Dear Kim Part 3

The Promises Clinic and Rehabilitation Center was now entering it’s fourth week of being open and Kim Kardashian couldn’t be happier.

Kim had chosen the name herself. She knew that a lot of people thought it was cheesy and she didn’t completely disagree with them but she knew the power the name had. Essentially everyone in her rehab program was there because of a promise to get better they made to someone they love or at the absolute least a judge. With every form, every sign in sheet, every building you pass you are reminded the reason why you’re here… a promise and hell if it worked half as well for them as it had done for Kim then they can do anything. Kim was able to make this dream a reality because of a promise she had made, and she always remembered that promise with every form, every sign in sheet, every check. She would always have mayor Cullen make the check out to Promises Clinic and Rehabilitation Center instead of in her name. This way she could look at it and remind herself why she was letting that old cretin use her also so she was never tempted to use the money for herself. Even now the thought made her cringe even though it had now been nearly 6 weeks since she had seen or heard from him.

“I’ll call you soon” was the last thing he said to her but he never did. Kim considered calling him but there was really no need. She had received a few anonymous donations just before opening day and not only that but things had been remaining strangely profitable. Everyone was expecting the first quarter to be a loss as most business do, but so far everything was going as well as it could be.

Kim should have been happy that she was no longer seeing him, that’s what she wanted. Still, she thought it was offly rude of him to just drop all contact with out giving any warning or reason. He had seemed to be enjoying their time together, he even said so before he left, so it couldn’t have been anything she had done…right?. Perhaps he needed to stop seeing her for some reason, his wife….or was it Paris. What if Paris had told…. No. No, it couldn’t be that. The truly most sensible answer was that he found himself another piece of ass. One that doesn’t require payment. Whatever it was she should have been grateful for it. This way she now didn’t have to give him the. “It’s not you. Your great. I’m just really busy right now…” speech.

One late Saturday afternoon Kim Kardashian was sitting alone in her office finishing up some last minute order forms before she went home for the night. She couldn’t wait, she had the whole day off the next day well, as much as a day off as Kim could have. Her secretary, as well as most of her other employees had already left the building. Everything was so silent and still that Kim jumped a little at the sound of her own phone receiving a text message. She was shocked and slightly annoyed to see mayor Cullen’s number come up.

Are you busy tonight?

Who the hell does he think he is Kim thought. It was so aggravating that she got up from her desk and began to pace. He can’t just pick me up and put me down whenever it suits him she thought. She try to calm herself and see it from his angle or at least give him a chance to explain. She entered her password and typed out her response.

I’ll be free around 9 o’clock. I thought you had forgotten about me: (

The response was almost immediate.

How could I possibly forget about you ; ) I’ll have a car pick you up at 9:30.

That was… oddly generous for him. Normally he would just tell her what hotel they would be meeting at. Not that she was complaining she would much rather have someone come get her in a fancy car rather than take the subway.

Sounds great. I’ll see you then.

Kim finished her work and returned home around 8:30. Her day had been exhausting and she wanted nothing more than to kick off her heels and crawl in to bed but she had other obligations. She decided a quick shower was in order before leaving. As she began to undress herself her skirt and satin panties already on her floor, a thought occurred to her. Mayor Cullen didn’t know her home address. He had never been to her apartment and she couldn’t think of any point in which she wrought it down. Did he think I’d be at the clinic Kim wondered. She decided to text him the address just in case.

Kim’s bathroom was small, much like the rest of her place but it suited her needs. The stresses of her day seemed to melt away under the warm water of the shower. As she lathered her her body in soap she made a decision. The clinic was doing well enough on it’s own so she had no reason to keep seeing him and would end it with him tonight, after she had gotten her check of course. Perhaps this one she would even ask him to make out to her. She was in desperate need for a new laptop and didn’t want to make the clinic pay for it. She stepped out of the shower dripping and wrapped a towel around her. She checked her phone, no new messages. As she chose her outfit she texted him again.

