Come Fly With Me

Karen strolled into the Cabin Crew air lounge and headed straight for the coffee machine. The buzz of the airport faded and she poured herself a steaming hot mug of coffee and sipped while she checked the rota for her flight. It was her final day at the airline as an air stewardess and she was due to fly from London to Chicago on the over-night long haul.

“Hi Karen, this is your final flight, isn’t it?” Maxine asked as she approached the rota and checked her own flights.

“Sure is. A sleepy one to Chicago, then three weeks vacay in Malibu to top up my tan.”

“Very nice. And don’t forget to get your “good luck” charm.” Maxie winked.

“Yeah . . . maybe.” Karen smiled.

The room was full of fellow cabin crew, arriving early to get a cup of coffee, have a catch-up, and generally get ready for the flights ahead. All flying the friendly skies!

Karen made her way to the full length mirrors at the end of the room to make sure her appearance was up to scratch before the long flight. At 28 she still had a great figure, and she took pride in her appearance. Tousled blonde hair neatly clipped back under the jaunty airline cap, crisp white shirt with one button undone that strained against her enhanced breasts, and the snug fitting blue jacket buttoned partly over the shirt that curved into her slim waist then flared out. A tight knee-length pencil skirt looked restricting as it sculpted her legs and arse, but allowed for a surprising amount of movement required for her job as an airlines stewardess. The golden hue tan of her legs showed off her shapely calves, and a pair of sleek black shoes finished off the look.

She re-touched her lipstick, a blush of pale peach, and smudged it with her forefinger against her lips, opening her mouth as she did so. She had a smattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks which added to her fresh, surfer girl look, and she half twisted in the mirror and gave a smouldering look. She puckered and relaxed her pouty lips, then looked into her pale blue eyes. Here we go, she thought, my last flight before moving on to greener pastures.

She was always the head-turner. A stunning air stewardess to greet each passenger as they boarded the plane. It wasn’t her fault she often got assigned to first class or business class. – another perk of the job.

She boarded the plane and immediately settled into pre-passenger checks, ensuring gangways were clear, bathrooms tidy and clean, the galley fully stocked and presentable. She greeted the other stewards and pilots, glad that she had flown with all of them previously.

Tia, a cute Puerto Rican stewardess whom Karen had flown a dozen times before, approached the galley with a handful of glasses. “Hey Karen,” she smiled, “going to be a fun one this. Nice and quiet all the way to Chicago.”

“Yeah. No drama’s – fingers crossed.” Karen held her fingers up, entwined.

“And your last flight with us, so I hear. You going to go for the lucky charm?” Tia sidled up to her, bumping waists together.

“Maybe . . .” Karen busied herself restocking the tiny champagne bottles. The “lucky charm” was a ridiculous notion that most cabin crew had done, or said they had done. It was basically picking a passenger at random and giving them a quick handjob or blowjob.

“Maybe? Should be no maybe about it.” The Latino turned to face Karen. “Listen, I hear one poor girl, she didn’t get her lucky charm and bingo, she is now married to an ugly pilot who flies freight in South America.

“It’s all a bit of fun, but I’m just looking forward to my break.” Karen said.

“Flying freight. And uuuugleeeee” Tia said ominously.

Tia and Karen prepared to receive the passengers, and smiled and greeted each one as they boarded, confirming their seats where necessary and assisting where needed. The flood of people chatting and fussing, everyone excited at the forthcoming trip.

Karen and Tia retired to the first class section and began pouring welcome drinks, readying hot towels and ensuring passengers were catered for. The announcements were made, flight safety demonstrations acted out, and Karen tried not to look sexy as she mimed the life jacket procedure. She kept her gaze ahead until the end, and then walked through the cabin taking any orders until the cabins dimmed their lights and settled down for the night’s flight.

“Time for a bite to eat?” Karen offered a small tray of cakes to Tia. She took one and popped it into her mouth with a satisfied hum.

“Mucho cutey sitting in seat 2 on row C. Him, just over there,” Tia flicked her head towards the gloom. Karen peered around and caught sight of three men in the row, chatting to each other. Fresh faced and all well presented. The guy in seat 2 glanced over in their direction and Karen felt a blush to her cheeks.

