Cheating for the first time

It had been a whirlwind year. From graduating at University up north, to getting married, the arrival of our son and then accepting my first position in a job in the Big Smoke. And so it was, as a young family we headed excitedly down to London to start our new life together…

One of my first tasks in my new job was to appoint myself a Secretary. We interviewed three girls, myself and my boss, all very well qualified, though one woman was a good fifteen years older than me, so it would’ve felt a bit like having my mother at work.

Which left a choice of two. One girl had slightly more experience, but in all honesty was a bit of a plain Jane, frumpy, with big NHS glasses and spots around her mouth. The other girl, less experienced but oh my, those dark brown eyes, raven hair and hour glass figure was spell binding, so once the interviews were completed I advised my boss she was the girl for me!

“Are you sure now, John? Maybe not as well qualified as the second girl, but she’s certainly got the looks…! Well its your choice, just remember, you’ve a wife and a baby at home, so you can look, but don’t touch!”

How could I forget? Since becoming pregnant within a month or so of our honeymoon ,my wife had slowly reduced the amount of sex we had. And since my son was born, its been an absolute non-starter! I daren’t push it too much, as he is certainly a demanding baby, crying half the night, thankfully my wife doesn’t work any more, so is happy to go and look after him, while I rest before work. But a man still has his needs, at least with my new Secretary I got to work and chat with a stunning, vibrant young woman, and though she was off limits, it did no harm to admire her gorgeous latin looks, lovely full breasts through her silk blouses and long stockinged legs.

At home I would occasionally try it on with my wife, only to be quickly rebuffed and resort to a wank on the toilet instead. Initially my wanks always consisted of imagining fucking my favourite actress, or someone similarly untouchable. Very occasionally I would toss off over Anne, the one and only girl I’d had an innocent little fling with at Uni. But even then our little affair only amounted to a couple of dates in the movies, a kiss a cuddle and a grope. As a childhood sweetheart, my wife was the only woman I’d ever slept with.

Increasingly nowadays though, my wanks revolved around, Zita. I’d imagine various scenarios in my head, us fucking across my desk, going out to lunch, but instead opting for a blow job in the car, at a beauty spot overlooking the town.

My favourite fantasy though started with the usual rebuttal from my wife. As I lay in bed frustrated, I’d hear a knock at the door. With my wife sleeping by my side, I’d creep out the room to answer the door. Standing there, in a faux fur coat and high heels would be Zita, which she would flash open to reveal a black Basque, stockings and suspenders.

“Take me John!” is all she would say, and with that, I would lead her silently up the stairs into the bedroom next to mine. While my wife slept obliviously in the adjacent room, I would slowly undress my secretary and proceed to fuck her brains out.

I imagined various scenarios, taking her roughly from behind, doggy style, whilst grabbing folds of her thick black hair, or me lying down flat on the bed, whilst she mounted me and slowly ground my cock to orgasm.

Another outcome I fantasized about was the door opening whilst she was riding me, and my wife’s face appearing. She would simply stand there, aghast, as this other woman milked the spunk from my cock. Zita would simply turn and smile at my wife, whilst I grabbed her big tits, or squeezed her beautiful fleshy bum, unable to stop myself from emptying into this big, lusty, tanned-skinned whore….

The best one though is her simply entering our marital bedroom. While my wife sleeps alongside me, Zita, would silently walk into the room, pull back the covers and mount me. She would slowly, silently fuck me, with my wife sleeping throughout, right beside us. As I cum inside her, Zita would lean forward and feed one of her breasts in to my mouth, and I would hungrily suck and bite, revelling in the sensation of her nipple swelling between my teeth, as I proceeded to shoot my seed high inside her deep Latin cunt.


A couple of months on, and Zita has settled in to her role wonderfully. We get on brilliantly and coming to work is an absolute pleasure. I have to pinch myself in fact at being so lucky to have such a gorgeous and willing secretary.

As the days and weeks pass, we begin to flirt with each other too. I make a point of complimenting her on her appearance every day (it’s not hard!) as I’ve noticed she has begun to wear sexier outfits. Tight fitting, short skirts, and even some days come to wok with no bra on. The sight of those brown nipples under her white blouse is simply mesmerizing!

And today is no exception. Her raven hair is up in a cute little pony tail, which reveals the delicate nape of her neck. As I watch her typing away, I’m imagining lightly kissing it as I stand behind her, my hands cupping both her breasts.

In many ways she’s the complete opposite of my wife, who is blonde, petite and with a pasty complexion. Zita, is long-legged and tall, with dark, dusky skin, and jet black long hair. Her breasts aren’t that big, but they are certainly bigger than my wife’s and more than a good handful I’d imagine.

As I gaze at her, I continue my little fantasy. I really did wonder what it would feel like to hold another woman, to touch her breasts, to take one in my mouth. To feel her pussy grip my cock, to have her lips encircle my hardness…


Its late in the afternoon now and most of our colleagues have now left the building as my gaze averts from my paperwork to watch Zita getting up from her desk to carry a large armful of the day’s files in her arms. I can see the inevitable is about to happen, and so it does as the top file spills off the pile and on to the floor. In her attempts to stop it falling, Zita manages to drop more and before you know it, files are all over the place.

“Damn!” she cries, bending down to pick them up.

As she does I catch a tantalising glimspe of her cleavage, through her loosely buttoned blouse.

“Here, let me help.” I say, as I get up and walk over to her assistance. Picking up a couple of files I hand them to her and our faces are inches apart.