So where will we be meeting tonight?

She hoped it would be the Trump Towers again. It had the nicest beds and was right next to the one of the best bagel shops in the city. Sadly even as she slipped on her shoes and walked out to the dimly lit city streets to meet the car he still had not given her an answer.

The car arrived at 9:30 just as he had promised. As she slid into the plush roomy back seat of the car the driver greeted her with a smile. “Good evening ma’am. Would you like me to put on the radio?” He pulled away from the curb and into the busy traffic.

“No thank you.”

“There are chilled bottles of spring water in the center console there if you would like any.”

“Thank you.” She sipped the water and watch the city roll by her window. Now she was more curious as to where they were going as the car drove through downtown. They stopped outside of what it appeared to be a night club . Proserpina’s* was written in bright neon lights over the entrance.

More than slightly confused she stepped out of the car. Surely Mayor Cullen didn’t intend for them to meet here. He was two centuries too old to be even thinking about going to a place like this. She looked around the street, none of the other surrounding buildings were any more appropriate. She then scanned the crowd in front of the club for the mayor but it was mostly just young pretty girls in short dresses and young man with there arms around those pretty girls.

She tapped on the driver’s window. He rolled it down so they could speak. “Excuse me. Why did you bring me here?” She asked.

He gave her a quizzical look.“This is the address she told me to bring you.”


“Yes.” Kim turned to look back at the crowd, she looked for Paris’s bright hair or her smug face but she was nowhere to be seen. While she was distracted the car behind her pulled away and began to drive away. Kim tried to flag him down but the driver paid her no mind and left her standing on the street corner alone. She should have stayed there and waited for a cab to come around it probably wouldn’t have been a long wait but something made her move. Something pulled her tored the club. Perhaps it was curiosity, a need to know why Paris had brought her here, what she wanted.

She decided to try something. She bypassed the crowd and went up to the bouncer. He was a mountus black man in a suit with a clipboard. He looked her up and down, she wasn’t exactly club dressed. “Umm.. Kim Kardashian” she told him. He looked down at his clipboard for no more than 4 seconds then began to shake his head.“I’m here to see Paris Hilton.”

“O your one of Paris’s girls.” He said in a baritone voice. He lifted the rope and stepped aside gesturing her to enter. “Go right on in.” Kim knew if she enter she’d be walking straight into whatever Paris had planned for her but she wasn’t going to let that happen. She would not play any of her little games, Kim wasn’t something that Paris could manipulate just because she thought she was something special. She planed to tell her that, as well as also finding out if she had something to do with the mayor’s sudden disappearance.

Kim had never been to this particular club before but she had been to enough that she knew where she was. She entered into some sort of upper level lounge. She took a short walk around to survey the area. It had a full size bar as well as plenty of chairs and couches in which couples sat comfortably sipping their drinks and chatting. She didn’t see Paris anywhere, and Paris was hard to miss with her burning red hair and the way she stood head and shoulders above everyone else. She leant over a metal railing and looked down at the dance floor below. She could hear the loud pulsating beats of house music or was it dubstep Kim could never tell the difference. She tried to search thru the sea of gyrating bodies for Paris but the flashing lights made it difficult to see much of anything. Then she spotted her. There was a second bar at the far end of the dance floor with bright neon lights and a cage dancer at each end. Paris was just sitting there talking to someone. Kim couldn’t see his face that well but she could tell by the way he was dressed and the way he was sitting he was at least in his late thirties, early forties. She was too far to get a good look at them, but that also meant Paris was unlikely to spot her and she preferred it to stay that way. She just stood there staring intently at them.

“Hi there.” Said a voice from behind her. Kim nearly jumped straight into the air. She spun around and saw a handsome young man put his hands up. “Whoa sorry…”

“ it’s fine…I.” Kim stammered.

