Bondi Beach Lesbians

When I was 17 my parents and I were traveling around Australia towing a caravan (mobile home). We had stopped for a few days in Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is thousands of miles from home and is New South Wale’s more well-known cities, but it only then had no more than 13,000 people. I was bored and asked my folks if I could go into town to see a movie. They said, “Yes.” So I went off into town saw a movie then decided to go to a night club I had seen would be open on my way back.

I was wearing a sleeveless poly-cotton white blouse, lacy but simple bra, a flowered yellow, ming blue and brown full skirt buttoning up the front, tan belt and plain white panties, no stockings but with plain tan court shoes. My hair is brown with a red tinge, hazel eyes, 36D 25 35 figure and I stand 5’7 1/2″ tall. I wore a little lips sick and a touch of brown eye shadow and pencil that I carry in my tan shoulder bag. And I’m told I’m a “hot babe.” I’ll believe that (hehehe).

It was relatively quiet at the club: about six or seven couples and several ‘loose’ guys and girls sitting around. I saw a gorgeous woman who was older than I. I guessed she was about 23 to 24 years of age. She was chatting and laughing with a bunch of people at the end of the bar. I saw her look at me just after I ordered my drink.

I was making up my mind whether I should sit at the bar or at a table when she got up and came up to me saying, “Hi, I haven’t seen you before.”

“No, well I guess that’s because I’m a tourist just passing through but it’s really nice of you to take an interest, thanks.” “Pleasure, welcome to sleepy Bondi where nothing much happens.”

“Oh, boy, nothing?” I exclaimed, “I’ve just come from Sydney. Now there is a city I’ll go back to. But not with my parents slowing me down.” I chuckled. “By the way I’m Elia from Perth.”

“Oh, sorry, I’m Sophia and I’m going to Sydney as soon as I can. It’ll be right for me!” said she thoughtfully.

“Uh, why is that,” I said studying her face.

“Nothing really, I just find it hard here.”

“Hard to what?” I inquired.

“Well, it’s personal really.” Sophia said flatly.

I knew not to push it further.

Her body language, her glances at me, the way she looked at my breasts and legs told me she was interested in me. I had also been checking out her gorgeous face, skin, breasts, body and legs. As we brushed legs sitting at the bar my body felt an ‘electric charge’ bolt through me. I was so aroused by this beautiful woman just being near her. Everything perfection in my ‘ideal’. Then I ‘caught’ her looking down my cleavage; we looked at each other, I grinned, she grinned back a little sheepishly.

Just then the band started playing a C & W song that didn’t do much for me but we talked about my trip for a few minutes. By then I was really warmed by Sophia she was not only radiantly beautiful but a really nice girl and I was flattered by her singling me out.

She knew how to turn me on to her. But I was starting to mentally undress her and I could feel “things” being switched on inside me. Sophia asked me to dance and without answering I got up heading for the dance floor a few feet away. She quickly followed just as we got there the band finished the C & W song and Sophia took my hand squeezing it slightly.

“Mmmm… nice,” I thought. The band started playing a ballad so I turned to walk back to our stools only to have Sophia take me in her arms for the slow dreamy tune. I melted into her; I couldn’t help it, couldn’t say no, I think I fell in lust right there. She felt fabulous as our cheeks touched then our breasts. I buried my head in her perfumed hair shutting my eyes and just let myself enjoy her body on mine.

The ballad finished. That meant we had to break. God, I didn’t want her hands to let go of holding my butt cheeks pulling us together our mounds meeting. I could feel her nipples on my breasts and the warmth of her skin through her dress on me. The skin on her neck perfumed and soft under her shoulder length strawberry blonde colored hair done in a pageboy style. It suited her oval face and dimpled chin.

She was a really good-looking woman: I mean drop dead bloody gorgeous. A full figure you know; about 36C 24 36, 5′ 9″ legs up to her armpits. I was really turned on by her.

My face had flushed, my breasts swollen with my nipples proudly poking out in my bra, hard and throbbing noticeably in my thin summer blouse just from being near her. Even my labia lips were sensitized and my clit’ was swollen and nearly at its full Lima-bean size. I was a bit worried about having to stand in case I had a wet spot in my skirt.

We chatted about her, Bondi Beach over a few drinks getting really friendly. After a few drinks and at about twelve thirty she invited me to her place for “coffee” before I went “home.” I readily accepted her invitation. As we let I was aware of the eyes in the club following us but I didn’t care. I thrust my body up straight throwing out my chest.

I knew my nipples were poking holes in my blouse but I didn’t live there Sophia did but I guessed by then that everybody knew her. I heard some giggling but didn’t look I was feeling the few drinks and Sophia was gorgeous – I was proud of myself and feeling sexy and hot. I saw then what she meant by “being hard for her here.”

It was a still starry night like you only get away from the “big city” pollution. We walked hand in hand to her small apartment feeling so romantic in the warm night air, her perfume driving me crazy. Our arms were both bare and she felt great when we touched.

We marveled at the beauty of the moon hanging overhead. We stopped once looking up at that nearly full moon. Sophia took my chin and lightly kissed my cheek. My, she knew how to seduce me as my heart skipped a beat and my groin dampened. When we got to her apartment she sat me on her couch, lit several candles then went off and made coffee. The aroma of it brewing was really giving her place a delicious ambience.