“Thank you.” Zita replies, “I’m so clumsy!”

“You’re gorgeous.” I hear myself reply without thinking, before brushing back some of her dark hair behind her ears. It’s the first time I’ve actually touched her and I feel electricity shoot through my veins.

We freeze, looking at each other intently, trying to read each others emotions in our eyes, to see if they are reciprocated.

Before I know it we’re stood back up and pulling at and undoing each other’s clothing, with frantic little kisses as the button’s and zips are undone. Within seconds her blouse is open at the front and I get to feast my eyes on her breasts. They’re housed in a white, balcony bra, which pushes them upwards and forwards like two large scoops of ice cream, I cannot resist burying my face in the cleavage in between and Zita laughs and cradles my head, as I turn to the left and nibble at top of her right breast. They’re bigger than I expect, and much larger than my wife’s. My God! Its years since I touched breasts this size!

I’m rapidly losing control as I experience the pleasures of another woman’s body for the first time since being married. I need to fuck her now!

I quickly unzip my pants and pull out my cock and I’m pleased to hear Zita pipe up “Now that’s a sight for sore eyes!”

She’s hoisting up her skirt now and edging backwards to sit on the desk. I move towards her, cock leading the way. My hands go between her legs and rub her already moist, white lace panties.

Zita is pulling me closer, her left hand round my bum, her right hand tightly gripping my hardness, guiding me to her…

“Give me your cock John. I want your cock so badly!”

I want her too. Its all I’ve dreamed about, thought about, wanked about, for weeks on end and now it looks like its finally going to become a reality.
My hand grabs a hold of her white panties and hoisting them to one side, I see Zita’s dark hairy minge for the first time. My cock nearly erupts at the sight!

“Fuck me.” she whispers enticingly, pulling me between her legs and gripping my hips with her long and slender legs, “Take me now, John.”

I place my hands on her soft, peachy behind and as I enter her we both gasp. This is the first woman I’ve ever entered other than my wife and it feels wickedly good!

Zita brings her hand around my neck and we start to kiss, tenderly at first, then with more frantic, lusty pecks, as I begin to thrust slowly, deliberately into her.

“I’ve dreamt of this moment..” Zita breathes in my ear, much to my surprise.

“So have I” I reply, “You’ve no idea…”

It doesn’t take long before my pace quickens and I push her flat down against the desk. Pulling at her blouse, I open a couple more buttons until her breasts are accessible. I scoop them quickly out of the white balcony bra that contains them and sigh as they flatten out against her sternum.
God, this is even better than my fantasies…!

I reach down and grab the gusset of her bra for leverage and then really start to drive into her, making her tits dance and wobble to each thrust. What a fucking sight! I instinctively grab at one of her breasts, squeezing, kneading it in my palm, as Zita flings her head back and shouts, “Fuck!”

As I look down at her on the desk, her big tits wobbling to my thrusts, ecstasy etched on that tanned face, my eyes catch a glimpse of the photo of my family on the desk and I experience a sudden rush of guilt.
I stop for a moment.

“What’s wrong, John?” Zita asks, sitting up again to face me, her hands touching my chest.

“Nothing. Nothing at all” I reply as I pull out of her. “Let’s do it in my chair.”

I suggest, realising that at least that way I won’t have to look at my wife while I’m fucking my secretary.

Sitting back, I motion to her and Zita turns her back to me and then slowly lowers herself on to my cock. Her weight surprises me and feels wonderful.

As she begins to gyrate on my cock any feelings of guilt at my adultery soon disappear. Man alive! She feels wonderful. My hands instinctively reach around to cup her breasts and I revel in their softness as they overflow in my hands.

“Squeeze my tits, John….” Zita murmurs as her head falls back against mine. I catch the smell of her hair, freshly shampooed before work in my nostrils. Her breasts truly are wonderful, soft and heavy, her nipples respond instantly to my kneading motion and I instinctively start to buck at her from underneath.

“That’s it John, fuck me! Cum inside me!” she cries, and I’m shocked at how enthusiastically she’s bouncing on me. Before today my wife was the only woman I’d ever fucked, and generally it was pretty dull and timid missionary sex, with me doing most of the work. Zita’s passion therefore is a revelation to me.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she cries, as she jumps up and down on my cock with increasing force, her hands gripping my thighs, her French nails seemingly penetrating my skin…The weight of her body is pressed heavy against me now, as her breathing intensifies and I feel her pussy walls tighten their grip, readying to milk me for all I’m worth…

Seconds later I could hold back no more., “I’m cumming Zita. I’m cumming inside you!”

As I spray my love juice high up inside her dark, hairy cunt, I feel Zita’s body tense and twitch above me, as possibly for the first time ever, I experience the wonders of a simultaneous orgasm.
Sweaty, exhausted and motionless after our sudden burst of activity, emotions are swirling through my head as the enormity of what I’ve just done hits home. My fantasy has become a reality and I’ve fucked another woman, other than my wife. I’ve committed adultery and fucked my secretary. I’m horrified but at the same time enthralled, as my hands finally relinquish their grip of her breasts.

“Well that was fun!” declares Zita, getting up from me, as my limp cock slips out of her, “I didn’t know you had it in you, to be honest.” she adds, rather cuttingly. as she hunches her skirt back down over her thighs.

She’s clearly more assured than I am about what’s just happened, but clearly I’ve much more to lose; a young wife, a family, a home, all I’d worked and saved for.

Despite all of this, the overriding sensation though is one of elation. Little did I know but this moment would mark the start of a lifetime of adultery.

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