Dear Kim Chapter 3

There were a number of things that made Kesha Rose Sebert a great secretary. She was organized, friendly, she could make an amazing latte she had a booty like POW and a fondness for short skirts . In truth what made her so amazing was that she always seemed to want to go that extra mile for Kim. Always willing to do just about anything Kim would ask of her, with no complaints or second guesses.

Kim thought, hoped it was because that little blond bombshell had a secret crush on her boss. Sadly that theory went out the window when Kesha Rose let it slip that she had a boyfriend. In truth it didn’t matter much why, Kim was just grateful to have someone like her she could count on.

Kesha’s warm, genuine smile that normally greeted Kim first thing in the morning, slid away slowly when she saw Kim. She looked like a live, shambling nightmare. She hadn’t slept at all and she clearly had made no attempts to hide it with makeup. She didn’t stop to say good morning or to ask anyone how their weekend was. She merely walked straight to her office. She shut the door and all the blinds. She felt hungover, she couldn’t have been she had barely had two drinks last night, but she felt hungover. Odd parts of her body screamed out in pain while blurred flashes of the previous night haunted her mind and all she wanted to do was crawl back to bed.

Of course that simply was not Kim. She was not one to take sick days she was forced to have too many of them as a child. She would much rather work through the pain.

Kesha entered kim’s office a few minutes later with a tall coffee for her cream no sugar just how she liked it. She hadn’t had asked for one but Kesha could tell she needed it. “You look like hell.” she said.

“Thanks.” Kim said sharply. She wasn’t about to tell anyone about what had happen to her last night, certainly not Kesha so a slight lie was in order. “I just have a bit of a stomach bug. I didn’t get enough sleep because I was throwing up most of the night.” hopefully that last detail would still any further questions.

Kesha Rose let out a slight sigh. “then you should have stayed home and rested. Believe it or not this place wouldn’t completely fall apart if you took one day off.” Kim knew it was true, especially if Kesha was around. In just the few short months she had been working for Kim she had already picked up quite a few things. She knew that in the worst case scenario she could trust her to take care of things, but that’s not why she needed to be in the office today.

“i’ll be fine. It’s out of my system now, just must have been something I ate.” or something i drank.

“If you’re sure. Well I’ve got some news that might make you feel better, the rsvps have started coming in for the promises benefit banquet . 37 in the last 2 days.”

That made Kim perk up immediately.“Really!” she felt overjoyed she had been putting a lot of time and effort into the banquet . She had hoped a lot of people would attend but she never expected so many responses so quickly. The banquet itself was just a front relly, they wouldn’t be making more than 40 to 45 bucks a head . The real substantial money would be coming from donations made by guest with too much disposable income.

“Yeah and you’ll never guess who was one of the first replays… the mayor!”

Kim gather as much fake enthusiasm as she could “oh yeah that’s …great”

“I know right. I”m sure once the papers and news puppets hear about this they’ll be begging to do a story covering the night. Strange, it’s nowhere near election season. Then again he did run on a strong anti drug campaign.” normally Kim loved to let Kesha talk.

“Yeah.. Yeah he did didn’t he.”

“Do you think he’s going to make a personal donation…” she said

“TESSA…” She raised her voice slightly.”I need you to do me a few extra things this morning.”

She was slightly taken back by Kim’s outburst but quickly fell back into her place “yes of course. What do you need?”

“I need you to go down into records. There should be photocopies of all the anonymous donations, I”m going to need them.”

“Aren’t those supposed to be…anonymous”

“I just need them for a few, tax forums.”

“shouldn’t accounting take care of all that?”

“Kesha. Can you just, please ?” She nodded silently and left. Kim didn’t mean to be so testy with her. Kesha Rose was a great secretary and an all around amazing woman, someone Kim always wanted by her side. Kim felt even worse lying to her about retrieving confidential documents for Kim own selfish reasons, but Kim needed to know.

….especially after all those anonymous donations you’ve been getting

Madison’s words still spun dizzily around in her head. Their whole evening together was replaying constantly in her mind. Could it be true? Was Paris the one making the donations? In a way yes Kim remember the unenthusiastic vagueness of her words. Could that be possible? How could it…and why? While Kim’s mind was haunted by what Paris said to her, her body was haunted by what madison did to her.