“I’m Kanye”


“Can I buy you a drink?” He asked.

She smiled at him. “I think that’s exactly what I need right now.” She said. She let him lead her to the bar but once she had her jack and coke and he had his hipster beer she insisted they go back to where they were before, with the hard metal stools and the loud music instead of somewhere more comfortable. She took a seat from which she could continue to keep an eye on Paris. Her friend had left her and now she sat at the bar alone.

Kenye sure enjoyed talking about himself. In the time it took her to finish her drink he had already told her where he went to school, what he was currently doing with that useless degree , what he really wanted to do in the future, what he thought of this club. None of which Kim cared about or retained in the slightest bit. After a while she took out her phone and started doing research. She googled the name and address of the club. She checked the official website as well as some reviews. There had to be a reason Paris brought her to this particular club and- ahh there it was. The Proserpina’s bar and dance club was also home to a members only sex club named the underworld. A bit of a literary stretch for this crowd.

“So drugs… umm they are just the worst aren’t they?”

She looked up from her phone.“…what?”

“I mean I smoked a little weed in college but I totally think…” Kim was starting to feel bad for this guy. She wasn’t in the slightest bit interested in him and she knew that before he even said a word. She decided it was time to stop stringing him along.

“You know what it’s been nice to meet you but umm… i’m just not interested. Thanks for the drink but I think you should go.”

“But I..”He stammered

“Just please go.” Kim said annoyed.

As he got up to leave he glared at her and said. “Ges your friend was right. You are uptight.” He began to storm off. Kim jumped from her stool so fast she nearly knocked it over.

“Excuse me, what did you say? Who are you talking about? What friend?” She stammered off.

“I didn’t get her name. The one with the red hair…” he used his hand to demonstrate the length of Paris’s hair “And the umm…” he then used his hands to demonstrate the size of Paris’s exorbitant breasts.

“Paris.” She said in a quiet revelation.

“She said you’ve been really stressed out lately because you’ve been working a lot in a drug clinic or something. She showed me a pitcher of you and said if I could show you a good time and get you to unwind and come home with me tonight she would make it worth my while.”

“Worth your while? What the hell does that mean?”

“I don’t know. I was kind of hoping it would be a threesome type deal.” He said with a dirty smile. Kim scoffed at him and told him to leave again. Once he was out of sight her eyes flicked back to Paris. She was still sitting there alone. Like she was waiting… she was waiting for Kim, well then she was gonna get Kim.

She plan to march straight up to that arrogant bitch and tell her off. You think you’re so fucking smart don’t you, you can’t manipulate me for your own twisted needs, and if you think you got your way by getting Cullen to dump me you’re wrong because I couldn’t be more thrilled I never have to see him again and that goes triple for you. The smarter decision would have been to leave and go home but she was too angry to be making smart decisions right now.

She made her way down the metal stairs and on to the dance floor. She was in no mood to be polite. Instead of “Sorry. Excuse me.” She shoved and charged her way thru the horde of dancers. A remix of a popular Justin Bieber song was blasting. Telling her to act as if the world were ending and to make a decision without thinking. When she broke thru to the other side she could see Paris still sitting at the bar staring up at one of the girls dancing in the cage but before Kim could make it to her an older gentleman in a black blazer stepped directly in front of her. “Well hello there” he said confidently. “I’m…”

“Fuck right off” she told him. He was confused and taken back by this snap comment ‘Did she promise you sloppy seconds or did she just tell you you could watch?” She yelled. A few close people turned to see the commotion. He had no words for her just a blank stare of befuddlement. “Get the hell out of my face.” She barked and the man did so without another word. It wasn’t until his back was turned that she realized that she was wrong. That wasn’t the same man Paris was talking to earlier, similar but definitely not the same. Just some poor fool going through a midlife crises trying his damnedest whom Kim nearly bit his head off because she was paranoid..