But while making our drinks as it was a very warm summers night Sophia had changed all her clothing but she now wore a man’s business shirt, done up but for the top three buttons. Sophia looked fabulous in it, her bare legs and feet, creamy slim and perfect. For me the sight of her proud nipples showing themselves off had me going hard again or more likely just harder.

She put the coffee on the table in front of me. I could see down her front. She had nothing on but the shirt. The sight of her creamy breasts, her soft but muscular tummy, her strip of strawberry pubic fuzz and her legs made my back tingle in excitement; my now highly erotic thoughts turned on and tuned in.

My eyes were transfixed on this magnificent sight. I looked into her eyes – at 17 I wasn’t very bold – but I was trying to indicate that I loved what I had seen but she had seen my facial expression change. She walked behind me running her fingers along my shoulders.

I said rather pathetically, “Gee, that’s lovely.” The next thing she’s leaning over with her soft perfumed cheek on mine – I turned towards her and she brushed lips with mine; the hair on my neck stood up on end goose bumps raced over me. Our mouths met and we kissed softly.

Sophia with the tip of her tongue ran it around my lips, I shuddered, I opened my mouth. Our tongues met, we tasted each other, she sucked my tongue rolling her tongue around mine so sensually and gently bit my lips then moved to the nape of my neck sucking but not marking me.

I had responded as, I guess, she expected, with unbridled passion; lustfully I pulled her and she slid gracefully over the back of he couch to lay face up next to me. Her legs hanging over the back.

Before I really thought about anything but her mouth and what she was doing to me with it I found she had undone her shirt exposing her wonderful body. While I was not very experienced I am not stupid and I cupped her silky smooth breasts in my hands. Firm and fully developed with her nipples hard. They were not huge but about a “C” cup, but had pink aureola and slightly darker nipples but what really struck me were two fantastically long upwardly pointing proud nipples. They felt wonderful as I ran my fingers around them, watching her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened. Sophia had me in the palm of her hand but she was being pleasured not that I cared. I would have done anything for her by then.

My mouth was drawn to one of those long nipples that I kissed then sucked hard into my mouth until no more would fit. I swallowed on it – she gasped I new she loved it so I did it again and again. Each time she gasped in lungs full of air getting heavier and heavier with her breathing. Though I doubted that they could her nipples got harder and even longer.

While I passionately enjoyed her breasts and nipples, she undid my blouse and bra and I became acutely aware of her hands running all over my breasts. She did things to them that I had not imagined possible. Squeezing them so hard it hurt but it felt great, pulled on my nipples until they hurt but that was fabulous too. Suckling me then nibbling on my ever so sensitive breasts. I was ecstatic and my moans of sheer delight mixed with hers.

Then from a bowl I hadn’t noticed before Sophia got a couple of ice cubes and started rubbing them over my breasts especially my nipples. I was shocked by the sudden chill but the turn on totally unbelievable. My breasts went goosey, my aureola shriveled and my pink nipples so went damn gorgeously hard, throbbing fit to burst. My breasts went pink with the chill but it made me so hot I started loosing any inhibitions, indeed, any self control at all.

She lowered me to the floor and kissed me again before sucking my aureola and nipples as they had never been before. Her tongue was so wonderfully used by her to give me unforgettable pleasure curling around and around and tugging on me, flicking back and forth over and around my nipples. When suckling one breast she cupped and massaged the other working on my nipples also. My now reddish pink breasts and my nipples were full of blood throbbing unmercifully. So hard were they but it was outrageously wonderful. My panties were drenched with my sticky, slimy juices running out. I could smell me and I could smell her gooey aromatic juices too.

I wanted her to suck me dry; to be kissed and tongued screwed so badly. She started unbuttoning my skirt I encouraged her lift my butt off the floor to let her pull it under me. When she had it off I quickly pulled my panties off. Sophia grabbed them and smelt them: I was flabbergasted but since have done it myself and have found it exhilarating.

But as I was about to beg her she ran her tongue down my body and through my then little bush around my labia lips. Involuntarily my back arched and I thrust at her mouth but she was now running her tongue around my tight asshole as my arched back allowed. God, that really drove me crazy with desire. She returned to sink her tongue deeply in me. I just know I yelped with joy.

I stretched my knees wide apart for her holding my pussy open. She obliged kissing me softly, teasing me then licking slowly in further and further to then around my vulva. I ran my fingers through her hair and waited with baited breath for her. Sophia ever so gently sucked on me her tongue sneaking through my outer then inner labia.

I was screaming inside for her but she teasingly continued to control me in her slow advances on my most delightfully sensitive spot. Her hands once gently holding my butt cheeks were tightening as she pushed her tongue and face right into me.

I must have been groaning more loudly but my sense was concentrated on my pussy and her. Now deeply running that silky tongue over my clitoris taking it between her lips then teeth squishing it so delightfully. A finger went in my ass so slowly I nearly screamed in ecstasy as I felt myself building to come. She must have felt me too because she eased off but not so I came down very far as she squirmed around so her pussy was close to my face.

