Dear Kim Kardashian

It took Kim Kardashian the same amount of time to choose her outfit for the evening. a short black skirt and a tight blouse and her dirty blond hair pulled back tight, she meant business tonight. as it did for her to choose her gun for the evening SIG P226 Sauer.

Her Ruger LCP would have been easier to sneak in but the SIG was much more intimidating and tonight she meant business. Her heels clicked as she exited the elevator and made her way to apartment number 223. ten o’clock on the dot just as she was told or more accurately ordered. Funny thing about extortion it’s an illusion of having control or even free will.

Kim Kardashian could choose not to knock on the door, she could turn and run and never look back, but within a week hell a day her name and her shame would be all over the news papers. She was now in the hands of Paris Hilton. Just 2 light knocks that’s all she could bring herself to do.

Paris Hilton opened her apartment door. Paris Hilton was a tall statuesque woman with long bronze hair who was intimidatingly tall even when she wasn’t wearing heels. She was wearing a beautiful black dress and a smug smile. “Evening” Kim said in a quiet voice trying to be polite.

“Good evening.” Paris replied “you look lovely. Please come in.” She stepped thru the threshold to her large a good 3 times larger the hers, yet classy apartment. Clearly being the mayor’s personal assistant payed even better than she first thought. “Please make yourself comfortable.” she heard the click of the door locking behind her.”would you like a drink?” she asked.

Kim wanted to request whatever was her strongest whiskey, ever-clear, paint thinner but just said “Scotch “.

As Paris Hilton walked passed her to the mini bar to make their drinks Kim caught a breath of her perfume. It was the same one she was wearing the first day she had met Paris Hilton in that first meeting with the mayor.

Kim Kardashian was working on opening a drug rehab/support center and was trying to gather support from one of the biggest anti drug mayor in years. Even then Kim had gotten a strange vibe off of her like someone who was always thinking two steps ahead. Oh and hard lesbian. being as attractive as she was Kim was used to being looked up and down or being stared at whenever they thought she wasn’t looking but the way Paris Hilton looked at her, studied her like she was the 5 foot center of an art museum. It made her feel strange if not somewhat flattered. Paris Hilton watched her now with those same eyes as she sat down on the leather couch. while Paris Hilton made their drinks on the other side of the room.

Paris must have activated her wireless speakers from her phone because a Soft violin track began playing. Kim wished she would stop mocking her. The compliment was one thing but the drinks and the music it was almost like she was trying to make this feel normal like a real date. They both knew what this was.”paying for my silence with your body” as Paris had put it. A price she was willing to pay.

Kim had begun her affair with the mayor about a month ago. she was careful not to leave any trace or give anyone any reason to think they were anything more than professional acquaintances. the last thing she wanted was to have anyone find out. partly because Kim almost never took the easy way out in life and she didn’t want anyone to think that she fucked her way to where she was now. She put herself through college by working her perky little ass off and going out of her way to do extra work and volunteer. Now she was doing her best to open her clinic until she hit the slight problem of running out of funds, which is the real reason she didn’t want their little exchange to end because as soon as the sex stopped so did the checks . perhaps blowing an old married man in exchange for money wasn’t what one would call ethically sound but Kim would rather succeed with the shame then fail and have nothing to show for it but her moral high grounds.

What was certainly unethical was how she would spend her nights with him. normally they would get a room in one of the more lavish hotels in the city. Kim was a little more than ashamed to admit that her nights with him were the highest point of her week. not because of the sex or him god no. both were over and gone within 30 minutes. he would sign a check over then return to work or his wife leaving Kim in the already payed for sweet where she would spend the remainder of the night ordering room service, pay per view or just sleeping like the dead . At first Kim had to convince herself that she had earned this. Her weeks consisted of 7 straight days of running around attempting to organize people, paperwork, dealing with one roadblock after another and then followed up by having to meet the sexual needs of a pompous man nearly twice her age. she did deserve a little time to herself ,so she was slightly disappointed when he asked her to meet him in his office after midnight for their most recent visit. She didn’t think it was safe but he had insisted. Something about a lot of work piling up or something, to Kim it just meant instead of a plush king size bed now she’d be defacing herself on his hard wooden desk. The building was completely empty when she entered and only the lights from his office could be seen. they skipped the foreplay thank god and once the check was in her hands she bid him a good night and left. she would have gone straight home but as she was leaving a voice asked her ” are you two done?” she spun around to see Paris Hilton standing in the hall holding an arm full of papers and folders. Kim stayed frozen in shock. how long had Paris Hilton been standing there, what did she know, did she hear them of course she heard them Kim wasn’t quiet she was never quite “sorry. I didn’t want to interrupt you two, but him and I have a lot of work to do so…”

“whatever you thought you heard …whatever you think happened, it didn’t Ok” Kim said firmly and just shy of yelling.

