Daughter's Sex Lessons 3

Scott laid with Jenna, and he got up and brought over a tube of lube, he laid beside her and started lubing his cock. Jenna asked him, why are you putting that lube on your cock daddy? He looked at her and said, it’s for your next lesson. We will do this lesson tomorrow, I just want to show you an example of what is going to happen to you and you won’t be scared, it’s another form of hot sex, but it is a little painful in the beginning until your anus relaxes and adjusts to the cock size. I am your daddy and wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. I am also going to let you stay home from school tomorrow and I can teach more sex lessons and practice what you learned all day. Scott looked at Jenna and thought to himself, tomorrow little slut, I’m going to put my 8-inch thick cock right up your ass until it hits rock bottom. I’m going to fuck you in every position possible all over the house. When I get done with this 16-year old slut, she was going to be my personal little whore to use however I want. Scott kept looking at Jenna, she smiled at him and he thought to himself, you little young whore, I’ve, got plans for all your holes.

Scott said, take your index finger and your thumb, now simulate a tight circle like I did, Jenna was a great student, she followed instructions well. She said like this, showing Scott her example of a tight circle. Scott and Jenna were laying on the bed, he had his head propped up with a pillow and his cock thinking about taking Jenna’s virgin ass. Scott said, bring the simulated circle down on the tip of my cock. She followed his instructions and when she got to the tip of his cock, she said, it doesn’t fit. Scott replied, that’s why I put lots of lube my cock, now very slowly force it down, she followed his instructions. Scott said, slowly, slowly, see your fingers open wider as your circle slowly goes further down. Finally, Jenna had her finger circle all the way down and Scott said, now with a faster motion go up and down, she did as Scott told her to do. Jenna started breathing very hard and Scott said, see how my cock fits well after a while, I know you have not done anal sex, so it will be a little painful at first, like I said, I won’t hurt you, the pain will soon go away, it will almost feel like having a cock in your pussy. Jenna was still going up and down with her fingers around Scott’s hard cock. Jenna was breathing very rapid and hard, she asked, daddy, can I now do what I am doing with all my hand? Scott replied, if you want to, go ahead.

Jenna wrapped her hand around Scott’s cock and she started to rapidly move her hand up and down on his 8-inch thick cock, she suddenly wrapped her mouth around his cock and started bobbing her head up and down, Scott thought, I’ve turning my little slut daughter into a great cock sucker, man this little young bitch can sure suck a cock. Jenna was moaning and making slurping noises, oooaah, surp, oooaah, surp, oooaah, surp as she was now very rapidly bobbing her head up and down, taking all of Scott’s huge erection down her throat. Scott again thought, look at this little whore go! My little slut daughter loves to deep throat! Scott suddenly held Jenna by the back of her head and thrust his huge cock upwards, also pushing her head down and forcing her mouth on his huge erection. Scott held her in place for about fifteen seconds, as he dumped all this spunk down her throat. Scott finally released her, and she was breathing hard, she took Scott by surprise, when Jenna on her own inserted Scott’s erection in her mouth, until it was all the way down her throat. Scott thought, damn, I created a deep throating little slut, this little bitch can suck cock better than her mother.

Scott asked her, you like to suck cock, honey. Jenna replied, OH YES, DADDY! Don’t you like how I am doing it? Scott replied, OH YES, HONEY, YOU’RE THE BEST! Jenna replied, I’ m so glad you like it, because your cock sucking lessons are some of the best lessons I liked, thank you for teaching me, I want you to teach all about sex, please keep on teaching me daddy? Scott said, it looks like you and I need a shower, go a head and I will be there in a minute. Jenna got up and starting walking towards the bathroom as Scott saw gobs of spunk coming from her cunt and rolling down her legs. Scott stared at Jenna’s young round tight ass and thought, I’m going to love taking that tight virgin ass, I’m going to bore the fuck out of it, by the time I get done with this young cunt, the little whore is going to be begging for cock up her ass.

Scott finally went in the shower with Jenna and said, I’m going to give you a shower sex lesson. Jenna replied, yes, please show me daddy. Scott said, here soap up my cock, she quickly followed instructions. Scott said, turn around and put your hands high on the shower wall and lay your head on the wall sideways. Scott pulled her by the hips and said, spread your legs. As soon as she spread her legs, Scott started his soaped cock in Jenna’s cunt. Scott wasted no time, he started fucking Jenna hard, she started screaming, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOOOOH DADDEEEE, AAAAAAAAAAAAH, OOOOOOOOOOH DADDEEEEE. Scott was not letting up, he was fucking the shit out of his daughter, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Scott intended to keep fucking the shit out her all week while his wife was gone, he thought, he could make his daughter damn good little whore, so he could quickly fuck her when his wife was not around.

As Scott was fucking the shit out of Jenna, he started spanking her ass, WHACK, WHACK, Jenna started bucking her ass back with every slap, he kept fucking her hard SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Scott asked her, you like those spankings don’t you and he spanked her again, WHACK, she replied, OH YES DADDY, IT MAKES SO HOT AND GOOD, Scott spanked her again, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, she said, OH DADDY, I’M SO HOT, I’M SO HOT and she started bucking her cunt hard against Scott’s cock. Scott thought, look at this little whore go. If my brother William could see me now, he would be shocked.

William was Scott’s younger single brother that one point told Scott, that since they were brothers, Scott he should give him a chance to hammer Jenna’s pussy. He remembered William saying, my niece has gotten right in all the right places, she has beautiful blond hair and sexy green eyes, someone is going hammer that real soon it might as well be her uncle Bill. Scott remembered telling him fuck off, it isn’t going to happen, but if it did happen, her daddy is going to be the one fucking that tight pussy of hers. Scott thought, hell why not, it well just be another sex lesson with her uncle Bill.

