Dan's Sex Party 1

Dan’s parties were notorious all over campus. Hot, naked people sucking and fucking wherever and whenever they wanted. I’d heard they were mostly a sausage fest, but that the girls that came were always down for anything. He was very selective about who he invited, so I was excited when I got the invite.

When I showed up at the door, a sign said “Please use back door.” When I got to the backyard gate, I saw a note Dan had posted saying “Stop! You must get completely naked before entering this party! – Dan”. I wasn’t super keen on stripping naked outside the fence where neighbors could see, but I was not gonna miss this. He had bags nearby and a shed to put our clothes in. So I started to strip, slipping off my black zip-up, then sliding my jeans off. I knew this was coming so I went commando.


I knocked and walked in and WOW! I could not believe this was real! I knew almost everyone there. James walked right past me, dick semi-hard and bouncing. Robby was getting a blowjob from Allison. She locked eyes with me, but kept sliding up and down his wet shaft. Ethan was there, too, his cock rock hard as his girlfriend, Natalie just slid her hand across his tight chest and abs. Beyond them, I could see Jeremy and Martin getting sucked off by some girl on her knees. It looked like she was taking them both in her mouth at the same time. I felt my cock twitch as the blood rushed through it, causing it to slowly twitch to attention. By the house I saw Cody, just staring down at Melanie as she sucked on his huge cock. Dan had a thing for brunettes and I only spotted one blonde going down on a couple of guys in the corner.

“Marcos, you made it! Come on in, man. Grab a drink.” I turned to see Dan, arms open wide with a drink in his hand, his semi-hard cock just flapping about as he walked over. He gave me a hug, which felt wierd because our dicks totally touched.


Vic walked over with a drink. “Hey, Marcos, how’s it hanging?”

“Do you even have to ask?” I joked.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands on my ass, then they wrapped around and cupped my balls. I felt a tongue lick around my hip moving towards my now hard cock. Dan’s dick also quickly grew to attention as he watched with a smile. I looked down to see Kelly. Man, I had such a crush on this girl and I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Dude, I told you, I got you, man.” Dan said with a smile.

“Hey Marcos” Kelly said. She was such a tease. Without even thinking, I just started stroking my hard cock as she continued to cup my balls, and lick all around dick.


Behind Dan and Vic, I saw that James had found a girl for his hard cock. Kelly face brushed up against my dick. I suddenly grabbed my dick and guided it into her waiting mouth. Her perfect boobs just swayed as she went down on me. Dan and Vic just stood there watching, which to be honest, made the whole experience even hotter.

“Fuck…” I heard Vic say before taking another swig of his drink.

“How does it feel, man? Hot. Right?” Dan asked.

“Fucking awesome!” I said as I my hips slowly started rocking and I gently fucked Kelly’s face.


“Let me know when you’re gonna blow.” Dan said. “We like to cum in groups.”

“I’m so close”, I replied.

I pulled out of her mouth and started jerking my wet cock in her face. Kelly just played with her tits, mouth open, tongue out, anticipating my load. Vic took a few steps closer, jerking off.

“Here we go, guys!” Dan said, arms open wide again.

“Ahhh!” I grunted, as I shot my load at Kelly’s mouth. My cum landed mostly on her tongue, but also around her lips, and on her boobs. Vic started playing with his nipples and rubbing his chest and abs, as he shot his load at Kelly. Dan just came, hands free. His cock just pulsated and twitched as it spurted cum. Moans and grunts could be heard all over the yard as the guys orgasmed. I could see some babes, just getting covered in cum, while others kept sucking, with cum oozing out the corners of their mouths.


I finished with a chuckle. Kelly stood up, licking her way up my abs, around my nipples, and up my neck. She gave me a kiss, and I could still taste a little of my cum on her tongue.

Over the course of that night, I fucked her twice, sucked on her nipples, and double-teamed her with several guys and went down on her. By the end of the night, we were all spent, and just lay around on Dan’s patio furniture.

“Great party, man.” I said.

“Wait til next week, I’m renting a mansion in the hills.”

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