Paris Hilton narrowed her eyes.“of course not” she said antagonizing . “I’m sure you just came over here at 12:20 in the morning to have a nice professional conversation then spent the rest of your time looking for something that fell on the floor judging by the shape your knees are in” Kim looked down. her stockings were ripped and her kneecaps were slightly red. her cheeks quickly changed to a similar shade “please refrain from doing it in his office again. I know it’s late, but you never know who might be around, someone might see or hear things” that smile was back and the sight of it made Kim knew that she wasn’t just being warned she was being threatened “and neither of us would want any bad word to spread, right? “ she turned to walk towards the mayor’s office but Kim grabbed her by her arm. Paris Hilton turned to look at her.

“Do not tell anyone about this” Kim said increasing the pressure of her grip “or I swear to god i’ll…”

Kim watched as the smile on Paris’s face slid away “Are you threatening me?” She said quickly. Kim wasn’t too sure what she was doing. she had no leverage over her and even if physical violence could make any difference.

Paris wasn’t someone she could take in a fight. she loosened her grip and let her arm fall limp at her side. she lowered her head in shame she couldn’t stand Paris Hilton staring at her with those icy blue eyes.

“What do you want?” she said in a low growl

“What makes you think I want anything from you”she put down her paper work

“I will not let you have this to hold over me just tell me what I need to do to make this go away” money clearly wasn’t an option. even if she had any money to spare she couldn’t buy off Paris Hilton. Not Paris Hilton who has wore outfits and handbags that probably cost more than Kim’s rent. it was desperate. it was unbelievably whorish but she had to go for the Hail-Mary pass “I know… one thing… you might want from me” she said slowly unbuttoning the top buttons of her blouse.

Paris Hilton immediately took interest. In the time it took Kim to blink Paris Hilton was already on her with both hands grabbing hard at her hips and her tongue sliding into her mouth. it was so ruff, all tongue and teeth, so hot and wet. Paris Hilton pushed Kim hard against the wall. a flicker of fear, that Paris Hilton intended to have her right here and now, blew into a bright fire when she felt Paris’s hand wrapping around her throat. the pressure wasn’t much but it was enough to keep her silent as Paris Hilton pulled out of the kiss and leaned into whispered in her ear “you are a pathetic train wreck of a person …and you have no idea how hot that makes me.” her hot breath filled her ear, spreading an intense heat threw her body “if you want to pay for my silence with your body you’ll be at my apartment at ten o’clock next Saturday”

now here she was on time and ready to pay. When Paris Hilton handed her her drink she purposefully brushed their fingers together, but took a seat a respectable distance from her when she sat. The cold smooth taste of the drink helped. Still she kept her bag within reach. She didn’t want to use it unless she had to and she had no intention of killing her or even hurting her in any way but in case Paris was less than reasonable, nothing says “keep your mouth shut cunt” like a barrel shoved in the mouth. Still what remained the best option out would be to pay her dues and simply sleep with Paris Hilton. Certainly not the worst situation, it had been quite some time since Kim fucked a girl and Paris Hilton was stunningly gorgeous. they both sat in silence for a moment “So” Paris began “how is your project going?” Kim drew the line at small talk

“Fine.” she said shortly right before taking another sip

“Good. that’s good.” she said cheerfully “I’m sure it must…”

“You can do whatever you want to me” she blurted

“Excuse me”

“Look I’m here I’m…” she finished her drink leaving only the ice “on my way to drunk”maybe even more than she thought she started to feel light headed. she assumed that it was because she hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast “let just do this.”

“Do you think I’m like him?” she said annoyed. “do you think you can control me, make me give you what you want just by flashing that young hot body around?”

“But you said …”Kim never got to finish her thought. Her hands began to feel numb and heavy then her whole arms. Her glass fell on to the couch spilling its contents then rolling to the floor with a light crack. It was getting harder and harder to keep her head up and her eyes open. She tried to say something but if anything came out it was most certainly inaudible. The cords of the violin were like a lullaby as she sunk into darkness.

When she regained consciousness. her arms were stretched tight over her head, both her feet were touching cold metal and she was completely naked. when she pried her eyes open she saw Paris Hilton fastening her left ankle to a metal stirrup with a leather strap.

She swallowed hard. “Something in my drink,” she said.

“Just a mild sedative. Would you like some water?”

