Daughter's Sex Lessons 4

Scott was pleasantly surprised when he woke up with very rigid hardon, Jenna was rapidly bobbing her head up and down taking Scott’s cockhead in her mouth. She suddenly stopped and then slowly went down driving his thick cock deep down her throat. Scott stared at her in amazement, thinking, look at this little slut take my cock deep in her throat. Jenna slowly lifted her mouth and took her two hands and started jacking off Scott’s cock. As Jenna was jacking off Scott’s cock, she said, I’m sorry if I woke you daddy, but seeing how hard your cock was and standing straight up, made me feel so hot, I wanted your cum in my mouth. Scott replied, that’s O.K. honey, go do what you were doing. Scott thought, this little slut really loves to eat cum, her mouth is going to be busy doing lots of blow jobs, she’s going to have guys lining up to her dicks sucked. Scott reached for phone, started taking video as Jenna went back to sucking his cock real fast, and Scott said, I’m going to cum, she lifted her head and said, give it all to me in my mouth daddy. I love to eat your cum daddy.

Scott was amazed as Jenna, held her mouth open by the tip of Scott’s cockhead, as he ejaculated, his spunk went into her mouth, she then lowered her mouth slowly driving all his cock in her mouth and deep in her throat. Scott felt her mouth trying to suck all his cum out of his cock, she was trying to drain clean. She raised her mouth, releasing Scott’s cock, he was still ejaculating, his spunk began running down his cock, landing on his balls. Jenna began licking his thick rod as Scott made a video the action, he said, open your mouth honey, let me see, she opened her mouth wide, proudly showed off the cum she had in her mouth and tongue.

Scott stared at Jenna, he was so amazed at what his little slut daughter was doing, she was very quickly turning in to a hardcore little whore, she definitely has graduated in cock sucking. Jenna said, I really love to eat your cum daddy, am I doing it right? Scott stared into his daughter’s sexy green eyes, thinking, you little slut, your mouth was just made perfectly for fucking and blow jobs. Scott said, you are perfect, she replied, thank you daddy, I’m so glad, because I love to do this kind of sex a whole lot. Scott thought, this little slut is probably going to be known in school for sucking dicks. Once she licked Scott clean, they head for the shower, where he fucked the shit of her again. Scott no longer thought of Jenna as his daughter, but as his whore.
Scott walked in Jenna’s bedroom as she was getting dressed in short black skirt and white top that any teen would wear. She was slipping on a pair of white bikini panties, she raised her skirt to finish pulling up her panties. She finally finished dressing and Scott looked at her, thinking, this little slut is a fucking beauty. Jenna’s short skirt, and black pumps, made her long legs look very sexy, her long legs were made for spreading and fucking. Scott thought, I can’t believe my beautiful slut daughter is my little whore and she loves to fuck and suck cock. Scott walked over to her, put his hand on her crotch and inserted a finger in her pussy, she said, oh daddy, that makes me feel so hot, Scott said, it’s called horny. She replied, yes, daddy, I get so horny. She continued, daddy, I love your sex lessons, I am so horny most of the time now. Is that wrong daddy to be horny that often? Scott said, it’s not bad to be horny, like I told you before, you can have sex with whomever you want, you’re a grown young woman. Some people are just hornier than others. Scott thought, soon your uncle Billy and I will be taking care of your bad case horniness, we’ll be knocking your pussy out often. Scott said, let’s head out to eat.

As Scott drove, he turned over to Jenna as she was lightly rubbing her thighs and said, I’m feeling so horny, just thinking of the sex we had back at house. Jenna was beginning to be very assertive, she knew what she wanted, she raised her skirt, reaching over guiding Scott’s hand on her panty crotch. She said, I’m getting so hot, I wish we were back home having sex. Scott was feeling her very wet panty crotch while thinking, damn this little slut is ready to fuck again. Scott drove to an ally, parked in an isolated area, he slid over to her, he wasted no time, he pulled his pants down half-way and she straddled him. He moved her panty crotch to one side, she was so horny and wet, there was no resistance as she came downward in one swift thrust, she came down on Scott’s hard thick erection.

