Caught By Roommate

I remember the first time I had sex with a straight man back in 1984, then I was not caught by roommate. I was a student in Kansas City and was staying in student housing. This was a new situation, having grown up in Iowa as a gay guy. The first thing I noticed was that while I was surrounded by cute guys, I lost some degree of freedom by sharing a room with another guy, Jesse.

Jesse Michaels was a dream come true. If it weren’t for the fact that he was straight, I would have been in love. At five foot nine and about one hundred and fifty five pounds of lean muscle, he was every man’s dream come true. While his light brown hair and blue eyes were sexy, that basket was his best asset. The girls seemed to think so, too. He was always talking to them at school. The stronger my crush became on Jesse, the more I began to hate the fish that he was always surrounding himself with.

Jesse kind of had that attitude that I liked and hated in a guy. He openly proclaimed his hatred for “faggots” and how all he cared about was getting some pussy. Whenever he raved about how hot some girl was that he had just fucked, I usually walked away or said “Yeah, right”. Never did I dream that this young man could ever be bent.

Anyway, one night I was trying to get to sleep, but just could not doze off. I was so horny that I had to jack off. Being afraid that Jesse would wake up and see me beating my meat, I slowly started stroking my cock under the bedsheets. I closed my eyes, and fanta- sizing about sucking off my friend Kyle. Just as I shot my load in my white Jockey’s, I opened my eyes. Jesse had evidently been awake and was standing next to my bed. I froze!

“What the fuck are you doing?”

I was caught by roommate.

I didn’t say a word.

“You were jacking off weren’t you? I saw the covers bouncing! Oh man, Wimmer, I’m gonna have fun with this!”

It was at that time that I noticed the bulge in his boxers. The head of his dick was just beginning to poke out of his underwear. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I reached out and squeezed the shaft of his boner.

“What the fuck are you doing! UHHHH!”

I tightened my grip on his dick. It seemed to be pretty long and quite thick.

“So that’s what you’re into…I’ve kind of wondered about you Wimmer. Stop it you queer…Uhhhhh.”

I still didn’t answer him. His protests got weaker and weaker. I just reached behind him and pushed his ass, forcing him toward me. I yanked his boxers down and his seven inch dick popped up in my face. Slipping into my mouth, I swallowed every least inch of his meat.

“Oh man! Fuck, that feels good.” All fight left in him was now gone. Jess looked like he was going to lose his balance and pulled out of my hungry mouth. He climbed up onto the bed and straddled my head. I sucked on his big rod for a few strokes, but we both realized that it was not going to work in that position.

Jesse swung around and shoved his cock in my mouth, 69 style. I still had the covers up and he didn’t offer to reciprocate. I didn’t care. I swallowed the rod and kept working my way up and down his meat. Little drops of precum dripped onto my tongue and I lapped them up.

“Lick my balls, Brad!”

I bathed his hairy balls with my tongue. He moaned in appreciation. As I worked lower, he thrust backwards and my tongue ended up going a bit too low.

“Yeah, eat my ass!” This was not what I was intending to do, but he shoved his smooth, tight ass back into my face even harder. I was overwhelmed by the masculine smell and started fucking his ass with my tongue…I licked all around the rim and stabbed his little rosebud with the tip of my butt licker.

I heard his breath start to get a little ragged. I pushed Jesse off of my chest I climbed out from under the covers. He lay on the bed on his back and I climbed in next to him. I slipped that seven inch rod into my mouth, and sensing his need, started a fast and furious blowjob.

I wrapped my hand around his trobbing, dripping dick and started jacking him off. Keeping my lips wrapped tight around him, I worked my tongue furiously around the top of his shaft, licking at that sensitive spot…

“Oh, yeah, Brad. Suck that dick. Man, that feels good. Make me come. MMMM. Suck that juice out of my dick….UUUUHHHHH!”

I felt his legs start to tighten up. I sucked even harder on Jesse’s dick and stroked faster with my hand.


Six hot spurts of come flooded my mouth. I swallowed every burst of his sweet cream and continued licking the head until he was clean. Jesse drifted off to sleep in my bed, with my arm around him.

He later admitted to me that he became bisexual on that night. We had many more encounters and, on the third time, he sucked me off.

Sad I was not caught by roommate before.