Danielle part 1

Danielle is someone I hold very close to me. We once were a couple but didn’t really have the chance to become what we should have. We’ve gone our separate ways, but we still talk every once in awhile. I write these stories for her.

Chapter 1

“It has been a while, hasn’t it?” I texted to you. Not knowing how you would respond. Luckily you did, with a nice tone of “yes, yes it has :).” Shortly after that we had made dinner plans to catch up. We agreed with Olive Garden. I picked you up at 6pm, stunning as always – you chose to wear a sexy red dress.

Over dinner we discussed everything that’s been going on with our lives, new friends, how work has been, how your dogs were doing, and so on. Great food, wonderful company, and of course a bottle of wine to go with it. The whole time over dinner I couldn’t get over how beautiful you are. Your lovely dark hair, soft skin, and your smooth lips. Before we knew it, it was almost after 8pm, time to take you home.

We walk slowly back to the car talking about how great dinner was. I couldn’t stop looking over at you getting lost in your eyes. I open the car door for you and walk over to my side. As I’m reaching to turn my car on, you take your hand and stop me from turning the key. “Thank you for tonight, it couldn’t have gone any better, and I’ve missed you, and this so much.” I smile and look back at you – “you’re welcome, I loved every second of it”. I reach over and take your hand, running my fingers over your palm, feeling every inch of your hand. After a long silence our faces inched closer and closer together.

I close my eyes and feel your lips touch mine. I reach my arms over to pull you closer into me. Our lips intertwined with each other’s, your hands move up and down my body as we embrace each other. I press open your lips with my tongue as it is met with yours. Spinning around in your mouth and then mine. I can feel myself becoming more and more turned on. I feel your hand make its way down to my lap and you notice that I am getting hard. You then playfully bite my lip and pull back and smile saying “take me home”. I nod and kiss you on the cheek.

I might have missed a few turns on purpose to have a little bit more time with you, all while you laughed at me or getting lost. Finally back to your place, I get out first and open the door for you to help you get out. Again going over the night as we walk to the door, you open it up and ask me “would you like to come in?” I happily say yes with a smile. We step inside and are quickly greeted by your dachshund. He hasn’t seen me for quite awhile but I’m glad he remembers me. You take my jacket and hang it up and ask me if I’d love some wine.

You pour us a couple of glasses and we sat down on the couch. Reminiscing about the past and all the silly things we’ve done together. Laughs echoed the room as we finished our wine and turned to the TV as we cuddled up next to each other under a blanket. Nothing good was on, flipping thru the channels – sports was on which showed the Patriots losing today, which I joked to you about. That quickly ended with you socking my arm. I apologized and put my arm around you and pulled you close to my. Kissing your forehead and telling you how much I missed this. You looked up at me with a grin and told me you did too.

We pushed closer together under the blanket, entangling our legs between each other. You had one hand on my leg and one hand on top of mine. You brought my hand to the bottom of your dress and left it there. I sat there pondering what to do. I played with the cloth of your dress between my fingers for a bit. You kept wiggling your legs around which was causing your dress to raise up. I snuck my hand under your dress, feeling your warm smooth skin of your thigh. You look back up to me as you pull my head down to yours and press your lips against mine. Welcoming your tongue inside my mouth and rub mine against yours.

You lean back on the couch and pull me on top of you. I break our kiss to move my lips a crossed your jaw to your ear lobe. I start nibbling on your ear and as I whisper your name to you I can hear you starting to breathe harder. after your ear I make my way down to your neck, slowly drawing a line down with my tongue to kissing you deeply on the side of your neck. I feel your hands running all over my back, pulling up at my shirt as I go farther south – down to your chest, kissing you above your breasts.

I look up at you and you stare back down at me. You pull me up to your face, to whisper in my ear “take me to my room”. I stand up and tell you to keep laying down. Bending down, I put my arms under your back and legs and lift you up as I carry you to your room. You take this opportunity to kiss at my neck and my ear maybe sneaking in a hickey. After letting you down you tell me to sit down and that you’ll be right back as you head into the bathroom. Sitting there is like torcher waiting for you. Finally you open the door and step out in this sexy red lingerie. A sheer top with matching panties. I can feel my heart thumping not knowing if I’m more excited or nervous. You are just so stunning.

You slowly walk over to me and tell me to stand up. Once I’m up you reach over and pull my shirt over my head. Dragging your hands down my face, my chest, and my stomach. You get to undoing my belt and pants. As they fall to the floor I step out of them and you push me back onto your bed. Looking down at you as you’re crawling up my body. Kissing my stomach and chest until you’re high enough to put your legs around my waist. By this second I can tell my dick is fully hard, I can feel it throbbing, and I know you notice it pressing up from under you. You grind your pelvis into me to tease me.

You bring your head down to mine as our tongues get lost with each other. I take my fingers and glide them up your thighs onto your panties covering your ass. i can feel your hands moving everywhere over me, eventually making their way down my stomach onto my boxers. My hard dick barely contained inside, you wrap your hand around my shaft from the outside stroking me while you bring your mouth close to my ear to tell me how turned on you are.

I can’t help but let out a moan from the feeling of your hand massaging my dick. I take my hands and bring them to your chest. Cupping your breasts in each hand. I can feel your hard nipples under my thumbs as they brush over them. Moaning from the pleasure from your breasts I gently squeeze each one as I pinch your hard nipples through your top.

I sit us up with you still in my lap as I reach under your top pulling it up off of you. Again I take both of your now bare breasts into my hands as I’m kissing my way down your chest in between your soft breasts. I move my lips to your right nipple and take it into my mouth. Sucking on it gently as I lightly pinch your other nipple. Moans escape your lips from the pleasure. I change sides and please your other breast the same way. Driving you crazy from the feeling of my wet tongue and mouth on your nipples.

