Danielle part 2.

You walk up the steps of the Bellevue Syrene hotel, at the top there’s a sweet man that grins and opens the door for you. “Grazie” you say as you walk into the large open lobby. Searching a crossed the room you spot the front desk and make your way over to it.

“Ciao, come posso aiutarti?” The lady at the desk asks. You stumble for a moment as your Italian isn’t the greatest, and simply reply with “Signore Moretti’s room please”.

She reaches out and hands you a card, “Ecco la tua carta 328.”

“Thank you!” You turn and start walking towards the elevator. The doors slide open for you and you step inside, turn and press 3-2-8. As the elevator comes to a stop, you step out of it and walk down the hallway to room 328. There it is, a tall red door with gold numbers on it. You take a deep breath, reach out your hand and knock on the door three times. There’s a long pause before deciding to knock again, just as you are going to knock again the door opens.

“Ciao” I say with a huge smile on my face. I look over at you, your dark hair pulled back on the side, a maroon dress and black heels on. “You never cease to amaze me” I say to myself. I hold out my hand as you take it quickly pull you into me and embrace you with a kiss. Lips locked together for what feels like an eternity, we release each other and smile. I grab your hand again and pull you farther inside the room and close the door behind us.

You walk to the window and stare out over the Italian city in awe. I put my hands on your shoulders, feeling your skin again is like a breath of relief.

We talk for awhile and figure out where you’d like to go your first night in Italy. The suns going down and we leave to have dinner. I’m not sure what is is with us and Italian food but it always seems to be our most popular choice.

The restaurant is only a few blocks away, we decide to walk. I grab a jacket and we get on our way. Catching up and some small talk between us while we hold hands walking down the street.

The restaurant isn’t too crowded. The waiter leads us to our table, and we take our seats. Picking what to eat wasn’t too hard, we kept it simple with pasta. Throughout dinner I can’t stop staring at your beauty, every other second you look up at me with your smile, a few times I catch you biting your lip. Damn that drives me crazy. It’s hard to focus on the food in front of me without thinking of what I have planned for later.

Dinner is over, I pay and we thank the waiter for his excellent service. The sun has finally set and the cool air has given you the chills, so I offer you my jacket to wear for the walk back to the hotel.

The hotel holds its charm at night as much as in the daytime. Hand in hand we make our way towards the elevator and get inside. I was glad that it was empty, because the second the doors closed I grabbed you by the waist and pulled you into me and kissed you deeply on the lips. Your lips accept mine as they spread I press my tongue into your mouth as your tongue meets mine.


Both our eyes open when we hear the sound of the doors sliding open. We smile and laugh before leaving the elevator. You start skipping down the hallway and turn around smiling at me. I ask “what’re you so excited about?” You just smirk as you stop in front of the door.

We walk inside the room and sit down on the couch. You start telling me how amazing it is here. And I tell you it’s even better now that you’re with me.

You sit me back and come sit on top of my lap. I look up at you and smile as you lean down and start making out with me. Your hands are all over my chest pulling at my shirt wanting to take it off. I nod at you so you can pull it up over my head. I move my hands over your back feeling your body underneath your dress. There’s nothing I want more than to slide your dress off your shoulders and onto the floor.

I stand you up on your feet and push the straps of your dress off of your shoulders. Your dress falls to the floor leaving you in your matching black lace bra and panties. I can feel my dick harden in my pants at the sight of you.

You then stand me up and sit on the couch, “close your eyes” you say. I do as you say and I feel your hands move swiftly down to my pants. Quickly undoing the button and zipper you pull them down and tell me to step out of them. While my eyes are still closed i can feel your small hands stoking my hard dick through my boxers.

“I want it” you whisper.
“Take it, it’s yours” I reply.

You pull my boxers down as my dick bounces straight up pointing at you. You put one on my balls and one on the base of the shaft. I finally open my eyes and look down at you deeply as you slowly move your mouth towards the tip of my dick. Next thing I feel is the tip of your wet tongue moving along the bottom of my dick.

Doesn’t take much for me to start moaning under the pleasure of you working your mouth all over my dick. I put my hands on top of your head, moving my fingers through your hair while you take more of my dick into your mouth. I can feel the edge of your lips moving up and down the shaft as more and more of me goes inside of you. You work your tongue masterfully around my dick while it’s in your mouth.

I pull my hips back to release myself from your mouth. I reach down and stand you up and tell you we’re going to the bedroom. You lead the way and I can’t stop staring at your sexy ass in your lace panties.

“Stop in front of the bed, don’t turn around.” I say. You do as I say and wait for me there.

