Experience Wife Swapping

My wife and I used to live in a national park. Very crowded with tourists during the summers and practically empty during most of the rest of the year other than the people who worked for the park service and the hospitality workers than kept the restaurants, laundries, etc. running.

We didn’t have tv (satellites were only big 10′ dishes then and banned from the park) and we lived in a small cabin. The four things we did have were privacy, a hot tub, good dope we grew ourselves deep in the woods, and a bunch of other couples just like us who also worked in the park. It was kind of like going back to college in a way – we were a bunch of people that didn’t have kids, or a lot of responsibility.

Anyway, we had been married for about 3 years when I went to work for the park, and at first we didn’t know many people and the ones we did know were kind of stand-offish. Finally my wife kind of clicked with a woman who invited us over to dinner to meet her husband. We went and brought wine, but they already had dope and their own sauna.

We went over and they were very cool people. He was a big guy who worked on the trails keeping them clear. He hiked all day – sometimes for miles – with a chainsaw and other tools. A big mountain man type with a beard and permanent tan. She was a waitress at the high-end restaurant at one of the hotels in the park. Thinner, pretty but also kind of nutty and natural (People who worked in the park tended to be granola eating naturist types almost to the point of being stereotypes.)

Anyway, we got along pretty good. They had a great little house with a big porch overlooking a stream and we drank a few bottles of wine sitting out watching the sun go down before we even went in for dinner. We chatted, ate, smoked and there was even a bit of what I’d call veiled flirting. Nothing too above board – it was just a vibe.

While we were eating dinner, it had started to snow and we hadn’t even noticed. (It was October or November – so it was about time for it to start, but it was the first of what would be a very heavy snow season.) Mountain snow can drop a lot quick – and there was already like 4 inches on the ground before we were aware.

I was panicking a bit – mountain roads can be dangerous even when dry and I was pretty new to it all still – but the next day was Saturday so they said just relax and spend the night. They had a spare bedroom. I had drank a lot so I think both Sherry (my wife) and I were relieved to hear we wouldn’t be needing to travel until the snow plows came through in the morning.

The couple – their names were Terry and Ed – showed us around their place and it was amazing if rustic. In addition to the spare bedroom, they showed us that they had an old style sauna. It was so cool. They said let’s open another bottle of wine and smoke one and we’ll go in.

I don’t know how it came up, but from the beginning it was understood we would all be naked. We didn’t consider that a big deal, neither of us was a prude.

We sat and sweated for a while. We had towels but were sitting on them not wrapped in them. We passed around the pot and the wine – we drank straight from the bottle – and just chilled. The only light was the glow of the hot rocks.

I couldn’t help but notice that Ed was a big guy not just in chest and muscles but down below. He had a big cock for sure. Terry was very pretty undressed. Great teacups sized breasts and really nice skin. I had expected the hairy pits and legs type as she seemed like a nature type that way, but was surprised to see that like my wife she was essentially bald below the panty line.

(This was a long time ago – and pubic hair was still pretty much the standard.)

Pretty soon the other couple were getting close and it was all good. It was late and we were all stoned and comfortable. Then they started making out – nothing too serious – and my wife moved over and we started doing the same.

About 10 minutes in, the intensity has shifted pretty good. Terry bends down and puts her husbands cock in her mouth – and you can tell she’s not trying to be discrete about it at all. She’s on her knees with her ass pointed at us and she’s got one hand between her legs just jilling off while she’s sucking his cock.

My wife was getting into it I could tell. She and I had watched some porn before and there was pretty much nothing that two people could do together that we hadn’t done, but I’m sure she had never seen live sex. (I had gone to a live sex show once while I was stationed overseas in the army – but have never done or seen anything “real” like this.” She even whispered how beautiful they both were – but the way her eyes were focused on Ed I couldn’t miss.

I wanted to really get her going so I bent down and went to work on her with my mouth. I could tell she was getting off watching them because she was really juicy and responsive. Sherry is more full figured – not fat but definitely an italian girl with bigger boobs and wider hips. I looked up and she was busy playing with her boobs – which is something she had never done before during sex. I quickly realized she was putting on a bit of a show for Ed.

I glanced over and Terry had sat down on Ed’s cock and the view was pretty lewd – she was sitting on his lap and her legs were wide open. The view of his big cock sliding in and out was pretty much front and center in the glow of the coals.

At some point, Sherry kind of tapped me on the head and signaled for me to move aside. I thought she wanted me to fuck her, but as soon as I moved she stood up and walked over and gave Ed a big kiss, then gave Terry one. I was blown away. Sherry had never expressed any interest in women at all, but she was kissing Terry and pressing her tits up against Terry’s like crazy quickly, then she sank down and kissed and licked Ed’s cock while it was sliding in and out of his wife.

I was blown away but eager so I went over to Sherry who was on all fours and just put myself in her from behind. I was more or less face to face with Ed and Terry since she was down licking them both, and Terry reached out and pulled me in for a big kiss. We kissed for a few minutes while were in the position – and at some point I became aware that terry had slipped off Ed’s dick and it was now in Sherry’s mouth. Terry took me by the hand and led me away from Sherry. She sat down on a bench and opened her legs and led me to a position where I could go into her.

Ed pulled up Sherry and he started kissing her and pretty soon she crawled into his lap and I could see him start to fuck her. She really wasn’t showing any hesitancy and I considered that to be all the permission I needed to enjoy myself.

Terry came first – and I was kind of grateful as I was afraid I would. Sherry and Ed started going at it like they were hitting their climax, and Terry shifted herself so I could go faster and pretty quick I was cumming too. I don’t even remember what happened after that – it was hotter than fuck in that sauna and I don’t think I would have been even able to stay in there if I hadn’t been distracted. We sat in a stupor for a while before Terry and Ed finally got up and led us back into the main house.

We didn’t have time to be shy or anything – they pulled us into a big two person shower to wash away the sweat and juices than they when I thought the evening was over they pulled Sherry and i into their bedroom and into their bed. Terry made a big deal of going down on Sherry for a few minutes. She was initially kind of embarrassed, but when she saw that Ed and I were into it, she got looser an started enjoying it. Ed and I both had hardons quick, and soon enough the girls crawled over and crawled on top – Terry on Ed an Sherry on me. We fucked pretty athletically for maybe 15 minutes and then I think we all got tired and we kind of passed out in a pile.

I woke up once during the night and Sherry and Ed were fucking and Terry was awake but just watching. I didn’t move and she didn’t either. We just watched and actually nodded off.

The next morning was a bit awkward at first. Terry had to get up for a brunch service and was out of the house by 6AM. Sherry and i got dressed and snuck out about 10.

Back at work on Monday, everyone at the office seemed to be a lot friendlier to me, and my wife told me she had the same experience when she got home from her shift working in a gift store near the park entrance. We got invited to a party that weekend and it became pretty obvious that group sex and wife swapping was pretty common in the camps and everyone was cooler with us because they knew were were down with it.

We had a lot of sex that year. So many cabins with hot tubs. So much dope. Naked backpacking in the back country. Sherry ate a lot of pussy and I even got involved in some bi-sex stuff that I never thought I’d be into. It was like whenever we weren’t working we were with other couples and pairing off or group sex were just part of the experience.

I lost my job for going into work with a hangover too many times, and we had to move back to civilization. We tried doing stuff with other couples a few times, but it just didn’t seem the same. The people up in the mountains had been so free. The sex was like almost feral. City people were all about the drugs and the drinking and the sex was often about a guy who wanted to almost pimp out his wife or something. We just stopped doing it for the most part – though once in a while she would do something crazy when we were away on vacation.

So there you go.