Jenna quickly started bucking her hips fast and hard on his cock SWASH, SWASH, SWASH, SWASH and moaning out loud, OH DADDY OOOOH, FUCK ME DADDY, I’M SO HORNY, OOOOH DADDY, FUCK ME HARD DADDY, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, the car was rocking, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, SWOOSH CREAK, OOOOOH DADDY, OOOOOOH. She started raising herself leaving Scott’s cockhead in her pussy and came back down real hard on his very hard thick erection, she was going bananas, slamming her cunt on his cock, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, OOOOH DADDY OOOOH, I’M SO HOT! Scott looked at his cock and he could see Jenna’s cream all over it, then he said, I’m going to cum and he held her real tight with his full erection deep in her cunt, as he shot his spunk deep into her pussy she was grinding her cunt very hard on his cock in a wild circular motion. Jenna un-straddled and quickly went down, inserting Scott’s cock in her mouth, she was going nuts, licking his cock and balls, moaning and slurping noises, OOOOH, SLURP, OOOOH SLURP, OOOOOH DADDY, OOOOH. They finally finished their little unscheduled event and left.

It was about two hours later, and they returned home. Scott said, I’m going to have some wine, do you want some? Jenna replied, I have never had alcohol, he replied, a glass of red wine will relax you for another sex lesson. Scott handed her a full glass of wine. Scott thought, a full glass of wine should get her very relaxed the time has come to take that virgin ass. They took their wine and went to Scott’s bedroom, they laid on the bed as thy drank their wine. They got on their sides facing each other, he placed his hand on her ass and raised her skirt, he started rubbing her ass over her panties then he his moved his hand under her panties and continued rubbing her bare ass.

Jenna said, the wine is making me a little woozy and relaxed. Scott thought, well it’s show time, he got up and took off his clothes. He stood by the edge of the bed said, do I have to tell you what do? She quickly got off the bed and knelt in front of him, quickly inserting his cock in her mouth and started bobbing her mouth back and forth. In anticipation of what Scott was going to do, he quickly was very hard. Scott leaned over and reached for tube of lube and started spreading it all over his thick rod. Scott, pulled her up, turned her around and told her to get on her knees on the edge of the bed. Jenna’s legs were almost close together, so Scott said, spread legs some more, she quickly obeyed. He took some lube and started lubing around her ass, then he started inserting his fingers in her asshole. He leaned over and took out his wife’s vibrator and started vibrating her pussy as he started darting his finger in out of her asshole.

Scott could tell Jenna was really liking the vibrator on her pussy, she was minding my two fingers in her ass. Scott playing with her for another five minutes than he placed his cockhead on her asshole entrance as he still used the vibrator on her pussy. Scott said, Jenna take the vibrator and keep doing exactly as I am doing, she replied O.K. daddy. Scott picked his phone and started taking a video of his cock penetrating his daughter’s virgin ass. He held the phone with his left hand and holding her hip with his right hand. Scott pushed his cockhead in very slowly, he felt her ass walls start breaking, she moaned very loud, OOOH, IT’S VERY BIG. Scott said, I’m not going to hurt you, it will soon be better. Scott thought, once I pop your cherry, I’ll call uncle Billy over and give a DP for your next lesson.

Scott pushed in more and she screamed, AAAAAAAAAAH, IT’S HUGE! Scott said, don’t fight it soon my cock will make your ass feel like it feels in your pussy. Scott pushed in more going in half-way and she screamed again, AAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOOH, Scott did not stop, he pushed in more and more, she screamed, AAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, OOOOOOH, AAAAAAAAAH, he started slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK. Scott was finally about three quarters of the way in, he stopped and held his cock in place letting her get used to it. Scott started, going slowly out and back in for about five minutes, then he slowly went out to his cockhead and slowly back in, she was moaning very loud, OOOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOH and vibrating her pussy.

Scott thought well it’s time to start hitting her ass hard, he started picking up the pace, she started screaming, AAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAH, OH DADDY, AAAAAAAH, OH DADDY, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH. Scott just thought, fuck it, he started ramming her ass hard, his balls were slapping on her ass very loud, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, he kept slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. Scott thought there is no stopping, I’m fucking this little slut’s ass into submission, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, and also kept slapping her ass, WHACK, WHACK, she kept on screaming, OOOOOOOH DADDY, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH, Scott was in such a high state of arousal that he couldn’t stop from fucking his daughter senseless. He was going to dump his cum deep in her ass, he knew this was just the beginning, he was going have his cock in Jenna’s ass often. As Scott kept ramming her ass, he noticed she no longer was screaming loud, she was moaning loud moans of pleasure, OOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOH. Scott grabbed her by the hips and he slammed her ass on his cock and held her against him as he dumped lots of cum deep in her ass. Scott was kind of surprised when Jenna started grinding her ass in circular motions very hard against his cock. Scott quickly started making a video of her ass grinding on his cock. Scott stared at her ass as she kept grinding it on his cock, thinking oh yeah, I own this little slut’s ass. Scott finished dumping all his spunk in her ass and pulled out, she laid exhausted faced down with her long legs spread wide and hanging over the edge of the bed. It was a hot scene, Scott quickly got his phone and started taking a video of her laying exhausted as cum oozed out of her ass and rolled down her legs.

