Confessions: Eleven in one family

I am the eldest of 11 children that my mom had with a variety of different men – i.e.

I was born out of wedlock – she married and had 4 children – two boys two girls by my adoptive father. He walks out on us when I was about ten, then his place was taken by his stepbrother our step uncle. Me and him didn’t get on, then mom dumps him when he went to jail. Mum had three more boys and one girl by him before she booted him out, then she had a boy by a nice guy, but that relationship fizzled out and then she met an Irish guy who gave her her last baby.

I was sexually abused at the age of five by a lodger who was staying with us – he slept with me – abuse was the wrong word because I liked him sucking my penis and I was fascinated by the size of his equipment – sadly he left – but I was always keen on sex with my peer group and sometimes with my younger siblings. The major breakthrough for me occurred at ten years of age when my penis grew out of all proportion to my boy body and a boy and girl showed me the joys of masturbation.

I was masturbating every day before my eleventh birthday – and when at 11 I went to an all boys school I started to become sexually attracted to boys and loved taking showers with my randy class mates. But I’d also been having weekly sexual fun with an older girl on our street from the age of 8 up to 16 when I joined the army as a boy soldier.

I became very popular with my older school mates who were always requesting the use of my right hand to wank them off – never ever refuse a boys request. The first time I felt sexual toward my mom was one hot summers day during the long summer school holidays.

I was fed-up with my mates and went home – mom was in the kitchen standing at the kitchen sink, hand washing some clothes – I leaned against the kitchen wall next to the sink. Well my eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets. All mom was wearing was a wrap round apron buttoned up at the front – I could see her breasts completely as she washed the clothes unaware that her son’s cock was twitching in his trousers. She stopped washing for some reason and left the kitchen – when she returned I had an overwhelming desire to have a cuddle with my mom.

I think I’d had a resentment of my brothers and sisters taking her attention away from me – I grabbed mom by surprise and she laughed as she asked me what I was doing – I was very emotional by then and replied ‘Mum I just want a cuddle.’ With this I leaned her against the kitchen wall. She put her arms around me and pulled me to her.

I had my chin touching the top of her warm breasts and she kissed my face – I kissed the top of both breasts and she didn’t say anything. But when I undid two of the apron buttons she pushed me away gently and said ‘We can’t, somebody might walk in.’ in those days neighbors were always popping in and out of each other’s houses. Any way from that moment my wanking fantasy switched from the streets boys and girls to almost exclusively about having sex with my mom.

It gets a bit complicated now – my sex life that is – as me and my best mate got a job on a farm – the farmer was gay and he introduced me to oral sex – him on my cock only – and he introduced me to arse fucking – again I fucked him and wouldn’t allow him to fuck me.

I’d been forcefully fucked by an older man I allowed to pick me up in public toilets when aged 12 and as he near strangled me it put me off letting older guys approach me from behind. The second semi sexual happening occurred one early morning – one of my younger brothers aged about seven or eight had fell out with the guys he was sleeping with – I slept naked and with a raging hard-on I went to the bedroom hall and picked him up in my arms – just as mom stepped onto the hall to see why he was crying – she saw me in all my naked glory and said ‘Oh are you going to look after him’ her eyes were transfixed on to my fully cock and she gave me a strange smile. Step-uncle was still on the scene.

I took my brother into my single bed – he was only wearing a vest so I took it off and I cuddled him close to my body – I was very turned on having him in my bed – I touched his cock which was stiff – he giggled as a fondled him – the more I touched him the more excited I got.

I couldn’t resist sucking and licking his 3 inch uncut cock.

I then rubbed my cock over his and shot my load all over him – I spread my cum all over him and then licked it off his skin. We slept in each other’s arms – the next morning mom came in to my bedroom – see saw both his vest and my pajamas on the floor because she picked them up and put them on the foot of the bed. She said ‘Don’t you mind him in your bed?’ I pulled the sleeping boy closer to me and said ‘Not at all.’ I had my same brother sleep with me at every opportunity – he too had an early puberty like me and mom got us bigger bed. He slept with me when I went home on army leave. The last time we slept together – he was 15 and I was 21 – we were doing oral and mutual masturbation – deep french-kissing and rubbing cocks together semi fuck style. We never fucked each other. On Sunday morning I was not required to work on the farm that week end – I don’t think the farmer could handle both my mate and me at the same time.

I slipped my totally inadequate pajama bottoms on – the open fly hid nothing and I was a bit of a flasher to my brothers sisters and mom – she said nothing about me wearing something from which I was obviously getting sexual gratification. This Sunday morning I walked into her bedroom carrying a tray with two cups of tea on it – the sight which met my eyes was that uncle was lying across mom – they were having full intercourse – his head was underneath the bed covers and he was making a funny grunting sound. But what sexually aroused me was the seeing that both of my mother’s breasts were completely exposed out from the top of her flimsy nightie. Mum looked flushed with excitement – I looked straight at her and she put a finger to her lips as to say – ‘keep quiet and look at me.’ I smiled and felt my hard cock flop out from my open pajama trousers – So there we were smiling at each other and then the tray in my hand started to shaking in my trembling hands and mom whispered for me to leave ‘You’d better go luv.’ she said.