All the pain killers in the state couldn’t ease the aches and pains she felt right now. She squirmed in her chair trying to find a comfortable position. She was slouched so far down her ass was almost off it when Kesha return. Kim sat up immediately and tried to appear more her normal self. “thank you so much honey.” she said

“No problem.” Kesha replayed. She was smiling but still remaining cautious not to say anything to upset her “is there anything else i can help you with”

“No I think that’s all thanks.” Kesha left and it was just Kim and the file. She didn’t hesitate to open it, she needed to know for sure if the donations that quite frankly were the only thing keeping promises doors open were from people with hearts and a concern for the well being of their community or, by soulless sycophant with a sick obsession for Kim.

She scanned the list of name for Paris’s but it was there. Kim didn’t understand. Madison had said with certainty that promises was receiving a large number of donations. When she read thru the list the second time she noticed there was something strange. The first five donations were all made on the first day they were open. The amounts were all also similar within 750 and 825 dollars. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Kim read the names to herself. Jerry N. Schultz, Daniel D. Mcclain, Louis Kozawa. They were all men from the city or at least very close it seemed too similar to be just a coincidence.

Kim leaned over to her computer and opened a new google tab. She typed into the search bar Louis Kozawa. Not only the least common name but he had also made the largest donation of them all. She found him on Facebook he worked for fayza tech industries And had a wife and 2 kids. She began to type another name. There had to be some connection perhaps work or… God what was she doing. Her Paris induced paranoia had her violating these random gentlemen s privacy and for what? So she could prove to herself that her success was her own doing not Paris’s to silences unnecessary insecurities.

She didn’t have time for pointless desertions like this, especially with the banquet drawing closer each day and her list of things she had to do before then growing every minute. Kesha had made a good point now that Cullen has promised to show his saggy face a lot more people would want to attend including more media coverage. The thought made Kim all the more nervous. Nervous that the night wouldn’t go right, nervous they might not make enough in donations, and terrified of giving her speech at the end of the night. It was well past time to put Paris out of her mind and focus on what was important.

On the night of the banquet Kim still had one more decision she had to make. A decision she had put off to the last possible moment but was far too important. What to wear? She needed something tasteful but she also had a theory that the more she showed off the girls the more donation would be given on slightly sinful motivations.

“Wow Kim you look amazing!” Kesha Rose said overjoyed to see her walk in the door. She was also dressed in her finest. Her young body was crammed into a tight black dress. The light shined from Gold earrings dangling while a simple gold chain drew the eye right down her neck line.

“Thank you. You too.”

“The first guests should be arriving soon. Are you ready. Of course you’re ready you’ve been planning this for months. I meant are you excited? Of course you are you..”

“Tessa…” Kim had to cut Kesha off as she did to often “Thank you…for everything” the two of them hugged and entered the promises common hall which had been decorated and was full of waiters with white shirts and black ties.

As hostess of the party is what her responsibility to greet every guest. She shook a lot of hands and welcome everyone. She still had a small hint of hope that one of her mysterious donors would arrive but none of them had responded to the invitation. Soon the greeting she been dreading had arrived. A black limousine pulled in and when Cullen stepped out the people became like insects swarming him with cameras and questions. Lights flashed and there was a slight ruckus from the crowd, Kim didn’t dare try and work her way thru it. She would simply stand where she was and wait for him to enter the building. Let him have his little moment she thought. Hes probably loving it having them all over him thinking he’s kind generous man for coming tonight.

Suddenly someone else stepped out of the back of the limo. Above all the other heads of the crowd Kim could see her red hair. All of Kim’s muscles tightened involuntarily, accept her jaw which hung open. After a minute of waving friendly gestures the two of them pushed their way thru. “aah Miss Kardashian.” Mayor Cullen said, shaking her hand. “it’s a pleasure to see you again.”

“thank you sir. We are so excited to have you with us tonight” she said. Madison put out her hand but Kim simply glared at her. What the hell was she even doing here. Kim had assumed that the mayor’s plus one was going to be his wife and honestly Kim would have preferred that awareness over the tension surrounding them now “yes well… why don’t you two go enjoy yourselves… Have some crackers and cheeses and mingle”

” Thank you we shall”  Cullen walked away and toward the large pile of shrimp. Madison smiled and simply nodded at Kim as she flowed after him. Kim watched as the two of them walked away. She couldn’t tear her eyes off Paris. Good lord that woman was a true work of art. A Supreme example of perfection from every angle. Gazes from others lingered on her as she walked deeper into the crowd of the city’s wealthy and elite. Why…why was she here.