Kim nodded. Paris Hilton cupped the back of her head and tipped a glass to her lips. The water was cool and welcome, her mouth so dry it seemed to absorb it on contact. Once she was able to move her neck she tried to look around. She was sitting straight up on some kind of bench that looked like it was taken right out of a doctor’s office. They were no longer in Paris’s living room she couldn’t be sure they were even still in her apartment. The walls were white and almost bare except for 2 oddly placed full length mirrors. she could see two doors at least one of which must have led to freedom. The furniture was all function over aesthetic appeal there was just one well made bed, a sofa, a small glass coffee table and this strange bench she was on. This was not good.“Why are you doing this?” Kim said pushing down all of her fear and anxiety, trying to sound as strong as she could “I told you could have me however you wanted you didn’t have to go to these lengths” she shook her hands rattling the cuffs for effect.

“Didn’t I?” she nodded her head towards the glass table. Kim’s close were neatly folded with her heels and purse to the side and her gun resting on top.


“Although all of this would have happened regardless” Paris interrupted. she picked up Kim’s fully loaded sauer.”but this is a nice twist” she said in a low voice as she ran her long finger over the barrel of the gun”I think that’s what I like most about you. So unpredictable…not like anyone else”

“You have an odd way of showing admiration” Kim said.

“Oh we haven’t even begun.” she replied eyeing her naked body hungrily. She placed the gun back in it’s original position. Kim was relieved that she put it down but was afraid of what might come next, but all that happened for almost a whole minute was Paris typing away on her phone.

“What the fuckin’ fuck are you doing.” Kim yell.

“Be patient.”she began to walk over towards her “just a few questions before we get started. How many sexual partners have you had in the last year?” Kim had to think for a moment. Not about her numbers she knew that. She had to think about what she was going to say. she couldn’t tell what was the right answer if she didn’t know why she was being asked the question. She decided to tell the truth



“Of course, I’m not stupid!” she protested.

“Recently perhaps but you don’t have the cleanest record.” she read off her phone. “Chlamydia in 2002, Gonorrhea in 2004 and then Chlamydia again. college was fun for you huh?”

“The hell! Do you have my medical records?” must have been, she was dead on. Would also explain why she was asking about the past year, that was the last time she got tested right after she returned from Thailand.

“I like to cover my bases and the more I know about you the more I can tailor your experiences. which brings us to question 3 what age did you become sexually active?” Paris was toying with her, but fighting her wasn’t going to make things better for her.

“16, Tim Long, quarterback” she said smugly.

“Boring. when was your first girl?”

“What?” the sound of something metal on metal in need of oil creaked as the stirrups moved out and away from each other, spreading her legs wide. ” h-high school graduation party, we were both drunk and i knew id never see her again so i thought … why not” they were both silent for a moment. Kim took this lull to try and take control back. “my turn. How many girls have you done this to?” Paris chuckled and sat down between her legs.

“No one … well never to this extent.” she said matter of factually as she reached into a black leather bag.

“What the hell does that mea…” Kim was interrupted by the sound of vibration she hoped it was her phone but it was too long to loud and too terrifying. she looked down to see Paris Hilton turning on a large purple vibrator “what -what is that? what are you going to do?”

“Why spoil it” she began to slowly run that vibrator over her trembling pussy. “But I’ll tell you this.” she paused for a moment to enjoy the sound of her heavy breathing and whimpering as she slowly ran over her clitoris ” I intend to push you to your limits tonight Kim ” her words were low and steady and almost seemed to resonate with the vibration deep inside her sending tremors up and down her spine. Kim desperately tried to close her legs but Paris Hilton pushed them back open. “Please don’t make me get my spreader bar” she shoved the vibrator hard inside her making her reel and release a loud cry of pleasure “I’d rather not have to restrain you any more than I already have” Kim began to bite the inside of her cheek in an attempt to keep her orgasm at bay, but when Paris Hilton started rapidly pushing the toy in and out she lost all control. hot liquid shot from her pussy with every pulse of her orgasm coating Paris’s hand and the toy.”Holey shit” Paris Hilton laughed. Kim felt embarrassed and violated . she turned her head toward her shoulder searching for somewhere to hide “You a Squirter?” she stood and walked across the room to one of the doors. it led to a small well lit bathroom where Paris Hilton retrieved a few hand towels. Kim took this brief moment to try to free herself but with no avail and the harder she tried the more the hard bite of metal hurt her soft skin “Surprised the mayor never said”

the truth was the mayor had never made her cum like that but she wasn’t about to admit that to Paris Hilton so she just told her “Fuck off”