I wanted her badly: to bury my face into her, too, tongue her. I went licking all down her shiny, slightly sweaty skin to push her legs apart to get in to her but no need she opened her long slender legs for me. I hesitated long enough to lick around her sweet pink swelling lips tasting her delicious thick juices, taking in her pussy juice perfume.

As I buried my face into her glistening smooth publess hole I held her sweet soft butt my tongue finding her clit and I just went wild in sexual whirlwind of desire. Her tongue was playing its game in me and we came together. Drank all each other’s come then kissed tasting the mixed glorious come. We lay on each other on the floor legs and arms wrapped around in a hug grinning like Cheshire cats at each other.

Of course we didn’t finish there and we made passionate love for ages. It was fabulous sex: we eventually went to sleep in each other’s arms on the floor.

I have no idea how long I had been asleep when I started dreaming that Sophia was waving her hair over me then the wonderfully erotic feeling of my breasts being kissed then sucked. I was I thought in one of those dreams where I was nearly awake but not quite. Strangely I seemed very aware of my dream – it seemed so real. I tried to move but couldn’t move my arms. I remember thinking God I don’t want to wake up – it was fantastic.

Suddenly I realized I was awake and that Sophia wasn’t next to me. I could hear myself making little moans of pleasure. She was on top of me! I opened my eyes – but it wasn’t Sophia I was a much younger girl, a redhead, 15- 16 or so I guessed. By now I became very aware that my legs were being rubbed up from my feet to my thighs. Well awake by now but in a sexual and so erotic trance almost I lay enjoying every fibre of my body seemingly so alive, so electrified sexually: this was magical, surrealistic.

I felt a face on my breasts suckling me and there were beasts in my face. Wonderfully soft skin but firm and fleshy with very hard knobs of nipples just sexily swaying there, touching me, running over my face, my cheeks.

Highly aroused now I kissed and sucked on the gorgeous aureola and nipple in my mouth. I gorged on them hearing the groans of appreciation from above that only spurred me to greater tonguing and sucking. I was by now also aware that the hands on my thighs had a face with them, with shinny back hair; Geez, what, who was she, my god, don’t care now, licking my legs and around my ever so sensitive labia.

It was then that I realized that I was being so delightfully fucked by two people. I called out, “Sophia” and got an answer from behind me; she said, “Elia, relax, enjoy yourself – you are in good hands.” I said, quivering in ecstasy, “Oh, my god, you’re so right.”

A tongue went into my pussy right then and I gasped loudly; the pleasure was unbelievable. I wouldn’t have believed so much pleasure was possible. My mind was racing – who were these girls – god it’s fabulous – that face in my pussy was eating me so well – my back arched, I started thrusting into that face – my ass was being held then my butt hole penetrated by a finger – then my butt hole was being tongued.

I was almost overwhelmed with pleasurable sensations. I was loosing control rapidly as my body was taking over in the sexually induced trance. My eyes glazed over, my vision practically useless as my body started tensing up to orgasm once more.

The breast in my mouth was pulled out and a second or two later I had another face in my pussy. I had rolled onto my side while the two faces engorged on me one after the other. The breast replaced by a sweet pussy – I ate as I was being eaten – for more than three, no maybe five minutes of frantic passion I came – orgasm after orgasm while sucking the aromatic juices from the pussy thrusting in my face. The pussy I was eating suddenly gushed sweet come into my mouth – the moaning subsided replaced by sighs of contentment. It was Sophia, I hadn’t really realized that she had finished me off or that I had had her once again.

I saw the two other younger girls, younger than me fingering each other while kissing wildly, passionately next to Sophia and me. Watching only got Sophia and I hot again. A free for all followed with all of us naked sucking kissing anything everything as we all rolled around until we were all exhausted from orgasmic overload (is this possible); satiated, sweating profusely.

I remembered Sophia. Seeing her above us looking down lustfully, I said, “Who are these wonderful girls,” as we all looked at each other – all naked – all sweaty – all flushed in our glory. Grinning sheepishly at each other.

Sophia replied, “They are just friends, they were sleeping in the bedroom when we came home.” I was introduced to them – Savannah, the Asian girl and Andrea, the redhead.

Sophia had awakened early and had woken them telling them to fuck me while she watched but she couldn’t help herself; she had held my arms until she got so turned on and found herself joining in.

I showered, dressed and raced “home” to arrive just as my parents had woken. I have no idea how my legs got me home to the caravan park, I could hardly walk for two or three days. I have returned there but that is another chapter of my life.

Oh, what a night, what an awakening. Bondi Beach is a town I shall not easily forget.


Some nine months had passed since my first and memorable trip to Bondi Beach, and I found myself at my University’s Campus only four or five hours away by road or rail from Bondi Beach. I had traveled over 3,800 kilometers from home to complete my end-of-semester exams. It was extremely hard for me trying to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

I kept remembering the one night I had with Sophia, Savannah and Andrea. I had telephoned Sophia, or more precisely rung her number and had spoken to Andrea, the redhead, if you remember. She was excited as I was and said that although Sophia was working in Sydney, she was sure she would love me to come see them and, yes, Savannah was definitely still around. We left it that a message would be left for me in the Students’ Guild if it were okay for me to go to stay with them for a few days following my exams.

