. Both players checked. Then Wanda revealed a straight.

Wanda looked at Peter with an evil grin. “Eat my pussy!”

Dora watched as Peter rose from his seat, and knelt in front of Wanda’s chair. She was quite certain that Peter had never cheated on her, yet he could not hide his eagerness as he began licking Wanda between the legs. Soon Wanda was moaning, and Dora’s hand went between her legs. Moments later Wanda came loudly. All were silent as Peter returned to his seat, licking his lips. Then Phil broke the silence. “Dora, what is your finger doing in your twat?”

Dora blushed. She had not intended to be caught masturbating in public, but that was too late now. She pulled her finger out, held in up and licked it.

The game resumed. The next two hands Dora got were excellent. On the first hand she won the blinds, on the second she went all-in against Mitch and won. Now her stack was not big, but it was playable again. A few rounds passed uneventfully, then Sara had to play the white marker. Dora and Wanda could not fail to see how Mitch was getting an erection, and he looked awfully disappointed when his wife won the marker back.

Soon, Peter’s stack was all but gone. He was in a three-way pot with Wanda and Phil. He only had one chip left, and Phil raised. Peter hesitated. Dora clearly saw his dilemma. If he folded now, he would have to play the white marker at the latest next time he was big blind. But he probably didn’t have a great hand. Betting 25 chips might cause the others to fold, but winning the white marker was too tempting. Still, he probably had no other choice. He still hesitated. Then he played the white marker. Wanda and Phil both called. The last card came down, but nobody bothered betting on it. The hands came down. Wanda had a pair of kings, both Phil and Peter had two pairs, but Phil had the best ones. All looked at Dora.

“Well, that is fate,” she said. “How do you want to do it, Phil?”

“Lie down with your back on the carpet, and spread your legs.”

She did as he told her. As she spread her legs, they all got a fabulous view of her pussy. Phil was eagerly removing his pants, then he got down on the carpet between her legs, and began plowing her. The four others had left their chairs and stood around them. The show was not long, soon Dora came with a scream, and moments later Phil filled her up with a long moan.

Phil got up, and put his pants back on. Dora looked at the others. To her surprise, she felt no shame.

“Let’s continue the game, I need revenge!” she said.

Soon, Dora found herself with a short stack. She was dealt a queen and a king of diamonds. Sitting “under the gun”, she opened with a raise. Mitch, Wanda and Peter folded. Sara hesitated, then she re-raised. Phil folded. Dora called.

The flop came down. Two and seven of cloves, queen of spades. Sara raised. With a good pair, Dora called. The king of hearts came down as the turn card. Sara raised again. Dora now had two pairs, and called.

The river card was the queen of cloves. Sara pushed her remaining chips forward without hesitation, leaving only the white and black marker. Dora had a full house, queens over kings. A fabulous hand. She could call all-in and double her stack when she won. Or she could play the black marker. Sara clearly had a good hand too, probably a flush in cloves, but a full house beats a flush. If she played the black marker, Sara would have to fold, or call with the white marker. Dora already imagined herself fucking Mitch in the ass with the strap-on. It was almost risk-free, she had a full house. Everybody gasped as Dora pushed the black marker forward. Sara called with the white, without even hesitating.

Dora turned her cards. “Full house, queens over kings,” she announced. “Prepare to get fucked in the ass, Mitch!”

Sara smiled as she turned her cards. Two kings! “Not so fast, my full house is kings over queens.”

Total silence. Everybody looked at Dora. Was she going to accept her fate?

Dora looked at the cards. Then she looked at her own naked body. Then on the cards again. “Shit!”

Then she smiled. “A gambling debt is a debt of honor. Peter, set a timer for one hour. This way to the bedroom, ladies and gentlemen.”

Dora let them into the bedroom. “Who wants to start?”

Dora laid down on her back in the bed. Mitch began fucking her, but then Sara stripped and climbed into the bed, too. She almost sat on Dora’s face, and Dora began licking her very wet pussy eagerly. She could feel Mitch coming in her pussy, but could no longer see anything but Sara’s pussy and belly. Then she felt another dick enter her. It did not feel quite like her husband. Soon Sara came, and squirted into her mouth. When Wanda took Sara’s place Dora saw that it was indeed Phil fucking her, but Peter stood ready with a big erection. Then she saw no more, as Wanda descended on her face, and she began sucking. She could feel Phil coming, and came herself. Then Peter began. He did not last long, and came moments before Wanda.

Dora caught her breath. Then Sara announced “I want to fuck her from behind, with the strap-on.”

Dora turned around and got up on her knees. As Sara pressed the strap-on into her cunt she moaned. “I need a cock to suck!”

Mitch jumped into the bed, and sat down in front of Dora, with his legs spread. She took his dick in her mouth, while Sara fucked her from behind. Then Phil and Wanda took their place, before Peter started fucking her from behind, while Phil remained in her mouth. She had never been spitroasted before, and when first Phil came in her mouth and then Peter in her twat, she climaxed as she had never cum before. She was loosing count of how many orgasms she had had, but began feeling tired.

“I could do a 69 with all of you, one at a time,” she suggested.

Sara was all over her almost immediately, and they began licking each other. Then Wanda had her turn on top of Dora, while the men trie d to wake up their spent dicks. When she had had enough, Dora climbed on top of Mitch. His dick was spent and flaccid, but that did not prevent her from licking it (and the balls), and his tongue was certainly working. She came again, squirting all over his face. Phil took the next turn, and she actually managed to make his dick hard, although neither of them quite reached a climax before Peter insisted it was his turn.

Moments after Dora had laid down on top of Peter and begun licking him, the timer in his phone went off. The hour had passed.

“Sorry, Peter, no more fun.” Dora sat up in the bed. They were all tired, but she most of all, and she was covered in bodily fluids.

“Peter, I guess the food in the oven must be ready. Why don’t you and the other get dressed and get the food on the table. I really need a quick shower before eating.”

Dora went to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. She washed herself thoroughly, and then dried her body in a large towel. Then she wrapped the towel around her, and reached for the bathroom door. Just before opening it, she changed her mind. She removed the towel, opened the door, and walked naked back to the others.

“Food is ready. Jump into some clothes, then we’ll eat.”

Dora shook her head. “Why bother. I am hungry, and there is nothing you haven’t seen and touched already.” She sat down at the dinner table, stark naked among her now clothed friends (and husband). Sara was sitting at her left, Phil at her right. Their hands quickly found her thighs, and she led them fondle her while they all ate. She had never expected she would ever be the only naked person at a dinner, but she found the feeling very enjoyable.

Once they had finished eating, the guests prepared to leave. Sara and Mitch both patted her pussy as they said goodbye, and Dora kissed them both passionately on the mouth. Then Wanda and Phil left in the same manner. Dora turned towards her husband, and looked at him. The bulge in his trousers were very visible.

“You don’t seem to have had enough yet,” she said and patted the bulge. Then she took him by the hand, and let him back to the bedroom.