“Should have known better then to stop for more than a second, got yourself back together have you?” Kim said nothing “guess that just means I get to take you apart all over again.” she clicked up the intensity of the vibrator which made Kim curl her toes and shut her eyes tight. Paris Hilton played her pussy like a master. Another more drawn out orgasm erupted from her. “Beautiful” Paris said in a breathy voice. Paris had the perfect view of every inch of her. Her eyes darting between Kim ’s face slacked with pleasure and her perky breast bobbing as her body convulsed with what had to be by now her fifth or sixth orgasm. Paris Hilton wanted to touch them so bad. She wanted to reach up and ravage her plump figure but she couldn’t. She had plans for the night and she wasn’t going to get off track. Still, she thought that Kim had had enough for now her voice was getting hoarse and a line of sweat was forming around her forehead. Paris Hilton let her have one more before she turned the vibrator off and slowly removed it. Still so sensitive she jumped a little when Paris Hilton began to wipe her crotch, her legs, her stomach and anywhere else she got cum. She was kind enough to use a different towel to dab at her forehead.

The worst part of everything was how Paris Hilton kept so calm and level about all this. treating drugging and raping someone with the same intensity of ordering a sandwich or describing ones uneventful weekend. Kim wanted needed to see her react. “You probably want some water.” Kim nodded, She had used a lot of fluids. Paris Hilton held her head up again and helped her drink. Kim let herself be supported, and when Paris Hilton took the glass away, she tipped her head to the side and brushed her lips across Paris’s wrist. Paris Hilton froze in place, Kim pressed a kiss against thin skin. She could feel Paris’s pulse racing against her lips, but once their eyes met Paris Hilton quickly pulled her hand away, pulled it back and with all her might smacked Kim hard across her face. The sound of the strike echoed in the silent room”DON’T do that again” Paris Hilton said firmly.

“Sorry.” she whimpered. Christ what was she apologizing for. As the heat rose in her cheek tears began to well in her eyes so she shut them tight ones more. that was not the reaction she was expecting.

“I’m the only one who gets to touch tonight. Do you understand?” Kim nodded. “Good. were going to press on now”She could hear the rustling of the bag once more and before she had time to react Paris Hilton was shoving a ball gag into her mouth. “I will no longer be needing your feedback” she said as she ran her finger around the curve of her mouth “this is all for me” Paris made more creaky adjustments lowering the top half of the bench until Kim Kardashian was lying down, staring up at the sealing.

Paris Hilton stood by her waist . The first touch was so gentle just two light fingers ran down the middle of her chest and over her stomach tracing her abdominal muscles She ran the palms of her hands over Kim’s belly, exploring the way the muscles moved. “You really should eat better. you’ve lost 7 pounds since we first met” it was unsettling how accurate she was. The stress of opening the clinic had been weighing on her heavily and the constant running around filling out paperwork, reading job applications often didn’t leave her time for decent meals. Next Paris Hilton reached up and brushed Kim’s soft curls off her shoulder. She proceeded to touch her shoulder the muscles were still tense Kim hadn’t learned how to relax properly. she explored Kim’s arm, the way the hair on the forearm had risen, the texture of the skin on the inside of her elbow. Further explorations of her legs, cataloguing the size and shape of the muscles under her sensitive fingers. The way her toes almost seemed to danced when she lightly ran one finger over and under her feet. Kim had no tattoos or piercing currently. she then slowly traced the circumference of her aureola before taking both nipples in between her fingers. They were the perfect size and color. she was mapping the front of Kim’s body in a way that no one ever had before. Even Kim herself didn’t understand her body in the deep way that Paris Hilton now did.

Paris Hilton leaned over and caressed her face, analyzing thousands of small clues, little factors. Kim’s smell, the tackiness of her sweat, the elasticity of her skin. The way the flesh blanched under a hard nail, then pinked when the pressure was released. How her lips smoothed when she ran her thumb over her bottom lip and then her top, the perfect curve of her eyebrows that she must reshape every other day. Paris Hilton stopped, Kim thought she was staring into her hazel eyes, until she ran her finger just below her eye, over the small faded scare she had had since she was 9.

Paris Hilton backed away and sat straight up, Kim felt like she could finally breathe again. “Tell me Kim Kardashian. Is this why you’re so intent on opening your clinic ?” the question was clearly meant to be rhetorical because Kim couldn’t reply with the gag on. “Fixing other people won’t heal the damage your father did to you”

Kim’s eyes widened how… the hell… could she have known about Kim’s father. She tried to ask but her words were so muffled that she didn’t bother to continue after trying to say “how..”