Everything felt out of control. She needed to calm down. She took a seat at the bar as far from Paris as possible. She had no intention of ordering another drink but the bartender placed a glass of scotch and soda in front of her. “Compliments of the beauty at the end of the bar.” Kim didn’t need to look up to know which beauty he was referring to.

“Tell her she’s not my type.” She said. He probably didn’t. She couldn’t be sure though because she never looked up. She just stared at the bubbles in the drink, then at the nicks and grooves on the bar’s surface, anywhere but at Paris. The surface was reflective enough that she saw a blurb form come up beside her she didn’t move. She then heard the sound of the stool next to her being pulled out but still she kept her eyes down, apparently applying the ignore a bully and they’ll go away method. She heard a soft tink and saw that Paris placed her glass of the same drink right next to Kim’s. She wait for Paris to say something conceited or witty to try and get her attention, something hurtful or even just hi but she said nothing. She was waiting… still waiting. They both were silent for full two minutes, Kim felt so awkward just sitting there perfectly still that she had to take a sip from the drink even it was from Paris. She couldn’t take it, it was time to fish or cut the line, she had to tell Paris off or make for the exit.

Kim looked up at her, god she looked incredible in that dark blue dress that showed off all of her best features. Two delicate twist of hair started at her nape and caught up her lush curls into a heavy swirl at the back of her head. Paris smiled at her “I told you you’d be back.” She said.

“No. You tricked me here.”

She shrugged “I may have borrowed Cullen’s phone to get you here yes, but you came to me on your own.” She pointed out. “You could have left as soon as you knew it was me or anytime really. You could have even left here with any of the handsome boys here. I’m sure they’ve been all over you tonight, but you didn’t.”

“You…” Kim was gonna point out that she knew that the “Handsome boys” were just more of her manipulation but Paris kept on talking.

“I haven’t drugged you, you’re not bound to this bar you can leave right now there’s an exit there.” She pointed and Kim’s eyes followed to a clearly marked exit across the dance floor “And there.” Pointing to the door she came in. “You can go right now.” Paris was right she could leave right now nothing was holding her back, well nothing physical but Paris’s predatory stare and steady words keep her frozen in place. She hoped another sip of her drink would shake her free of her trance but it only made her feel weaker. “But you won’t, because you want to know just how far I will take this.”

Kim opened her mouth then closed it then opened it again each time she meant there to be words but she couldn’t seem to make any. Instead of sitting there looking like a fish trapped on a line she decided to take one more big gulp from her drink. “If…if I say yes…”Kim struggled to say “What happens next?” Kim asked.

Paris smiled at her “I’m a girl of habit. What happened next last time?” She asked. Kim was confused. She waited for her to give an answer but she said nothing and instead looked down at their glasses. That’s when Kim noticed that at some point Paris had switched the glasses they were drinking from and Kim had already had more than half of Paris’s.

“O you fucking …bitch!” Her attempt to get down from her stool was hindered greatly by the drugs already working its way through her system and she practically fell right on her ass. She tried to stumble away. There was no way she would be able to make it back thru the crowd in her condition. Even just looking at the flashing lights and constant motion of the mob made her feel even dizzier.

She felt like she was gonna fall back word but then she felt something lightly touch the small of her back. She couldn’t see Paris but she knew it was her. She knew it was her steady hand holding her upright, she knew that the sensation on her shoulder was Paris’s hair as she leaned in close to whisper to her. “Let’s go for a little walk.” She said softly.

“O-ok” Kim replied.


Kim awoke to the strangest sight. It was her, she could see herself. She was lying down, fully naked, with her wrist tied together with a rope and pulled over her head and her legs spread wide. Is this what they call an out of body experience she wondered. Then when she tried to move she realized she was in fact laying down staring up at a mirrored ceiling. She tried to free her hands but the knot was tight and elaborate. Each ankle was tied to a leg of the queen size bed with such a short amount of rope that not only could she not close her legs but she was so close the edge of the bed that her ass was essentially hanging off. This room was even more bare than the last room Paris threw her in. It was small and the only things in it was the bed with Kim on it and a chair with Paris on it.