After a brief moment you sense me approaching you from behind. I ask you to stand still as I put a blindfold on you. You seem nervous at first but calm down quickly.

I place my hands on your shoulders and start moving them down your body. Feeling your soft as silk skin under my fingertips gets me so turned on. Feeling your side, to your hips and your waist… down to your thighs. I then start kissing the back of your neck softly, pecking all over your skin. My mouth makes it’s way to the side of your neck as my tongue escapes and licks up to your earlobe while I give you a nibble on the ear.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you” I whisper in your ear.

You reach down and grab my hands. Sliding them up the front of your body. Over your stomach, onto your breasts. Forcing my hands to squeeze them over your lace bra. You start moaning from the pleasure.

I let go of your breasts and move them to your back to unclasp your bra. I then push the straps off of your shoulders making it fall to the floor releasing your breasts. Your nipples harden when the cold air touches them.

I lead you to the bed and lay you down on your back. I get on the bed and crawl on top of you, leaning down I kiss your lips, your neck, chest, onto your nipple and suck it into my mouth while I pull at your other one between my fingers. Moving down your body I start kissing every inch of your stomach down to your waist.

You openly spread your legs for me to get between them. I start at your knee and lick and kiss my way all the way down your inner thigh making you squirm under my touch. I tease you over and over going from side to side of your thighs turning you on so much.

I reach my hands under you as you lift your hips so I can slide your panties down your thighs and off of you. Sitting back on the bed and my hands on your knees I spread them opening your legs for me to be between them. I take my right hand and glide it down your thigh onto your pussy. Your skin is so smooth and wet from being turned on. Your body jolts at my first touch.

I move my finger slowly up and down your slit. Feeling your swollen clit at the top with my thumb I start massaging it causing your back to arch. I then take my fingers lower and press them between your lips as they find your tight hole. Only one finger is able to slide inside of your warm, wet body. With my other hand I continue to rub your clit. I can feel your body accepting my finger so I press a second into you making a moan escape your lips.

Picking up the pace of rubbing your clit and fingering you faster your body is overwhelmed with pleasure as you cum the first time from me fingering you. I can feel it as your pussy is pulsating around my fingers.

Once your body calms down I pull my fingers out of you quickly and replace them with my mouth. Catching you off guard my mouth covers your clit and sucks it into my mouth as my tongue flicks the tip of your clit. Relaxing your clit from my mouth I rub my tongue all the way down your pussy causing you to scream. With one hand I spread your pussy open and press my tongue deep into you licking you all over. You reach down and grab my hair pulling my face closer to your body.

Sensing you on the edge of another orgasm I move my mouth back to your clit and put two fingers back into your pussy forcing you to cum once again.

Pulling away from you as your body calms down, I get on top of your chest and pull your blindfold off of you. You open your eyes to my hard dick right in front of you. So you open your mouth and slide the tip of my dick into your mouth pleasuring me once more.

Once I’m done wet enough you lay me down and get on top of me. Reaching down you grab me and guide me right inside of your body. I could feel your lips wrapping around my dick as you stretched around my wide shaft.

Slowly you lowered yourself the rest of the way down until all of me was inside of you. Nothing felt better than being inside of you. I could feel your pussy grabbing my dick as you started to move up and down. Our hands find each other’s and our fingers interlock so you can brace yourself to move faster.

I start moaning like crazy as your hips grind on top of me. You bring your chest down to mine as I move my hands to your hips. I grab ahold of you and slam you down onto my dick over and over again as I take control. I can feel myself getting deeper and deeper inside of you.

I hold you close as we change positions. You get on your hands and knees on the edge of the bed while I stand behind you.

“Do you want my dick inside of you?” I ask
“Yes!” You reply
“Yes, what?” I say
“Yes please. Please put your dick in my pussy and fuck me. Fill me with your cum!” You answer.

I slap your ass before spreading it. Taking the tip of my dick up and down your pussy. Teasing you. Making you want your pussy filled with my dick. I slowly press my dick into your pussy making you moan. Your wet pussy covers my dick as I pull out of you before shoving it back inside.

Reaching up I grab your hair and pull your head back while I press farther into your body at the same time. With my other hand I slap your ass making you scream. Then I slap the other side.

Faster and faster I’m in and out of your pussy.
“Oh yes!” I start moaning
“Cum in me. Fill me up” you tell me

Your tight pussy squeezing my dick I can feel it forcing me to start cumming. I groan as I feel my cum shoot into you. One after another I can feel it squirt inside of you filling you with my cum while you orgasm at the feeling of being filled with my cum.

Out of breath I come to a stop and slide out of you. Panting I lay down next to you in your arms as we fall asleep in this Italian city together for the first but not the last time.

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