Kim could have chosen from a number of different venues to hold the banquet. Some more fancy and most much larger but holding it in the promises common hall was the best choice. First off it was much cheaper and second surely really seeing where your money is going to must have a greater effect on donors the being in a over-blown ballroom miles away … The only downside was that promises was a dry campus. That meant they could not serve alcohol at the event. Kim began to regret that because right now she could have really used a drink. It was her two biggest fears, public speaking and Paris Hilton.

As the night continued Kim found her comfort zone. The trick was to never talk to anyone out of her tax bracket for more than fifteen minutes at a time. She gave some quotes to a few young polite journalist from local papers. Mostly she said the same thing to each one I”m surprised/happy so many people came tonight and the money raised here will do some real good. Even her speech before the dinner began went surprisingly well. It wasn’t until close to the end of the night, as people sipped teas and coffee and some were getting ready to make there leave, that Kim saw Paris again for only second time that night.

Madison did tell her last time they saw each other that she would no longer “Pursue her” but it was more like she was avoiding her. Madison was sitting at one of the tables talking to Kesha Rose. Kim panicked and her mind began producing questions and scenarios faster than she could process. What was madison doing? What were they talking about? What was Kesha unknowingly telling her?

Kim began to walk her towards them. She didn’t know what she would say to them but she didn’t like the idea of her sweet innocent little secretary talking to Paris and was going to put an end to it. She didn’t make it to fair before a young man whom she had already given a few quotable sappy line to put in his article as well as a few photos earlier that evening. “Miss Hilton to you have a moment?” he asked.

She put on a fake smile. “of course. What can i do for you?” she said all the while never taking her eyes off the two girls.

“I just wanted to thank you for a lovely evening.” Paris and Kesha began to laugh about something. Maybe Kesha told the story about her first day working at promises that was always a story was always good for a yuk“and thank you for taking time to speak with me.” don’t be fold by her Kesha, Kim thought. She’s nothing like the person she seems to be. She’s not quite like anyone ever.

“of course…” Kim said simply. Madison leaned over and played with one of Kesha’s blond curls. She was flirting with her now!

“if you would like some time we should do a more formal interview…” why couldn’t have Paris acted like that to her when they first met. Kim wondered now only barely listening to the man in front of her. If Paris had asked instead of taken, Kim would have given anything she would have asked for. She was beautiful and so clever and god so good at making her cum. Watching her now playfully run her fingertips up her arm made her panty slightly damp.“I would love to do a story on your clinic and more importantly the woman behind it.”

“Yes, YES, that would be great! Why don’t you… go set up a date and time with my secretary, she over there in the black dress” she pointed him in tessa’s direction and gave him a light shove.

Kim ducked down a nearby hall, she needed some air.she needed to be alone. She opened an exit door, the cold rush of the fall air on the exposed skin of her arms felt refreshing. How ever as she took a deep breath of the night’s air she smelt something. In the shadows there was a figure, she was not alone. As her eyes adjusted she identified the figure as mayor cullen and the smell of a lit cigarette. He stepped closer to her. “why Kim, fancy meeting you here.” he placed his cigarette between his wrinkled old lips and took a drag.

“Sir the promises rehab and support center is a smoke free grounds I”m going to have to ask you to put that out.” she said firmly

“Relax Kim, it’s just me. I”m not gonna share it with any of your junkys” Kim marched over to him, plucked the cigarette from his mouth, dropped it to the ground and stamped it out with the front of her high heels. She keeped her sirius business face on but the mayor smiled at her and let out a light chuckle. “it’s probably for the best. I wouldn’t any of these noisy journalist finding out i’ve picked it back up again. God forbid people find out their politicians are human being with flaws…and needs” It sounded like he wanted her to feel bad for him. To pity him for not being able to smoke or have affairs publicly because he lived in the limelight.

“Yes well…”

“How have you been Kim?” he asked.

“Busy.” she said bluntly

“Yes i can see that. You should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished here” Kim didn’t need his approval. Kim knew she should be satisfied with her work and deep in her heart she knew her mother would be proud of her and that’s all that mattered to her.

“Thank you sir.”

“You can drop the sir now. I think after all we’ve shared we’ve moved past formal titles. I’m sorry I haven’t called you in a while.”

“It’s fine. We’ve both been busy.” she hoped the conversation would stop there.

“Yes i had to spend a few weeks down in D.C. then when i returned my wife was claiming that we weren’t spending enough time together. You know how it is.”

“I was… surprised to see she wasn’t joining us tonight.”

“Yes I”m afraid she’s out of town for the weekend. As much as she enjoys a good party I”m sure it would have been awkward for us both. Lucky madison insisted she come along tonight. “

“Yeah. She seems to be enjoying herself.”