As I ate my lunch in the University Guild dinning room not knowing a soul, I saw a really cute undergraduate student who reminded me of Savannah. She was chatting amongst quite a few other female students. A shiver went through me as my eyes wandered over her as she reminded me so much of Savannah.

She was shorter than Savannah but really cute, her long shiny black hair pulled into a pony tail exposing her long slender neck, with possibly Vietnamese features or whatever, pert boobs and boyish body; she turned me on! Oh, Savannah, I wanted her; I had fantasised about Savannah. She was a quiet one, demure, softly spoken but very intelligent, and I thought, perhaps submissive.

Sophia had more than interested me; I lusted after her, fantasised about being very submissive to her. The idea of her owning my body and heart absolutely, strangely turned me on, given that I wanted the submissive Savannah big time; maybe because I knew her to be red hot.

I knew she could make me orgasm like nobody else I had ever met. I could easily have moved in to live under her spell if that is what she had wanted. And Andrea, of course, she was lovely too, but she didn’t excite me in quite the same way as the other two. ‘God, girl,’ I thought, ‘It’s been too long since my first trip to Bondi Beach and when my Lexia went back to Sweden, I needed a damn good ‘roll-in-the-hay’.’ But back to the books for two more days, and it would have to be up to my fingers to keep me sane.


I checked with the Guild and sure enough a message was waiting for me. Sophia was in Sydney and would try to get to Bondi, but in any case, Savannah and Andrea would be there. I packed everything but the necessities that I might need, ready for a quick departure. So I sat my two exams and rushed off to Melbourne’s coach depot to take me to Bondi.

I arrived in Bondi late afternoon that day to be met by Andrea; we kissed and hugged each other as any two girls might after returning home from a holiday. Boy, did she feel great. I could have easily kissed her like we were two long-separated straight lovers. Geez, I wanted to, but in a country town in Australia two girls just cannot get away with being that obvious without long-term consequences. We did hold hands, but even this raised some eyebrows. On getting to their flat, and at her request, I dumped my bag in Andrea’s bedroom.

Andrea said she felt a bit dirty after rushing around all day and that she felt like having a shower before dinner.

“Could you amuse yourself for awhile?” she asked.

“Sure, but why don’t I join you, I’m pretty damn grubby after my trip too.”

Andrea grinned, “Mmm, that might be fun, but Savannah and I are a couple, I’m not to sure she would approve.”

“Oh, yeah, hey, that’s so cool. Well, it was a nice thought,” I giggled, “For how long have been together? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Shit Ale, since before you met us, a year nearly. I guess we both thought you knew, but we both wanted you to come anyway; we didn’t wanna put you off or anything.”

“What are you trying to tell me?” I asked seriously. “I came to have some more fun with you guys and now you try and … well I dunno what to think now?”

“Hey, Elia Honey, chill out. Sophia will come, I’m sure, and Savannah ‘n’ me, well we did talk about it, but we all had a really cool night and we talked about that morning, time and again so I think we will enjoy having you here. Geez, after Savannah has finished today’s exam she is finished uni’ for this year, just like you, you know that. We gotta celebrate, hey?”

“Yeah, okay Sweetie, I guess I’m a bit tired after my exams and the bus trip ‘n’ everything. But I haven’t had good nookie for ages, and I need it bad.”

“Ale, one way or another, we will have great pleasure in getting you over that problem.” Angela smiled sexily holding her arms out to hug me again reassuringly. I went to her and held her, feeling her warmth through her cotton shirt, her breasts on mine and her soft but muscled back under my hands.

She kissed my neck and said, “Come on Ale, we should clean up and wait for the others. Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t say it, but I’d love to fuck with you now but… I can’t yet, I’ve gotta check with Savannah first, okay?”

“Okay.” I sighed thinking, ‘Shit, I can’t wait. They are a couple, oh, no. God, Sophia had better come. But she *did* say we’d celebrate. I’ll wipe myself out on booze. Ahh, come on girl, get a grip, you’re feeling sorry for yourself, things’ll turn out cool, you’ll see.’

Still a little sulky I stripped off and went into the bathroom trying not to look at her. I remembered what she looked like under her jeans and shirt. She has a small, trimmed vee of soft ginger pubes decorating delectable creamy skin and nicely formed muscles from her love of basketball; medium boobs, I guessed at 34B, with gorgeous pink aureolae and nipples like mine, shortish but thick. If I saw her nude right now, well…

We showered and changed, then went to a local coffee shop for a drink and a piece of cake. Catching up on what the three of them had been doing was our topic of conversation. Andrea had already pumped me dry of my humdrum, sexless existence since my first Bondi visit. Sophia had finished her post-grad degree and had a good, junior-executive job in Sydney, but was not yet in a steady relationship. Andrea told me she thought Sophia had been trying for a week to get time off to be with me.

I was flattered. We had certainly got on very well, but I was easily four or five years her junior. The thought of being with her, and possibly Andrea and Savannah, was exciting to say the least. My nipples had sprung to life at the thought of that and were feeling good in my bra. Andrea noticed and tittered at me; we both giggled somewhat, startling the young waitress who was serving us our second coffee. We then realized we had both been eyeing her off while we talked.


