Forced Sissy by my Cashier

My Female Cashier Forced Me to Be A Sissy
My name is Jace and I am a former store manager before I was “quit” unfourtanately most people are usually fired from this job due to doing a poor job or stealing but not me but I didn’t even get to quit by my own choice. So let me explain how and why I had to quit not only my job but also my old life.
To start as I said earlier my name is Jace I am about 5’11 and weigh 200 lbs. I am white and Im not really fat or muscular but kind of chunky I would say I have an average build with dark brown hair and brown eyes I would shave my chest and legs but never my arms and one day I had become very short handed in my job and was in dire need in a cashiers and stockers. I started doing interviews and this girl came in dressed for the job which was a great surprise because the store and my house was already in a rough city where people dressed either slutty or thuggish but not her. She introduced herself as Fenecia and she was a beautiful black woman real skinny with hazel eyes blonde hair and a caramel complexion. She wore a pink button down shirt with a black blazer heels and stockings she was beautiful with a perky ass and smaller C sized breast. She looked like a model and had a very impressive resume I gave her the job immediately with her resume I felt terrible giving her such a low grade job like cashier but she was so excited to finally have another job that she was so overjoyed that it helped me feel better.
Months later we would constantly joke and flirt with each other I knew I had to be careful due to conflict of interest and etc. but I could not help it she was just so gorgeous and funny. After a while we would hang out at the store after work and she would constantly talk about how good at cooking she was and I of course LOVE to eat and try new foods but I would never invite myself over but kept hinting at how I would love to try her cooking. She then looked at me and said “I bet I know something else you would like to try” and winked at me.
After a few days she text my phone and said I know your going on vacation would you like to come by eat dinner I told her sure. I mean what was the harm in going out to eat right?
I went dressed in button up shirt and kahkis and I went to the apartment address and room she sent me and the rooms lights were cut low and we had a candle lit dinner where she made a roast and potatoes beans and rice served with red wine. It was delicious I thanked her for the meal and we ended up talking and flirting some more.
So how about you tell me when your finally going to throw that monkey on me? I joked halfway with her. I looked and saw her eyes sparkling and that is when she told me to wait she will be right back.
She left and went in another room after a few minutes she called me to come in and I went down the hall and entered the door and there she was wearing nothing but black leather that cropped off at the breast barley covering her nipples, it covered her pussy but could barley cup that perfect ass I instantly was raging hard.
She lead me to the bed and we made out she would bite my lip and nibble on my neck making me even harder. “What about your girlfriend though?” she whispered in my ear
“Don’t worry baby this will be between us.” I groaned as she grabbed my crotch through my khakis. It didn’t take long after that with her continued nibbling and biting to get me to strip completely naked with 4 inch dick raging hard.
“Close your eyes baby”. She said, “I have something to surprise you with.
I did as she asked and closed my next thing I know I heard something metallic tightening then felt something metallic and cold close around each of my wrist I opened up my eyes and realized I had just had my hands handcuffed to her bed. I was currently naked on my hands and knees hand cuffed to her bed. “OOOOOO kinky little bitch aint you?” I said. She smiled and said “You have no idea…….just like how you have no idea that I am about to get your job……….NOW DADDY!!!!”
I was then confused because not only of the job comment but because I haven’t even entered her yet to be called daddy and her dad was supposed to be in jail. But then I heard the bed room door open again and I turned my head and saw a big dark skin man must have been 6’3 and weighed over 300 pounds but was pure muscle and was holding a recorder. “Who the fuck is this?” I demanded not being able to hide the fear in my voice.
“This is my dad, she replied, I know I told you he went to jail but I never said when he went. Please understand that he loves me just as much as momma but sometimes he just needs some white ass and he loves taking it. He also loves me enough to help me take your job.” She stated her eyes sparkling again.
“What do you mean?” I asked with more fear rising as he started stripping.
“Well you see I can’t threaten you and expect you take me serious and black mailing is more fun when you have the right proof” she said in a matter of fact tone as she got out from under me. “So he is going to fuck you and after you have had enough your going to give me your job bitch”.
“Theres no way this will work.”I said more scared he was now down to his boxers as he moved to infront of my face she put a tripod on the floor and set the recorder on it as he pulled his boxers down showing a semi erect 10 inch dick I gasped before she said not yet daddy laughing. I took deep breath as he left the room thinking that they must have been trying to scare me but they wouldn’t really do something like THIS. I heard Fenecia behind me in a drawer and I could something jingling.
Ok she is getting the key to the hand cuffs I thought we will just have to talk and Ill get her a pay raise and extra hours and we will never talk about this again. I opened my eyes after calming down and could feel my dick shrinking back down to its normal size when my eyes opened she was sitting right in front of me but not with a key but a assortment of make up she started putting blush and eye liner on me and she then took out some lipstick and told me to make a kissy face at which I refused. “No,” I told her, “I wont do any of this yall are insane. I AM A MAN!!!!!!” I screamed at her.
Without any warning she grabbed my dick and balls both with one hand and whispered “You think this makes you a man? I have seen my nephews as toddlers with bigger dicks than this! Any woman you ever pleased has obviously never had a REAL dick!!!!” Then she pulled until I begged her to stop and I made the kissy face for her as she applied the lipstick to my whimpering lips. She got up and knocked on the door as her dad came back in and sat in front of me this time with nothing on at all.