You bring my attention up from your breasts, smile and say “your turn” in a sexy voice. You pull me to the edge of the bed and stand me up. Never breaking eye contact you kneel down and bring your hands to my waist pulling at my boxers. As they fall to the ground, my hard dick is out in front of you. You stare at it while you bring your hands to it, one on the shaft and one cupping my balls. I flinch at first from the feeling but your small hands working their way around my cock is amazing.

Slowly you bring your face closer to the head of my dick. You open your mouth to stick your tongue out as it connects my eyes roll back in pleasure. You’re slowly moving your tongue around every inch of my dick. With one hand you hold the shaft up as you lick down it to my balls. Putting each one in your mouth and rubbing it with your tongue felt so good. With your tongue making its way back to the tip, you open your mouth and take my cock inside your mouth. Every motion you go farther down. Once you have the whole head in your mouth I feel your tongue moving all around it. I place my hands on your head as you start moving faster and faster taking more of me inside you.

I place my arms on your shoulders and have you look up at me and I laugh and tell you “your turn”. You stand up and I turn you to the bed and lay you down. I get ontop of you and start kissing your lips, your neck, your breasts, your stomach, all the way down to your waist line. Moving my hands to your knees, you spread your legs as I kiss you down between your thighs. Wrapping my arms around both legs holding them open I place my hand ontop of your lacy panties I can feel your wetness on them. Massaging you over your panties you start squirming and arching your back. I move my hands to your hips and you push them up so I can slide your panties off. Spreading your legs again I move back down between them. Licking your skin all over. Down your groin and up your thigh. I look up at you as I put my hand on your pussy. Feeling your smooth wet skin on my fingers, your swollen clit, your soft lips. I take a minute just to feel you, explore you. Learn every spot that drives you crazy.

With one hand I pull back your clit to rub it directly driving you crazy, with my other hand I take my finger lower between your lips and press it inside of you causing your back to arch again. Inside of you it feels so warm and tight. While fingering you start to open up, so I add a second finger, a little tight at first but you get used to it. Opening my mouth I stick my tongue out and rub it over your clit. Flicking it repeatedly and even sucking it into my mouth. I start to curl my fingers inside you and between that and licking your clit you reach down and pull my hair pulling my face deeper into you as you start to cum.

Once you calmed down you pull me up to you and tell me to get ontop of you but to turn around. Now I’m over your face and I bend down and go back to licking you, you grab my hard dick above you and suck it into your mouth. Feeling your lips wrapped around my dick is driving my crazy. It’s making me lick your pussy all over. Having you take my dick all the way down your throat is pushing me to the edge. I don’t want to cum yet, so I pull out and have you stop.

I lay down on my back with my hard cock sticking straight up which you grab with your hand and start to stroke. You motion over ontop of me positioning the tip of my dick to the outside of your pussy. You gently rub my dick over your lips getting it nice and wet. And then you slowly lower yourself on to me making me enter your body. You flinch at the first feeling of my dick stretching your body wider. Finally with the head of my dick inside of you, I can feel your lips wrapping around me as you start gliding up and down my shaft.

Getting into a rhythm we both are moving together in unison. I reach both my hands up to your breasts to cup and squeeze them as you are raising and lowering your hips on me. The feeling is unbelievable to become one with you. Pinching your nipples between my fingers and pressing my hips up to you causing you to moan over and over until you yell at me that you’re cumming.

I can feel your pussy pulsing, squeezing me and your juices flowing over my cock inside of you. It takes all of my might to hold back from cumming with you. I pull you down close to me and whisper in your ear “get on your hands and knees and turn around”. So you get off, my dick slides out of you and I see it’s covered in your cum. You get on all fours and turn around. I gaze at your body, your hair draped over your shoulders, you slender back to your round ass.

I stand behind you and press your back down so your chest is against the bed. Taking my finger nails I gently scratch you down your back. Reaching your ass I place my hand on it to get a nice feel, then lift it off and firmly smack it catching you off guard as you scream “yes!”. My hard dick is aching to get back inside of you. With your ass in the air I see your dripping wet pussy waiting for me. I take ahold of my cock and guide it straight inside of you. Quickly forcing my way inside of your tight hole.

Slowly pulling out until just the tip is still inside of you, I then slam my dick back into you. Over and over again. I grab both of your hips and lift you up. As I hold you I speed my thrusts up. Faster and faster I am fucking your pussy, you can’t help but to moan out loud. Your hands grab at the sheets as you try to keep in control of your pleasure. I take one of my hands and reach up to your head grabbing your hair and pulling it back lifting your head up. I hear you grunt as you command me to go “harder, faster, yes! Fuck me!” You scream. Thrusting my hips as fast as I can. In and out – in and out of you. I can feel your muscles tightening around my dick again as you cum one more time.

In between your moans you tell me to “cum inside of me, fill my pussy up!”. Hearing you want that sends me over the edge. I grab onto your hips again as I start fucking you harder and harder. Pushing me over as I yell “I’m cumming!” You scream with me as I feel the sensation of my cum flowing out of my dick into your pussy. Over and over I feel my cum continue to pump out of me and fill your pussy with my cum.

Until there was no more cum left in my, my dick slowly softened and I pulled out of you. The both of us exhausted, trying to catch our breath. You rolled over onto your back and I came to lay next to you. I looked into your eyes and kissed you on the lips. “That was amazing, I missed this.” I said. You nodded and cuddled up next to me as we fell asleep for the night.

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