Christmas Night Encounter

The rooms are dim with evening light, cold wraps the world outside the man tall windows.I opened the curtains earlier and now look towards the passing cars, the figures moving on the road.

The glass of the window feels cool against my burning skin; I see the outlines of my curves mirrored half in light half in shadow.

Fingers caress the lines you would trace were you here now, down the sides of my perfectly shaped breasts, lower now where the birthmarks sleeps, down to the border between hip and tilted thigh.

Everything is as soft warm and smooth as you left it, awaiting you to explore what new thoughts I have come up with, what new kinds of evil what new kinds of good.A shiver goes through me when I swear I can recall the sensation of your demanding hands on my behind, parting the cheeks to bury yourself inside me.

I put my hands on the glass and half close my eyes, move slowly against the pane in a silent rhythm as if making up for your not being here. I love the feel of my body moving when I shut the world out, whether it be by closing my eyes or your blinding me with a tie, a scarf or whatever you happen to grab. I love the feel of my body moving for you twisting and turning teasing and taking you for myself bit by unconscious bit all while you think you are in control.

A knock startles me and I look up.

A stranger has crossed our front yard and stands right in front of me were it not for the glass dividing us into his world versus ours. I smile at him, let my hair cascade down my right shoulder hiding part of my face while I open my legs and expose the moist glimmer pouring from my core.

I look him deep into the astonished yearning eye while I rub my clit very slowly just as I like it, laugh and let him see how much I am ready to be taken. But it is I alone who calls the shot of letting which stranger in. What I choose I choose with care. The fools are the lucky so often.

It is right at this moment that you from the depths of our shared darkness push me hard against the glass, claiming what is yours and make the stranger jump back a step. You pull my ass towards you, push your fingers deep into both my holes while you and him exchange a mute male understanding.

You enter my pussy with no regard to my pleasure and amuse me all the more. The feel of your physical power wrestling to dominate my mental one is luring me into ecstasy. It is a never-ending battle, a pas de deux between two sides of the same demon. I look at the open mouthed figure my eyes glinting, I pant, not allowed to speak in no need to use words to stand against you, to merge with you in body and soul, as heat engulfs us, your breath the source of my life giving oxygen.

My forehead is pressed against the window pane; it is funny how I can see the bulge growing in the stranger’s pants, he has opened his coat searching for something in his inside pocket. I wink at him while he finally holds up his mobile and starts recording.

“Let’s give him a good show sweetheart. Guy wandering the street alone tonight deserves his very own special Christmas present.”

Your voice makes my heart beat faster. It is smooth and dark and knows exactly what it wants. I glance at the ring on my finger and smile inwardly. Your face when you admitted that you could not wait two more days will forever be my favorite holiday memory, a pleasure for years to come. My hand grasps yours in affirmation.

You pull out and straighten us back into upright position. To feel you just behind me is making me unbelievably happy. I never thought my life would turn out this lucky. The stranger is still filming us, so I imagine what he sees:

The man’s hands are moving across her open body while he holds her in a tight loving embrace. Her head leans backwards on his shoulder, her eyes are closed as she bathes in the intensity of his sensations. His fingers circle around her breasts, he squeezes and cups them with gentle force then whispers in her ear before he pinches her nipples, twist and turns them, elicits moans from her that fuel his own rush of satisfaction. Her arms are raised backwards around his neck and pull him closer.

His long pulsating cock slips back into her and now both figures join their personal rhythms against the glass. He kisses her neck line, bites in demand for possession of her whole. She has fallen into his mind knows that her letting go is the strings by which she pulls him deeper and deeper into her own heart. They need each other now to merely exist – one is the fiery power that creates the earth they walk on while the other brings the relentless encompassing passion that fills their individual voids with life.

Their rhythms are now fastening, merged completely and the man outside drops his mobile in the inch deep snow. The window has clouded from their heat and the stranger can hear her cry out through the glass as the lucky guy on the other side bursts with a shout inside her.

I feel peace spread all over us and thus my hands pull the curtains shut.