A huge grin spread across Paris’s face “It’s literally written all over your face. You can pretend all day that you’re doing this out of some sense of community or just trying to be a good person but everyone has their motivation, so you must have had some history with substance abuse but no one would try to help others if they have there own problems with addiction. Most would rather not draw attention to their own shortcomings so it wasn’t you but someone else close in your life.” Paris ran her fingers over Kim Kardashian’s most notable scar. 3 metal pins placed in her right arm after it was broken when she was 7.”these are not from a little girl playing too hard” she took out her phone and read from her medical records again “9 trips to the e.r. before you even turned 16, all brought in by your mother”

“YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH” Kim growled thru the rubber.

“2 broken ribs when you were 12. Did he kick you while you were on the ground?” Kim screamed and flailed about wildly. If she was free she would have punched Paris Hilton square in her pretty face. This was a mental mind fuck to an unsettling level. She arched her back high into the air but Paris placed a firm hand on to her stomach pinning her back to the table. She did not release her until she had calmed “it doesn’t matter. he can’t hurt you any more”

Paris Hilton returned to her position between Kim’s legs. this was going to be the most enjoyable to study. she started by separating her labia apart she could now see everything. She used the simplest possible touches staying away from the most erogenous zones at first. She used her other hand to play with Kim’s well trimmed pubes. Before Paris had used her double-D cell battery powered jackhammer to break Kim down, this times she only used the lightest whips and touches, one might say teasing. Kim started to bite into the ball gag. The look on Kim Kardashian’s face could have been agony, but it wasn’t. It was need. It was now time for her second phase of attack. Kim was already so wet that 2 of Paris’s fingers slipped easily into her pussy. She was hot and oh so very tight, squeezing around her with every thrust. Her clitoris was so sensitive all she had to do was rub her thumb in small ruff circles to make her squirt again. the taste was splendid sweet and raw just like her. She measure the dilation of Kim’s anus with her eyes, then with one finger. She met less resistance than she thought she would. perhaps Kim played with it more than Paris had expected, or maybe it was because of the copious amount of cum spilling all over it.

Kim Kardashian let out what sounded like a short wine, but Paris Hilton knew what it really was “I’m sorry love can’t quite hear you, say again.” she did it again only this time louder. Paris Hilton knew exactly what she was doing, she was begging. “Ummm one more time” Paris said as she removed the ball from her mouth

“Please, please stop” she whimpered. “I can’t … I”

“You can” she said placing a soft kiss on her inner thigh “I told you tonight I will be pushing you to your limits.” she began to thrust her finger hard inside her, fast well placed jabs that made Kim’s toes curl and her back arch her high off the table. when she came she came hard, and the faster Paris Hilton moved the more it splashed all over the two of them. normally something like that would have embarrassed her. the sound of it all was delightfully pornographic. the sound of hot flesh colliding with wet pussy in a steady rhythm. accompanied by Kim moaning and swearing, she wasn’t even trying to suppress it now. “Please, please, o fuck… ummmff.” Paris wasn’t entirely sure if she was begging for her to stop, or begging for more neither was Kim . regardless Paris Hilton took it as a sign that it was a good time to stop. when she pulled her fingers out Kim collapsed hard on the bench.

While Kim laid in post-coital exhaustion Paris Hilton unsnapped and removed the ball gag from around her head carefully so not to take any of her long hairs with it. She then used a towel to wipe away the drool from the side of her mouth, she even began to rub Kim sore jaw.

“You-“ Kim paused “you were wrong.” there was another moment of silence while she gathered herself, Paris Hilton didn’t interrupt her.”he wasn’t the one with the substance problem. You were right my father was an abusive asshole but… he was that of his own doing. It was my little brother who had the smack habit. He was clean for a while after mom died but he relapsed a few years ago and o.d.ed”

“I’m so sorry” Paris said and O god Kim thought, she almost sounded sincere.

Kim started laughing. It was a truly terrible sound, hoarse and more than half-hysterical. It shook her harder than she was shaking already. How could someone claim to have sympathy for someone they’ve drugged, bond and both sexually and mentally abused. She stopped as suddenly as she began “Are you done with me yet?” she asked

Paris Hilton smiled. “There is still so much more I would like to do too you.”her hands were on her again “but if you’re so determined to make this end, then we can skip to the climax” Kim watched as she reached back into the black bag and pulled out a silk blindfold. the sight of it made her stomach sink. she didn’t want to be blindfolded she wanted to know what was coming next , wanted to see Paris Hilton and what she was doing to her body. Now as Paris Hilton wrapped the cloth around her she had no way to brace herself for what new strange way she was about to be violated. she sat in the darkness and the silence for what felt like an eternity.

