Daughter's Sex Lessons

Jenna had just turned 16 and she was going to have a birthday party on Saturday night. Jenna has grown into a very mature looking young woman with all the curves in the right places, when her father Scott sees her in her cheerleading uniform his dick gets so hard, he knows it’s wrong, but he cannot help noticing her perky tits and young hot body. Every time he looks at his daughter, he wonders if she already fucks.

The night of her party came, and lots Jenna’s friends arrived, by 9:00 pm, the party was in full swing. Scott was heading to get a drink in basement my man cave, suddenly he heard a people talking. He kept an air mattress in the basement for guests and he saw a young girl and guy fucking. He didn’t bother them, he just looked on from where he could not be seen, they were too busy to notice him anyway. Scott thought to himself man that young little slut has a nice body, look at those perky tits and round tight ass. She finally turned where Scott could see her face, Scott in a very low whisper said, OH SHIT, that’s my daughter Jenna. He thought about what he should do, he really didn’t know what to do, so he just stayed hidden watching my daughter fuck. Scott’s 8-inch dick was hard as a rock, watching his daughter fuck.

Of what Scott could tell, she didn’t know really know how to fuck, neither did the young kid that was fucking her. It was then, he heard Jenna say, this is my first time telling her partner Chris, I had to do it, all my girlfriends said they did it and they were younger than me. I thought about it and I said, what the hell, it’s time I start fucking too. Chris said, it’s only my second time, so to be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing and I sure not going to ask my father. Jenna said, well I sure don’t know either, except what I read on the net. They fucked for another twenty minutes, then they finally dressed and went back to the party.

Next day Scott could get the picture of seeing Jenna naked out of his head, she had a smoking hot body. He thought maybe her father should teach her about real fucking. Scott knew it was taboo to think of her that way, but after seeing her naked fucking, he wanted to fuck her bad, even if he knew it was incest.

Scott had been checking out Jenna all week, again another boy named Roger came over on Wednesday, Jenna didn’t think I saw her and Roger go down to the basement, I quietly followed. Jenna laid on the mattress and pulled slid her pink panties off and raised her skirt, she told Roger hurry up, I don’t want to be caught. Roger unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor but did not remove them. Roger got between Jenna’s legs and inserted his cock in her young cunt. Scott heard Jenna say, at first it was a little painful, but it starting to feel good. Roger responded, now that it’s all over the school that you fuck, lots of guys plan to fuck you so you better get on some type of birth control, you don’t want to get knocked up, your parents would kill you. Jenna responded, not a chance of that, my mother told me, I know you shouldn’t have sex at such an early age, but I know things happen, so she took me to the doctor, so I am on the pill. When Scott heard that, his cock really got hard, if he got to fuck Jenna, he would not her knocked up.

Roger left and an hour later, Steve arrived, he and Jenna went to down to the basement to fuck. Scott was watching them fuck, he heard Jenna say, this is getting easier, I’m loving to fuck, Steve responded, I guess that’s good, because our school, has a long line of guys that want to hit your pussy. Steve said, all the same guys are already fucking all your girlfriends, but your new pussy, so every guy in school wants to fuck it. After about fifteen minutes Steve left and I went upstairs before they caught watching them.

Scott thought to himself, Jenna is becoming a little slut, it looks like she is learning that she loves to fuck. Scott decided he was going to take over Jenna’s sex education, he just had to come up with a plan. Scott no longer care if was taboo, he knew that he was going to cross the line, once Jenna’s had a real man up her cunt, she was going to be his fuck toy.

Thursday morning Scott’s wife had to travel out of town and she would return until the following Thursday. Scott thought this might be where he gets his chance. Scott got home from work, drank a glass of wine, then went to my Jenna’s room. He knocked on her door and said, it’s dad, she said, come in daddy. Jenna was wearing a very short skirt, Scott dick immediately started getting hard, he sat down on the bed beside her. Scott said, your mother won’t be back until next Thursday so it’s only you and me, so is there anything you want to do? Since your mother is not here feel free to ask me anything or do anything you want. Jenna asked like what, daddy? Jenna’s very short skirt had ridden up revealing her beautiful young thighs, Scott reached out and put his hand on her thigh and she look at him, Scott said, I know you had sex in the basement with Chris, Roger and Steve, are there anymore? Jenna looked at Scott, and said in a worried shaky voice, please daddy, I don’t know what to say! Scott turned to face her while moving his hand further up her inner thigh closer to her panty crotch. Scott said, in a gentle voice, look honey, I’m a liberal person, I’m not sure about your mom though. Scott started to light rub her beautiful face as he rubbed her face and he talked to Jenna, his other hand crept up under her skirt and finally he felt her pussy through her panty crotch.