Paris was patiently sitting down, staring at her phone. Only it wasn’t Paris’s sleek newest model blackberry it was Kim’s iPhone with a pink cover. In her left hand she clutched a leather riding crop which she laid across her chest rhythmically tapping her right shoulder. At her feet sat the same little black bag of horrors from the last time which probably contained a whole new set of disturbing tools. Kim laid there afraid to say anything or make any noise, eventually Paris looked up and when she saw the Kim was awake again she smiled a wicked smile. She rose from her chair and began to slowly walk towards her. “ I went ahead and sent out a few text canceling any plans you had for tomorrow morning. I can promise you, you’re gonna be sore.”

“Is that.. How did you get in there I have a password on it?”

“A 4 digit pin is hardly the enigma code “ she held the phone up so that Kim could see. She pointed to the slight smudges at the bottom of the screen. “It includes 0 and 3. You’re too organized for it to just be random numbers so it’s most likely a date. You’re smart enough not to use your own birthday so it just took a quick search threw obituaries to find your mother, father or brothers date of birth or death.” Paris typed in the numbers 0316 the day her brother died and the phone unlocked for her.

“You drugged me again.” Kim said angrily

“Yeah … yeah I did, but I promise lowest dosage possible, completely safe for both you and the baby.”

“WHAT?!” Kim must have misheard or ….

Paris looked shocked her eyes widen and she raised a hand to her mouth “O…o god y-you didn’t know. I just assumed you already knew… I mean you’re probably about 5, 6 weeks along.”

“What? No I-I can’t…” Kim stuttered.

“Have you had unprotected sex recently?” She asked. Kim didn’t answer her but the truth was she had. The night in the mayor’s office they hadn’t used protection. Kim had just assumed that even if he had any sperm left in those dusty old balls they’d be totally worthless but then again … shit she had almost forgotten about the man from the hotel bar could it be from him. “Your nipples are much darker than before and you also posted to your Facebook this morning” she read aloud from Kim’s phone “Upset stomach, sad face, going to crawl back to bed now.” She had posted that, and she wasn’t just saying it for pity she really did feel shitty.

This couldn’t have been happening. This was insane how could she be pregnant and more importantly how could Paris known before she did, it was her body. This was not how one should receive news of a life changing pregnancy. It should be alone in your bathroom with a 10 dollar pee stick or from a doctor. Not tied up naked in a strange place, not from a demented fuck like Paris who seemed to be getting off on her suffering.

“No- no it can’t…” it had been many years since the last time Kim had had a panic attack. She use to get them in school ever so often. First breathing would become increasingly difficult she would then get an unbearable tightness in her chest then everything around her would become a faded blur of noise and shapes until she had calmed herself down. As she matured she found a few different ways of coping with these little fits. Yoga, a warm shower, talking threw it with someone who cares for her none of which were options at the moment. Her whole body began to tremble.

Paris watched as her captured princes became an uncontrollable quivering mess. It was fun for a little while, watching Kim’s breasts bobbed with each rapid breath but it got tedious fast so she decided to put an end to it. She got on the bed and carefully swung one leg over her so that she was straddling Kim’s lower stomach. She was now the perfect distance that when she raised her riding crop and swung with all her strength she hit Kim square across her cheek. The intense stinging pain silenced her long enough for Paris to say. “Relax…. I’m kidding.” What!! “Your nips are most certainly not any darker and trust me I would know” she said playfully hitting the side of Kim’s breast with the crop ” and as for your stomach. What did you have to eat last night?” Kim had to think. Like most nights she didn’t leave her office until 10. It could have been possible she didn’t eat anything yesterday. Then she remembered that after a few hours of insomnia she had gotten up and helped herself to a piece of a coworkers birthday cake that she had brought home and had been sitting on her counter for almost a week.