“Yes i believe she’s made a few donations to your cause lately. She must truly admire you” Kim had no response to that statement. The mayor looked around in all directions before stepping uncomfortably close to her. “i’ve missed you Kim.” the smell of smoke mixed within his breath made him even less appealing to her. “perhaps some time if you’re not too busy we could…”

“How about now?” Kim asked

“I… what… Kim i don’t think that’s such a good…” as she planted a kiss on him she grabbed his hand and placed it under her dress and in to her panties that were still wet from earlier.

“We.. Where?” he stammered

“My office, this way.” she led him across the ground toward her building. It was late enough that on one was around to see them. She unlocked the door to her office and the two of the quietly sneaked in. Kim knew she didn’t have any condoms in her office and she was sure he didn’t have any on him either. She didn’t want to ask because she knew if he did it would have been one provided by Paris meaning she knew that Kim would try and fuck him that night. Why hadn’t she had just gotten on birth control… like Paris had said. Fuck it she was past the point of no return and even farther past the point of caring.

She wasn’t too sure why she brought him back here. If it had been to anger madison it was a stupid plan. If she did it too feel some sort of sexual rush then she must have forgotten how much she disliked sex with him. He kissed her with too much tongue and he’s hands would never stay still as if he was trying to worm her with the friction of running his dry calited poems from her calf to her ear lob. Why was she doing this? It wasn’t about the money anymore so why was he cupping her breast in his old hands? What was she getting out of letting him press his swollen dick into her thigh? She could feel his fingers on her clit but it did nothing for her. “wait, stop.” she said. He didn’t. He pulled his thick cock out of his tailored pants. He tried to slide it into her slit. “I said stop.” she yelled. Giving him a hard shove. He stumbled back

“What? What is it?” you’re awful at this and you’re married and you disgust me and many other reasons but she told him “You taste like cigarettes.” she left without another word leaving the mayor standing alone dumbstruck.

“Wait Kim …” she slammed her door and took off running in the direction of the common hall.

There were still guest sitting and talking when she returned. “there you are. Where have you been?” Kesha asked.

“I went to my office for something. Where is she?” she asked.


“The woman you were talking to before with the red hair and..”

“Oh you mean Paris Hilton… I think she just left a few minutes ago why?”

“I need to go … i need to go talk to her about something.”

“go? But we still have guests and we haven’t even totaled up the donations. You can’t go.” she pleted

“But i…”

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah I”m fine. You’re right I still have to much to do before the night is over. What was I thinking. I”m going to go check on the cators and make sure they have all they needed.” she said in a quicker pace as she started taking a few steps back

“Umm Kim you might want to…” she moshed her hands over the top of her head a few time which after a moment she realized it was her code for hey slut your hair’s a mess from when you had and old man fondling it. You might want to fix that before you go in front of impersonal people who give you money. “Are you sure you’re OK?”

Nope “Yeah of course”

Kim had often heard from people who threw more house parties then her that guest that linger and don’t leave until much later than they should were the worst and now she saw first hand why. She waited as patiently as she could for them all to leave so that she could do the same. It was nearly 12:30 when she left the clnick in the back of a cab. “where to?” The cab driver asked. Threw heavy breath she gave him madison’s address.

She couldn’t do anything but stare at the intercom to madison’s apartment. What the hell was she doing here. A few people had entered or left the building by the time she worked up the nerve to press the button.

“Hello” Madison’s voice rang from the speaker. Kim took a breath in.

“It’s me”

“Ummm I know a lot of different mes. You gonna have to be more specific than that” what a brat.

“It’s Kim…Dovant”

“Oh, so what can I do for you?”

“Can I … come up?”


“I just want to talk to You.” she lied.

“You already are. What you want?” Kim wanted to say a lot she wanted to scream a lot.

“Look It ‘s cold out here. Can I just come inside?”

“that’s because you’ve been standing out there for a while trying build courage. I thought you still had my key anyway ?” Kim was starting to get frustrated and impatient.

“Yeah just not on me right now. Can i just please come up?”

“What, do you want?”

“I WANT YOU TO TOUCH ME AGAIN. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. You want me to tell you how often I’ve thought about you and what you’ve done to me, or do you just want to hear that you were RIGHT…you were right I did like it when you hurt me.” Paris Hilton opened the door for her and Kim Kardashian entered her apartment for the first time of her own accord… and she hoped that it wasn’t a huge mistake.