Blackmailed by my own student part 2

Once we entered the house, I realised ot is very small and filthy. “Is this the place you stay, Jeremy? Where are your parents?” He just laughed and told us to sit on a dirty couch. My dress rode up high to my waist when I sit, so I quickly crossed my legs to prevent to boys from seeing my panties. I hold on to my husband’s arm, but he too, was scared of the boys.

“What do you want from us? Do you want money? If you do we have lots of it. Please delete the video” my husband. begged. The boys just laughed. Jeremy looked at m
e in the eyes and said “We want to fuck you Mrs Ho, and today os just the first of many. Refuse and we will distribute all your naked pictures over the internet! Your life and career will be ruined.”

Me and my husband were shocked and paralyzed with fear. My mouth hung wide open, thinking about Jeremy just said. The other boys were laughing. A boy (which i later learned his name was Kumar) then took me by the arm and guided me towards the bedroom. I towered over him, especially more so with my 6 inch heels, but he was so much powerful.

The rest then followed. Another boy, Liew told my husband “Sit tight Mr Ho, your wife is going to be gang banged, be a good man and we will release her back to you”. My husband knew, there isn’t anything he could do, against these 7 muscular and heavily tatooed teenagers.

I sat on a bed, not knowing what to do. They took turns kissing my mouth…my mouth is like some prized entity for them. “Pull her panties!” some boys shouted. Hands were around me, and i felt my panties being pulled out. Several of them had their cocks out, aiming them to my mouth level. I seldom had done a blowjob for my husband, we rarely had sex anyway, more so now that we are already reaching our 50s. We do not have kids as firstly, we both are career minded folks and success in life is our priority. Secondly, my husband has a very low sperm count, and years ago a doctor already told us it would be hard for me to get pregnant. I’m fine with it, and we both love each other so much. He’s a faithful, loving and caring man, and both of us are virgins when we get married. Because of this I felt more guilty than ever, that others’ cocks are going to be inside his wife’s pussy and mouth soon.

“Open your mouth wide Mrs Ho!” a boy named Ali ordered. His cock is about thrice the length of my husband’s. I opened it and his cock when straight into my gaping mouth. The boys were urging him on. 2 more cocks were shoved into my mouth. At one time, i had 3 cocks that I had to lick at the same time.

All the time Jeremy was sitting, observing and smiling. The time came for me to be spread eagled, my pussy was exposed for all to see. To my surprise, I found myself to be very wet, and I start to breathe deeply. Jeremy finally pulled down his jeans, exposing his 9inch cock. My eyes opened wide, I hadn’t known a boy could be this huge. The others made way for him. He is obviously their leader.

“Please boys, don’t do this. You boys should be saving this moment for the girl you love, someone your age, when you get married someday.” As expected, my pleas fell on deaf ears. Jeremy entered me with one thrusts, and with me being so dripping wet, he had no difficulty in sliding it in my pussy. “Ohhhhhh” I screamed. His cock got so deep in, that my husband’s cock never reached. I’m sure my scream was heard by him, as I heard him knocking softly on the door, begging the boys to stop. “Shut up Uncle, or we will beat you up into a pulp!” Ali shouted. My husband replied with a weak “ok I’m sorry” and kept quiet afterwards. I feel so bad for him.

Jeremy kept fucking me faster and faster, while I felt Kumar inserting his big cock into my mouth. The rest were fondling my breats, while laughing away at my demise. I could not stand it any longer with the sensation of having 2 cocks in me and i exploded into a massive orgasm with a loud “ahhhhhhhhh…” . At the same time Jeremy emptied gallons of his seed in me.

Kumar then emptied his into my mouth, but told me to hold it in while the rest took photos of my open mouth with his sperm in it. Another boy, Zach starts to fuck me at the same time. This goes on for I don’t know how long. By the time it ended, it’s already night. My pussy was flowing of cum. Some (I don’t know who’s) had even landed on my face and glasses, blocking my vision.

I held on to my husband’s hand while going down the flat to the carpark, both of us never said a word. Our driver was already waiting, and I slumped at the back seat immediately. My husband hugged me and I knew he was crying inside. Our driver, a guy named Sani, seemed to notice about why his boss was dressed this way. We ordered him to go to a drive through to get myself some hot mint tea on the way home. My throat felt so sticky with all the cum I swallowed.

Once home we went straight to our master bedroom. Both of us then confessed our undying love to each other. “I’m sorry honey, things turned out this way. The boys may have my body, but in my heart is only you” I said while caressing his cheek, wiping a tear from his eye. And we had a most passionate and romantic kiss afterwards that lasts for a full 15minutes. I knew I had married the right man.

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