Scott barely started massaged her pussy, while he ran his other hand up and down her back, he leaned over and kissed her ear, Scott felt Jenna’s heart to beat faster. As he is rubbing her pussy and kissing her ear, Scott told her, you must like sex if you like to have it often, come on tell daddy the truth, do you like to have sex often? Jenna was getting in a state of arousal, looked at him and said, yes, daddy, I like to have sex often. Scott asked Jenna, do you like it a lot, Jenna again responded, yes, daddy, I like sex a lot. Scott started kissing Jenna’s neck and Jenna said, oh daddy that feels so good and Scott raised her top and bra, started sucking and kissing her breasts. Jenna was saying oh daddy, oh daddy, that feels so good, I know this is wrong. Scott said, if it feels so good, it can’t be wrong and moved her panty crotch to one side and started working a finger Jenna’s pussy until he finally had three fingers inserted. Jenna was very wet, saying oh daddy, oh daddy as she bucked her young pussy to meet Scott’s thrusting fingers. Scott looked at Jenna and asked her, do you like fingers in your pussy, and she was bucking her pussy to meet his thrust, she responded, oh yes daddy, it feels so good. Scott said, I’m going to be teaching a lot about sex, Jenna responded, oh yes, teach me about sex.

Scott raised her skirt and pulled down her black panties and there was his grand prize, Jenna’s young cunt. Scott wasted no time, he spread Jenna’s legs and started inserting his tongue in her young cunt. Jenna started saying, oh daddy, oh daddy, that feels so damn good. Scott asked her, has anybody done that to you, she said, no daddy, please do it some more, it feels so good. Scott started darting his tongue faster and faster and eating her young cunt, Jenna was thrusting and smashing her young hot cunt against Scott’s mouth. Jenna was rolling her eyes backward and rolling her head from side to side, no young guy had ever made her feels this way, it was such an incredible feeling, she started screaming, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, OH DADDY, OH DADDY. Scott knew Jenna was ready, he took quickly took of his pants and got between her legs. He positioned his cockhead on the entrance of her very wet pussy and started driving his cockhead, he was finally taking his prize, he was going fuck the shit out of his daughter. Scott knew, she was going to be his fuck toy and he was going to start fucking her when he or how he wanted.

Scott kept driving his cock in Jenna’s cunt until he hit rock bottom, he put her legs on shoulders and he wasted no time he started thrusting in and out hard, his balls were hitting hard against her ass with each deep hard thrust, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Jenna was screaming, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, he did not care, the more she screamed, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAH, the harder he pummeled her young cunt, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Scott rolled her legs all the way over her and pinned them and he was now coming straight down ramming her pussy hard, she was screaming, OOOAAAAH, OOOAAAAH, OOOAAAAH, OOOAAAAH. Scott felt so lewd that he was going crazy fucking his daughter, he was thinking to himself, I’ll bet this little whore has never had a cock fuck her like this before! As he was fucking the shit out of her, he asked her, HAS DADDY’S LITTLE SLUT EVER HAD A COCK THIS BIG? She yelled, NO, IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! Scott was ramming her cunt like wild man, he said out loud, DO YOU LIKE ME TEACHING YOU ABOUT SEX, she replied, OH YES DADDY, OH YES, TEACH ME ALL YOU WANT! Scott could tell see that Jenna kept coming uncontrollably, his cock was all white with her cream. Jenna kept saying OH DADDY, OH DADDY while her pussy was producing gushers of cum. Scott finally took a last thrust deep into her young cunt and his balls slapped tight against her young ass. Scott said, I’M COMING DEEP IN YOUR PUSSY, he started dumping his spunk deep in her cunt while Jenna thrust her pussy upwards mashing it against his cock and started grinding her pussy on his cock as he used his daughter’s pussy as his cum dump. As she mashed and grinded her pussy against Scott’s cock, she was moaning saying, OH DADDY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD DADDY. Scott finally pulled out and laid beside Jenna and asked her, did you like that? She replied, oh daddy, I just started having sex and no one has fucked me like you, please keep teaching me daddy, I want to know all about sex from you.

Scott said, if you want me to keep giving you sex lessons, you can never tell no one about what the sex lessons I am giving you, not your friends or your mother, your mother must never know. If someone ever knows, I will have to leave, and you will never get any sex lessons from daddy. Jenna replied, oh no, daddy, I will never tell anybody, I promise, but please don’t stop teaching me about sex. Scott looked into his daughter’s eyes and said, don’t worry honey, your mother will be gone all week, we are going to have time for lots of lessons. Scott knew his daughter was now his to use as he desired, and he planned to cash in on his grand prize any way his deprived mind would tell him to. Scott started fingering Jenna’s pussy and she started breathing hard and moaning, ooooh daddy, ooooh daddy, Scott asked her, has any of your friends taught you how to suck a cock?

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