“He was staring at you all through the presentation. Eating you up with his eyes, that boy!” Tia made smacking noises with her mouth.

“Yeah, he is tasty,” Karen said, “And you never know – if opportunity knocks then I may get my lucky charm after all.”

The journey flew through the night. The lights had dimmed and most passengers were asleep after a few hours. Karen and Tia sat in the private galley, chatting quietly.

“Just going to powder my nose,” Tia said, grabbing her purse and heading to the washroom cubicle. The door locked and the red light flashed “engaged”.

There was movement in the aisle and the curtain pulled back revealing the guy from Row C seat 2. He was making his way to the cubicle, currently engaged with Tia inside. Karen put a hand to his chest to stop him. “Sorry, the loo is occupied”, she said. Her hand lingered on his chest for a moment, as she felt his hard muscle beneath his shirt. That is impressive, she thought.

“Ok, I can wait.” He said. He stood awkwardly in the aisle as Karen closed the curtain behind him.

“So, what is the purpose of you visiting Chicago? Business or – pleasure?” Karen smiled as her eyes drifted to his muscular arms, trim waist and chiselled jaw.

“I’m part of the gymnastic hopefuls for the next Olympics. I do the horse and the hoops. We are going to Chicago for some intense training and compete in the Spring conventions. Going to be massive.”

“That sounds exciting. I’m Karen, by the way.” Karen extended her slim hand out. “I’m Mike.” He grinned, gripping her hand with his – meaty fingers wrapping around her petite hand.

“You look in good condition, Mike,” Karen felt her stomach flutter as she gazed at his body, standing like a coiled spring. “Does your girlfriend mind you disappearing off to America?”

“I don’t really have time for a girlfriend,” Mike replied, “I like to keep it pent up and focused.”

I bet you do, Karen thought. His eyes twinkled in the soft light. Karen noticed how desperately he was trying to remain eye contact with her, despite having a tantalising glimpse of cleavage on show. OK, gym boy, let’s see if I can tease you a little – and she shifted her stance so she leaned slightly closer to him, allowing a better view of her breasts, tightly restrained as they were under shirt and jacket. He couldn’t help himself, and Mike’s eyes slid downwards for a micro-second. He grinned sheepishly.

A click from the door behind them and Mike jumped. Tia held the door open, and Mike quickly went into the cubicle and locked the door.

“Not disturbing anything, am I?” Tia smirked.

Karen shook her head. “Seems a cute lad. A gymnast, would you believe?”

“You just have to go for it. Where’s the harm? It’s your last flight – and you want to have a lucky life, don’t you?”

Karen gave her friend a brief kiss on the lips, smoothed down her jacket, tugging the ends so it fell smartly into place. She then unclipped the next button on her white shirt, which made her enclosed bosom swell impressively.

“Wish me luck then”, Karen said. Tia crossed her fingers, then slowly slipped them into her mouth and sucked suggestively.

Karen hesitated at the cubicle door. She heard a muffled gush of water then the door clicked. Am I going to go ahead with this? it’s crazy!

Her stomach flipped and flipped. Then the door opened and Mike stood in the entrance.

Suddenly Karen stood on tip toes and kissed him full on the mouth, using both her hands to push him gently back into the tiny toilet room. Bewildered, Mike reacted on instinct and returned the kiss, his tongue probing hard into Karen’s soft mouth.

Karen slipped a hand behind her back, engaged the lock, all the while kissing him, swirling her tongue around his, crushing herself against his muscled body.

She unbuckled his trousers in one smooth motion, his pants sliding to the floor and pooling around his ankles. Her hands then traced over his beefy thighs, feeling the warm flesh and muscular legs, all the while their tongues danced and swirled in a mouth lock, her body pressed up close to his.

She pulled away, gasping, and pushed him back against the sink to give herself some room in the cramped space. She maneuvered round , her hands playfully touching and pushing at him, and then she sat on the toilet lid and stared up at the gymnast. His hips were at her eye level, his shirt dangling down covering all modesty, but his limbs trembled with excitement and the unknown.

Mike was breathless, his head swimming, his pulse yammering. All he could do was stare at this beautiful blonde air hostess sat in front of him, her blue eyes radiant, her peach pouty mouth looking so luscious, the tanned swell of her boobs beckoning to be ravaged. Then he shuddered and remembered that his bottom half was exposed.