Kim was trembling again but not out of fear but anger “You… Goddamn-fucking-psycho-WHORE!!!” Paris struck her again this time across her chest. She managed to hit both of her niples with surch force the Kim let out a cry of pain.

“Oh, I’m the whore? You’re the one fucking without protection. You think you would have learned your lesson by now…then again I suppose I can’t blame you.” Paris shifted her position so that she was right over Kim’s crotch “It’s it great feeling isn’t? Doing it bareback.”She began to move her hips. If she were naked as well they would have been rubbing their clits together and just the thought of that combined with the friction and Paris words was enough to make Kim wet. “ so raw so intense… and we both know you don’t like it unless it’s a little bit dangerous” she looked down at her with sharp eyes and a twisted smile. “But that just won’t do, now that you’re mine I won’t have you ruining that perfect figure of yours by getting knocked up so if you refuse to wear condoms the least you can do is get on birth control.”

“I am NOT yours…” Paris hit her with the riding crop again harder, much harder on the tender flesh of her inner thigh. It had broken the skin and she could feel a single drop of blood run down her leg.

“Either get on the pill or i’ll have to start drugging you with that too.” Paris threatened. She climbed down off the bed. She bent over to reach into her little black bag. What ever she was reaching for was only going to be bad news for Kim. She had to stop her, distract her even if it’s just for a moment.

“Really Paris if you’re gonna drug and rape a girl the least you can do is treat her to one of the nicer rooms in the underworld.” Paris stop and looked up at her. “This one’s just one step up from a broom closet.”

“How did you know we were in the underworld ?” She asked.

“You wouldn’t have been able to take me far all drugged out so the sex club under the bar makes the most sense.”

“But how did you know there was a … o my god do you have a membership here.” Paris said in shock.

“What?! No! I googled it.”

“O.” She sounded disappointed. ‘Do you want a membership?” She asked.

“No I don’t want… “ Kim had more to say but Paris just continued to talk over her.

“Cause I can get a discount if I refer a friend. It’s a nice place. Clean, safe, they have a public play area as well as private rooms and each one…”

“…a fucking membership, I want you to let me go.”

Paris ignored her and kept rambling “…comes with a selection of toys and bondage. Of course I always prefer my own.” She picked up her bag and took out something that made Kim’s stomach do back flips.

She held up a large metal speculum. Kim didn’t even liked her doctor touching her with something like that. ‘Don’t you dare touch me with that thing.” Kim said.

“Relax. I’ve done this enough times that I know how to do it without hurting you.” Paris said. She settled on her knees in between Kim splayed legs. First she only used her fingers to run over every inch of Kim’s pussy. She was moistened but not nearly wet enough, but that was a simple enough fix for Paris. She remembered exactly how Kim like to be touched, how to make her wet, and how to make her cum. Using her pointer and middle finger she spread apart her labia and watched as her hole tensed up at even her slightest touch. “Relax.” She whispered. She slid one finger inside and after a few short slow thrust she added a second. She wiggled and spread them apart preparing Kim for her wicked plans .

When the smooth cold tip of the instrument touched her and then barely slid inside Kim tried to flinch away but her tight bond gave her no more than half an inch of wiggle room. ‘Don’t.” Kim said sharply.

“Let me rephrase that.” She pushed the speculum even deeper while turning it slightly.
“It shouldn’t hurt as long as you relax, but if you keep squirming and stay this tense I can’t make that promise.” Kim was trying hard not to clench down on this intrusion but then she felt one of Paris’s hands gently stroking her thigh not far from where she had struck it earlier and it almost felt soothing. After that Paris met less resistance and she was able to work it until it was in as far as it could go.“I really don’t want to hurt you. It’s far more enjoyable watching you breakdown from pleasure rather than pain. Pain is boring we all know how to brace agents pain we do it every day, but pleasure…” she removed her hand and began to manipulate the speculum so it began to stretch her wider “Especially pleasure you’ve never quite felt before…” Kim began to whimper “You have no choice but to succumb to it.”