I went back to bed with my 8 year old brother and made him suck my cock – I came after about 30 seconds and my orgasm nearly knocked me out. Then the greatest thing happened – uncle Tom was a stupid petty criminal and he got nine months in jail for something I’ve long forgotten.

I figured my mother to be a nymphomaniac and wondered which man was going to replace Tom as I was certain she would not last long without a man with her track record. Two weeks later when I took her tea in she said ‘Nev stay off school today luv.’ Like a prick I asked ‘What for?’ She replied ‘Don’t you want to keep your old mom company?’ Her breasts were looking good – she was only 33, as she had had me when she was 19 years old.

I quickly replied ‘Yes of course I do.’ I walked down the stairs in a dazed trance – ‘Was this really it’ I kept thinking. Mum came down in her see through, hides nothing, nightie – she sitting in her armchair which is directly opposite where I was sitting – all I had on was my open front pajama trousers – I was smoking a cigarette – Mum looked very nervous.

I could hardly breath – she then asked me to light her a fag – I stood up from my chair and my cock was exposed to her – I leaned over her and put her fag into her mouth for her – she made no effort to cover her highly exposed tits – but she whispered – ‘you had better lock the doors luv, we don’t want to be disturbed do we.’ I didn’t reply, because I literally couldn’t speak with being over excited.

I went to the front hall and bolted it as well as turned the key – I gave my cock a few masturbation strokes before I reentered the living room – moms had fully exposed her tits out from her nightie. My cock was fully hard as I went to the kitchen to lock the back door – I removed my pajamas in the kitchen – My face was scarlet red as being blond I blushed very easily – I took a deep breath to calm me down a bit – I WAS GREATLY EXCITED BEING TOTALLY NAKED.

I stood before my mom naked and total naked – she looked very seriously at me – I felt nervous, then she smiled a smile which reminded me of a whore type look as she stood up. She kicked out from her fallen nightie and we embraced. At last I could touch her tits – I could kiss her tits and suckle on her nipples – she then touched my very wet cock head and then grabbed my cock shaft – it was throbbing like it had never done before. Christ, she was guiding my six inch boy cock into her very comforting warm wet cunt slit – her cunt felt better than the four girls cunts it had experienced – she gripped me and started rolling her hips – she grips by buttocks and starts to encourage me to do the intercourse movements – I grab her buttocks – we look at each other – joined together – we kiss – she guides our sexed up bodies to the floor of the living room. She quickly guides my cock into her wet cunt – I rest on my elbows and give a few testing thrusts into her – she immediately starts lifting her hips to get my cock fully impaled into her cunt – she’s shagging me as much as I was shagging her. We both were using each other to satisfy our primitive sexual instincts. Mum was rolling her head – eyes – hips – she was sucking in my tongue and her cunt muscles were vibrating as they gripped around my pumping cock shaft pistoned in and out of her cunt – she wasn’t my mother now – I wasn’t her son – we were as one entity – two over sexed human beings moving, moaning, screaming as we both orgasm together.

I continued fucking her although my massive ejaculation of my sinful incestuous male seeds into my mother’s cunt hole depths – My cock never goes quickly soft – even after a quick wank I always had to put a stiff cock away into my trousers. My mom was crying with a smile on her face – she was caressing my slightly moving boy buttocks – She then turned slightly serious and asked me if I hated her – I said of course I didn’t hate her. She asked if I was disgusted with her and again I reassured her that I wasn’t disgusted with her. She kissed me and ran her fingers through my hair – I rested my head on her breast as we relaxed with my stiff fully hard cock in her cunt – she was caressing my shoulders – then I felt her hips trying to move again.

I was ready to fuck my wonderful lust filled mother again and the second act of incest was even better than our first shag.

I was more controlled with my down wards thrusts – mom was guiding me as she rolled her hips to meet my fucks into her. We went to her bed and talked – she told me she knew I was fucking myself on the broom handle late at night – she said she knew I was sexually attracted to my 8 year old brother. She wanted the full details of the four girls I’d fucked – I told her about the farmer showing me the joys of gay sex – queer sex as the word gay wasn’t universally used to mean homos – she said I must be half and half – I later learnt she meant bi-sexual.

I told her I fantasized about her catching me fucking myself naked and body oiled up in front of mirrors – she said it could now happen. She told me I would tomorrow be shown how to do foreplay and 69 with a woman – I told her I did it with my school friends – it turned her on when I told her who I had had sex with in our street and at school.

I fell asleep after our third shag – I work up at around six o’clock and heard voices of the family down stairs – I put my trousers no underpants I greeted everybody with a special smile to mom as I sat in the chair at the supper table – I sat in uncle Tom’s chair – I was tempted to say ‘Cheers to absent friends’. My 6 year old sister asked me if I was going to school tomorrow – I told her she’d have to ask our mommy – mom said ‘I don’t think so luv.’ My cock twitched inside my loose fitting trousers. After supper my young sister came to sit on my knee…

I’m on heat lust reliving the above.

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