Daughter's Sex Lessons 2

Scott kept on fingering Jenna’s pussy, he now had three fingers inserted, he was thrusting them hard in and out of her pussy, she was stretching and arching her back smashing her pussy hard on my fingers. She was tilting her head and rolling her eyes backwards. Scott was well on his way on making his 16-year old hot looking daughter his personal little whore. She was moaning, OH DADDY, OH DADDY, Scott asked her, has any of your friends taught you how to suck a cock? Jenna was bucking and mashing her pussy against Scott’s finger, as she replied, no daddy. I will teach, but only if you want to learn, she replied, teach me daddy.

He stood up and threw a pillow on the floor in front of him. Scott looked at her and said, come over here and kneel in front of my cock. Jenna followed all Scott’s instructions, he said, good girl. Scott said, open your mouth and he started to insert his cockhead in her mouth, he started slowly working his cockhead in and out of her mouth. Scott thought he was in heaven, he had his cock in his hot daughter’s mouth for the first time, he was going to be her first blow job. He started pushing her head from behind as he inserted his cock, it took about a couple of minutes, and he could tell she was getting used to it and liking it, she was now moving her head back and forth on her own. Scott took his shaft out her mouth and said, lick and kiss up and down my cock, lick it all the way up, now lick all the way down. Scott put one of her hands on his cock and said now lift up my cock, and start kissing my balls, put as much as you can of my balls in your mouth and suck on them gently. Jenna said, oooh daddy, oooh daddy, this makes me so hot. Scott asked her, do you like doing this sex lesson? Jenna replied, oooh yes daddy, it makes feel so good and hot! He asked Jenna, do you want to keep doing this lesson with daddy? She replied, oooh, yes, daddy, I love this sex lesson. Good, then I’ll teach you another lesson.

Scott said, lay on your back, she quickly obeyed. Scott mounted her ready to eat her pussy, he started darting his tongue in her pussy and she started squirming, he rolled her to their side, Scott told her, now you do everything that you were taught while you were on your knees. Scott started eating her pussy while Jenna bucked and mashed her pussy against his mouth. Jenna was so hot, she started licking Scott’s cock and balls, also sucking them. Scott felt his balls were full of cum ready to pop. Jenna started working her head back and forth on Scott’s hard cock, she was trying to hard to take as much as she could in her mouth. Scott could hear her breathing hard and saying, ooooh, daddy, I feel so hot. Scott could see creamy juices flowing out Jenna’s cunt. Scott thought, this little whore is so fucking hot she just keeps coming like spicket. Scott thought to himself, this little slut has only had kid’s dicks up her pussy, earlier, I took it easy on her, but it’s time to really stretch and bottom out this little whore’s pussy. Scott finally turned around, lifted her legs and spread them wide, in one swift thrust, he drove his entire cock in her young cunt and she moaned, OH DADDY, IT FEELS SO GOOD and Scott started taking long thrusts, he would almost go all the way out and come down hard again, Jenna started screaming, OOOOOH DAAAAADY, OOOOOH DAAAAADY, OOOOOH DAAAAADY, Scott kept fucking her pussy hard, his balls slapped hard on her ass, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, Scott was ramming that cunt so hard, he was making bed rock, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD,THUD. Scott was hitting rock bottom, he was stretching her pussy wide and deep accommodating all of his thick 8-inch cock, he had her screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH, AAAAAAAAAAH. Scott looked at his cock, it was dripping with cream, Jenna was coming uncontrollably, he kept ramming hard, the bed was still rocking hard, THUD, THUD, THUD, THUD, she was screaming, OOOOH DAAAADDY, OOOOOH DAAAADDY, AAAAAAAH, OOOOOH DAAADDY, AAAAAAAH, he was determined to make his daughter his personal little whore. Scott felt that he was getting ready to come, he quickly pulled out of her pussy and stood up, he told her to quickly get on your knees on the pillow, Jenna quickly obeyed.

Scott said, open your mouth, he held her from the back of her head, quickly inserting as much cock as he could drive in her mouth. He told her to relax her throat, don’t try to fight my cock and he kept driving more cock in her mouth, suddenly he started dumping all spunk in her mouth. Scott pulled out his cock and let her breath a little and he drove as much as he could back down her throat, she was taking it like a champ, suddenly all on her own she opened her mouth wide and attacked his cock, slowly driving it down her throat all on her own. Scott was still coming dumping more come down her throat, he pulled out and told her to open her mouth, she opened it and it was full of cum. Scott told her swallow it, do it swallow it all, Jenna started swallowing and cum started dripping from the corners of her mouth. Scott looked at Jenna and said, lick my cock and balls clean, Jenna was making slurping sounds as she licked and licked Scotts cock and balls. Scott said, that’s a good girl, like my cock and balls very clean. When Jenna had licked Scott’s cock and balls clean, she asked Scott, did I do alright daddy? I tried all I could. Scott replied, you did very good, your mom will be away for a week, we will keep practicing until we get it perfect, do you want to do that? Jenna replied, oh, yes daddy, I want you to please keep teaching me. Scott looked at Jenna and thought to himself, oh yeah, I’m going to keep you practicing often, until you become my little personal whore, so I can use all your holes however I want to use them. Scott laid with Jenna, and he got up and brought over a tube of lube, he laid beside her and started lubing his cock. Jenna asked him, why are you putting that lube on your cock daddy? He looked at her and said, it’s for your next lesson.

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