When Kim felt as if it was open as far as it could Paris asked “How do you feel? Any pain?” After a long few seconds of adjustment and cooling sweat on her chest, she was forced to admit that it didn’t. It was uncomfortable and unyielding, and she felt immensely full, but it didn’t actually hurt. She shook her head. She felt Paris’s finger running greedily around the edge of stretched muscle of her hole and it made her quiver. “Good then I guess that means we can try the bigger one.”

Kim shuddered as Paris pulled the thing slowly out. Normally when she came fluids would forcefully erupt from her, but what happens when the speculum was removed was more like a slow leak. She felt it run down her ass and on to the bed spread. ‘Don’t worry I’m sure it’s had much worse on it.” Kim couldn’t take it anymore. Looking down all she could see was Paris doing unspeakable things to her body and looking up all she could see was herself and her strange reaction to these things. She shut her eyes tight and wasn’t going to open them until they were done.

By the time the second, larger instrument was seated and open inside her, there were tears stinging Kim’s eyes. It was all pressure and slick intrusive movements inside her, sensations that walked some fine edge between too-intense pleasure and violation, and over it all, Paris soft voice telling her how well she was doing. “What a gorgeous sight I wish you could see … oh wait” she said in revelation. Click …click Kim’s eye snapped open. Paris was using Kim’s phone to take pictures of her gaping cunt, all whilst smiling like a fool.

“Please don’t!!!” Kim said begging.

“Where’s the flash on this thing…o.” A bright flash was followed but another click. “Here.” Paris held the phone inches from Kim’s face but she shut her eyes and turned her head away. Paris’s hand still slightly wet from Kim grabbed her chin and pointed her back towards the phone. “Look at it.” She ordered. Kim only saw it for a second because her eyes became blurred with tears, but one second was more than enough. The second speculum was made of a clear plastic instead of metal. This meant every pink inch of her could be seen. The gap looked even bigger then it felt.

Paris put the phone down and started to close the speculum. When it was out Kim was a twitching, sobbing mess. She was so loose that three of Paris’s fingers slid in her with ease and with a fourth Kim began to panic “STOP” she said forcefully. Paris slid her hand even deeper right up to her thumb which she started using to rub Kim’s clit. The pleasure was so strong that she came hard. “STOP, FUCK.” She screamed and with that Paris tucked her thumb in and with a hard push her whole fist was inside Kim. Paris waited until she was quiet before she started to move again. Kim had never been fisted before. She was being penetrated and fucked in a way she never thought possible, and it felt incredible. All five fingers touching everywhere inside her. Paris watched her face carefully for any signs of pain but no matter how deep she went or how hard she punched there was none.

“You’re really not in a position to be telling me what to do.” Paris took another pitcher. “Not when i’ve got all these glamour shots and you’ve got a facebook full of friends and a contact list full of business associates on this thing.”

“P-please don’t.”She cried “I’ll do anything.”

“Will you cum for me?” She didn’t have much choice in the matter. Pariss was moving faster and faster and before she knew it Kim couldn’t hold back any more.

“PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OOHH… FUCK!!!” Kim screamed and squirted all over Paris’s arm. Paris let out a satisfied chuckle. She then clenched her fist and tried to remove her hand as gentle and slowly as possible.