The next thing I knew, was my shoulders and neck were being stroked from behind. Then, Sophia’s face appeared in mine and kissed my lips softly, quickly! The sparks flew from my lips right through me; my nipples knotted, and pussy tingles were immediately evident to me, in me. The gorgeous Savannah was with her too. Before I knew it, I was quietly crying with joy.

It had only been that one night together, but she was wonderful; all the memories flooded back, the tension of the last week or so just got to me. I managed to get a tissue from my bag and pretended I had something in my eye, but nobody was fooled. Apart from my mum and Lexia, these three meant more to me than any of the other women I had been close to in my entire life. Savannah had taken the seat next to Andrea, and Sophia had sat next to me.

Sophia took my hand holding it tightly, rested it under the table on my thigh. The electricity flowed again between us, through our hands; the feel of her was incredibly sensual to me. Although she had driven some 600 kilometres from Sydney and must have been tired, she looked fresh and gorgeous to me. She breathed softly in my ear that she had the week off to show me around. ‘Yeah, right!’ I thought, grinning at her. She looked at me and quietly laughed, giving me her sultry look. My back went all goose bumps tingly.

Andrea and Savannah looked at us quizzically, but didn’t ask what we were carrying on about. They had seen Sophia breathe in my ear; maybe they guessed. Sophia’s fingers felt their way between the buttons on my skirt to my thigh. She just gently stroked my thigh, almost absentmindedly, but I loved it. I let her know I did by rolling onto my hip nearest to her and then opened my legs a bit. Then I reached my hand up to hold the back of her chair, where I could occasionally touch her neck or shoulder.

Then the two of them ordered drinks and I told them about how my exams went. Savannah and Andrea likewise, reckoning that they had passed okay. Sophia told us how good her job was and that she had a week’s leave to help us celebrate. We joked and chatted for a while. At around six fifteen Sophia suggested that we go to eat at a good, local restaurant. We agreed. Sophia said, “Great, ‘ ’cause I’ve already booked for seven thirty!” We laughed and went back to the flat to change and freshen up.


Sophia surprised us all with a gift each. My gift was a beautiful, diaphanous, black-chiffon, long-sleeved blouse with lace cuffs and collar. “Oh, Lillian, you don’t have to buy me chiffon to see my tits, just ask me to strip for you,” I giggled. “You shouldn’t have bought me anything, but its beautiful, thanks Darl’.” I said, moving to kiss her long and sweetly.

Sophia gave Andrea her present, a beautiful silver waist chain with quite large links. I knew she had wanted one for years. She kissed Sophia thanks, then stepped back to undo the top of her jeans, pulling them to a hipster position and tying her blouse under her boobs. Putting the chain around herself, she grinned looking at Savannah, “Sexy, huh?” She was right, her bared, muscled tummy looked great anyway, but the chain showed off her midriff wonderfully, highlighting it.

Savannah got a studded, black-suede choker collar that had a miniature gold-plated padlock fastener at the front. When I saw it I thought, ‘WOW! it’s gorgeous but the significance of it was a surprise. Well, I mean if Savannah was a submissive partner of Sophia, it would make sense, but she wasn’t. But Savannah was delighted, ecstatic perhaps. Sophia moved to me taking my hand, wrapping her arm around mine and again stroking the back of my hand. I could feel her torso, hip and leg touching me; she had come very close. I gripped her hand, luxuriating in her warmth and touch.

As Sophia moved over to me. Savannah having received her collar turned immediately to Andrea, then sat on her legs, her pretty butt on her feet, knees apart, on the carpeted floor. In an even softer than usual voice she asked Andrea to put it on.

I was flabbergasted, and then Andrea said, “Knees wider, Savannah.” Savannah blushed deeply as she spread her knees very wide. Her short skirt rode up her bare legs. She had no panties on. I could see her pussy clearly decorated by her trimmed, and very neat bikini triangle of pubic hair.

My eyes were transfixed by the sight of her shaved or waxed labia, pink and perfect. ‘Bloody gorgeous,’ I thought, as I felt my body responding to an already very sexy situation. Clearly I was getting hotter.

Then Andrea spoke again saying, “Savannah, on this occasion it is unfitting for me to fiddle with your clothing. Remove it, please.” I could not believe what I was witnessing as Savannah removed her skirt, then her shirt. ‘My god, she has no bra on either, I am witnessing a very special occasion for these two women,’ I thought. Ceremoniously Savannah pulled her hair up while looking at Andrea’s feet. Just as ceremoniously Andrea fastened the collar, twisting the little padlock to the front.

Andrea continued, “Savannah, you will be mine from now on. We have agreed that if you did this, that is, make this decision I will expect you to abide by the rules we have written down. Do you agree?”

“Yes, Andrea,” Savannah answered solemnly, continuing, “May I consummate this with the last kiss I will ask of you?”

“Yes, you may, my sweet Savannah, come up here.”

Whereupon followed the most passionate ten-minute or so kiss I have ever seen. I could see Savannah had been highly aroused by the whole act of submission. Her breasts, especially her aureola and nipples were swollen and erect, but her arousal had her pussy produce copious juices that ran down her legs when she stood up. Her aroma was filling the room.