The first thing she heard was the click of Paris Hilton unlocking her phone. was she going back to the medical records Kim wondered. What more could she possibly find in there to torment her with and how did she get her hands on it anyway. the second sound was much louder and seemed to come from different spots around the room. it was the sound of her phone syncing with the wireless speakers in the room but no music or any sound came out just white noise. she placed something small but somewhat heavy on her stomach. her phone maybe. the 3rd was unmistakably the sound of the bag again. once the rustling had stopped Paris Hilton tapped the thing on her stomach yes most definitely her phone then and the strangest most disturbing thing began to play from the speakers.

It was a woman’s voice softly moaning and breathlessly saying yes over and over “Do you know who this is?” Paris asked. the woman was getting louder building toward orgasm.

“No clue “ she also had no idea what it had to do with her. suddenly a sharp pain stung from her left nipple. Paris had clamped something hard metal to her tender skin. “Her name is Elliot Hudson” ms Hudson was now begging for her partner to give it to her harder “She the young heiress to the Hudson family “ she tapped her phone again and another woman voice could be heard but this time in a less passionate and more pornographic kind of way. there was another male voice moaning along but it was hard to hear with the woman shouting O FUCK ” this is Abby Mills, mayor Cullen’s campaign manager in 2012 “ her right nipple was next. Kim’s breath caught in her throat as Paris Hilton locked it shut and let it fall against her chest so that it twisted the skin caught in its grip ever so slightly. it was a consistent kind of pain the seemed to spread across her chest. Paris Hilton tapped her phone once more and the voices of mayor Cullen and a woman with a slight accent began to assault her.


Kim wanted to yell back, to tell Paris Hilton to fuck off and make her turn it off or even just drown it out. then she felt something pushing inside of her and she let out her own shame full noise. It was something hard and smooth, not the vibrator this thing was metal and as Paris pushed it in it suddenly got thinner at the end. no matter how hard Kim wriggled and flexed it stayed fixed in place. Paris Hilton turned it clockwise and something else moved with it something that Paris Hilton position right onto her clitoris “and this is mistress velvet, a somewhat expensive prostitute. Do you see what they have in common?”

“None of them had to drug anyone to get laid” Paris tapped her phone for the fourth and final time and Kim Kardashian could now hear her own voice coming from the speakers. Thankfully it was not like the others she wasn’t begging or climaxing she was just … talking, not dirty talking or anything R rated just talking. then another voice chimed in and she could now remembered when this recording was from and suddenly she was not so thankful.

” Please ms. Billy” Mayor Cullen said “you have to understand as noble as a cause this maybe, what you’re asking for is well, a lot of money”

“Yes sir i’m well aware of that but I’v…”

“Kim “ he interrupted “do you mind if I call you Kim .”There was a pause where Kim remembered shaking her head awkwardly “I admire you greatly. you’ve accomplished so much at such a… young age” Kim remembered the unwelcoming cold touch of his hand on her’s.

Kim fumbled with her words “Your…umm Mayor-ness I don’t think umm.”

“You have so much potential to do so much good and I would hate to see your plans go awry… but I’m just afraid there’s no room in the budget for something like this. how ever I might be able to make a…. personal donation”

“GOD DAMMIT! STOP THIS!” Kim shouted at Paris Hilton “you don’t have to play this I was fucking there” each word became harder and harder to form “just stop… just … please” Kim was getting so accustomed to begging to Paris Hilton.

“O but were just getting to the good part” Paris whined but she turn it off any way. “so what’s the connection between you and these 3 lovely ladies ?”

“we’ve all fucked Mayor Cullen” there was no need to sugar coat it. the answer made Paris Hilton chuckle.

“That’s right. 4 different affairs. all of which have been kept a secret from the press and his wife thanks to me.” admits Paris.

Kim could hear sounds of things moving but couldn’t even guess at what they were, something frightening most likely.

“So you knew about us before that night?” Kim asked

” That night, please I probably knew before you did. It’s part of my job you see. I manage his schedule, I screen his calls and emails and I make sure his dirty little secrets stay that way and you young lady have been making things quite difficult for me. obscene hotel bills and now getting his rocks off in his office. why not wear a tee shirt that says i’m screwing a high ranking political figure. go on ask me which one “

“So when you said that neither of us want this getting out…. you actually meant it?”

“but of course. do you have any idea what kind of hell I’d have to endure if the press found out “

“So you had no intention of telling anyone?”