After Paris had freed her ankles she began to work untying her wrist. Kim couldn’t bring herself to look her in the eye. After a few very long, very quiet moments Paris conquer the knot and Kim was free. She lunged for her phone which had been sitting on the end of the bed. 0316. No new sent picture messages, no outgoing emails, and nothing uploaded to Facebook. She let out a sigh of relief for a moment she thought her professional reputations would have been sullied beyond repair. Unfortunately once her body had relaxed the sharp realization of how sore she really was crash down on her like a collapsing building. Her wrist and ankles were most tender but thankfully no marks were visible, Paris had use a soft braided nylon rope. Her head hurt but she couldn’t be sure it was from the drugs or all the shouting she had done or god knows what, and it went without saying she hurt there as well. Paris waited patiently as Kim got dressed. Once she had put on her shoes she gathered all her remaining strength and rose from the bed. She could have should have left but she still had several questions she need answers to. She could only manage to ask one “….Mayor Cullen?” She half asked, but it seemed if Paris knew exactly what she was talking about.

‘Don’t worry. I’ve been keeping him busy so he won’t bother you”

“He’s not…” A flash of anger burned deep inside her “I never asked you to do that.”

“No, but I assumed now that promises was open you wouldn’t be needing any more of his personal donation especially now that you’ve been receiving all those anonymous donations.”

“Those…those were you?” Kim asked shocked.

“In a way yes.” Kim meant to ask her what she meant by that but Paris had taken out her own phone and began to place a call. “Hey mickey… yeah, we’ll be out by the main door in a few minutes…yeah you can just bring her straight home. Alright see you in a few.” She hung up the phone and walked over to the only door in the room. She opened it a gestured out word. Smiling she said. “Your chariot awaits m’lady.”

They walked in silence threw a long hallway of different number doors. Whenever another couple passed them Kim kept her head down and kept walking. When two very tipsy blondes called out. “O hey Paris!” Kim walked even faster, Paris still keeping pace with her. She heard them say something to the extent of “What a bitch” but she couldn’t care less. They walked up a staircase and she found herself in the lounge she had been in earlier.

The same car with the same driver as before was waiting for them outside. ‘Do you still have my key?” Paris asked. Kim nodded she didn’t have the energy or the willpower to lie to her. The truth was she had it sitting on one of her dressers at home. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t thrown it out maybe something in her mind said better to have it and not need it, than to need it to break into a bitches apartment for revenge…and not have it. “Good. Then why don’t you drop by next time you have a free evening.” Kim gave her a glare that would have scared the mustache off of Vlad The Impaler. What kind of delusional world did she live in where she thought that Kim liked that, that she wanted more of this. “O don’t give me that look. I promise I won’t trick you again. I have no interest in chasing you around if you’re going to be so reluctant about it. From now on if you want me you’re going to have to admit it.” Kim clenched her fist hard in an attempt to keep herself from taking a swing at her.

Kim got into the car and thankfully Paris didn’t join. Once they were away from the club Kim felt slightly more at ease but there was still one more thing she needed before she could rest tonight just one thing she had to be sure of. She wiped away the tear that had been running down her cheek. “Umm…can we make a quick stop?”She asked the driver.

It was nearly midnight and the man manning the cash register had a glazed over look on his face when he told her “15.75 please.”

“Is there a bathroom I can use?” She asked picking up her two items. He pointed her to a rundown grimy bathroom and Kim swore she saw something scurry when she turned the light on. She turned on the water and took fore fuck it six Tylenol. She then sat down to take her pregnancy test and after two long minutes the test revealed what she knew all along. She was not pregnant.

Once she was home she felt safer. She removed her close and her make up and as she went to turn off the light Paris’s key caught her eye. She picked up the key and threw it. It made a few like tinks as it landed somewhere in the darkness of her apartment. Kim would never go to her, she would never want her.

Next time on dear Kim

“Are you going to drug me this time?” Kim asked.

“Are you going to run away?”

There was a pause “No”

“Then there is no need to”

Paris began to tie her wrist together. “I said i wasn’t going to run.”

“I know.” She said tightening the knot “This is just for fun”

“Jesus Christ!” Kim said breathlessly. The orgasm made her knees week.

“No, Paris Hilton.” She corrected “ but you’d be surprised how often people make that mistake.” She said with the coyest of smiles.