If it had been intended that Sophia and I were to be aroused by this incredible scene, it worked. My panties were sopping wet and my nipples had become fat, knotted rocks, and my pussy tingles were gorgeous. I tore my eyes away to look at Sophia, she was clearly aroused too, but there was also a little tear in her eyes.

When they eventually broke off the kiss Savannah sat again. Andrea said to her, “No need for that now, tonight we celebrate. C’mon Sweetie, on your feet. Come to me, I want to hold you.”

Still nude except for her new collar, Savannah got to her feet and stood beside Andrea smiling sheepishly at us, not making any attempt at hiding her nudity. I felt that she was rather enjoying us looking at her. She looked radiant, sexy, but still subservient.

Andrea moved behind Savannah to hold her and pull her close, to feel her tummy on her new charge’s spine. Savannah’s eyes closed and as if to illustrate her dominance or ‘ownership.’ Andrea slid her hands up to cup Savannah’s breasts. She then proceeded to massage with powerful thumb strokes and fingers back from her aureolae right through to Savannah’s small, dark but hard nipples in rather quick but smooth movements.

Savannah seemed to be moaning with movement but she made no sound but that of her now ragged breathing. Both girls were clearly in a state of aroused bliss when Andrea seemed to remember our presence, kissed the slender neck before pulling Savannah to her side again.

I wondered how such an intelligent young woman could even think about becoming a sex slave to her best friend. But I then thought that if Sophia ordered me to submit to her right then, I just might have.

Savannah’s pussy was still oozing her juices and I knew mine would probably have been oozing like that too had I not been wearing panties but after watching that scene they were drenched. This was such a highly charged moment for all of us. I could see that Sophia was not as dumbstruck as I was. She may well have had some inkling that this was going to happen.

Sophia jumped in by congratulating Andrea, kissing her and wishing Savannah her best wishes, as though they had just got married. Taking on a sex slave, or becoming one, as I understand it, is not like a marriage. It does have some similarities, but large differences too. Anyway, I followed Sophia’s lead congratulating Andrea, kissing her, but asked if I could kiss my best wishes to Savannah.

Andrea said, “Of course, Ale, we have not gone into this lightly and I want Savannah to enjoy her role. I want her to do what I say, unquestioningly, but to do it because she loves me, as I love her. I know you want to take Savannah, I’ve seen you look at her and Savannah’s role is basically a sexual one. I will let you have her for your mutual pleasure. Just ask. She will please you if I tell her to.”

“Oh, Andy, I don’t want her if she doesn’t want me.”

“Ale, I know she does want you, but it’s not her call anymore. She wants me to decide those things. A big part of her decision is the thrill of not knowing, the uncertainty, the terror of having to suddenly do the unthinkable, to humiliate herself or be humiliated. She gets off on that. Look at her.”

I swung my eyes to look at Savannah, she looked demure, but somehow radiant and certainly happy and still nude. Her breasts were heaving a little, nipples hard, surrounded by her now puffy aureola. Her juices had reached her knees. She still made no attempt at covering herself, indeed, she seemed not to notice her pussy was still flowing, but I knew she must have realized.

Andrea continued, “She is so turned on by this, she may cum if we continue to leave her there. Look at her flowing cunt, isn’t it fantastic?”

Savannah could obviously hear us and I was very embarrassed by that. I don’t use ‘cunt’ and think it’s vulgar. However, Andrea said, “Go, kiss her again.” Still a bit shaken I kissed Savannah again, softly around her lips then a full on kiss, but still a soft, loving type of kiss.

As we kissed, Savannah groaned just slightly and shuddered. My lips, face and my hands, on her back, felt it. We broke off the kiss and I saw her face. It was so beautiful, I knew she had had an orgasm, albeit, a little one. I thanked her, quite why I am not sure, but that alleviated some of my apprehension for her.

Then Andrea invited Sophia to kiss Savannah again. She did as I had, and gave her many soft, loving kisses. By now, as I watched, what I felt was a young woman who knew what she was doing and was enjoying the tender love of friends. I also knew that it was unlikely that it would always be so tender, but that she wanted it.

However, Sophia had one stipulation: we had to wear our gifts that night and they had to be completely visible. We laughed, she would have had a fight on her hands if we couldn’t have worn them!


I raced for a quick shower before changing into my present. I had to shower, my panties and vulva area was drenched in my pube juices. Sophia followed me in and we kissed quickly as I got out of the shower. She tasted delicious; she was warm and quite wonderful. I realised then that I really did love being with her and that it was more than just pure lust.

I had brought with me a well-tailored pencil skirt in black, with matching shoes and clutch purse. It was the type of skirt with a side zip fastener and slit well up the side. I had a sexy black-lace, push-up bra to wear under it. I changed as quickly as I could. Sophia came in drying herself looking magnificent in her natural state.

I took in her beauty then got on with dressing. I looked in the mirror and saw my boobs in their little under-wire push-up brassieres through the blouse; god, it was so sheer I may as well have been nude. Luckily the blacks matched perfectly. Then I noticed Sophia’s image in the mirror. She was behind me, looking at my reflection, her eyes lustful. I felt as sexy as hell.

We looked into each other’s eyes in the mirror, we communicated much in that short eye contact. I knew now she wanted me, had feelings for me, and that was reassuring. I felt great after that. She put her make-up on expertly but quickly as I watch her transform herself from an attractive, fresh-faced, mid twenties executive type into a beautiful woman, who would escort me, a twenty year old student. I really felt flattered.