“I won’t do what you ARRRMMMMPPPPHHHH-“I tried to talk but as soon as I did he grabbed my hair and shoved his dick down my throat. Here I was gagging and coughing and being face fucked hard by another man…………….another man with a massive dick that I could feel growing bigger in my throat out of the corner of my eyes I could see Fenecia pulling her top down some pulling on her nipples while she recorded this until she left the room. My face fuck session kept going till she came back with a chair and sat down and slid a hand to her crotch. Her dad then pulled his massive dick from my throat as I just stayed there kneeled down coughing and wheezing his 10-inch dick was bigger now it had to be at least 13 inches and as wide as my wrist. He got up and I hoped and prayed this was over but then I felt something weird and cold on my ass and I knew what was coming and I could feel my eyes grow wider.
NO!!!!! PLEASE DON” T I WILL DO ANYTHING PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I begged I then felt something go in my ass I knew it wasn’t his dick but it still hurt it had to be finger I could tell by feeling his other knuckles every time he went all the way as I kept begging for it to stop then I heard him grunt.
“Get that damn camera in front of him I love my new bitches first reaction to my dick going in” he grunted as Fenecia rearranged the camera and sat back down to keep playing with herself when it was finally set up I felt him pull his finger out and then I could feel the massive dick head pushing as I started screaming then finally it was in by at least an inch……2 inches………3 inches………I screamed harder and louder for every inch until finally I just blacked out.
I opened my eyes foggy headed. It must have been a dream I thought to myself but why can’t I feel my body I started looking around and realized it wasn’t a dream that I was still in the bedroom and then my senses finally started coming back my ass felt wide and ripped open my body was wobbly and being pushed back and forth something warm and sticky was going from my ass to the back of my legs then I could a deep grunting and some very feminine moans I looked around the best I could I saw Fenecia legs spread one hand in her suit playing with her pussy and the other squeezing and pulling her nipples…..I looked behind me the best I could saw her muscular dad pounding away at my former virgin asshole as he slapped my ass and that immediately woke me up. I could feel it now completely my ass sliding up and down his gigantic dick…………..UGH…….please………….let me go………..I don’t want to be gay……..I whined as laid down with my ass still in the air.
It doesn’t matter what you want bitch he said but if it helps your not gay this is just nature im an alpha and you’re a beta im only taking what is mine………………Fenecia screamed she must have came and then she started giggling and I could not understand why until she spoke. “Well look daddy” she giggled “Jessica loves being fucked” she then grabbed my dick that I just now realized was hard and yanked twice before I moaned and screamed shooting cum everywhere as her dad pulled out. Its finally over I thought ready for nothing more than to go home and pretend this never happened, but I was wrong as he crawled under me as Fenecia left after I came going back to her drawers and digging again. He then pulled me down to where I was staring directly at his dick maybe a half inch away from face as he pulled my ass down then I felt something wet and warm but it wasn’t sticky…………trying to figure this out what was I feeling then it hit me……………..HE IS EATING MY ASS…………..he kept doing it as I felt his tongue tickle and explore my newly stretched ass and without my permission as if my body was acting on its own I started to moan and rock my ass on this mans mouth as his hand guided my mouth…..I was so ashamed that I willingly took his dick in my mouth that I sucked and licked his dick the best I could having to stop some to moan and let the occasional fuck slip out of my mouth…………….I cant be enjoying this can I? I’m not gay…………”What about Lora!? I shouted unknowingly doing out loud as I kept rocking and moaning and sucking his dick.
Don’t worry Jessica we will be getting her very soon” I heard Fenecia say……now am I getting a promotion when you finish or do I need to send this to all your friends and family and tell HR you sexually harassed me?” she asked in a mockingly sweet voice.
Yes………………I will do whatever you want just please don’t stop I cried as I rocked harder now playing with myself until I finally came moaning and yelling fuck as I shot strand and strand of cum. I then went right back down sucking hard face fucking myself with his dick feeling it throb in my throat until I finally heard him moan while I choked on his cum swallowing what I could but it was so much that it was foaming and dripping out of my mouth. “Good Sissy bitch” he said as he crawled out from under me. He then slapped my ass after he undone my handcuffs and left as Fenecia now fully dressed handed me a silk pink nightie to sleep in I put it on and passed out before even getting my head on the pillow I woke up the next morning with dried cum around my still make up covered face I looked down on the floor and saw some clothes with a note that said.
“Here is a pair of your new clothes you sissy bitch”
Love Fenecia
It was nothing more than a sleeveless blue shirt and a pair of pink girly panties with Disney princesses on them I put them on and went to the kitchen where I saw Fenecia wearing yoga pants and a shirt her dad sitting in the recliner drinking a beer and watching tv as he gave me a wink and another ass slap as I walked by.
“Your new name is Jessica, and your going to go to the store and inform everyone I am now in charge bitch” demanded Fenecia, “After that me and you will go to the mall and get you some new clothes and other stuff then we will decide what to do about your girlfriend. Got it?”
“Yes mistress” I replied mentally preparing myself for my new life and wondering what was about to happen to my beloved.
(Please let me know if I should continue with chapter 2 in the comments THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!)

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