Dear Kim Part 2

Kim loved school. She loved every minute she was in that underfunded sad excuse for an educational facility. Even when the days were over, she filled every afternoon with clubs, sports and every other moment just in the library brushing up on her studies or absorbed in a book. By the time she finished high school, she had received so many scholarships from debate team, volunteer work, quite a few powerful essays and just all around having a 4.0 GPA that she practically got paid to go to college. People said she was driven, that she was a model student. The truth was she was a coward, hiding away. What else was a child of an abusive home to do. She loved every minute she was in school… because she wasn’t at home. She was away from all the yelling, all the hate, and the pain.

She never let it show and she never ever told a soul. None of her classmates or teachers had a clue and she preferred it that way. She would rather people think she was a determined young woman rather than a little girl who needed saving. She didn’t want to be saved, she just wanted to bury herself in her activities and pretend everything was OK.

She still lived like that to this day. Whenever things got stressful for her she would center all of her focus on her work. Not that she could give any more of her time or energy to the clinic at this point. She was now there 7 days a week sun up to sun down, each day was that much closer to opening day… to her dreams. That’s why she couldn’t stop seeing mayor Cullen… not yet.

It didn’t matter how much of her time she devoted to it, without the proper funding it would be all for nothing. Everything she had built so far would sink into the ground if she stopped now and she couldn’t let that happen. She would be letting so many people down. Her mother and brother, all of her employees, herself. That’s why even after everything with Paris she still said yes when mayor Cullen called asking to see her.

She made sure before he hung up the phone that they would be meeting in a hotel this time instead of his office. While Paris hadn’t said anything specifically about Kim stopping her affair with him, Paris did make it fairly clear that she wasn’t to keen on them being together and Kim would rather not poke the bear by strolling in there for a late night fuck. Like Kim said to her that night, she rather just avoid her for the rest of her life. Now if Kim could only get her subconscious to do the same. No matter how hard she tried, no matter what else she attempted to focus on, she couldn’t help but think about Paris. The way her hands touched her. The words she whispered to her replayed in her mind every other minute, and the way she gave Kim everything and asked for nothing in return Well nothing physical.

It no longer mattered, she would never see that sociopath again, hell within a few weeks she probably never see mayor Cullen again. She had worked and reworked the clinic budget, trimming unnecessary expenditures and downsizing a few things. Difficult but necessary. Now she would only need to see him 2 more times, maybe 3 if she wanted a little safety money for the first quarter but after that she planned on cutting ties with him and putting all of this behind her. She could just keep riding this easy train, he certainly showed no signs of losing interest. It wouldn’t be hard and she could really use the extra money for the clinic or even just for her maybe save enough to move out of her shit apartment in her shit neighborhood, but she was too damn proud. She was also really sick of people using her body.

Once again there night together was less than spectacular. It’s not that Mayor Cullen wasn’t a skilled lover or that he wasn’t well equipped. there was just so little passion between them. something about the involvement of money made it all feel so …well business. she felt no need to impress him or to compliment him and as far as Kim could tell he had no need or interest in anything but climaxing.

it always ended the same way with a few distinctly loud grunts from him and let’s call it an embellished orgasms from her and this time was no different. Kim watched him as he began to cover his pale wrinkled body with his expensive Ralph Lauren suit. she stayed in the bed she wasn’t in a rush to leave like he was “Paris…your assistant, do you trust her?” Kim asked timidly

“Of course, completely. She’s worked for me for many years… why do you ask?” She should have said nothing she should have just let him continue getting dressed but she had to say something. She needed to know if he knew that the woman he trusted with all his secrets was a deranged lesbian rapist.

“You know she knows about…us?” She more than just knew she had recorded evidence of all his affairs.

“Yes… I am aware. I’m sorry I should have explained. It’s difficult to keep a secret from someone who handles your schedule and your finances and is with you almost seven days a week. You have nothing to worry about, she’s very discrete.”

“Does she handle anything else of yours?” she asked.

“Oh no ,no” He chuckled “She is a lovely woman but she’s a bit of a rug-muncher” He said lowering his voice like an excited little boy telling a secret.

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“Oh I see. She was coming on to you wasn’t she?” Kim’s face went bright red. “listen, you have to make it very clear to her that you’re straight… “ Oh how little this man truly knew about her and how little she cared, not even enough to correct him. “Because if Paris decides she wants something she will get it” He said with absolute certainty.

“I’ll be sure to inform her” of course she wouldn’t. Even if she had said it even if it were accurate would it had made any difference to Paris?

The mayor was now looping his belt threw the last loop. Kim was anxious for him to leave so she could start browsing the pay per view movies new release or if there was nothing else of interest on Cinemax again. “Say it nicely though.You most certainly don’t want to be on her bad side. Especially since she’s been so kind in getting us such nice accommodations”


“Well you don’t think I reserve these rooms under my name or with my credit card do you?” It never even crossed her mind. She was stupid oh so stupid. “Your checks are easy enough to explain, charitable donation and what have you. How ever three different one night hotel rooms that might look some what suspicious and that’s where Paris comes in. Oh, and speaking of your check.” He extended his arm to hand her the check but she didn’t react for almost 7 seconds.

Kim could hear Paris’s arrogant voice as clear as it had been when she was tied to the bench “It’s part of my job you see.” “And you young lady have been making things quite difficult for me. Obscene hotel bills…” Great now on top of Paris knowing her sexual history embarrassing mistakes and all and the pitiful story of her childhood, she also knew how she liked her steak cooked and porn preference. Kim hated that Paris knew such personal things about her, it made her feel even more violated. She hated it even more that she knew almost nothing about Paris in return.