With outstretched fingers Karen slowly ran her nails across Mike’s rigid stomach, her fingers tracing the indent of each ab over his shirt. He shuddered at the touch, and Karen bit her lip as she caught a glance of movement that was half covered by his shirt. How fucking big is that? She wondered.

She moved her hand down over his shirt, pinging a few buttons open as she did, tracing around his loins and she ran her hands down his thighs. His member flinched, half rising under the shirt and Karen marvelled at the sight of his half hidden cock just inches away from her face. She clawed her hand and dragged her fingernails up his inner thighs and then under his scrotum, holding his balls and feeling the weight of his enormous testes under the skin, each heavy with unspent load.

“Oh yesssss. . . .” Mike half shouted.

Karen sat up, the look of shock on her face. She pressed a finger to her lips and shook her head. “Shhhhhhhhhh.” Mike nodded in understanding. No one was allowed to hear them.

She kept eye contact with him as she moved her head lower, Mike winced in apology, then stared, trembling in anticipation, as Karen lifted his shirt to one side.

The weighty member swung in front of her face, side to side, and Karen went cross-eyed as it chimed in front of her. Like a meaty sausage dangling from a butchers shop, it hung just inches from her face, a juicy morsel of meat with a single purple vein coursing along the length, ending in a bulbous head that flared out in a bell shape.

Karen looked up at Mike, her pale blue eyes sparkling, and she winked slowly. Then she leaned forward and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth, her lips curling around the head as it slid slowly over her hot, willing tongue. Mike flinched and had to look skyways as the warmth enveloped him. He suppressed a groan as his legs tensed, one of Karen’s hands held on to his thigh, the other cupping his balls.

Karen sucked on the hard shaft, sheathing his cock in her mouth, her tongue tracing over the dome. She felt pressure in her mouth and realised that the cock was growing! Her head rising as the cock inflated, engorging with blood, until she came level to his stomach. Fully erect now, and with her hands busy, she slowly moved her mouth forward, enveloping him in her pouty lips, teeth gently grazing along the shaft, until the head of his cock pushed against the back of her throat.

Mikes breathing had grown harder, and he shifted position to get a better view of the blonde sitting before him, his fingers gripping the sides of the sink. Karen began to draw herself backwards along the length of his cock, leaving a glistening coating on his hardness, then forwards, slowly, the ridged member sliding into her hot mouth. And again, she moved her head, gradually quickening her pace, bobbing back and forth on his meat, slobbering around the sides.

“Ahhhhh…” She could hear Mike groan above the background thrum of the aircraft and smiled around the massive shlong in her mouth. She was getting her lucky charm.

She removed her hand from his thigh and gripped the shaft of his cock lightly, coordinating the rhythm with her mouth and her hand, a pulling motion that landed hard against his ripped stomach, her mouth gagging as his member touched the back of her throat.

She sucked and sucked, pumping her hand in unison, her other hand tugging gently at the heavy orbs of his testicles, radiating heat in her palm. Her body tingled at the sensation, her mouth full of this strangers cock, her hands working at him. She felt her panties moisten and wriggled on the seat as tingling thrills ran up her body.

He was too big for her mouth, with over a hand width left as he thudded against the back of her throat, would she be able to take him in her pussy?

With a gasp, she sat up from the blowjob, a long thread of drool glistening from her lips, panting quietly. Mike groaned again, in sadness as he thought it was over. But quite the contrary.

She stood up and, taking his hand, she guided it up her slender thigh, then she pulled her skirt up, hitching one side then the other, sliding the smooth fabric over her hips. His hand followed, lightly caressing her flesh, until his fingers felt the soft petals of her swollen lips.

No panties! His expression said, a moronic grin on his face. She grinned and sank slightly onto his fingers.

His blunt fingers invaded her slit, and she jolted with an exquisite pleasure, her juices dribbling over his digits as he rubbed them around and around inside her, the palm of his hand massaging her vulva. She tensed against his touch, her hands gripping his forearm, but he was inexperienced and she knew this would not get her off.

