Didn't Really Plan To Fuck My Mother-But I Did! 2

It was Friday afternoon and my father and brother were going away for weekend to compete in a golf tournament. All I thought about was as soon as he is out that door, I’m going to be fucking my mother all over our house in any position I wanted, I was crazed and obsessed with the lewdness of my lust. I had not fucked my mother’s ass yet, but after I saw Melvin and Larry put their huge rods up her ass, I became obsessed with putting my dick up her ass, this weekend was the perfect time with my father gone.

I was laying in my bed when I heard the door open as my mother said good-bye to my father, wishing luck on his game at the tournament. My mother came in my bedroom, she had on black pumps, an off-white skirt with a black modest low-cut top that showed some cleavage. She stood beside me looking down and said, Ralph, this whole thing is a big mistake, I’m sorry I let you have sex with me, it’s not going to happen again, you’re my son and it’s wrong. I responded, so fucking Melvin and Larry behind Dad’s back is O.K., but fucking your son is bad, I personally think it’s better the other way around. She said, you would, but it’s wrong. Before she could continue, I quickly reached under her skirt and inserted my middle finger right up her pussy, as she quickly moaned, rolled her eyes and slung her head backwards. I quickly sat up and started working two fingers in and out of her pussy very fast. She started bucking her pussy against my fingers saying, oooooh weeee caaan’t, weeee juuuust caaaan’t. I told her, stop fighting you know you want it, don’t tell me you don’t want it, you’re pussy is telling me another story, cause it’s dripping wet. Mother, you know you’re a whore for Melvin and Larry, you don’t think I know that their buddies come over and get plenty of your pussy. I’ve got plenty of video action of the whole thing. I raised her skirt and said look at that crotch, man, are you wet, I’ m going to take care of that hot little cunt right now. I pulled down her very sheer white panties, I had a huge erection and I told her, put my dick up your hot cunt, come on, do it. It didn’t take long, she moved over and lowered her dripping pussy on my full erection all the way up until there was no more space between my pelvis and her cunt.

I started raising her up and down on my 10-inch dick, she started moaning very loud then she started going crazy gyrating her hips hard against my dick. I said, you like your son’s dick? I’m not a long as Melvin and Larry, but I sure got plenty of width, like that big thick dick, whore? She responded, I’m not a whore, also saying in a low moan, yes, I love your thick dick as she began gyrating like crazy on my dick. She began raising herself up and down slamming her pussy on my huge dick, saying, feels so good, fuck me, fuck me. Dad doesn’t know he is married to a whore, does he? She didn’t say a thing, she just kept on fucking my dick hard and moaning very loud.

I feel backwards with her on top of me, then flipped her around and positioned her in a doggy-style position. I opened my drawer next to the bed and brought a lubricant. I lubed my dick and her ass then slowly I started going in her ass, as she moaned. I told her I can see you like ass fucking, well from now I’m going to be putting my dick up your ass a whole lot. In no time, I was driving all my 10-inch cock fully up her ass, all that could be heard were her loud moans and my pelvis slamming her ass hard against her ass, THUD, THUD, THUD, OOOOOOH, THUD, THUD, THUD, AAAAAAH. I thought to myself, can my whore mother fuck. It was very easy to see my mother was not a novice at fucking at all and sure was not shy, without a doubt she loved a cock deep up her ass, obviously the bigger the better. As I fucked her at times she would back up against my cock and take all up her ass and gyrate her hips with my cock deep in her ass. I told her, oh yeah, you’re a little whore alright, you love cock up deep up that ass, don’t you? I finally tightened up and started coming, my dick was so hard as I kept gushing loads of cum deep in my mother’s ass. She quickly got off my dick turned around and put my cock deep down her throat and started swallowing all my gushing loads, I couldn’t stop coming, but she was taking all I could give down her throat. I grabbed her by the back of her head and jammed her mouth against my dick, I said out loud, EAT ALL THE CUM WHORE. She broke away a little just to say, I’m not a whore, I’m still your mother. I responded, oh no, you might be still be my mother but you’re also a whore, only a cock sucking whore that gets her ass fucked will drain the cock that just fucked her ass.

All that weekend, she no longer told me we should stop fucking, instead as I planned it, I fucked my mother all over the house, at any place you and position you could imagine. We fucked several times on the stairway, I knelt her on down on the stairs, spread her legs and rammed my thick cock deep in her ass. I got her to raise her leg on the kitchen counter and one thrust I drove my cock deep in pussy, she was so wet there was no friction as I drove my cock until my balls were bouncing on her ass as I thrust in and out of her hot cunt. We rocked the kitchen table several times that weekend, not to mention all the blow jobs I got in our swimming pool and hot tub.

I called up five of my college buddies that weekend, I wanted to see how much of a whore my mother really was. As I suspected she was the biggest whore I had ever experienced, at any given time one of us had a cock buried in any orifice we chose to fuck. We noticed she loved a good ass fucking, so we obliged and drilled her ass, until she could hardly walk. My mother found out that her new favorite position was being Double Penetrated her while she took turns sucking several cocks. My father always saw my mother as medical professional, he had no idea his wife had quickly become my college MILF.

All my father’s friends played him for a fool, two or three of his buddies would visit him, they pretended to help my mother in the kitchen or in the garage. What was really happening, while one of his buddies kept him entertained in any subject my father like, his other buddies were either were getting blow jobs or they were fucking her. When my father was not around, my father’s buddies, me and my friends would gangbang my mother for hours, we would leave her body sprawled, legs wide open on my father’s marital as cum dripped out her cunt and ass, also had dried cum all over her hair. Sometimes my father was so oblivious as he read a book in his office, while me and my friends fucked my mother in his car in the driveway, sometimes my father’s buddies would fuck her in her SUV in the hospital parking lot.

Since the day I caught my mother fucking Melvin and Larry, I had placed mini-cameras all over the house and had recorded every instance she was fucked in the house, believe me lots of cock got into that hot pussy and ass. The guys that fucked her in cars gave me videos of them fucking her, so I had lots of video of my mother fucking, that gave her the incentive to let us keep using her as our whore, later it didn’t matter, she loved lots of cock. My father never suspected he was married to the biggest whore in town.

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