Didn't Really Plan To Fuck My Mother-But I Did!

My name is Raphael, and I attend the local university in my city. My mother Gina is an M.D. in our city, besides working at the hospital she has her own practice, so as you can imagine we are pretty well off.
My mother is a very sexy Latina that turns heads everywhere she goes, including mine. I have dreamed of fucking her silly, knowing down deep it would never happen, just a long distant unachievable dream, so I thought.

My father had left for a medical convention early about 6:00 am, I left for classes around 7:00. My mother had said the day before she had a special task to do at the hospital so would leave the house a little late and stop at the hospital before going on to her office. It was about 8:30 am when I got home, I got a splitting headache so I decided to come home, I didn’t think anyone would be home, but as I arrived, I saw my mother’s caddy in the driveway, I thought she’s still here, I wonder if she overslept.

I walked in the house and I heard moaning sounds coming from my mother’s bedroom, I went up to my parent’s bedroom and I was about to ask out loud, if everything was alright, but something told me not do that. My parents had a two-bedroom suite, I slowly opened the door to sitting area and I heard very loud moans that I now recognized as my mother. I suddenly recognized the male voices as one said, check out this little whore grind her ass on this 12-inch chocolate rod. Look at his little whore go. I hid behind the door and started to see it all like a live porn show. My mother was ramming her ass against our next- door neighbor’s huge cock, his name was Melvin and was also a doctor at the hospital. I recognized the guy other black guy that had his huge down my mother throat as Larry an attorney for my father.

I took my phone out and started recording everything as they took turns fucking my mother in every hole for about two hours, at one point they had my mother moaning and screaming very loud as they took turns between her ass and pussy as they double penetrated her. After a while they both dumped huge wads of cum, they got dressed as my mother was left spread eagled on the bed. As they both left, they boisterously laughed as they slapped my mother’s ass as they said we’ll be back for more later. In a sanicle laughter Melvin asked Larry, YOU MAN, YOU THINK HER LITTLE PUKE OF A HUSBAND KNOW HIS WIFE LIKES LOTS OF BLACK MEAT? Larry responded, NAH! THIS SLUT LOVES BLACK MEAT OR SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD HER HUSBAND ALREADY, NEXT TIME WE COME OVER, I’VE GOT A COUPLE OF BUDS, I’LL BE BRINGINH OVER AND WE REALLY CAN GIVE HER GOOD GANG BANGING. They both laughed as they walked out.

After they left, as I kept on videoing laying sprawled eagled naked, she finally got into the shower. She had dried off and finally came out naked. I saw her put on a very sheer see through black bra, her nipples were very visible. She slipped on a pair of very sheer black matching panties, that hardly covered anything, I definitely had an erection that would stop. She finally slipped on her black sheer hose and heels, she looked fucking hot. She went into her closet to look for what she was going to wear for the day. I made my decision right there, this was as a good time to put my hard 10-inch cock up her pussy, I was not 12-inches, but I definitely was wider in girth. If she was willing to fuck out her marriage, I was going to make her fuck her son.

My mother was searching in her closet, when I started playing the video I had recorded of Melvin and Larry fucking the shit out her. I walked in the closet and I startled her as I didn’t say a thing, just turned the screen so she could see the recording of I had made of her taking lots of cock. She looked at me and said nothing, I said, YOU’RE NOT STUPID, YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT, AND I’M TAKING IT RIGHT NOW! I picked her up, she looked into my eyes as I carried her to her marital bed where Melvin and Larry had just fucked earlier. I laid her down and I could see she already had a huge wet spot on her panty crotch. I stuck two fingers up her very wet cunt, she moaned while she writhed her body and jammed her pussy against my fingers. I said, Melvin and Larry are right, you really a little whore, ready to fuck anytime aren’t you? She didn’t fight me at all, I pulled down her panties and tossed them on the floor. I placed her legs on my shoulders and drove all my manhood deep in her hot pussy, a couple of minutes later, I was fucking her in full earnest. I fucked the shit out her all night and every day until my father came home. When my father goes golfing, I fuck the shit out her. When my father goes away, Melvin and Larry also bring their buds over for plenty of Latina pussy. This has given me an idea to get some of friends to come over tomorrow after my father leave on a business trip, he if she can be a whore for Melvin and Larry and their friends, she can be whore for me and my friends.

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