When she finished Sophia came close to me, pressing herself against me. I felt her warmth, her breasts, as her hands took my hips firmly in their grasp. I leaned back reveling in her touch. Her hands moved around to press on my mound as she softly said, “Darling Elia, you look fantastically fuckable, I want you. I’ve wanted you since you left last year.”

Soft kisses fell on my neck, her lips barely touching my skin. Her sweet breath flowing over my now glowing neck and shoulders, my body electrified by her aura, her presence, and what we had recently witnessed.

“Later, I promise you the best I can give anyone, my sweet Elia,” she whispered as the others came out from their room looking scrumptious.

I managed to whisper back ambiguously, “Oh, yes anything for you too, my Darling.”


We were all ready by 6.45 PM, all spick and span, and all of us looking great. Boy, were we going to break some hearts tonight. Setting off down the street, we paired off, Savannah and Andrea trailing close behind Sophia and me. All of us chatting exuberantly about all sorts of trivia.

Stopping at a grog shop we carefully chose our booze for the evening by asking the sales assistant for a few of bottles of ‘bubbly’ and two bottles of vodka. Oh, yes, and a six pack of Hahn Light Ice, and a half carton of ‘Coke’ for Ron, ‘later on’ … This was panning out to be a very pissy night. We asked the assistant if he would deliver to the restaurant. By the way he was drooling over us, I think maybe he would have delivered it to the moon if he thought we might be there.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” he said.

We didn’t bother flirting with him, I mean why would we tease the poor guy. We cheerily gave him our thanks left him in the shop. Then we just sauntered down the street, stopping to window shop, chatting, checking out the chicks, just enjoying the cooling night air and each other’s company. We did get some wolf whistles and quite a lot of stares, especially from the guys.

Sophia had chosen a really sexy, backless, wine-colored, velveteen dress and it was quite obvious to me that she wasn’t wearing a brassiere, well let’s face it I knew she was not. Her boobs, although firm, were still a little bouncy and when she moves that is really sexy to watch. Her hair looked glossy and she knew how to swing it to great effect. I thought she looked fantastic; so did he. The bulge in his trousers was testament to that. I laughed to myself knowing that she was for me.


The restaurant was crowded, but our table was ready for us. There were lots of other students celebrating there too, as well as the regulars. Well, I guessed they were regulars, the staff knew them by name. The place had a romantic ambience with soft lighting, trees, candles and flowers on the red tablecloth covered tables, and even a guy playing Jazz standards on a baby grand piano. Sophia and I had our backs to the wall. From time to time I was able to slip my hand behind her to feel the softness of her back under my palm; she would give me a little sideways smile when I touched her.

Andrea and Savannah sat opposite us. I am sure Savannah was wearing a lacy, crimson camisole with a raw silk skirt with splits up both sides. All I could see were one set of shoestring straps. Surely she wore a bra, but her nipples, proudly poking dents in her top, clearly showed the dubiousness of that assumption. She looked outrageously sexy and Andrea loved the attention Savannah was getting.

Savannah was almost being ‘worn’ as a trophy by Andrea, who looked stunning herself. Dressed in a long, shinny black hipster, split sided skirt and a small jacket top with one button between the swelling of her flawless breasts. She wore her hair up with it clipped in the middle of her head, and with it being so long she let the ‘tail’ spread over her shoulders. Her cleavage was sensational. Her creamy pink skin sporting the waist-chain around her bare midriff, drew many eyes to her also.

Between the entree and the main course we had quite a wait, but it didn’t matter. While we waited much wine was consumed, jokes cracked, exam postmortems started, but then these were soon banned by Sophia.

I leaned over to her saying quietly, “You look and feel fabulous; love you!” A few minutes later Sophia’s fingers traced up my leg through the slit, that when I was sitting, opened wide, showing it off. ‘Geez,’ I thought, ‘That feels bloody wonderful.’

I usually wear hose of some sort, but the stay-ups I had couldn’t be worn with that skirt as the tops would have been visible (Oh, wouldn’t that turn heads), so I had not worn any stockings at all. As in the ‘Tea and Cake Shoppe’, I twisted a little towards her, pushing my left leg against hers. I glancing around catching her smiling sparkling eyes with mine, I grinned back. The fingers that moved around my thigh tantalizingly, made me quiver in delight.

Savannah and Andrea saw what we were doing. Before I knew it I had a foot running up my leg, ‘Oh, shit, I’ll be getting wet if this keeps up,’ I thought. It was Savannah. Then I noticed Andrea smirking at Sophia. Guessing that Andrea’s foot was giving her some treatment too, I started giggling like a teenage school kid. I was right and we all got the giggles.

Everyone was looking at us as if we were a bit crazy. I guess it was fortunate that just then our main courses were served, and we all tucked in bringing a halt to that bit of fun.


About three hours after getting to the restaurant, when we were full of great food, and the Australian champagne was doing nice things to us, we decided to go over the road to the club. The place was chock full of celebrating students who had arrived just before us. The guys were all over the girls at the bar and at the tables. The dance floor was crowded. The place was rocking.