“Kim.” Mayor Cullen said snapping her back into reality. She rose from the bed to take it from him, the silk sheets falling from her curvy body. he reached around her and grabbed her perky ass with his bony old hand and brought her in for a close embrace. “I had a lot of fun tonight” His breath smelt like cough drops.

“Yeah, me too” She said through a fake smile. He kissed her and she kissed back.

“I’ll call you soon.”

“Oh yes, please do.” She said. Please do so I can get my last check and I can start doing something, literally anything else with my Saturday nights.

As soon as she heard the door shut behind him she back flopped back on to the heavenly bed. she laid there for a while mulling over her options. she could just leave and go home fuck me, that nearly a 25 minute train ride wait, why was she running away? what was she afraid of? it wasn’t as if Paris was there. even if she was… what more could she do to her that she hadn’t already. she made it clear that she would never release her secret.

Kim was starving. unless you count caffeine as one of the basic food groups, she did not have anything close to a good meal today. she decided that instead of ordering room service she would go down to the hotel restaurant and place a takeout order on her dime and take it back up to the room. her hopes of her New York strip and double fudge brownie sundae were crushed when she actually bother to look at the prices. she placed her order for a Cobb salad “$11.95, 20 minutes” the cashier rudely grumbled. the restaurant was busy every table was taken and the bar was shoulder to shoulder but still 20 minutes was ridiculous for a salad. she added a beer for her to drink while she waited. “$18.52.” she gave him one of her credit cards. it looked as if there was no room at the bar for her to sit but when she approached a slightly round balding man sitting alone offered her his seat. she smiled and thanked him but thankfully she didn’t have to talk to him because the bartender slid right on up to her to take her order and chat her up, clearly ignoring several other patrons who were still waiting, there is nothing in this world quite like being the hottest girl in the bar. as she sipped her beer and waited for her meal she thought about what she would do with herself this evening. she didn’t need a movie she could just flip on some mindless crap on tv. plus she had brought her laptop with her so she could also work on a few things, make the day less stressful tomorrow. assuming she didn’t get distracted by Facebook and some stupid colorful game. assuming she didn’t fall asleep immediately. after 22 minutes of waiting and more than half her beer she saw exactly what she wanted to do tonight, or rather who she wanted to do tonight.

He was tall and handsome and o so very muscular. not in an over the top beefy way, more like hand sculpted by sex gods to be the most perfectly desirable man to ever walked the planet. his eyes were dark and when they met her’s he flashed a flawless smile at her nice teeth were always an important factor for her.

“Hi there. I have a room up stairs, fancy a fuck?”… ok, ok Kim wasn’t that direct with him but she might as well have been. the way her eyes rolled over him lustfully while he talked, the way she graciously accepted his offer for another drink, this one hitting her faster and stronger than the first. it wasn’t long until he started to put his hands on her. he started by putting his hand on her thigh boring, predictable but then he started to lightly run his finger over her jaw line “you are an absolutely dazzling woman” he said in a low voice and a slight accent must be from out of town. she knew he was only saying that so he could get his dick wet but she didn’t care, it still felt nice to hear.

She took Chuck… or was it Chris… Kim was horrible with names and it wasn’t really relevant at this point. she took him back up to the room. she meant to put her salad in the mini fridge so she could eat it later or have it for lunch the next day but before she had even taken three steps into the room he began to kiss her and she was immediately swept away in it . there were almost know words between then just heat and passion. he fucked her rough and she loved it

” I drugged you and I raped you…. and I broke you” Paris did not break her or even slower down. there was nothing Paris could do to break her.

she woke up, still naked around 7 am . clearly fucking two men within a span of less than 2 hours had left her so drained that she fell asleep as soon as Clark had finished. He was gone which was not only what she has expected but what she hoped. now she could get ready for work without having to engage in small talk and she could shower without him asking to join. she showered, dressed and gathered her things.

at checkout the young woman behind the front desk asked if “Everything was to your liking ms. Rise” even hearing her last name made her feel uneasy “O yes everything was perfected” Kim replayed. She stepped through the large glass doors of the hotel into the busy city streets. it was an extraordinary beautiful spring day out and the sidewalks were crowded with runners,kids and people in shorts absorbing the nice weather all so every happy. she was only about 4 blocks from her office so instead of getting a cab she decided to walk.

entering the building she seemed to bring the exhilaration and brightness in with her. the receptionist greeted her with a bright smile like she always did but today even more “good morning ms. Rivera” she chirped

“Good morning Naya” she reciprocated the smile. Naya handed her some papers and reminded her about a 4 o’clock meeting that she had thank god for Naya. she would have most likely missed it if it wasn’t for her little reminders. on her way to her office she passed several other of her employees, each one more cheery and joyful then the last. was it the weather? did someone put something in the coffee? or were they all just that happy to be working?

Kim shut her office door behind her and just stood there enjoying the silence for a moment before she began to work. she wonder if anyone in her office knew. if any of her employees could see just how fucked up she really was. if someone, anyone could see past her bullshit facade and see the little broken whore screwing around for money and attention …Paris could see, Paris knew

Paris couldn’t break her because she was already broken.

Next time on dear Kim.

“You drugged me again!” Kim shouted

“i promise lowest dosage possible, completely safe for you and the baby.” Paris said in a calm reassuring voice.

“WHAT? I’m not…” Kim must have misheard or …. o god what if…!!


“I really don’t want to hurt you. It’s far more enjoyable watching you breakdown from pleasure rather than pain. pain is boring we all know how to brace agents pain we do it every day, but pleasure…” she removed her hand and began to manipulate the Speculum so it began to stretch her wider “especially pleasure you’ve never quite felt before…” Kim began to whimper “you have no choice but to succumb to it.”