She kissed him fiercely, tugging at his cock, while she positioned herself. She scooted across to the sink side, hitched herself up against the ledge, her feet barely able to touch the floor and her pelvis tilted forward, her pussy mound thrust out, ready and waiting.

Mike needed no further invitation, and stepping between the air hostesses slender legs, he gripped his cock and nestled in against her mons.

Karen gripped his open shirt and pulled him forward into her. His cockhead met resistance initially, a slight pause as his massive member had to force itself into her slit, her juices immediately coating the rest of the bulge and veiny shaft – and then he drove forward, mercilessly.

Karen almost shrieked aloud, the massive member ploughed into her in one deep thrust. Tears sprang to her eyes as she was faced with the hulking gymnast before her, his face leering in a lopsided grin.

He settled between her thighs and began to slowly fuck her. He pawed at her uniform with his big hands, and she guided them to her heaving breasts, smothered as they were in her uniform. Karen unbuttoned the rest of her jacket with trembling hands as he drew close, his hips drawing away then jerking back, impaling her again and again and again on his huge cock.

Her jacket eventually fell open and she fumbled with her shirt, faltering on the third button as her body shook with an approaching orgasm. She crunched her stomach, bracing against the gymnast, her fingers digging into his shoulders as a wave of pleasure crashed through her – a surge so intense Karen lost all sense of time and place and barely kept her lips sealed against the screaming moan.

His cock was still moving inside her as she regained her senses, her body weakened by the power of the climax. She relaxed, floppy like a doll, when powerful hands lifted her from the ledge and she was turned around to face the mirror. She glanced up at Mike through the mirror, as he stood behind her now.

His hands pulled her skirt up further, rough and eager, his throbbing cock bouncing around slapping against her ass. He pushed her forward with one hand, his other guiding his cock into her the slick opening from behind – and he pushed forward, sheathing his cock into her wet cunt.

Karen caught sight of herself in the mirror as she bounced forwards and backwards from the doggy-style fucking, her makeup smudged around her eyes, her lipstick smeared to one side, her cheeks red and hair messed and tangled like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards. Or fucked within an inch of her life!

She braced one hand against the cool mirror to push back against the impact of the pounding the gymnast was giving her. His thighs slapped against her ass, nudging her forward with every stroke, buckling her knees.

She glanced up at Mike, he was stood behind her in deep concentration, hammering his hips against her ass, his huge cock thrusting into her tight twat, his arms gripped onto her hips, simultaneously pulling her onto him, then pushing her away, his arms pumping just as hard as his cock. His brow was beaded with sweat, his gaze fixed firmly on her exposed arse.

He is using me like a fucking machine, she thought, like an exercise machine that he is training on, the horny fucker.

Well, she thought, I have a few tricks up my sleeve too. Karen felt the rhythm for a few thrusts, syncing with the motion, and then she started to flick her arse up, tilting her body and flicking her mound against his shaft, her behind flashing up like a bobtail rabbit.

His eyes widened and she felt the spasm and tremble behind her, the jerking became erratic and urgent. Karen smiled to herself as she jiggled her ass, knowing full well the effect she was having on the young stud.

“I’m . . . I’m cumming” he whispered hoarsely, and pulled his body away from her, gripping his cock and pumping furiously. Karen twisted round and sat on the ledge just as he groaned, knees buckling, and a huge spurt caught her in the face, splashing against the perfect “O” of her mouth as she was caught in surprise.

Another spurt arced out, a translucent ribbon of cum and splattered against her tanned tits, striping her bra. Another spurt also reached her sun-kissed boobs, creamy white cover for the golden tan of her globes. More cum flew, and Karen closed her eyes as she felt drips of hot wet sprinkle her face.

There was a moment of calm. The gentle hum of the airplane. The wet patter of cum dripping from her chin.

As she opened her eyes, Mike was dragging up his trousers and whispering a thank you before closing the door behind him. Karen turned to the mirror and rearranged herself, wiping away sperm with tissue, resettling her boobs and buttoning up shirt and jacket. She looked flustered, but presentable. Then she looked at her jacket in horror – flecks of sperm had left marks all over, marks of cum staining the colour. She would never get away with it.

Tia opened the door with a mock expression on her face. “You got your lucky charm then?”

“All over my face, neck and chest,” grinned Karen.