Savannah and Andrea started dancing; Sophia and I ordered drinks. We winked at each other as she took my hand, squeezing it. We remembered dancing here before, as we had when we met for the first time.

I ran my thumb over the back of her hand as my memories took me back to that night. I could feel my nipples reacting to those thoughts and her closeness. It was a gorgeous warm, fuzzy feeling, which is my prelude to becoming really horny. We both sucked on our drinks just looking at each other.

Finally, I asked her for a dance and we did a full set by the local group, but no slow songs. It’s just as well they didn’t play any either, as I would have melted in her arms if we had held each other closely, just like that time when we met.

We had several more drinks there then called it a night at around 2.30 am. The four of us, arm in arm, chatted and laughed at nothing while we walked the few hundred meters home. All of us were very boozy and feeling happy. Andrea offered to make coffee, but we cracked a bottle of Champagne instead. Sophia poured us a glass each and we slumped on the couch, Savannah and Andrea on one big old- fashioned lounge chair.

Sophia and I started cuddling; she kissed and sucked my neck – she knew that sends me off. I started taking off my gorgeous blouse, Sophia helping and me bushing her hands over me, several times over my breasts. I loved it. Before I knew it we were all undressed, but I didn’t know I was being set up for a party trick.

The three of them jumped me and stuck me on my back, my head down over the arm of the couch holding my legs apart, pussy spread and facing upwards. We were all giggling like crazy making a hell of a lot of noise, their boobs and arms tickling me all over. We were all getting very horny, especially me.

Sophia the got the Champagne and a sugar cube and told me in a firm voice, “Be still.” I stopped squirming while Andrea and Savannah held me. Sophia said, “I am gonna baptise ya into the Cult o’ Sappho.”

She solemnly said to Savannah, “Hold her lips apart, but make them wet first.” Savannah licked her fingers and carefully pulled my labia wide apart. I was wet anyway, but wondering what the heck was happening.

The next second Sophia was pouring Champagne into my pussy. I felt its chill, then it fizzing in me. Geez, what a feeling, my clitoris was already somewhat engorged, but the fizzy, chilled wine on it sent me onto the edge of coming. What a wild turn-on this was. Sophia leaned in and slurped most of the wine out.

“Oh, god, shit, yes.” I spluttered, feeling my body rapidly approaching an orgasm. Sophia backed off to let me come down a bit.

Sophia, started caressing my labia and just gently touching my clitoris with the pad of her finger, circling it carefully so not to trigger a dearly needed orgasm, and whispered to me, “Do you want more?”

“Oh, yes, yes!”

“The others present must drink from your cup too. It’s part of the ritual”

“Geez, oh yes, yes – anything to come, I need to come,” I gasped.

After a short pause to let me cool, a little more fizz was poured into me again. Andrea was ordered to drink but not let me come. By now I was almost delirious in the extreme pleasure being imposed upon me.

My juices were flowing copiously. Andrea noisily slurped the wine and my juices from me. Oh, so close to coming, but not quite. I had been on the edge again as her face buried itself briefly in me.

“Not yet Elia, my Darling One,” Sophia said. “When I say, you can come, and not before, okay?”

She looked down at me sternly. She had phrased a question, but I understood it to be a command. It was strange to me. Sophia had always been so kind to me, but now she was almost threatening, overbearing; I felt I had to obey her but didn’t understand why.

It was humiliating. I was being ordered not to come, while by now, I knew that Savannah would be going down on me anytime soon. ‘What an experience,’ I thought, through glazed eyes and brain. Sophia must have known what the fizz would do to me. Then the fresh, chilly fizz hit my pussy again.

“Ohh, please suck me, I’m going to come.” I puffed out frantically, trying not to spray champagne and my juices all over everyone and everything.

Savannah lapped me like a cat, softy, just occasionally touching my clit. She was my fantasy girl, despite being smitten by Sophia, but her lapping was so wonderful; I bucked and squirmed, my back arching in desperation. Somehow, I kept from coming although my body and pleasure center was screaming for me to let it happen. She nearly drove me nuts when she lapped my labia lips clean. I blurted to Sophia, “Now?”

“Don’t you dare.” Sophia growled at me.

“Lillian, oh, Lillian, please … You do it, pleeeez, pleeeez, oh, god, now please?” I implored her.

Sophia grinned with lecherous eyes pouring more of the chilly fizz into me. My back arched involuntarily; again I was on the edge of a massive orgasm. Then Sophia carefully, even meticulously, dropped in the sugar cube. It set off a huge fizz, taking me over the edge.

It was amazing; my eyes rapidly lost vision as my ‘pussy’ exploded. I remember only the intense orgasms sweeping, coursing through me time after time. Absolute ecstasy.

I had never experienced anything quite like that before, but I have since. Sophia’s face was in me when I regained some vision and the sensation of her sucking and tonguing over my highly charged clit’ produced several glorious after shock orgasms.

‘Oh, god, you angel, that was fantastic, oh shit, don’t stop, you are wonderful,’ I managed to say in my head. My mouth would not obey my orders, and although I did say something, I doubt if any of those beauties understood a single word.

The last thing I remember that night was my head on Lillian’s lap, taking in her body scent as it wafted over me.