Breaking My Cherry

Previously being a happily married 36 year old straight male I couldn’t believe after my first fleeting time man to man how much I desired more cock. My first time took me slightly by surprise as I had gone to a nudist beach to look at girls and before I knew it had found me being jerked off by this amazing stud. I wanted more and as much as I tried to resist I found my mind wondering to man to man action. I started watching gay porn and jacking off under my desk at work to it. It didn’t take long before my temptations got too much for me and my BMW was taking the winding road back to sandy bay.

I walked along the long path entering the beach area excited and nervous all at the same time. Still being completely new to this I didn’t know what to do or how to make contact but my cock was already semi hard in anticipation of action. I stripped down on the beach and walked naked along the sand towards the end of the beach where I had heard through squirt that the action happened. The freedom of walking naked on a beach was amazingly liberating.My excitement grew.

I reached the end of the beach and wondered what next to do. I noticed some guys going up a path into a dense bushed area and figured out that this is where the action must take place. i nervously started walking up the path. As I entered the bushy area I knew that I had found the right place as there were plenty of guys obviously looking for action. Being completely new to this and still rather scared I walked away from the entrance to the path further into the bushes.

Not far along a small circular path I noticed a really hunky naked guy looking at me with desire in his eyes. He looked at me and gently stroked his cock to show me that he was interested. For some reason my fear got the better of me and I walked past him. I couldn’t stop thinking about him though and after two minutes I turned around and headed back to where he originally was.

As I got close to his area I heard moaning. Right there in front of me the guy that had propositioned me was being sucked off by another man. My cock stood immediately to attention. It was rock hard with excitement. I knew that I should have walked away and let them get on with their fun but I walked towards the action getting more and more excited as I watched. The hunky guy noticed me walking towards them and smiled at me moaning as the other guy sucked on his knob. In a trance of lust I walked closer and closer to the action until I was next to them guys going at it. The guy getting his pole sucked looked at me and said “You like? “I got nervous and walked down the path about 10 m where the path was blocked by another guy watching the action jerking his rod as he did. He was slightly older than and not as hot as the guy getting his pole sucked off but I for some reason I reached out and took his cock in my hand. He did the same back to me and we stood together jerking each other off watching the other two guys going at it. In front of us the hunky guy pulled the guy off his pole and started kissing him deeply. My older guy pulled my lips to his and kissed me. It was the first time Id kissed a man but it was salty and hot and his pulling action on my cock was driving me crazy with desire. As he kissed me he played with my nipples with one hand and pulled my cock with the other.

I looked around to see my hunky guy bending the guy over a rock and position himself at the back end of him. His cock entered the guy easily as he started to fuck his willing lover thrusting in and out of his bum grunting with passion as he did.

My older partner was watching to, and one of his hands found its way around my bum giving it tight squeezes as he started teasing the outside of my hole with his finger . I moaned as he whispered in my ear I am going to have you my young stud his tongue darting in and out of my ear. I was watching the hunks young lover in front of me sit on the hunks cock his own cock bouncing as he was being fucked the hunky guy. They both knew we were watching and didn’t care as they went at it full ball wild with passion. I felt the older guy move around me and something hard at the entrance to my bum poking at me. I tried to resist but he held me close pushing his cock harder at the entrance to my hole. “You mustn’t” I whispered as teased my hole rubbing his cock up and down the entrance. “You know you want it” he said his tip entering the entrance of my hole going slightly in. “No!” I said but he wasn’t hearing as he pushed his hard cock deeper in my bum thrusting in and out. I knew that I should have pulled away the pain was terrible but I didn’t as he started to thrust in and out of me. “You’re so tight “ he whispered. In front of me as my virgin hole took its first man cock the hunky guy was coming all over the bum of his willingly hot lover .The sight drove me wild with passion as I started to buck back against the hard cock thrusting in and out of my bum. All my resistance crumbled as I started to love the feeling of my older lover’s hard cock drilling in my bum.

The hunk and his younger lover were gone but I didn’t care anymore I wanted my older lover. He turned me around and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he tried to get to my willing and eager hole. He started pulling my eager horny cock with his free hand as he drove his tool in and out of my eager bum. “Tell me you want me” he told me. “I want you” I moaned back at his as I felt his first jet of sperm enter my bum like a warm torrent. The feeling drove me over the edge as I came all over my stomach. My lover drew me close kissing me deeply. We both just lay the cuddling for a while before enjoying each other in a 69 when I took my first cock in my mouth.

I don’t know where this will all lead. My wife would kill me if she ever found out .ALL I do know is my BMW will be making the windy road back to sandy bay more and more.