Scott sent his brother William a text message.
Scott: Yo bro where you at?

Bill: My apartment

Scott: I’m going to send you something

Scott: You will recognize them, don’t mention any names.

Bill: O.K. send it

Scott: Here goes, it’s about a minute long.


Scott: Better, I’ve doing it several times since Thursday afternoon

Bill: You know I’ve always wanted a piece of that

Scott: Here your chance, come over and try it out

Bill: I’ll be over in 10

Scott: She’s crashed come to my room quietly

Scott went over to Jenna as she laid exhausted and sleeping, he pulled her body across the bed to keep her legs from dangling and turned her over on her back. He sat down on a chair across the bed having a full view of her pussy. Scott was sitting drinking a glass of wine when his brother Bill quietly walked in. Bill asked Scott, so what’s the plan? Scott replied hey bro, go check out those very fuckable long legs, I started fucking her since about 3:00 pm Thursday, I have fucked over a dozen times since then. Before I fucked her, she I saw spied on her fucking three high school guys that didn’t know how to fuck at all. I went to her room Thursday and told her I saw her screwing she got very nervous, I settled her down and quickly started tonguing and eating her pussy, it didn’t take long, I had her screaming, moaning and bucking her pussy at my mouth. Once that happened, I knew I had a little young slut in the making, my intention was to use her as my little whore, I started wrapping those long legs around me just fuck the shit out of little hot cunt, before I contacted I had just finished breaking in her virgin ass. Bro, you should see her now, I’ve almost done turn her into a little whore, she quickly gets so horny and wants to fuck, and of course I oblige and fuck the shit out of her, Bill and Scott did a high five! Scott said, go check her out, she’s asleep, check out those legs and that beautiful young pussy.

Bill walked over and said, bro, this is a great piece of ass, look at those long legs, I sure want to wrap them around me. Scott walked over to the opposite edge of the bed by Jenna’s head. Scott said lift her legs and give them to me, I’ll hold her legs over and you can plow into that pussy and ram it as hard you can. The little whore also knows how to give the best blow jobs in the world, so don’t forget to try her mouth out.

Bill lifted her legs and he inserted his cockhead in Jenna’s pussy, she started to wake up, Scott took her legs and pinned them making her pussy to point up in the air. Bill knew what he wanted and wasted no time, he started drilling more cock in her pussy. Jenna woke up and said, uncle Bill, and Scott said, hit it bro, Bill swiftly finished driving the rest of his 10-inch all the way and very deep in her pussy. Jenna didn’t get a chance to say a thing, Bill started, thrusting in and out of her pussy, she started moaning out loud, OOOOOH UNCLE BILL, IT FEELS SO GOOD, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, Bill started hitting her pussy hard slapping his balls on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Bill said, BRO, SHE HAD DAMN GREAT PUSSY! SHE IS GOING TO MAKE US A DAMN GOOD LITTLE WHORE!

Scott had Jenna’s legs pinned tight to the bed making her pussy point upwards while his brother Bill was coming straight down ramming his 10-inch cock very hard almost splitting her pussy her apart. Jenna was screaming out, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, Scott quickly inserted his cock in her mouth and began thrusting in and out hard. Jenna did not realize her daddy’s and uncle’s plan was to make their whore. Jenna had never experienced anything like this, her head was spinning as she was being fucked hard, she heard her uncle say, let me that mouth a shot, and Scott said, I’ll take over her cunt, this little whore loves to fuck. Bill pulled Jenna over the bed he could hang her head over the edge of the bed, then told her, open that mouth, your uncle Bill is going to slide his cock down your throat, open wide little whore, Bill started inserting his cock and said, a little wider, fuck yeah, my cock is down this little whore’s throat. Bill then started thrusting up and down Jenna’s throat, Jenna started loving her uncle Bill’s cock sliding down her throat, it was making her so hot, and now her daddy was pounding her pussy hard.

Jenna couldn’t believe how much she was loving her uncle and daddy fucking the shit out her, they called her their whore and she was realizing she was loving being their whore. Jenna knew her daddy and uncle were going to be fucking her a lot, and she loved it.

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