“Nope” she said putting an odd emphasis on the p.

“Then… why….?”something made her stop. It was low when it started. For a moment it just felt like a low pulse, a vibration coming from the plug inside her, but it wasn’t that. It was the jump and twitch of her own internal muscles, barely palpable, but undoubtedly not her imagination. It caused her to tighten and clench hard around the thing in her pussy.

“Why am I doing this?” Paris finished for her .

With one slight tug Paris Hilton pulled the blindfold off of her and Kim could see what she had done to her. two wires coiled off each nipple clamp and another disappeared in between her legs each connecting to an electrode. now Kim didn’t know the first thing about this device, electrical sexual play had never had any interest to her but she could tell just by looking at it that this was something serious, something that could cause some real pain and problems. the large dial was set to 1 and Kim feared what 2 thru 10 might feel like “Because I don’t respond well to being threatened.”

She turned the dial passing 2 and moving straight to the third. It was so fast, as quick as her racing heart, but each pulse still separate. the fourth had it up to a steady thrum, which Kim felt should’ve been easier to bear, but wasn’t. And then, with the fifth, something changed. It passed some threshold of speed or intensity, stopped feeling like physical vibration and became something else she’d never felt before. she began to lose control of her body, her toes and finger began to spasm

“Especially from pathetic, broken little whores like you.” Paris said turning it to the six setting. it was white hot and strange, and ran straight up and down her spine and she was making noises that were not words at all, or even meant to be words. seven was like fire, and she tried yell out, scream, cry, anything to tell Paris Hilton it hurt, but she still had no words, couldn’t even move beyond restless twitches, but thankfully Paris Hilton knew anyhow and set it back to six .

It felt like a heated blade stuck right through her. Her hands were curled up tight, eyes screwed shut, jaw clenched, every muscle in her body taut. “I’m sorry.” She said through gritted teeth. Paris Hilton didn’t reply or even acknowledge. It was all too much, much too much to bear, and didn’t stop. It wouldn’t stop. Paris Hilton said she wanted to push her to her limit and she was about to get her wish because if it continued at this rate she was very likely pass out. “I’m so sorry I’m… “ each word became weaker and weaker until she was unable make to any sound at all. Right before she closed her eyes for the last time threw blurred teary eye she saw Paris Hilton reach out to caress her face.

When she woke up the clamps and the plug had been removed and all signs of the wires and the stimulators were gone. Paris Hilton was down by her feet freeing her ankles. Kim was ready to beg for her forgiveness. Fully willing to plead for mercy and to let her go but she was so shaken, she couldn’t even form the words in her head much less speak them. when Paris Hilton looked up and saw her sleeping beauty was awake again she gave her a small reassuring smile. “It’s ok. were done now. you’re done now.”

she then began touch her right wrists just below the handcuffs . “you shouldn’t have been thrashing about so much you’re going to have some bruises tomorrow.” she said unlocking each cuff letting Kim’s hands fall back to her “but I suppose you couldn’t really help yourself could you?… it’s alright nothing a little bit of cover up can’t hide” Kim curled herself onto her side tucking her legs high into her chest. Paris Hilton pulled a soft blanket over her. she was free she should have ran, but she couldn’t. she might have passed out again or she might have simply fell asleep.

a strange sound what she discover later to be the sound of rustling plastic woke her for only a second. a second where she thought that maybe it was all some dream before she fell back to sleep.

Kim Kardashian had no idea how long she had slept it could have been just a few minutes or hours there were no windows in the room or any way to mark the time. she didn’t see or hear Paris Hilton anywhere and felt relieved for that. she sat up from the table a little too fast. she felt dizzy and thought for a minute she might throw up. once she gathered herself she looked over to the table where her close should have been. her close, shoes, and bag were all gone. all that remained was her gun. she hopped down off the bench and it took her legs a while to remember that they were made of bones not jelly. she picked it up and check to see if it was still loaded, it was. when she slid the magazine back in the sound must have caught Paris’s attention.

“O you’re awake” she said. Kim turned and saw Paris sitting on a sofa covered by some type of clear plastic tarp. Kim had no clue what was happening here. “Here you can use this as a silencer” Paris said tossing a throw pillow at her. clearly Kim was meant to catch it but even if her muscles and reflexes went scrambled at the moment she probably wouldn’t have even tried. “Then again if no one heard all the noise you were making you’re probably safe. I wiped your fingerprints off the glass already so just be careful on your way out.”

“Why are you doing this?” she asked “do you think you deserve to die?”