Scott asked Jenna, you like that, she replied, OH DADDY, THAT FEELS SO GOOD. Scott rammed her cock deep in her cunt and held his cock deep, he started emptying all balls up her deep cunt, she said that feels soooo good daddy. Scott and Jenna finished their shower, Scott went out first and told Jenna, come to my bedroom when your done, don’t worry about wearing clothes, I’ve got an additional lesson before we go to sleep. Jenna replied, O.K. daddy. About ten minutes later, Jenna walked into the bedroom, Jenna had very long blond silky hair that covered her breasts. Scott was laying on the bed watching a porn show, she laid down by Scott, he turned on his side facing her, he leaned over and moved her beautiful blond hair from her face staring directly into her eyes as he massaged her beautiful young breasts. Scott asked, be truthful with me, do you like sex? Jenna replied, oh yes daddy, when I started having sex with Chris, I got aroused very little, it felt better with Roger and Steve, but the sex I had with them is nothing like you taught me. Jenna continued, you make me feel so good and hot, I like it so much how you fuck me daddy, I am trying to do everything you taught me, don’t you like it daddy? Scott replied, oh yeah honey, you’re a perfect fuck!

Jenna asked, can I ask you something daddy? Please don’t get mad at me. Scott replied, I promise I won’t get mad so ask away? Jenna said, is it alright if I use what you taught me with my boyfriends? I won’t tell them where I learned from, promise. Scott’s first reaction was about to be that of a freaked parent, he caught himself and did an about face and said, you’re sixteen, yeah sure, why not, but like we said, never tell anyone where or how you learned all about sex. As Scott was conversing with Jenna, he also was thinking, I almost fucked up and started thinking like a parent. Why stop this little slut? If this little bitch turns out to be the school whore, fuck it, who cares, let her be the school whore, I was working on making her my little personal whore anyway. With the school guys fucking her, she will quickly turn into a little whore for anyone that wants to fuck her. Scott said, make sure you practice everything I taught you as well as you can, after all, why learn it if you don’t do right. Scott said, Jenna just one more thing, I don’t want you getting in trouble, you can have all the sex you want, but do it in the basement where you have been doing it. You can do it even when your mother is here, I’ll find a way to keep her busy, so she doesn’t realize what is going on, it’s all our secret. Scott thought, yeah, I hope the video cameras I put around the house, basement and bedroom, while she was in the shower catch all the action. l Jenna replied, I will daddy, promise, Scott said, I know you will, then Scott leaned over and started kissing her passionately, while he massaged her breasts as Jenna put both hands around Scott’s thick cock and started jacking him off. Jenna said, you feel so good in hands daddy as Scott was now kissing and sucking her tits. Scott thought, look at these young tits, what a fucking beauty!

Scott quickly straddled Jenna and he mashed her breasts together and told Jenna, I’m going to teach you how to have sex with your beautiful tits. Jenna asked, do you think my breasts are beautiful daddy? Scott replied, oh yeah, they’re a beauty, you can teach your boyfriends this lesson also, Scott thought, yeah little slut, go ahead and teach them all the lessons you want, the more you teach them, the quicker you become everybody’s little whore. Scott said, hold your breasts together like I have them, she quickly mashed her breasts together, Scott reached back with his left hand, started fingering her cunt. Jenna moaning said, oh daddy that feels so good and she started bucking her cunt upwards to meet Scotts three fingers darting in and out of her cunt. Jenna kept moaning, oooooh, oooooh, oooooh, then Scott started inserting his thick cock between her breasts. Scott said, hold them tight honey, that’s it, nice and tight.

Scott was now rapidly darting his thick cock in and out of the crevice Jenna created as she mashed her tits together. Scott said, look down and open your mouth, she did as she was instructed. Scott started pumping his cock hard into her tit crevice inserting his cockhead in her mouth with every forward thrust. Jenna was moaning, ooooh, daddy, it feels so hot. Scott said, do you like this lesson honey? Jenna replied between her moans, ooooh, yes daddy, oh yes daddy, oooooh, it feels so good. Scott said, make sure you teach your boyfriends this lesson too, Jenna moaning replied, ooooh, yes oooooh daddy, I will. Scott thought, yeah that’s it, you make sure you teach so they make you the school whore.

Scott kept on pumping her tits for another ten minutes then he said to himself, I’m going to come all over this little slut’s tits. Scott pulled out of her tit crevice and started dumping his spunk all over her tits and her face, he told her open your mouth wide. When Jenna opened her mouth, he moved up and started dumping a load of cum on her mouth, Scott said, swallow it all and she began swallowing. Scott then said, open your mouth and show me, Jenna open her mouth, very proudly saying see daddy, I swallowed it all, I wouldn’t spit it out, I like your cum in my mouth daddy, I like it a lot. Scott said, good, I’m glad you like your daddy’s cum in your mouth, are you going to teach that lesson to your friends too, you might like the taste of your friend’s cum. Jenna replied, yes daddy, I was planning to do it, but if you don’t want me to, I won’t, do you mind daddy? Scott replied, no of course not, like I said, you’re sixteen, you’re a smart young woman, you can have any form of sex with whomever you want. Jenna replied, thank you daddy, I love you daddy, I am so glad you are teaching all about sex.

Scott said, sex lessons are lots of fun, but it’s getting late now, we need to rest so we can continue the sex lessons tomorrow.

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