“Humm.. for this or in a general sense?” the sound of Kim clambering a built was more than an enough of an answer for her “no, I don’t… but it doesn’t matter what I think does it…. you’re the one with the gun” she was the one with the gun, the one with the power now. the cold dark metal felt good in her hands. It felt heavy as she raised it to aim at Paris Hilton. “I could have just taken it from you but I know you have another. well, at least one more registered, and I don’t want to be looking around every corner waiting for you to get your revenge. I’d rather just do it now and get it over with. You know what they say something, something, leave a pretty corpse” said flipping her long red hair and shifting to a more relaxed posture.

Kim’s hands were shaking as she clicked the safety off. She was a great shot, could hit a nickel right out of the air but she decided to take a few steps closer. When she did she came into view of one of the mirrors on the wall. She was a mess. her hair was disheveled and her makeup was smudged from shutting her eyes so tightly and from all the crying. The crying had left her eyes red as well. She didn’t stop moving until she was right in front of Paris Hilton. until she was close enough to see every detail on Paris’s face. she was still perfect, her hair and makeup still looked beautiful and there was no evidence that she had cried or even any sign that she intend to, despite her situation.

“I hurt you.” Paris said. It wasn’t what she said that made Kim take another step forward and push the barrel of the gun right between her eyes, It was simply that she was talking. she was sick of hearing her talk. the way she pretended to know her. every word she spoke was a carefully chosen psychological bomb on Kim’s mind. but of course not even the fear of death would stop Paris Hilton from running her fucking mouth. “and I drugged you and I raped you…. and I broke you…you want to kill me.” her voice low and steady

I broke you, broken, Kim was not broken.

“You’re right I do want to kill you, but I won’t give you that satisfaction.” she lowered the gun. she had been pressing hard enough that it left a mark. “I’m not going to kill you now or ever is that clear. I just want to go home and sleep this off like a bad hangover… please just let me go home. “ Paris smiled at her.

“Very well. You’re clothes are in the bathroom” she stood and began toward the door. “I’ll leave you to get dressed” after the sound of the door closing behind her Kim simply stood there in the silence trying to absorb everything that just happened to her. She could have stood there all night but the screaming pain in her legs suggested that if she tried for much longer she would end up on the floor. she walked shuffled, wobbled, fuck it over to the bathroom. just as Paris promised her things were on the counter top but she ended up on the floor.

The hard tile was freezing on her bare ass. still she sat there, back against the cabinet, knees in her chest, gun in her hand. she pressed it to her temple. of course she had no intention of pulling the trigger. She’d come so close to her dreams to throw it all away now over something like this, still something about the feel of it made her feel better.

After wiping away more tears she reached up to grab her purse. She put the gun away and took out her phone. It was 2:30 am. she quickly got dressed well as quickly as one can after having 300+ volts thru them. she then left this nightmare room threw the other door, it led right back into the living room where Paris was waiting for her.

“I called a car for you.” Paris said.

“Thanks but I’ll be fine.”

“I’m not letting you take the train home there are all kinds of creeps out at this hour” well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle a rapist “I already called they’ll be here in about 10 minutes.”

“Thanks.”Kim said. she turned and started toward the door. “I’ll wait outside” She didn’t care how cold it was, she wasn’t going to spend another second more here then she needed to. right as she put her hand on the knob Paris put her hand on the door keeping it shut.

“One last thing” Paris handed her a key. Kim gave her a confused look “It’s a spare for my apartment. feel free to stop by if you get some free time.”

“Ummmm no I don’t think i’ll be doing that, in fact i’m going to do the complete opposite and avoid you at all cost for the rest of my life.”

“Nope you’ll be back.”

“Do you think I like that?” Kim shouted

“No. I think you needed it” she took a step closer to her. Kim tried to take a step back but she was already agents the door “I think it’s been far too long since anyone has payed attention to you like that and I know it’s been even longer since anyone has made you feel this good.” Closer and closer she lent until she was whispering in her ear “so powerless, so controlled “ she began to dig the sharp key hard in the the center of Kim’s palm. it broke the skin when she twisted it “and you’ll never say it out loud …but you liked it when it hurt” Kim pushed her off her. slamming the door behind her she ran like hell down the hall with the key still in hand.

Next time on dear Kim : “Tell me more about Paris Hilton” she asked the mayor. “now that you are mine I want to mark you. I want to add my own lasting marks to the vast network of scars on your skin. Something so that you will remember me and what we’ve done here. I could hit you with my riding crop or one of my whips. It would even be fun to leave scratch marks down your back but I think this works best.” Paris said as she sanitized the needle. This was gonna hurt good thing she was bound so tight she could barely move